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Science Fiction Fandom ed. Joe Sanders (Greenwood Press 0-313-23380-2, Nov ’94 [Dec ’94], $55.00, 293pp, hc) Non-fiction survey of SF fandom with 24 essays, glossary, and annotated bibliography. Order from Greenwood Press, Box 5007, Westport CT 06881; credit card orders 800-225-5800.

Shadowrun: Nosferatu Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45302-6, Aug ’94 [Jul ’94], $4.99, 287pp, pb, cover by Romas Kukalis) [Shadowrun] Fantasy novelization based on the Shadowrun game, with interior illustrations by Karl Waller. Packaged and copyrighted by FASA.

Guardian John Saul (Fawcett 0-449-22304-3, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $5.99, 370pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam 1993) horror novel.

The Homing John Saul (Fawcett Columbine 0-449-93651-3, Aug ’94 [Jul ’94], $21.50, 389pp, hc, cover by Danilo Ducak) Horror novel about a small California town under the spell of an ancient evil.

The Millennial Project Marshall T. Savage (Little, Brown 0-316-77163-5, Aug ’94 [Jul ’94], $16.95, 508pp, tp) Associational non-fiction, a step-by-step plan and imperative for extraterrestrial colonization with an introduction by Arthur C. Clarke. A hardcover edition (-77165-1, $27.95) is also available.

End of an Era Robert J. Sawyer (Ace 0-441-00114-9, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $4.99, 222pp, pb, cover by Walter Velez) SF novel. Rival paleontologists travel back in time to see what really killed the dinosaurs.

Foreigner Robert J. Sawyer (Ace 0-441-00017-7, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $4.99, 285pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Quintaglio Ascension] Sf novel, third book of the “Dinosaur” trilogy.

The Blue and Distant Hills Judith Saxton (St. Martin’s 0-312-10944-X, May ’94 [Jun ’94], $25.95, 518pp, hc, cover by Gwyneth Jones) Romance set in England after World War II, where a lonely young woman meets a spirit from the Roman occupation of Britain and learns to love again. First American edition (Heinemann 1993).

The Godmother Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Ace 0-441-00096-7, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $19.95, 294pp, hc, cover by Tara McGovern) [Godmother] Fantasy novel about a Seattle social worker who encounters a fairy godmother.

The Best of Whispers ed. Stuart David Schiff (Borderlands Press 1-880325-11-X, Nov ’94, $65.00, 471pp, hc, cover by Lee Brown Coye) Anthology of 23 horror stories from Whispers magazine, seven of them new stories from the unpublished Whispers VII, and an earlier version of “The Golden”, originally planned for the Lucius Shepard issue. Other authors include Ray Bradbury, Karl Edward Wagner, Fritz Leiber, Connie Willis, Melanie Tem, and Roger Zelazny. Includes a preface, “The End”, and an afterword by the editor. Order from Borderlands Press, PO Box 146, Brooklandville MD 21022; 800-528-3310.

Sacred Prey Vivian Schilling (Truman Press 0-9637846-0-9, Jan ’94, $19.95, 245pp, hc, cover by Manny Rodriguez) Horror novel of a killer loanshark who finds himself in the body of one of his victims before the murder happens. A first novel.

Pilgrim’s Progress: A Retelling of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress Gary D. Schmidt & Barry Moser (Eerdmans 0-8028-5080-4, Oct ’94, $24.99, 77pp, hc, cover by Barry Moser) Young-adult retelling of Bunyan’s classic, in picture-book format with color illustrations by Barry Moser.

Black Leather Required David J. Schow (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-29-5, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $29.95, 244pp, hc, cover by Arnie Fenner) Collection of 14 horror stories with an introduction by John Farris. A signed limited edition (-30-9, $65.00) was announced but not seen. Available from Mark V. Ziesing, PO Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.

The Werewolf’s Sin Cheri Scotch (Diamond 1-55773-973-0, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $4.99, 239pp, pb) [Werewolf’s Kiss] Romantic horror novel of werewolves in the Louisiana bayous, third book of a series.

