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The Willows in Winter William Horwood (HarperCollins UK 0-00-224353-9, Nov ’93, £12.99, 295pp, hc, cover by Patrick Benson) [Wind in the Willows] Animal fantasy novel; sequel to The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Patrick Benson.

Red Dwarf Programme Guide Chris Howarth & Steve Lyons (Virgin 0-86369-682-1, Mar ’93, £4.99, 228pp, pb) Episode guide to the popular humorous sf TV series.

Doctor Who: Timeframe: The Illustrated History David J. Howe (Doctor Who Books 1-85227-427-1, Oct ’93, £15.99, 122pp, hc) [Doctor Who] Retrospective look at the thirty-year history of Doctor Who via episode stills, publicity shots and book covers from the period. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $24.95.

Doctor Who - The Sixties David J. Howe, Mark Stammers & Stephen James Walker (Doctor Who Books 0-86369-707-0, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], £9.99, 162pp, tp) [Doctor Who] Reprint (Doctor Who 1992) reference book looking at all aspects of the Doctor Who television series during the 1960s.

Doctor Who: The Handbook: The Sixth Doctor David J. Howe, Mark Stammers & Stephen James Walker (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20400-X, Nov ’93, £4.99, 250pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Reference book about the Doctor Who TV series. This is the second in the series. This is a world-wide edition available in the US for $5.95.

Drabble Who ed. David J. Howe & David B. Wake (Beccon Publications 1-870824-21-0, Sep ’93, £8.99, 123pp, hc) Anthology of 100 original drabbles (100 word vignettes) by people connected with, and fans of, the Doctor Who TV series. All profits go to the RNIB Talking Book Library. Available from Roger Robinson, 75 Rosslyn Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex, RM3 0RG.

And Battles Long Ago Donald E. W. Howells (Meeting House Press 0-906734-03-7, Sep ’93, £6.00, 123pp, spiral-bound) Sf novel about post-holocaust archaeologists.

The Crystal Drop Monica Hughes (Mammoth 0-7497-1023-3, Jun ’93, £2.99, 177pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) Reprint (Methuen 1992) young-adult sf novel.

The Iron Woman Ted Hughes (Faber and Faber 0-571-17003-X, Aug ’93 [Sep ’93], £9.99, 87pp, hc, cover by Andrew Davidson) [Iron Man] Young-adult sf novella. Sequel to The Iron Man.

The Dedalus Book of Dutch Fantasy ed. Richard Huijing (Dedalus 0-946626-69-3, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], £9.99, 377pp, tp, cover by Hieronymus Bosch) Anthology of literary fantasy from Holland, edited and translated by Richard Huijing.

Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs Malcolm Hulke (Target 0-426-10874-4, Nov ’93, £3.50, 141pp, pb, cover by Alister Pearson) [Doctor Who] Reissue (Wingate; Target 1986 as Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion) young-adult sf novelization. Volume 22 in the series. This is a world-wide edition available in the US for $5.95.

Deadhead Shaun Hutson (Little, Brown UK 0-316-90408-2, Aug ’93, £14.99, 326pp, hc) Horror novel.

Heathen Shaun Hutson (Warner UK 0-7515-0136-0, Aug ’93, £4.99, 403pp, pb) Reprint (Little, Brown UK 1992) horror novel.

Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye Ingulphus (Ghost Story Press 0-9520492-0-1, Jan ’93 [May ’93], £15.00, 105pp, hc) Facsimile reprint (W. Heffer & Sons 1919) of a rare collection of ghost stories, with a new introduction by Rosemary Pardoe and Mark Valentine. This edition adds a tenth story that was not in the original. Limited to 300 numbered copies.

The Limits of Vision Robert Irwin (Dedalus 1-873982-10-0, Feb ’93, £5.99, 120pp, tp, cover by Lise Weisgerber) Reissue (Viking; Dedalus 1986) literary fantasy novel.

The God-Fearer Dan Jacobson (Sceptre 0-340-59494-2, Dec ’93, £5.99, 159pp, tp) Reprint (Bloomsbury 1992) literary fantasy novel.

Martin the Warrior Brian Jacques (Hutchinson 0-09-176150-6, Oct ’93, £12.99, 375pp, hc, cover by Fangorn) [Redwall] Young-adult fantasy novel. Volume six in the “Redwall” series.

