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The Lays of Beleriand: The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. III J. R. R. Tolkien (Houghton Mifflin 0-395-39429-5, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $16.95, 393pp, hc) [Middle-Earth] Reprint (Allen & Unwin 1985), first U.S. edition of this third book of previously-unpublished Tolkien manuscripts, with two long poems and a critique by C.S. Lewis.

Ray Bradbury and the Poetics of Reverie: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the Reader William F. Touponce (UMI 0-8357-1569-8, 1984 [May ’85], $24.95 + postage, 131pp, hc) Non-fiction, literary criticism. This revision of a thesis appeared in 1984, but we didn’t see it until 1985. [Ray Bradbury]

The Temple of Truth E. C. Tubb (DAW 0-88677-059-9, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 222pp, pb) [Dumarest] Sf novel, “Dumarest of Terra” #31. He’s still searching for lost Earth after 31 disappointments.

Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text John Tulloch & Manuel Alvarado (St. Martin’s 0-312-21480-4, Jan ’85 [Dec ’84], $9.95, 342pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Reprint (U.K. 1983), scholarly critical study of the popular tv series and films.

The New World: An Epic Poem Frederick Turner (Princeton University Press 0-691-06641-8, Sep ’85 [Oct ’85], $26.00, 182pp, hc) A narrative poem set in 2376. Flawed, but sometimes astonishingly beautiful. (FCM)

The New World: An Epic Poem Frederick Turner (Princeton University Press 0-691-01420-5, Sep ’85 [Oct ’85], $9.95, 182pp, pb) Paperback edition of the above.

The Science Fiction of Mark Twain Mark Twain (Shoe String/Archon 0-208-02036-5, Oct ’84 [Dec ’84], $27.50, xxxiii + 305pp, hc) Collection edited by David Ketterer, with introduction and bibliography.

The Year’s Scholarship in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Literature Marshall B. Tymn (Kent State University Press 0-87338-302-8, Jun ’85 [May ’85], $7.50, 107pp, pb) Non-fiction, reference. An annotated list of 1982 articles and books on sf, broken down by 10 subjects.

Fear Itself: The Horror Fiction of Stephen King ed. Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller (NAL/Signet 0-451-13859-7, Oct ’85 [Sep ’85], $3.95, 286pp, pb) Reprint (Underwood-Miller 1982) group of non-fiction, critical essays on King and his works. [Stephen King]

The Witches of Eastwick John Updike (Fawcett/Crest 0-449-20647-5, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $4.50, 343pp, pb) [Eastwick] Reprint (Knopf 1984) fantasy novel by a literary author.

A Traveller in Time Alison Uttley (Ace 0-441-82213-4, Jan ’86 [Dec ’85], $2.95, 197pp, pb) Reprint (Faber & Faber 1939) fantasy novel of time travel to the era of Mary Stuart.

Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Art Techniques Boris Vallejo (Arco/Simon & Schuster 0-668-06234-7, Dec ’85, $19.95, 127pp, hc) Art book in full color, with sketches and technical explanations as well as final versions. This may or may not be simultaneous with the British edition from Dragon’s World. First American edition.

The Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg (Houghton Mifflin 0-395-38949-6, Oct ’85 [Nov ’85], $15.95FPT, unpaginated, hc) A Christmas fantasy tale written and illustrated by Van Allsburg. Art book. Winner of the Caldecott Medal.

Star Trek: Killing Time Della Van Hise (Pocket 0-671-52488-7, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $3.50, 311pp, pb) [Star Trek] Star Trek novel, #24 in the series, a first novel. This was revised part way into the print run so there are apparently two versions, the first has an embossed cover.

Daughters of the Sunstone Sydney J. Van Scyoc (SFBC #04729, Sep ’85 [Aug ’85], $8.50, 697pp, hc) [Darkchild] Omnibus edition of a sf trilogy.

Starsilk Sydney J. Van Scyoc (Berkley 0-425-08077-3, Sep ’85 [Aug ’85], $2.95, 248pp, pb) [Darkchild] Reprint (Berkley 1984) sf novel, conclusion of the “Darkchild” trilogy.

Computer Eye A. E. van Vogt (DAW 0-88677-063-7, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 203pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1983 as Computerworld) sf novel.