Burning Bright Melissa Scott (Tor 0-812-52175-7, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $4.99, 362pp, pb, cover by Joe Curcio) Reprint (Tor 1993) sf novel of a virtual reality game designer caught up in the conflict between two interstellar empires.

Trouble and Her Friends Melissa Scott (Tor 0-312-85733-0, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $22.95, 379pp, hc, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) Cyberpunk sf novel about 21st-century law-and-order cracking down on the cyberspace frontier.

Trouble and Her Friends Melissa Scott (SFBC #05178, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $8.98, 379pp, hc, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) Reprint (Tor 1994) cyberpunk SF novel about 21st-century law-and-order cracking down on the cyberspace frontier. Similar to the Tor edition except this lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Gemini Game Michael Scott (Holiday House 0-8234-1092-7, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], $14.95, 159pp, hc, cover by Jeff Fisher) Young-adult SF novel about two 21st-Century virtual reality game designers who enter their own creation to find out who is sabotaging it. First American edition (O’Brien Press 1993).

Martians and Misplaced Clues: The Life and Work of Fredric Brown Jack Seabrook (The Popular Press 0-87972-591-5, Oct ’93 [May ’94], $16.95, 312pp, tp, cover by Gary Dumm) Non-fiction, a biography of Fredric Brown that concentrates on his writing life and his fiction, with a complete bibliography. A hardcover edition (-590-7, $39.95) was announced but not seen. This book has a 1993 copyright but was not seen until now. Available from Bowling Green University Popular Press, Bowling Green OH 43403.

Cock and Bull Will Self (Random House/Vintage 0-679-75092-4, Apr ’94, $11.00, 310pp, tp) Reprint (Bloomsbury 1992) collection of two literary fantasy novellas about a woman and a man who suddenly develop the genitalia of the other sex.

The Critical Response to Bram Stoker ed. Carol A. Senf (Greenwood Press 0-313-28527-6, Dec ’93 [Feb ’94], $55.00, 195pp, hc) Non-fiction, criticism. A collection of reviews of Stoker’s work, both period and contemporary, with a long introduction on Stoker’s life and works by the editor. Available from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Westport CT 06881. Credit card orders: 800-225-5800. [Bram Stoker]

The Fantastic Journeys of Baron Brambeus Osip Senkovsky (Peter Lang 0-8204-2203-7, Dec ’93 [May ’94], $32.95, 232pp, tp) Collection of four Russian SF stories from the mid-19th century, translated and with a long introduction and notes by Louis Pedrotti. This has a 1993 copyright date but was not seen until now. Available from Peter Lang Publishing, 62 West 45th St., New York NY 10036.

Return to the Twilight Zone ed. Carol Serling & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 0-88677-576-0, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $4.99, 336pp, pb, cover by Jean-Francois Podevin) Original anthology of 19 stories, 18 original, with one reprint by Rod Serling, and an introduction by Carol Serling.

Over My Dead Body: The Sensational Age of American Paperbacks 1945-1955 Lee Server (Chronicle Books 0-8118-0550-6, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $16.95, 108pp, tp) Associational non-fiction. A brief history of American paperbacks (including some sf) before 1955, copiously illustrated with full-color cover reproductions. A hardcover edition (-0646-4, $29.95) was announced but not seen.

Stinker’s Return Pamela F. Service (Fawcett Juniper 0-449-70438-6, Aug ’94, $3.99, 88pp, pb) [Stinker] Reprint (Scribners 1993) children’s SF novella about an alien, sequel to Stinker from Space.

DragonLance: Hederick the Theocrat Ellen Dodge Severson (TSR 1-56076-817-7, Feb ’94 [Jan ’94], $4.95, 310pp, tp, cover by Jeff Easley) [DragonLance: Villains] Fantasy novelization based on the DragonLance game, fourth book of the “DragonLance Villains” series. Copyrighted by TSR.

Star Trek Movie Memories William Shatner (HarperCollins 0-06-017617-2, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $25.00, 357pp, hc) [Star Trek] Movie memoir.

Tek Power William Shatner (Ace/Putnam 0-399-13997-4, Nov ’94, $19.95, 220pp, hc, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Jake Cardigan] SF novel in the “Tek” series. Drug lords plan to replace the President of the United States with an android.

