The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 1984-1998

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Flowerdust Gwyneth Jones (Headline 0-7472-4448-0, Jul ’94, £4.99, 312pp, pb, cover by Mark Harrison) [Divine Endurance] Reprint (Headline 1993) SF novel, companion volume to Divine Endurance.

North Wind Gwyneth Jones (Gollancz 0-575-05449-2, May ’94, £15.99, 281pp, hc, cover by David Farren) [Aleutian] SF novel.

The Webbed Hand Jenny Jones (Scholastic UK 0-590-55649-5, Sep ’94, £3.50, 324pp, pb, cover by David Scutt) Young-adult fantasy novel.

The Anthology of Horror Stories ed. Stephen Jones (Tiger Books 1-85501-504-8, Mar ’94 [Jul ’94], £9.95, 587pp, hc) Reprint (Robinson; Carroll & Graf 1991 as The Mammoth Book of Terror) horror anthology. The book lacks the original introduction. An instant remainder edition.

The Giant Book of Vampires ed. Stephen Jones (Magpie 1-85487-369-5, Aug ’94, £3.99, 557pp, hc, cover by Luis Rey) Reprint (Robinson 1992 as The Mammoth Book of Vampires) horror anthology. A paperback edition (Parragon 0-7525-0147-6, £2.99) is also available.

The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein ed. Stephen Jones (Robinson 1-85487-330-X, Oct ’94, £5.99, 577pp, tp, cover by Luis Rey) [Frankenstein] Anthology devoted to the famous novel, including the original work (1831 version), Peter Tremayne’s rare The Hound of Frankenstein, a novel by David Case, some classic reprints, and more than a dozen originals. Illustrated by Martin McKenna. Simultaneous with the US (Carroll & Graf) edition.

The Mammoth Book of Werewolves ed. Stephen Jones (Robinson 1-85487-268-0, Jul ’94 [Aug ’94], £5.99, 496pp, tp, cover by Luis Rey) Theme anthology of 24 pieces, including a dozen originals, and one poem. Published simultaneously with the US (Carroll & Graf) edition.

The Best New Horror: Volume Five ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell (Raven 1-85487-299-0, Nov ’94 [Oct ’94], £6.99, 514pp, tp, cover by Luis Rey) Anthology of more than two dozen stories from 1993, a round-up of the year’s books, films and graphic work, and a Necrology.

The Giant Book of Terror ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell (Magpie 1-85487-376-8, Aug ’94, £3.99, 557pp, hc, cover by Luis Rey) Horror anthology of 28 stories, selected from Best New Horror 3 and Best New Horror 4. A paperback edition (Parragon 0-7575-0142-9, £2.99) is also available.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Book of Horror ed. Stephen Jones & Dave Carson (Robinson 1-85487-231-1, Apr ’94 [Dec ’93], £6.99, 450pp, tp, cover by Bruce Pennington) Anthology of Lovecraft’s classic article “Supernatural Horror in Literature” followed by 21 horror stories recommended in it, illustrated by Dave Carson. Simultaneous with the US (Barnes & Noble) edition. [First U.K. edition]

The Anthology of Fantasy & The Supernatural ed. Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Tiger Books 1-85501-502-1, Mar ’94, £9.95, 593pp, hc) Original fantasy/horror anthology. Forty stories, most original, intended for the magazine Fantasy Tales. Illustrated by various artists. An instant remainder hardcover.

Lady Cottingham’s Pressed Fairy Book Terry Jones & Brian Froud (Pavilion 1-85793-336-2, Oct ’94, £12.99, 68pp, hc) [Lady Cottington] Brutal spoof of the Cottingley fairies— the diary of a young girl who not only saw fairies but pressed them into her scrapbook like dead wildflowers. Simultaneous with the US (Turner) edition.

The Fires of Heaven Robert Jordan (Orbit 1-85723-209-7, Nov ’94, £5.99, 912pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Reprint (Tor; Orbit 1993) fantasy novel. Book Five of “The Wheel of Time”.

Lord of Chaos Robert Jordan (Orbit 1-85723-262-3, Nov ’94, £10.99, 901pp, tp, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Reprint (Tor 1994) fantasy novel. A hardcover edition (-255-0, £16.99) is also available. Book Six of “The Wheel of Time”. [First U.K. edition]

The Wednesday Wizard Sherryl Jordan (Hippo 0-590-55644-4, Jun ’94, £2.99, 218pp, pb, cover by David Wyatt) Reprint (Ashton Scholastic New Zealand 1991) young-adult fantasy novel.

House of Lost Dreams Graham Joyce (Headline 0-7472-4248-8, Jan ’94 [Dec ’93], £4.99, 402pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Reprint (Headline 1993) fantasy/horror novel about a haunted house on a small Greek island.

Covenant with the Vampire: The Diaries of the Family Dracul Jeanne Kalogridis (Headline 0-7472-1244-9, Oct ’94, £16.99, 244pp, hc, cover by Keith Scayfe) [Family Dracul] Horror novel, first of a trilogy. Simultaneous with the US (Delacorte Abyss) edition. Kalogridis is the real name of a bestselling Star Trek author.

Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay (Penguin 0-14-017704-3, Feb ’94, £5.99, 688pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) Reissue (Viking UK 1990) fantasy novel.

A Breath of Fresh Air Geraldine Kaye (Mammoth 0-7497-0082-3, Jul ’94, £3.99, 164pp, pb, cover by David Mitcheson) Reissue (Andre Deutsch 1987) young-adult fantasy novel. A schoolgirl relives the life of a slave 200 years ago.

A Classic Collection of Haunting Ghost Stories ed. Marvin & Saralee Kaye (Warner UK 0-7515-0968-X, Oct ’94 [Sep ’94], £5.99, 381pp, pb, cover by Ashley Pearce) Reprint (Doubleday 1981 as Ghosts) anthology of ghost stories. This edition omits 12 stories, two poems and all four appendices, same as the Little, Brown UK (1993) edition.

A Different Kingdom Paul Kearney (Gollancz 0-575-05713-0, Jun ’94, £4.99, 310pp, pb, cover by Paul Wright) Reprint (Gollancz 1993) fantasy novel set in, and “beyond,” Northern Ireland.

Riding the Unicorn Paul Kearney (Gollancz 0-575-05767-X, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], £15.99, 254pp, hc, cover by Chris Brown) Parallel world fantasy novel.

Riding the Unicorn Paul Kearney (Gollancz 0-575-05767-X, Sep ’94 [Aug ’94], £15.99, 254pp, hc, cover by Chris Brown) Fantasy novel. A prison officer begins to see visions of another world and fears he’s going mad. He isn’t.

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