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Deadly Quicksilver Lies Glen Cook (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45305-0, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $4.99, 347pp, pb) [Garrett] Fantasy PI novel, seventh book of the “Garrett” series.

Aisling Louise Cooper (Tor 0-812-50808-4, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $4.99, 373pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Indigo] Fantasy novel, eighth book of the “Indigo” series. First American edition (Grafton 1993).

Glory Alfred Coppel (Tor 0-812-52393-8, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $5.99, 373pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Goldenwing] Reprint (Tor 1993) sf novel.

Magic of the Plains: By the Sword Greg Costikyan (Tor 0-812-52268-0, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $4.99, 253pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) Reprint (Tor 1993 as By the Sword) fantasy novel of a young barbarian who must leave his tribe and make his way in the world. First book of the “Magic of the Plains” series.

Goblins Vincent Courtney (Zebra 0-8217-4630-8, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $4.50, 411pp, pb) Horror novel. A horror filmmaker’s wife gives birth to a goblin.

The Nightmare Club #10: Die Laughing Vincent Courtney (Zebra/Z-Fave 0-8217-4511-5, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $3.50, 220pp, pb) [Nightmare Club] Young-adult horror novel in a loosely-connected series centered around a club where strange things happen. A teenage practical joker is possessed by the ghost of a practical joker who makes the gags turn deadly.

The Dragonslayers Bruce Coville (Pocket Minstrel 0-671-79832-4, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $3.50, 119pp, tp, cover by Tim Hildebrandt) Young-adult fantasy novella about a kingdom threatened by a dragon conjured up by a witch. Interior illustrations by Katherine Coville.

I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X Bruce Coville (Pocket Minstrel 0-671-79833-2, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $3.99, 180pp, tp, cover by Stephen Peringer) [Rod Allbright] Young-adult humorous SF novel about a kid kidnapped by a monster from another dimension, the second featuring Rod Allbright. Illustrations by Katherine Coville.

Into the Land of the Unicorns Bruce Coville (Scholastic 0-590-45955-4, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $12.95, 159pp, hc, cover by Neal McPheeters) [Unicorn Chronicles] Young-adult fantasy novel, first book of “The Unicorn Chronicles”. Clara enters the fantasy world of Luster and joins a young unicorn on a quest to find the elusive Unicorn Queen.

Oddly Enough Bruce Coville (Harcourt Brace 0-15-200093-3, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $15.95, 122pp, hc, cover by Michael Hussar) Collection of nine young-adult fantasy stories, three original. With illustrations by Michael Hussar.

Bruce Coville’s Book of Aliens: Tales to Warp Your Mind ed. Bruce Coville (Scholastic/Apple 0-590-46162-1, Feb ’94, $2.95, 177pp, tp, cover by Steve Fastner) Young-adult collection of 11 sf stories. Three are reprints, and the rest seem to be original. Packaged and copyrighted by General Licensing Company, a Byron Preiss subsidiary. Individual story copyrights are in the authors’ names.

Bruce Coville’s Book of Ghosts: Tales to Haunt You ed. Bruce Coville (Scholastic/Apple 0-590-46160-5, Sep ’94, $2.95, 180pp, tp, cover by Steve Fastner) Young-adult original collection of 12 ghost stories, one a reprint. Packaged and copyrighted by General Licensing Company, a Byron Preiss subsidiary. Individual story copyrights are in the authors’ names.

Dar and the Spear-Thrower Marjorie Cowley (Clarion Books 0-395-68132-4, May ’94, $13.95, 118pp, hc, cover by Colin Poole) Associational young-adult prehistoric novel about a Cro-Magnon boy’s quest for a spear-thrower.

Tomorrow Sucks ed. Greg Cox & T. K. F. Weisskopf (Baen 0-671-87626-0, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $4.99, 274pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) Anthology of 11 SF vampire stories with an introductory piece by Cox and a concluding one by Weisskopf.

Seven Gothic Dramas, 1789-1825 Jeffrey N. Cox (Ohio University Press 0-8214-1065-2, Feb ’94 [Aug ’94], $24.95, 425pp, tp) Reprint (Ohio University Press 1992) anthology of seven Gothic dramas, including two by Matthew G. Lewis and R.B. Peake’s Presumption; Or, the Fate of Frankenstein, the first dramatic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel. Edited and with a long introduction on gothics in general by Jeffrey N. Cox. Available from Ohio University Press, Athens OH 45701.

A Night in Moonbeam County Alexander Cramer (Macmillan Scribners 0-684-19704-9, Apr ’94 [May ’94], $15.95, 197pp, hc, cover by Gregory Manchess) Young-adult collection of ten connected ghost stories told by a group of hobos to two teenage boys over a campfire, plus a framing story.