Tek Secret William Shatner (Ace 0-441-00119-X, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $5.99, 292pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Jake Cardigan] Reprint (Ace/Putnam 1993) SF novel, fifth in the “Jake Cardigan” series.

Star Trek Memories William Shatner & Chris Kreski (SFBC #02631, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $10.98, 306pp, hc) [Star Trek] Reprint (HarperCollins 1993) associational non-fiction — Shatner’s autobiographical account of the making of the original series. Similar to the HarperCollins edition except this lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Star Trek Memories William Shatner & Chris Kreski (HarperSpotlight 0-06-109235-5, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $6.99, 411pp, pb) [Star Trek] Reprint (HarperCollins 1993) associational non-fiction. Shatner’s autobiographical account of the making of the original series.

Nifft the Lean Michael Shea (Darkside Press 0-940841-39-8, Nov ’94 [Dec ’94], $60.00, 350pp, hc) [Nifft the Lean] Reprint (DAW 1982) Vancean fantasy novel, actually a collection of four related stories, with illustrations by Alan M. Clark, and a new introduction by Tim Powers. Limited edition of 440 signed copies.

Godspeed Charles Sheffield (SFBC #02890, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $7.98, 352pp, hc, cover by Vincent DiFate) Reprint (Tor 1993) sf novel concerning human colonists’ efforts to regain an alien ultralightspeed technology. Similar to the Tor edition except this lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Godspeed Charles Sheffield (Tor 0-812-51992-2, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $4.99, 352pp, pb, cover by Vincent Di Fate) Reprint (Tor 1993) young-adult SF novel.

Proteus Combined Charles Sheffield (Baen 0-671-87603-1, May ’94 [Apr ’94], $5.99, 485pp, pb, cover by Barclay Shaw) [Behrooz Wolf] Reprint (SFBC 1989 as Proteus Manifest) sf omnibus of Sight of Proteus (Ace 1978) and its sequel Proteus Unbound (NEL 1988). This is the author’s preferred text, with the first part revised slightly from the more significantly revised text of the 1988 NEL edition of Sight of Proteus.

The Judas Cross Charles Sheffield & David Bischoff (Warner Aspect 0-446-60102-0, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $5.50, 361pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) World War I thriller/horror novel. A Frenchman hopes to use a sacred artifact to save his country, not understanding the full horror of the sacrifice he has to make.

The World of 2044: Technological Development and the Future of Society ed. Charles Sheffield, Marcelo Alonso & Morton A. Kaplan (Professors World Peace Academy/Paragon House 0-943852-57-9, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $19.95, 381pp, tp) Associational non-fiction, a collection of essays by scientists and SF writers, including Pohl, Bova, etc., predicting future technological developments and their impact. A hardcover edition (-49-8, $29.95) was announced but not seen. Order from Paragon House, 370 Lexington Ave, New York NY 10017.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley (Dover 0-486-28211-2, Oct ’94 [Nov ’94], $1.00, 166pp, tp) [Frankenstein] Reprint (Lackington 1818) classic horror novel. Unabridged reprinting of the third edition (Colburn & Bentley 1831), with publisher’s note and author’s introduction.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley (Penguin/Signet Classic 0-451-18377-0, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $3.99, 224pp, pb) [Frankenstein] Reprint (Lackington 1818) classic horror novel. Movie tie-in with 8 pages of movie stills. The text follows the 1831 third edition.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley (Tor 0-812-55150-8, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $4.99, 236pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Frankenstein] Reissue (Lackington 1818) classic horror novel. Third printing.

The Last Man Mary Shelley (Bantam 0-553-21436-5, Oct ’94 [Nov ’94], $5.50, 488pp, pb, cover by Thomas Coke) Reprint (Colburn 1826) very early SF novel, with a new introduction by Marge Piercy.

