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Blood: A Southern Fantasy Michael Moorcock (Morrow AvoNova 0-688-14362-8, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $22.00, 337pp, hc, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Begg Family] Literary SF novel in the Bek family series. First US edition (Millennium 1994).

Elric: Songs of the Black Sword Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-180-1, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $19.99, 504pp, hc, cover by Kent Williams) [Elric] Omnibus of three Elric novels: Elric of Melnibone, The Fortress of the Pearl, and The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, plus three stories. This is the fifth volume in the “Eternal Champion” series. There is an expanded introduction, but otherwise this is similar to the Millennium 1993 edition published as Elric of Melnibone, volume eight in their “Tale of the Eternal Champion” series. There are some minor textual corrections.

Hawkmoon: The Eternal Champion, Vol. 3 Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-178-X, Apr ’95, $19.99, 504pp, hc, cover by John Zeleznik) [Runestaff] Reprint (Granada 1979 as The History of the Runestaff) omnibus of the Hawkmoon novels: The Jewel in the Skull, The Mad God’s Amulet, The Sword of the Dawn, and The Runestaff, with an introduction by Moorcock and illustrations by James Cawthorn. Similar to the Millennium 1992 edition, which lacks the Cawthorn illustrations and map, and has a slightly different introduction.

Lunching with the Anti-Christ Michael Moorcock (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-46-5, Feb ’95, $25.00, 216pp, hc, cover by Phil Hale) Collection of seven interconnected stories, subtitled “A Family History: 1925-2015”, dealing with various families from other Moorcock books. Also available in signed, slipcased limited edition (-47-3, $60.00). Available from Mark V. Ziesing, PO Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.

A Nomad of the Time Streams Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-179-8, Sep ’95, $19.99, 424pp, hc, cover by Chris Moeller) [Oswald Bastable] Reprint (SFBC 1982 as The Nomad of Time) SF omnibus of the “Captain Bastable” adventures: The Warlord of the Air, The Land Leviathan, and The Steel Tsar; “The Eternal Champion Vol. 4”. This is similar to the revised and expanded 1993 Millennium edition (volume six in their “Eternal Champion” series) with a very slightly revised introduction by Moorcock, and some textual corrections.

Von Bek: The Eternal Champion Vol. 2 Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-177-1, Jan ’95, $19.99, 704pp, hc, cover by Janet Aulisio) [Von Bek] Omnibus of the “Von Bek” novels: The War Hound and the World’s Pain (Timescape 1981), The City in the Autumn Stars (Grafton 1986), The Dragon in the Sword (Ace 1986), and ’The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius’. Similar to the 1992 Millennium omnibus, which lacks the new introduction by Moorcock and The Dragon in the Sword.

From Hell Alan Moore (Borderlands Press 1-880-325-07-1, Jan ’95, $14.95, 343pp, tp, cover by Alan Moore) Script for the eponymous graphic novel about Jack the Ripper, volume one of four in “From Hell: The Complete Scripts”. Illustrated by Eddie Campbell, with an afterword by Stephen Bissette. Available from Borderlands Press, PO Box 146, Brooklandville, MD 21022.

Bloodsucking Fiends Christopher Moore (Simon & Schuster 0-684-81097-2, Sep ’95 [Aug ’95], $23.00, 300pp, hc) [Bloodsucking Fiends] Satirical vampire novel set in San Francisco.

Coyote Blue Christopher Moore (Avon 0-380-72523-1, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $10.00, 303pp, tp, cover by Michael McGurl) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1994) satirical fantasy novel about two lovers dogged by the Native American trickster god, Coyote.

Dark Moon #2: Dreams of Revenge Elizabeth Moore (Scholastic 0-590-25510-X, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $3.99, 167pp, pb) [Dark Moon] Young-adult horror novel. A young woman, possibly delusional, believes that she was wrongly hanged in a past and seeks revenge on descendants of the Salem witch trial judges.