Earth 2 Melissa Crandall (Ace 0-441-00146-7, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $4.99, 264pp, pb) [Earth 2] Novelization of the teleplay by Michael Duggan, Carol Flint, and Mark Levin. Copyrighted by MCA.

Quantum Leap: Search and Rescue Melissa Crandall (Ace 0-441-00122-X, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $4.9, 232pp, pb, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Quantum Leap] Novelization based on the SF television show. Copyrighted by MCA.

The Sure Death of a Mouse Dan Crawford (Ace 0-441-00024-X, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $4.99, 248pp, pb, cover by Bryant Eastman) [Cat and Mouse] Fantasy novel, sequel to Rouse a Sleeping Cat.

A New Collection of Novels Michael Crichton (Wings 0-517-10135-1, Mar ’94 [Apr ’94], $12.99, 711pp, hc) Omnibus of lost race novel Congo (Knopf 1980), sf novel Sphere (Knopf 1987), and adventure novel Eaters of the Dead (Knopf 1976). This is an instant remainder edition.

Three Complete Novels Michael Crichton (Wings 0-517-08479-1, 1993 [Apr ’94], $11.99, 675pp, hc) Omnibus of three novels, The Andromeda Strain (Knopf 1969), The Terminal Man (Knopf 1972), and the mainstream The Great Train Robbery. This is an instant remainder edition.

Star Trek: Sarek A. C. Crispin (Pocket 0-671-79561-9, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $22.00, 440pp, hc, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Star Trek] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek: Sarek A. C. Crispin (SFBC #03606, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $8.98, 440pp, hc, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Star Trek] Reprint (Pocket 1994) Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. Similar to the Pocket edition except this lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

StarBridge Book Five: Silent Songs A. C. Crispin & Kathleen O’Malley (Ace 0-441-00061-4, Jun ’94 [May ’94], $4.99, 295pp, pb, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [StarBridge] SF novel in the “StarBridge” series.

Sweet Terror Mark Crose (Zebra/Z-Fave 0-8217-4818-1, Jan ’95 [Dec ’94], $3.99, 187pp, pb) Young-adult horror novel. A magic ring makes Kendra pretty and popular, but demands a very high price in return.

The Fourth Guardian Ronald Anthony Cross (Tor 0-312-85634-2, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $14.95, 444pp, tp, cover by Ron Walotsky) [Eternal Guardians] Sf alternate historical conspiracy-theory novel about four Roman conspirators who stole stones of power and have used them to shape human history. First book of “The Eternal Guardians” series.

Olaf Stapledon: Speaking for the Future Robert Crossley (Syracuse University Press 0-8156-0281-2, Jul ’94, $39.95, 474pp, hc) Non-fiction, a biography of Stapledon with a foreword by Brian Aldiss. Available from Syracuse University Press, 1600 Jamesville Ave., Syracuse NY 13244-5160. [Olaf Stapledon]

Ægypt John Crowley (Bantam 0-553-37430-3, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $12.95, 390pp, tp) [AEgypt] Reissue (Bantam 1987) alternate-world literary fantasy novel; third printing.

Little, Big John Crowley (Bantam 0-553-37397-8, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $12.95, 538pp, tp) Reprint (Bantam 1981) fantasy novel. Winner of the 1982 World Fantasy Award.

Love & Sleep John Crowley (Bantam 0-553-09642-7, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $22.95, 503pp, hc) [AEgypt] Fantasy novel of the magic hiding beneath the surface of human history, a sequel to Ægypt.

Love & Sleep John Crowley (Easton Press, Sep ’94, no price, 502pp, hc) [AEgypt] Fantasy novel of the magic hiding beneath the surface of human history; a sequel to Ægypt. Published “simultaneously” with the Bantam edition listed last month. This special leatherbound gilt-edge edition is part of the “Signed First Editions of Science Fiction” series, and is available by subscription only.

Three Novels John Crowley (Bantam 0-553-37398-6, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $12.95, 548pp, tp) Omnibus of The Deep (1975), Beasts (1976), and Engine Summer (Doubleday 1979), Crowley’s first three novels.

Narrow Houses ed. Peter Crowther (Warner Aspect 0-446-60157-8, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $5.50, 460pp, pb, cover by Rick Berry) [Narrow Houses] Original anthology of 28 stories and one poem, with an introduction by Douglas E. Winter. First American edition (Little, Brown UK 1992).

Forgotten Realms: Elfsong Elaine Cunningham (TSR 1-56076-679-4, Feb ’94 [Jan ’94], $4.95, 310pp, tp, cover by John & Laura Lakey) [Forgotten Realms: Songs and Swords] Fantasy novelization based on the Forgotten Realms game, eighth book of “The Harpers” series. Copyrighted by TSR.