Null A-3 A. E. van Vogt (Morrison, Raven Hill, Sep ’85, $29.95, 213pp, hc) [Null-A] Reprint (Sphere 1985) sf novel in limited, slipcased edition of 750 copies, numbered, signed and with a selection of the original typed manuscript included. The copyright date inside is 1984 and it states “first edition.” Neither is true, but this is the only hardcover.

Null-A Three A. E. van Vogt (Sphere 0-7221-8841-2, Jun ’85 [May ’85], £1.95, 215pp, pb) [Null-A] Sf novel, the third in a series. This is the first English-language edition, following French and Dutch ones. Van Vogt has written a summary of the first two books by way of introduction.

Null-A Three A. E. van Vogt (DAW 0-88677-056-4, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $3.50, 254pp, pb) [Null-A] Reprint (Sphere 1985) sf novel, conclusion of the “Null-A” trilogy. The actual first edition was in French in 1984. Once more, Gilbert Gosseyn, the man with the extra brain, has to save the universe. This is the first American edition.

Rogue Ship A. E. van Vogt (DAW 0-88677-061-0, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 172pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1965) sf novel.

The Silkie A. E. van Vogt (DAW 0-88677-062-9, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 160pp, pb) [Silkie] Reissue (Ace 1969) sf novel.

The Winged Man A. E. van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull (DAW 0-88677-060-2, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 158pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1966) sf novel. Van Vogt expanded the 1944 serial written by his first wife.

The Complete Magnus Ridolph Jack Vance (Underwood-Miller 0-934438-98-6, Jan ’85 [Dec ’84], $30.00 signed/numbered edition of 200; $15.95 trade edition of 500, 204pp, hc) [Magnus Ridolph] Collection, the first to include all 10 of Vance’s sf stories of Ridolph.

The Dragon Masters Jack Vance (Berkley 0-425-08274-1, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $2.75, 137pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1963) sf short novel. It won a 1962 Hugo as a novella.

The Last Castle Jack Vance (Berkley 0-425-08478-7, Jan ’86 [Dec ’85], $2.75, 113pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1966) sf novella. It won both Hugo and Nebula when it first appeared. Recommended. (CNB)

Light from a Lone Star Jack Vance (NESFA Press 0-915368-31-5, Aug ’85 [Sep ’85], $13.00, 125pp, hc) Guest of Honor publication for the 1985 NASFiC in Austin TX. It includes reprinted stories (one original), an interview, and an introduction to Vance’s work. A smaller signed edition sold out at Austin.

Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl Jack Vance (Underwood-Miller 0-88733-010-X, Jun ’85 [May ’85], $60.00 500-copy signed/numbered/boxed edition, 360pp, hc) [Lyonesse] Fantasy novel, sequel to Lyonesse (Suldren’s Garden). A major book; highly recommended. (CNB)

Rhialto the Marvellous Jack Vance (Baen 0-671-55991-5, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $3.50, 219pp, pb) [Dying Earth] Reprint (Underwood-Miller 1984) fantasy collection of 3 novellas billed as a novel. Bound in at the end of it is a story “Basileus” by C.J. Cherryh and Janet Morris, excerpted from the forthcoming original anthology Heroes in Hell — another headache for short-fiction bibliographers.

Strange Notions & The Dark Ocean Jack Vance (Underwood-Miller 0-88733-015-0 & -016-9, 1985 [Dec ’85], $60.00, 2 vols. in slipcase, signed limited edition of 500, 154 + 180pp, hc) Non-sf/fantasy, associational. The first publication of two mystery/suspense novels Vance wrote in the early ’60s.

A Hidden Magic Vivian Vande Velde (Crown 0-517-55534-4, Nov ’85, $8.95, 117pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. Princess seeks help from young sorcerer in battling evil witch.

The Frozen Waves Robert E. Vardeman (Avon 0-380-89799-7, May ’85 [Apr ’85], $2.95, 204pp, pb) [Jade Demons] Fantasy novel, #2 in the “Jade Demons” series.

The Jade Demons #3: The Crystal Clouds Robert E. Vardeman (Avon 0-380-89800-4, Sep ’85 [Aug ’85], $2.95, 222pp, pb) [Jade Demons] Fantasy novel, third in a series.

The Quaking Lands Robert E. Vardeman (Avon 0-380-89518-8, Jan ’85 [Dec ’84], $2.95, 206pp, pb) [Jade Demons] Fantasy novel. “Jade Demons” #1, start of a new series.