Frankenstein Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (University of California Press 0-520-08942-1, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], $14.95, 254pp, tp, cover by Barry Moser) [Frankenstein] Reprint (Lackington 1818) classic horror novel. This is a facsimile of the 1983 Pennyroyal Press edition, with woodcuts by Barry Moser and an afterword by Joyce Carol Oates. The text is that of the original 1818 edition rather than the more common 1831 revision. Available from the University of California Press, Berkeley CA 94720.

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Mary Shelley & Bernie Wrightson (Charles F. Miller 0-88733-193-9, Dec ’94, $15.95, 188pp, tp, cover by Bernie Wrightson) [Frankenstein] Reprint (Marvel Comics; Dodd, Mead & Co. 1983 as Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein). This reprint edition has darker reproductions of the artwork; some detail has been lost. Introduction by Stephen King. Also available in hardcover (-194-7, $24.95).

The Seven Towers: The Wizard at Home Rick Shelley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45422-7, Jan ’95 [Dec ’94], $4.99, 254pp, pb, cover by Jean-Francois Podevin) [Seven Towers] Fantasy novel, second in the series. In medieval England, the wizard Silvas acquires the powers of a goddess — and some angry gods want him dead.

The Seven Towers: The Wizard at Mecq Rick Shelley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45361-1, Jun ’94 [May ’94], $4.99, 285pp, pb) [Seven Towers] Historical fantasy novel set in 12th-century England, first book of a new series.

Side Show Rick Shelley (Ace 0-441-00123-8, Dec ’94 [Nov ’94], $4.99, 232pp, pb, cover by Steve Gardiner) [Lucky 13th] Military SF novel, second in the series featuring the “Lucky 13th” Spaceborne fighting force. This series is packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

Until Relieved Rick Shelley (Ace 0-441-00019-3, Mar ’94 [Feb ’94], $4.99, 236pp, pb, cover by Roger Loveless) [Lucky 13th] Military sf novel about the exploits of the 13th Spaceborne. First book of a new series packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

Sports & Music Lucius Shepard (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-25-2, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $10.00, 50pp, ph, cover by Arnie Fenner) Collection of two stories, one a fantasy. Both are expanded from their magazine appearances. This is a 1,000-copy signed and numbered edition. Available from Mark V. Ziesing, PO Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.

Elvendude Mark Shepherd (Baen 0-671-87630-9, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $5.99, 312pp, pb, cover by Larry Elmore) [Serrated Edge] Fantasy novel about an elven prince raised as a normal suburban teen. Part of Mercedes Lackey’s “Serrated Edge” series.

The Porcelain Dove Delia Sherman (Penguin/Plume 0-452-27226-2, Jul ’94 [Jun ’94], $11.95, 404pp, tp, cover by Jean-Honore Fragonard) Reprint (Dutton 1993) fantasy novel of an 18th-century chateau where magical things occur, taken out of the bounds of time after the French Revolution.

The Bard’s Tale: The Chaos Gate Josepha Sherman (Baen 0-671-87597-3, Apr ’94 [Mar ’94], $5.99, 311pp, pb, cover by Larry Elmore) [Bard’s Tale] Fantasy novel, a sequel to Sherman and Mercedes Lackey’s Castle of Deception, based on the computer game The Bard’s Tale.

Gleaming Bright Josepha Sherman (Walker 0-8027-8296-5, Mar ’94, $16.95, 170pp, hc, cover by Sue Ellen Brown) Young-adult fantasy novel of a young princess who must save her people by regaining the magical wish-granting box stolen from them by the evil Dark Druid.

King’s Son, Magic’s Son Josepha Sherman (Baen 0-671-87602-3, Jun ’94 [May ’94], $5.99, 323pp, pb, cover by Clyde Caldwell) Fantasy novel. An unambitious magician is forced to provide his half-brother the King with magical assistance.

Once Upon a Galaxy Josepha Sherman (August House 0-87483-386-8, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], $19.95, 251pp, hc) Associational non-fiction collection of the original folktales and myths behind contemporary legends such as Superman, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Bugs Bunny. Includes brief introductions and notes by Sherman, and lists of recommended reading and viewing. A tp edition (-387-6, $11.95) was announced but not seen. Order from August House, Box 3223, Little Rock AR 72203. Credit cards: 800-284-8784.

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