The Return of the Goddess Elizabeth Cunningham (Station Hill Press 0-88268-115-X, Feb ’93 [Mar ’94], $22.50, 313pp, hc) Fantasy/New Age novel about a minister’s wife who molds a figure out of playdough and accidentally awakens the goddess. This is a 1993 book not seen until now.

Witch and Wombat Carolyn Cushman (Warner Questar 0-446-60086-5, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $5.50, 316pp, pb, cover by Jody A. Lee) Humorous fantasy novel of a witch and her wombat familiar, charged with guiding human gamers through a real fantasy world. A first novel. Recommended (SW).

The Drifter Richie Tankersley Cusick (Pocket Archway 0-671-88741-6, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $3.99, 231pp, pb) Young-adult horror novel about a girl and her family trying to make a go of a haunted inn and getting involved with a mysterious drifter who seems to hold the key to the ghost.

The Locker Richie Tankersley Cusick (Pocket Archway 0-671-79404-3, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $3.99, 213pp, pb) Young-adult horror novel. Marlee’s locker at her new school shows her nightmarish visions of the missing girl who used to have it.

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Roald Dahl (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-037009-9, Jun ’94, $3.99, 79pp, tp, cover by Quentin Blake) Reprint (Jonathan Cape 1985) children’s story, with illustrations by Quentin Blake.

The Minpins Roald Dahl (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-054970-6, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $5.99, 48pp, pb, cover by Patrick Benson) Reprint (Cape 1991) children’s fantasy illustrated by Patrick Benson.

The Vicar of Nibbleswicke Roald Dahl (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-036837-X, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $3.99, 41pp, tp, cover by Quentin Blake) Reprint (Century 1991) satiric short story with illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Modern Ghost Stories by Eminent Women Writers ed. Richard Dalby (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0089-0, Aug ’94 [Nov ’94], $10.95, 318pp, tp) Reprint (Virago 1991 as The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: The Twentieth Century: Volume Two) anthology of 27 ghost stories by 20th-century women writers, with an introduction by Sara Maitland.

Star Wars: The NPR Radio Dramatization Brian Daley (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-39109-8, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $11.00, 346pp, tp) [Star Wars] Radio play adapted from the Star Wars film scripts, with an introduction by the author. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

The Yngling in Yamato John Dalmas (Baen 0-671-87634-1, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $5.99, 346pp, pb, cover by David O. Miller) SF novel in a long-running series. The post-holocaust neo-Viking travels to Japan.

Restoration Sean Dalton (Ace 0-441-00034-7, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $4.50, 187pp, pb, cover by Duane O. Meyers) [Time-Trap] Time-travel sf adventure novel, fourth book of the “Time/Trap” series. A 26th-century time traveler must defeat a twisted variant of himself on the streets of London during the Great Fire. Dalton is a pen-name for Deborah Chester.

Turncoat Sean Dalton (Ace 0-441-00117-3, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $4.99, 188pp, pb, cover by Duane O. Myers) [Time-Trap] SF novel, fourth in the “Time/Trap” series. A 26th-century man is trapped in the middle of America’s Revolutionary War. Dalton is a pen name for Deborah Chester.

Warpath Tony Daniel (Tor 0-812-51966-3, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $4.99, 318pp, pb, cover by Nick Jainschigg) Reprint (Tor 1993) sf novel set in a universe where pre-Columbian American Indians discovered space exploration.

Horses! ed. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (Ace 0-441-00057-6, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $4.99, 224pp, pb, cover by Den Beauvais) Anthology of 12 fantastic stories about horses.

Time and Time Again Dennis Danvers (Simon & Schuster 0-671-78800-0, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $22.00, 296pp, hc, cover by Honi Werner) Gothic romance with fantasy elements, told partly through an 18th-century diary and partly through the text of a novel written by one of the characters.

Horrowshow David Darke (Zebra 0-8217-4783-5, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $4.50, 349pp, pb) Horror novel about a TV horror show host who returns from the dead for vengeance. Darke is a pen name for Ron Dee.

Shade David Darke (Zebra 0-8217-4566-2, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $4.50, 348pp, pb) Horror novel. A bestselling vampire novelist is actually a vampire herself... Darke is a pen name for Ron Dee.

The Painted Alphabet Diana Darling (Graywolf Press 1-55597-214-4, Nov ’94 [Dec ’94], $12.00, 209pp, tp) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1992) literary fantasy novel based on a Balinese epic poem. Order from Graywolf Press, 2401 University Ave #203, St. Paul MN 55114.

Blood Is Not Enough ed. Ellen Datlow (Ace 0-441-00109-2, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $4.99, 308pp, pb) Reprint (Morrow 1989) mostly original anthology of 18 vampire stories.

Omni Visions Two ed. Ellen Datlow (Omni Books 0-87455-308-3, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $10.00, 222pp, tp, cover by Gervasio Gallardo) Anthology of 13 stories from Omni.

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