The World of Darkness: House of Secrets James A. Moore & Kevin Murphy (White Wolf 1-56504-843-1, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 362pp, tp, cover by Harold MacNeil) [World of Darkness] Horror novelization based on the “Vampire: The Eternal Struggle” role-playing game. Copyrighted by White Wolf.

Conan and the Shaman’s Curse Sean A. Moore (Tor 0-812-55265-2, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $4.99, 244pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) [Conan] Fantasy novelization based on the Robert E. Howard character. Copyrighted by Conan Properties, Inc.

Earth Winter Richard Moran (Tor/Forge 0-312-85528-1, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $22.95, 350pp, hc, cover by Tim Jacobus) [Empire of Ice] SF novel of a new Ice Age, sequel to The Empire of Ice. Ben Meade tries to divert the Gulf Stream.

The Empire of Ice Richard Moran (Tor 0-812-53009-8, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $5.99, 371pp, pb, cover by Tim Jacobus) [Empire of Ice] Reprint (Tor 1994) SF disaster thriller about a new ice age in England.

Sophie’s Legacy Dareion Morgan (University Editions 1-56002-536-0, Nov ’95, $9.95, 171pp, tp, cover by Jeffrey Kaiser) SF novel about freedom fighters on Mars. Morgan is a pen name for Marjorie A. Walz.

A Certain Magic Kathleen Morgan (St. Martin’s 0-312-95423-9, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $5.50, 344pp, pb) Fantasy/romance novel. A sorcerer fears sex because his magic feeds on his partners’ life force, but a female mercenary is determined to have her way with him — and force him to face his evil twin.

Some Things Come Back Robert Morgan (Berkley Prime Crime 0-425-14690-1, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $4.99, 247pp, pb) [Teddy London] Vampire mystery, sixth in the series featuring Teddy London, P.I. and his arch-enemy, the immortal vampire king. Morgan is a pen name for C.J. Henderson.

Thunder on the Left Christopher Morley (Sun & Moon Press 1-55713-190-2, Feb ’95, $12.95, 274pp, tp, cover by Fairfield Porter) Reprint (Doubleday Page & Co 1925) fantasy novel of children who make a pact never to grow old, which haunts them as adults. Available from Sun & Moon Press, 6026 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90036.

Arthur, High King of Britain Michael Morpurgo (Harcourt Brace 0-15-200080-1, Apr ’95, $19.95, 137pp, hc, cover by Michael Foreman) Young-adult Arthurian novel. A contemporary boy falls into the ocean and finds King Arthur, who tells his life story in this otherwise straightforward retelling of several of the best-known tales. There are full-color illustrations by Michael Foreman. First US edition (Pavilion UK 1994).

King’s Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow Kenyon Morr (Boulevard 1-57297-033-2, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $5.99, 325pp, pb) [King’s Quest] Novelization, second in the series based on the fantasy computer game from Sierra On-Line. Text copyrighted by Mark Sumner and Mariella Sands.

The Totem David Morrell (Warner 0-446-36446-0, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $6.50, 365pp, pb) Reprint (Grant 1994) horror novel. A revision of the earlier (Evans 1979) cut version.

The Dragon Path: The Collected Tales of Kenneth Morris Kenneth Morris (Tor 0-312-85309-2, Mar ’95, $23.95, 382pp, hc, cover by Deirdre E. Snowdon) Collection of 40 fantasy tales with elements from the mythology of many cultures, edited and with an introduction by Douglas A. Anderson. Includes the earlier collection The Secret Mountain and Other Tales (Faber & Gwyer 1926).

This Is the Way the World Ends James Morrow (Harcourt Brace/Harvest 0-15-600208-6, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $11.00, 319pp, tp) Reprint (Henry Holt 1986) satiric fable about atomic war.

Towing Jehovah James Morrow (Harcourt Brace/Harvest 0-15-600210-8, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $12.00, 371pp, tp, cover by Simon Ng) [Towing Jehovah] Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1994) satiric fantasy novel about the disposal of God’s body.

Night Vision Ronald Munson (Penguin/Signet 0-451-18013-5, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $5.99, 412pp, pb) Thriller with SF elements, set partially in cyberspace. A hacker kidnaps an actress.

