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Wildlife James Patrick Kelly (Tor 0-812-53415-8, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $4.99, 299pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) Reprint (Tor 1994) near-future SF novel of biotech and AI gone wild.

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Other Nightmares ed. Gene Kemp (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-037858-8, Sep ’95, $4.99, 256pp, tp, cover by Jim Carroll) Young-adult anthology of 14 ghost stories, with illustrations by Nick Harris. Authors include Philippa Pearce, Ray Bradbury, and Joan Aiken. First US edition (Viking UK 1992 as The Puffin Book of Ghosts and Ghouls).

Human Resources: A Corporate Nightmare Floyd Kemske (Catbird Press 0-945774-29-X, Oct ’95, $12.95, 223pp, tp) Satiric vampire novel. A company is being reorganized by a vampire who feeds on fresh ideas as well as blood. Catbird Press, 16 Windsor Rd, North Haven CT 06473; 800-360-2391;

The Oak Above the Kings Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45451-0, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 424pp, pb, cover by Tom Canty) [Keltiad] Reprint (Roc 1994) science-fantasy Arthurian novel set on Kennealy-Morrison’s planet Keltia.

Make Me Disappear Cameron Kent (Royal Fireworks Press 0-88092-100-5, 1995 [Mar ’95], $5.00, 141pp, tp, cover by Bill Coffin) Young-adult fantasy novel. A boy who loves magic tricks becomes a real magician’s apprentice. Dated 1994, but not seen until now. A hardcover edition (-101-3, $15.00) was announced but not seen. A first novel. Order from Royal Fireworks Printing Co., First Avenue, Unionville, NY 10988; add $3.00 shipping.

Dance of the Snow Dragon Eileen Kernaghan (Thistledown Press 1-895449-41-3, 1995 [May ’95], C$7.95, 325pp, tp, cover by Rand Walsh) Fantasy novel set in 18th-century Bhutan. Order from Neville Books, 7793 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby BC V5J 4K2, Canada; 604-435-6500. Add C$2.00 postage.

Days of Air and Darkness Katharine Kerr (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57262-8, Sep ’95 [Aug ’95], $5.99, 410pp, pb, cover by Paul Youll) [Deverry: Westlands] Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1994 as A Time of Justice) Celtic fantasy novel, fourth book of the “Westlands Sequence”, and eighth book in the “Deverry” series overall.

Freeze Frames Katharine Kerr (Tor 0-312-89044-3, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $21.95, 285pp, hc, cover by Joseph M. Danisi) SF/fantasy quasi-novel of connected stories about a family in an alternate future California, a fix-up centered on the novella “Resurrection”. First US edition (HarperCollins UK 1995 as Freezeframes).

Enchanted Forests ed. Katharine Kerr & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 0-88677-672-4, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $5.50, 368pp, pb, cover by Jean-Francois Podevin) Original anthology of 25 fantasy stories about magical woods.

Soul Catcher Colin Kersey (St. Martin’s 0-312-13606-4, Nov ’95 [Dec ’95], $21.95, 340pp, hc) Horror novel. A spirit wind is unleashed against Seattle. A first novel.

Good News from Outer Space John Kessel (Tor/Orb 0-312-89041-9, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $13.95, 403pp, tp) Reprint (Tor 1989) satiric SF novel of aliens among us.

Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology ed. John Kessel, Mark L. Van Name & Richard Butner (Tor 0-312-86090-0, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $23.95, 384pp, hc) Anthology of stories written at the 1994 invitation-only Sycamore Hill Writers’ Conference, with comments by the writers about their experiences. Authors include Karen Joy Fowler, Alexander Jablokov, Michaela Roessner, and Maureen F. McHugh.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Her Progress Toward Utopia and Selected Writings Carol Farley Kessler (Syracuse University Press 0-8156-0304-5, Mar ’95, $16.95, 316pp, tp) Non-fiction critical work looking at Utopian themes in Gilman’s work. A hardcover edition (-2644-4, $34.95) was announced but not seen. Order from Syracuse University Press, 1600 Jamesville Ave., Syracuse NY 13244-5160; 315-443-5547. [Charlotte Perkins Gilman]

Daring to Dream: Utopian Fiction by United States Women Before 1950, Second Edition ed. Carol Farley Kessler (Syracuse University Press 0-8156-2655-X, Oct ’95 [Nov ’95], $17.95, 326pp, hc) Critical anthology of 12 feminist Utopian stories (five excerpted from novels). There are extensive notes, a reference bibliography, and an “Annotated Bibliography of US Women’s Utopian Fiction 1836-1988”. This is revised and updated from Daring to Dream: Utopian Studies by United States Women, 1836-1919 (Routledge & Kegan Paul/Pandora 1984); five pieces in the earlier edition do not appear here. A hardcover edition (-2654-1, $49.95) was announced but not seen. Available from Syracuse University Press, 1600 Jamesville Ave., Syracuse NY 13244-5160; 315-443-5547.