The White Fire Robert E. Vardeman (Avon 0-380-89801-2, Jan ’86 [Dec ’85], $2.95, 199pp, pb) [Jade Demons] Fantasy novel, “Jade Demons” #4.

The City in the Glacier Robert E. Vardeman & Victor Milan (Ace 0-441-10633-1, Oct ’85 [Sep ’85], $2.75, 224pp, pb) [War of Powers] Reprint (Playboy 1980) fantasy novel, #2 in the six-book “War of Powers” series.

The Destiny Stone Robert E. Vardeman & Victor Milan (Ace 0-441-14308-3, Dec ’85 [Nov ’85], $2.75, 221pp, pb) [War of Powers] Reprint (Playboy 1980) fantasy novel, “War of Powers” #3.

The Fallen Ones Robert E. Vardeman & Victor Milan (Ace 0-441-22612-4, Jan ’86 [Dec ’85], $2.95, 222pp, pb) [War of Powers] Reissue (Playboy 1982) fantasy novel, “The War of Powers” #4.

The Sundered Realm Robert E. Vardeman & Victor Milan (Ace 0-441-79091-7, Aug ’85 [Jul ’85], $2.75, 222pp, pb) [War of Powers] Reprint (Playboy 1980) fantasy novel, “The War of Powers: Book One,” first of a sextology.

Blood Fountain Robert E. Vardeman & George W. Proctor (Ace 0-441-06778-6, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $2.75, 184pp, pb) [Swords of Raemllyn] Fantasy novel, “Swords of Raemllyn” #3. Heroes vs. an evil sorcerer.

To Demons Bound Robert E. Vardeman & George W. Proctor (Ace 0-441-81464-6, Mar ’85 [Feb ’85], $2.75, 215pp, pb) [Swords of Raemllyn] Start of a new fantasy series, “Swords of Raemllyn” #1.

A Yoke of Magic Robert E. Vardeman & George W. Proctor (Ace 0-441-94840-5, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.75, 195pp, pb) [Swords of Raemllyn] Fantasy novel, “Swords of Raemllyn” #2.

Demon John Varley (Orbit 0-7088-8160-2, 1985, £2.95, 464pp, pb) [Gaea] Reprint (Berkley 1984) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Demon John Varley (Berkley 0-425-08271-7, Nov ’85, $3.50, 464pp, pb) [Gaea] Reprint (Berkley 1984) sf novel, 3rd in the “Titan” trilogy.

Millennium John Varley (Sphere 0-7221-8839-0, 1985, £1.99, 216pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1983) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Millennium John Varley (Berkley 0-425-07674-1, May ’85, $2.95, 247pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1983) sf novel. First mass market edition.

Titan John Varley (Berkley 0-425-08670-4, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $3.50, 309pp, pb) [Gaea] Reissue (Berkley-Putnam 1979) sf novel, first in a trilogy; 10th printing.

Wizard John Varley (Berkley 0-425-08166-4, Nov ’85 [Oct ’85], $3.50, 372pp, pb) [Gaea] Reissue (Berkley/Putnam 1980) sf novel, second in the “Titan” trilogy; 9th printing.

Scientific Attitudes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Samuel Holmes Vasbinder (UMI 0-8357-1580-9, 1984 [May ’85], $24.95 + postage, 111pp, hc) Non-fiction, literary criticism. This revision of a thesis appeared in 1984, but we didn’t see it until 1985. [Mary W. Shelley]

Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne (NAL/Signet 0-451-51982-5, Jan ’86 [Dec ’85], $2.75, 304pp, pb) Reissue (Griffith 1872) sf novel, with an afterword by Carl Beale.

Ladyhawke Joan D. Vinge (NAL/Signet 0-451-13321-8, Mar ’85 [Feb ’85], $3.50, 252pp, pb) Novelization of a fantasy film; movie tie-in edition, with stills.

Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome Joan D. Vinge (Warner 0-446-32951-7, Jul ’85 [Jun ’85], $2.95, 219pp, pb) Novelization of the third film in the series, based on a screenplay by Terry Hayes & George Miller.

The Outcasts of Heaven Belt Joan D. Vinge (NAL/Signet 0-451-11653-4, Mar ’85 [Feb ’85], $2.50, 198pp, pb) [Heaven Chronicles] Reissue (NAL 1978) sf novel.