Dance Dance Dance Haruki Murakami (Kodansha International 0-679-75379-6, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $13.00, 393pp, tp) [Wild Sheep Chase] Reprint (Kodansha Ltd. 1988) literary fantasy/magic realism novel. Translated by Alfred Birnbaum.

The Critical Response to Kurt Vonnegut ed. Leonard Mustazza (Greenwood Press 0-313-28634-5, Nov ’94 [Jan ’95], $59.95, 346pp, hc) Critical collection of 40 reviews and essays discussing Vonnegut’s work. Order from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Westport CT 06881; credit card orders: 800-225-5800. [Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.]

Shadow of the Red Moon Walter Dean Myers (Scholastic 0-590-45895-7, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $14.95, 183pp, hc, cover by Christopher Myers) Young-adult fantasy novel, illustrated by Christopher Myers. Young people seek help for the Crystal City, under seige by the savage Fens children.

The Bohr Maker Linda Nagata (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56925-2, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $4.99, 325pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel of outlaw nanotechnology. A first novel.

The Bohr Maker Linda Nagata (SFBC #07488, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $8.98, 325pp, hc, cover by Bruce Jensen) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1995) SF novel of outlaw nanotechnology. This first hardcover edition is otherwise similar to the Bantam Spectra paperback edition; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Tech-Heaven Linda Nagata (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56926-0, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $4.99, 357pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel. A woman becomes a fugitive trying to save her husband with outlawed life-extension technology.

Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace Donna Jo Napoli (Penguin/Dutton 0-525-45357-1, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $14.99, 165pp, pb, cover by Judith Byron Schachner) [Prince of the Pond] Young-adult fantasy novel, sequel to The Prince of the Pond. The frog prince’s frog-son Jimmy turns up at the palace.

The Magic Circle Donna Jo Napoli (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-037439-6, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $3.99, 118pp, pb, cover by Leo & Diane Dillon) Reprint (Dutton 1993) young-adult fantasy novel. The witch from “Hansel and Gretel” tells her side of the story.

Quasar Jamil Nasir (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56886-8, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $5.99, 207pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel of van Vogtian intrigue. A first novel.

deadrush Yvonne Navarro (Bantam 0-553-56359-9, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], $5.99, 351pp, pb, cover by Alan Ayers) Horror novel. After a strange backwoods rite of passage, a teen goes to Chicago to raise the dead.

Species Yvonne Navarro (Bantam 0-553-57404-3, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $4.99, 279pp, pb) Novelization of the movie.

The Maddening Andrew Neiderman (Berkley 0-425-09898-2, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $5.50, 312pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1987 as Playmates) horror novel. This is a movie tie-in edition.

The Star Trek: the Next Generation Companion Larry Nemecek (Pocket 0-671-88340-2, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $14.00, 339pp, tp) [Star Trek, the Next Generation] Revised and updated edition of the 1992 guide to the television show, now complete with all the TV episodes and the Star Trek Generations movie. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

The Enchanted Castle E. Nesbit (Penguin/Puffin Classics 0-14-036743-8, Jul ’95, $3.50, tp, cover by Peter Mennim) Reprint (Unwin 1907) classic children’s fantasy novel. This edition follows the Benn 1956 UK edition, with illustrations by H.R. Millar from the Coward 1933 edition.

Bad Dreams Kim Newman (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0227-3, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $4.95, 281pp, pb) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1990) horror novel.

The Bloody Red Baron Kim Newman (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0252-4, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $21.00, 358pp, hc, cover by Tony Greco) [Dracula] Alternate-history vampire novel, sequel to Anno Dracula. Edgar Allen Poe, a vampire, writes the biography of the Bloody Red Baron during WWI.

The Bloody Red Baron Kim Newman (SFBC #10578, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $9.98, 358pp, hc, cover by Tony Greco) [Dracula] Reprint (Carroll & Graf 1995) alternate-history vampire novel, sequel to Anno Dracula. This is similar to the Carroll & Graf edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Quorum Kim Newman (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0283-4, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $5.95, 311pp, pb) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1994) contemporary Faustian dark-fantasy novel.