Demons of the Night: Tales of the Fantastic, Madness, and the Supernatural from Nineteenth-Century France ed. Joan C. Kessler (University of Chicago 0-226-43208-4, Apr ’95 [May ’95], $14.95, 347pp, tp, cover by Tony Johannot) Anthology of 13 fantastic stories by such authors as Balzac, Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, Guy de Maupssant, and Theophile Gautier. Edited with notes to each story by Kessler, who also translated nine of the stories, and wrote a 51-page critical introduction (not included in the page count). This edition also gives an ISBN for a hardcover edition (-43207-6, $45.00) not seen. Order from University of Chicago Press, Order Department, 11030 South Langley Avenue, Chicago IL 60628; 800-621-2736.

Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes (Harcourt Brace 0-15-100163-4, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $16.00, 286pp, hc, cover by David Diaz) Reprint (Harcourt 1966) classic SF novel, developed from a Hugo-winning shorter version.

The Printer’s Devil Chico Kidd (Baen 0-671-87668-6, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 280pp, pb, cover by Newell Convers & Cortney Skinner) Fantasy novel. Bellringers in the past and present are caught in an evil wizard’s spells. A first novel.

Mus of Kerbridge Paul Kidd (TSR 0-7869-0094-6, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $4.95, 314pp, tp, cover by Paul Jaquays) Humorous fantasy novel. An enchanted, swashbuckling mouse helps noble centaurs defend their country against invasion. Copyrighted by TSR.

Redmagic Crawford Kilian (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-38370-2, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Mark Harrison) [Greenmagic] Fantasy novel, sequel to Greenmagic. A wizard studying dragons runs into a sea monster.

First Quest: Rogues to Riches J. Robert King (TSR 1-56076-825-8, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $3.95, 313pp, tp, cover by Walter Velez) [First Quest] Young adult fantasy novel, a humorous gaming-style adventure aimed at a younger audience. Copyrighted by TSR.

First Quest: Summerhill Hounds J. Robert King (TSR 0-7869-0196-9, Nov ’95, $3.99, 250pp, tp, cover by Walter Velez) [First Quest] Young-adult novelization based on the “First Quest” game. Copyrighted by TSR.

Dolores Claiborne Stephen King (Penguin/Signet 0-451-18411-4, Mar ’95 [Apr ’95], $6.99, 372pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1992) associational mainstream crime novel with virtually no horror/supernatural elements. This is the movie tie-in edition. 11th printing.

Four Past Midnight: Featuring The Langoliers Stephen King (Penguin/Signet 0-451-18597-8, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $6.99, 744pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1990) collection of four novellas. This is packaged as a tie-in to the TV miniseries, and is subtitled “Featuring The Langoliers” with the story’s title in larger type than the book’s. This has a new cover and an ISBN we have not listed before, but is marked as the 13th printing.

Insomnia Stephen King (Penguin/Signet 0-451-18496-3, Sep ’95 [Aug ’95], $7.50, 663pp, pb) Reprint (Ziesing 1994) horror novel.

Rose Madder Stephen King (Viking 0-670-85869-2, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $25.95, 420pp, hc) Horror novel. A battered wife builds a new life and gets revenge with the help of a mysterious painting.

Rose Madder Stephen King (BOMC, Aug ’95, $20.75, 420pp, hc) Reprint (Viking 1995) horror novel. This is identical to the Viking edition, except it lacks a price and has the BOMC number on the back jacket.

Thinner Stephen King (Penguin/Signet 0-451-16134-3, Jan ’95, $6.99, 318pp, pb) Reissue (NAL 1984 as by Richard Bachman) horror novel, reprinting the Signet 1985 edition with a new cover and a higher price; 25th printing. (We listed a Penguin/Signet edition with a lower price and page count, and different ISBN back in 1992 as the 29th printing.)

Umney’s Last Case Stephen King (Penguin 0-14-600074-9, Aug ’95, $.95, 88pp, tp, cover by George Tooker) Hard-boiled time-travel novella first published in King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes (Viking/Hodder & Stoughton 1993). This is its first single book publication. A Penguin 60s anniversary edition.

Sacrifice Richard Kinion (Zebra 0-8217-5047-X, Aug ’95, $4.50, 380pp, pb) Horror novel. A woman is possessed by a spirit that makes her feel beautiful, and makes her kill. Copyrighted by Lee Seymour.