Salamandastron Brian Jacques (Red Fox 0-09-914361-5, Oct ’93, £4.50, 391pp, pb, cover by Fangorn) [Redwall] Reprint (Hutchinson 1992) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume five in the “Redwall” series.

The Children of Men P. D. James (Faber and Faber 0-571-16843-4, Apr ’93, £8.99, 239pp, tp, cover by Irene Von Treskow) Reprint (Faber 1992) literary sf novel.

Host Peter James (Gollancz 0-575-05619-3, Oct ’93, £15.99, 475pp, hc, cover by Peter Mennim) Sf/horror novel about attempts to download a human consciousness into a computer.

Prophecy Peter James (Signet UK 0-451-17427-5, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], £4.99, 368pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1992) horror novel about possession.

Before the Sun Falls William James (Orbit 1-85723-130-9, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], £5.99, 498pp, pb, cover by Tim Gill) [Sunfall] Epic sf novel. Third book in the “Sunfall” trilogy.

The Earth is the Lord’s William James (Orbit 1-85723-084-1, Feb ’93 [Jan ’93], £5.99, 535pp, pb) [Sunfall] Epic sf novel set on a desert world. Volume one in the “Sunfall” trilogy. Dated 1992, but has only just appeared.

The Other Side of Heaven William James (Orbit 1-85723-127-9, May ’93 [Apr ’93], £5.99, 543pp, pb, cover by Tim Gill) [Sunfall] Epic sf novel. The second book in the “Sunfall” trilogy.

Fission Impossible Phil Janes (Millennium 1-85798-061-1, Nov ’93, £7.99, 250pp, tp, cover by Mick Posen) [Pioneer] Humorous sf novel. A hardcover edition (-060-3, £13.99) was announced but not seen. Volume two in the “Pioneer” series.

The Galaxy Game Phil Janes (Millennium 1-85798-058-1, May ’93 [Apr ’93], £7.99, 212pp, tp, cover by Mick Posen) [Pioneer] Humorous sf novel. A hardcover edition (-116-2, £14.99) was announced but not seen. Volume one in the “Pioneer” series.

The Oaken Throne Robin Jarvis (Simon & Schuster UK 0-7500-1393-1, Oct ’93, £4.99, 412pp, tp) [Deptford Mice] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book Two of “The Deptford Histories”.

Hidden Echoes Mike Jefferies (HarperCollins UK 0-00-647101-3, Aug ’93, £4.99, 336pp, pb, cover by Geoff Taylor) Reprint (Grafton 1992) fantasy novel.

Stone Angels Mike Jefferies (HarperCollins UK 0-00-223955-8, Aug ’93, £8.99, 302pp, tp, cover by Geoff Taylor) Dark fantasy novel about a statue with a terrible secret.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Bloodletter K. W. Jeter (Pocket UK 0-671-85238-8, Oct ’93, £4.50, 276pp, pb) [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] Reprint (Pocket 1993) sf novelization. [First U.K. edition]

The Dead Hour Pete Johnson (Teens 0-7497-1460-3, Oct ’93, £2.99, 142pp, pb, cover by Daniel Faoro) Young-adult horror novel.

Cart and Cwidder Diana Wynne Jones (Mandarin 0-7497-1252-X, Mar ’93, £3.99, 214pp, tp, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Dalemark Quartet] Reprint (Macmillan UK 1975) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume one in the “Dalemark” quartet.

Charmed Life Diana Wynne Jones (Mammoth 0-7497-1473-5, Sep ’93, £3.50, 209pp, pb, cover by Sarah Govia) [Chrestomanci] Reprint (Macmillan UK 1977) young-adult fantasy novel. In the “Chrestomanci” series.

The Crown of Dalemark Diana Wynne Jones (Mandarin 0-7497-1255-4, Mar ’93, £3.99, 493pp, tp, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Dalemark Quartet] Young-adult fantasy novel. Volume four in the “Dalemark” quartet.

Dogsbody Diana Wynne Jones (Mammoth 0-7497-1260-0, Aug ’93, £3.50, 202pp, pb, cover by Alan Fraser) Reprint (Macmillan UK 1975) young-adult sf novel.

Drowned Ammet Diana Wynne Jones (Mandarin 0-7497-1253-8, Mar ’93, £3.99, 312pp, tp, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Dalemark Quartet] Reprint (Macmillan UK 1977) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume two in the “Dalemark” quartet.

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