Saturn’s Child Nichelle Nichols & Margaret Wander Bonanno (Ace 0-399-14113-8, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], $21.95, 340pp, hc, cover by Michael Herring) SF novel by Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura. First contact leads to human-alien romance.

A Breach in the Watershed Douglas Niles (Ace 0-441-00208-0, Aug ’95 [Jul ’95], $13.00, 435pp, tp, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Watershed] Fantasy novel, book one of the “Watershed” trilogy.

DragonLance: The Lost Histories #1: The Kagonesti Douglas Niles (TSR 0-7869-0091-1, Jan ’95, $4.95, 306pp, tp, cover by Larry Elmore) [DragonLance: Lost Histories] Fantasy novelization based on the role-playing game, first in a new series. Copyrighted by TSR.

First Quest: Pawns Prevail Douglas Niles (TSR 1-56076-854-1, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $4.95, 314pp, tp, cover by Paul Jaquays) [Quest Triad] Young-adult novelization based on the introductory role-playing game; book one of the “Quest Triad”.

First Quest: Suitors Duel Douglas Niles (TSR 1-56076-922-X, Aug ’95, $3.99, 282pp, tp, cover by Den Beauvais) [Quest Triad] Young-adult fantasy novelization, book two in the “Quest Triad”. Copyrighted by TSR.

I Am Spock Leonard Nimoy (Hyperion 0-7868-6182-7, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], $24.95, 342pp, hc) [Star Trek] Non-fiction autobiography of the actor best known for his Star Trek role. This book includes some material (such as correspondence with Isaac Asimov) previously published in I Am Not Spock (Celestial Arts 1975). A signed, limited edition (-6196-7, $250.00) was announced but not seen.

Flatlander Larry Niven (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-39480-1, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 360pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) [Gil Hamilton] Collection of the three Gil “the Arm” stories originally collected in The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton (Ballantine 1976), the short novel The Patchwork Girl (Ace 1980), plus one new story. There is a new afterword on the problems of writing the stories. The book lacks both a contents page and copyright information.

Beowulf’s Children Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven Barnes (Tor 0-312-85522-2, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $23.95, 382pp, hc, cover by Michael Whelan) [Heorot] SF novel, sequel to The Legacy of Heorot. First US edition (Gollancz 1995 as The Dragon’s of Heorot).

Man-Kzin Wars VII ed. Larry Niven (Baen 0-671-87670-8, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $5.99, 345pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) [Man-Kzin Wars] Original anthology of three pieces set in Niven’s Known Space universe, including a short SF novel by Gregory Benford & Mark O. Martin.

The Ragwitch Garth Nix (Tor 0-812-53506-5, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $3.99, 312pp, pb, cover by Joe Danisi) Young-adult horror novel. An evil doll possesses a girl, and leads her brother into another dimension. This is actually the second Tor printing; the first, dated October 1994, was for specialized sales only. First US edition (Pan Australia 1990).

Sabriel Garth Nix (HarperCollinsAustralia/Moonstone 0-7322-5123-0, May ’95 [Apr ’95], A$9.95, 328pp, pb, cover by Greg Rogers) [Abhorsen] Young-adult fantasy novel. A good necromancer’s daughter has to continue his work of putting down the dead raised by evil magic.

The Same Place But Different Perry Nodelman (Simon & Schuster 0-671-89839-6, Jun ’95 [Sep ’95], $15.00, 181pp, hc, cover by Steve Cieslawski) [Same Place But Different] Young-adult fantasy novel. A boy has to rescue his baby sister from the fairies.

Night Shapes William F. Nolan (CD Publications 1-881475-14-X, Aug ’95 [Oct ’95], $50.00, 341pp, hc, cover by Alan M. Clark) Collection of 25 horror stories, one original, with an introduction by Peter Straub and an afterword by Robert Bloch. A signed (by Nolan and Straub), limited, slipcased edition of 500. Order from CD Publications, PO Box 18433, Baltimore MD 21237.

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