James Thurber: His Life and Times Harrison Kinney (Holt 0-8050-3966-X, Nov ’95 [Dec ’95], $40.00, 1238pp, hc) Biography commemorating Thurber’s 100th birthday. There are 32 unpaginated pages of photos, several appendices including a list of Thurber’s books and a chronology, extensive notes, acknowledgements of sources, and an index. [James Thurber]

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Penguin/Puffin Classics 0-14-036686-5, Mar ’95, $3.50, 216pp, pb, cover by Sally Taylor) [Jungle Book] Reissue (Macmillan 1894) classic young-adult collection. This is a repackaged, worldwide edition of the Puffin 1987 edition illustrated by Alan Langford. Second printing.

Jungle Book 2 Rudyard Kipling (Tor 0-812-52278-8, Aug ’95 [Jul ’95], $2.99, 180pp, pb, cover by Ken Lager) [Jungle Book] Reprint (Scribner 1895) classic collection of children’s stories, with a foreword, afterword, and brief biography of Kipling by Jane Yolen.

DragonLance: The Seventh Sentinel Mary Kirchoff (TSR 0-7869-0117-9, Aug ’95, $5.99, 306pp, tp, cover by Larry Elmore) [DragonLance: Defenders of Magic] Fantasy novelization based on the role-playing game, third in the “Defenders of Magic” trilogy.

The Janus Mask Richard A. Knaak (Warner Aspect 0-446-60150-0, Sep ’95 [Aug ’95], $5.99, 337pp, pb, cover by Den Beauvais) Dark fantasy novel. A despot makes party guests wear masks possessed by his dead enemies — and one of them comes back to life.

The Darker Passions: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Amarantha Knight (Masquerade 1-56333-227-2, Jan ’95 [Feb ’95], $4.95, 263pp, pb) [Darker Passions] Horror novel, an erotic revision of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic.

The Darker Passions: Dracula Amarantha Knight (Masquerade 1-56333-147-0, Jul ’94 [Feb ’95], $4.95, 309pp, pb, cover by Vida Pavesich) [Darker Passions; Dracula] Vampire novel, an erotic revision of Stoker’s classic. This has a December 1993 publication date, but was not seen until now.

The Darker Passions: Frankenstein Amarantha Knight (Masquerade 1-56333-248-5, Apr ’95 [May ’95], $5.95, 303pp, tp, cover by Mistress Jane Rubin) [Darker Passions; Frankenstein] Erotic horror novel based on Mary Shelley’s classic.

The Darker Passions: The Fall of the House of Usher Amarantha Knight (Masquerade 1-56333-313-9, May ’95 [Jun ’95], $5.95, 276pp, tp) [Darker Passions] Erotic horror novel loosely based on Poe’s story.

Flesh Fantastic ed. Amarantha Knight (Masquerade/Rhinoceros 1-56333-352-X, 1994 [Dec ’95], $6.95, 340pp, tp) Original anthology of 11 stories of fantastic erotica.

Love Bites ed. Amarantha Knight (Masquerade/Richard Kasak 1-56333-234-5, Feb ’95, $12.95, 202pp, tp, cover by Bryan Lynch) Original anthology of 11 erotic vampire stories, with an introduction by the editor.

Strange Angels Kathe Koja (Dell 0-440-21498-X, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $5.50, 356pp, pb) Reprint (Delacorte 1994) associational psychological horror novel about art and obsession.

Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz (Ballantine 0-345-39657-X, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $7.99, 566pp, pb) Reprint (Knopf/Charnal House 1994) high-tech thriller set in a U.S. that may or may not be today. An identical mass-market international edition appeared in September 1995.

Dragon Tears Dean Koontz (Berkley 0-425-14003-2, Mar ’95 [May ’95], $6.99, 401pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) Reissue (Putnam 1993) horror novel. Seventh printing.

The Face of Fear Dean Koontz (Berkley 0-425-11984-X, Nov ’95 [Dec ’95], $6.99, 306pp, pb) Reissue (Bobbs-Merrill as by Brian Coffey) occult/psychological thriller. 28th printing.

Hideaway Dean Koontz (Berkley 0-425-13525-X, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $6.99, 400pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) Reissue (Putnam 1992) horror/fantasy novel. Sixth printing.

Icebound Dean Koontz (Ballantine 0-345-38435-0, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $6.99, 408pp, pb) Revision of Koontz’s earlier associational thriller Prison of Ice (Lippincott 1976 as by David Axton); in his own words, ’a hommage to Alistair MacLean.’ Simultaneous with the British edition (Headline).

The Key to Midnight Dean Koontz (Berkley 0-425-14751-7, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $6.99, 419pp, pb) Reprint (Pocket 1979 as by Leigh Nichols) SF/horror thriller, revised and with an afterword describing the revision.

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