The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 1984-1998

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Pirate Writings [v2 #2, No. 4, Summer 1994] ed. Ed McFadden (Pirate Writings Publishing; Islip, NY, $4.99, 64pp+, octavo s/b, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg)

Pirate Writings [v2 #2, No. 5, Fall 1994] ed. Edward J. McFadden (Pirate Writings Publishing; Islip, NY, $4.99, 72pp+, quarto, cover by Lissanne Lake)

Plot [#1, 1994] ed. Christina C. Russell (Calypso Publishing; Sugar Land, TX, $3.95, 48pp, quarto, cover by Cami Stelzer)

Prairie Fire [v15 #2, No.67, Summer 1994] ed. Candas Jane Dorsey (Prairie Fire; Winnipeg, Canada, C$24/4 issues, 256pp+, 6"x9" s/b) Canadian Speculative Fiction Issue.

Premonitions [#3, Spring 1994] ed. Tony Lee (S.A. Publishing, £2.50, 71pp, A5, cover by Kevin Cullen) Small press sf/horror fiction magazine. Available from S.A. Publishing, 13 Hazely Combe, ARRETON, Isle of Wight, PO30 3AJ.

Prisoners of the Night [# 8, 1994] ed. Alayne Gelfand (MKASHEF Enterprises; Yucca Valley, CA, $9.95, 90pp+, large, cover by Janet DuPuy)

Proud Flesh [Fall 1994] ed. Chris DeVito (Loose Cannon Enterprises; Champaign, IL, $4.50, 49pp+, quarto, cover by Ernest Hogan) One-shot magazine.

Psychotrope [# 1, March 1994] ed. Mark Beech (Mark Beech, £2.10, 46pp, A5, cover by Piggy N-) Small press horror magazine. Available from Mark Beech, 23 St Georges Road, Leamington Spa, CV31 3AY.

Psychotrope [# 2, 1994] ed. Mark Beech (Mark Beech, £2.10, 46pp, A5, cover by Hans Bellmer) Available from Mark Beech, Flat 6, 17 Droitwich Road, Worcester, WR3 7LG. [Not seen]

Puck [#10, 1994] ed. Brian Clark (Permeable Press; San Francisco, CA, $5.95, 84pp+, quarto, cover by Freddie Baer) psiber issue.

Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine [#17, 1994] ed. Dean Wesley Smith (Pulphouse Publishing; Eugene, OR, $4.95, 64pp+, quarto, cover by Susan Wade)

Random Realities [# 5, Summer 1994] ed. Jeff Dennis (Norcross, GA, $4.50, 76pp+, octavo, cover by David Grilla)

Realms of Fantasy [v 1 #1, October 1994] ed. Shawna McCarthy (Sovereign Media Co., Inc.;Herndon, VA, $3.50, 92pp, quarto, cover by Michael Whelan)

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