Phoenix in the Ashes Joan D. Vinge (Bluejay 0-312-94364-4, Jan ’85, $14.95, 230pp, hc) Collection of 6 stories with new afterwords for each. There are some awful illustrations by Susan Collins and there is no contents page or previous publication acknowledgements. (CNB)

Psion Joan D. Vinge (Dell/Laurel Leaf 0-440-97192-6, Feb ’85 [Jan ’85], $2.95, 346pp, pb) [Psion] Reprint (Delacorte 1982) young-adult sf novel.

Return to Oz Joan D. Vinge (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-32207-X, Jun ’85 [May ’85], $2.95, 214pp, pb) [Oz] Movie novelization based on the screenplay by Walter Murch and Gill Dennis, with color stills from the film.

The Santa Claus Storybook Joan D. Vinge (Grosset & Dunlap 0-448-10281-1, Oct ’85 [Sep ’85], $6.95, unpaginated, hc) Juvenile adaptation of the movie screenplay by David & Leslie Newman, illustrated with color stills from the film. Listed for Vinge completists.

Santa Claus: The Movie Joan D. Vinge (Berkley 0-425-08385-3, Dec ’85 [Nov ’85], $3.50, 244pp, pb) Novelization of a story and film script by David & Leslie Newman.

The Peace War Vernor Vinge (Baen 0-671-55965-6, Jun ’85 [May ’85], $3.50, 378pp, pb) [Bobbles] Reprint (Bluejay 1984) sf novel.

True Names Vernor Vinge (Bluejay 0-312-94444-6, Feb ’85 [Jan ’85], $6.95, 153pp, pb) Reprint (part of Binary Stars 5, Dell 1981) short sf novel. Illustrations by Bob Walters. There is no copyright notice of earlier publication.

Jackaroo Cynthia Voigt (Atheneum/Argo 0-689-31123-0, Sep ’85 [Oct ’85], $14.95, 291pp, hc) [Kingdom] Young-adult adventure novel set in a mythical medieval land; marginally fantasy.

The Badger of Ghissi Wolf von Niebelschutz (Allen & Unwin/Unicorn 0-04-82372-6, Sep ’85 [Oct ’85], £2.95, 262pp, pb) Reprint (Allen & Unwin 1963) fantasy novel, translated by Barrows Mussey from the first part of Die Kinder der Finsternis (Eugen Diederichs Verlag, Dusseldorf-Koln 1959).

Galapagos Kurt Vonnegut (Delacorte 0-385-29416-6, Oct ’85 [Sep ’85], $16.95, 295pp, hc) Sf novel partly set a million years in the future, where a group of stranded tourists in the Galapagos have sired the only human survivors. There is also a signed limited edition.

Dead-Eye Dick Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell 0-440-11765-8, 1985 [Oct ’85], $3.95, 240pp, pb) Reprint (Delacorte 1982) sf novel.

Happy Birthday, Wanda June Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell/Delta 0-385-28386-5, Oct ’85, $9.95, 199pp, pb) Reissue (Delacorte 1971) fantasy play.

The Sirens of Titan Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell/Delta 0-385-29421-2, Oct ’85, $9.95, 319pp, pb) Reissue (Dell 1959) sf novel.

Slaughterhouse Five: or The Children’s Crusade Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell/Delta 0-385-28940-5, Oct ’85, $9.95, 186pp, pb) Reprint (Delacorte 1969) sf novel.

Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell/Delta 0-385-29422-0, Oct ’85, $9.95, 285pp, pb) Reissue (Delacorte 1974); non-fiction, associational. Collection of essays, reviews, etc., with sf as one of the topics.

Welcome to the Monkey House Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Dell/Delta 0-385-29127-2, Oct ’85, $9.95, 298pp, pb) Reissue (Delacorte 1968) collection of stories and essays.

The Book of Kane Karl Edward Wagner (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-72-0, Oct ’85 [Nov ’85], $40.00 deluxe, signed edition, 224pp, hc) [Kane] [trade edition -73-9, $20.00] Collection of 5 stories featuring fantasy anti-hero Kane, with color illustrations by Jeff Jones. These stories are mostly from semi-pro sources.

The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series XIII ed. Karl Edward Wagner (DAW 0-88677-086-6, Oct ’85 [Sep ’85], $2.95, 251pp, pb) Anthology of 18 horror and fantasy stories from 1984. Wagner searches out some totally obscure sources.

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