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Second Chance Chet Williamson (CD Publications 1-881475-12-3, Dec ’94 [Feb ’95], $25.00, 449pp, hc, cover by Richard W. Huck) Horror novel of ’60s nostalgia, alternate worlds, and ecological terrorism. Also announced in a limited hardcover edition (-13-1, $50.00). Order from CD Publications, PO Box 18433, Baltimore MD 21237.

Demon Moon Jack Williamson (Tor 0-812-52226-5, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $5.99, 379pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) Reprint (Tor 1994) SF novel.

Remake Connie Willis (Bantam Spectra 0-553-37437-0, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $11.95, 176pp, tp, cover by Gary Ruddell) Reprint (Ziesing 1994) short SF novel about making virtual movies in the future.

Light Raid Connie Willis & Cynthia Felice (Ace 0-441-48312-7, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $4.99, 263pp, pb, cover by John Harris) Reissue (Ace 1989) near-future SF novel. Second printing.

Mr. Templeton’s Toyshop Thomas Wiloch (Wordcraft of Oregon/Jazz Police Books 1-877655-16-3, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $9.95, 103pp, ph, cover by Thomas Wiloch) Collection of 45 “prose poems”, a series of dark fantasy vignettes, with illustrations by the author. Available from Wordcraft of Oregon/Jazz Police Books, PO Box 3235, La Grande, OR 97850.

Direct Descendant Charles Wilson (St. Martin’s 0-312-95515-4, Oct ’95 [Dec ’95], $5.50, 324pp, pb) SF thriller about the recreation of a prehistoric man from genetic material.

Implant F. Paul Wilson (Tor/Forge 0-312-89034-6, Oct ’95, $23.95, 348pp, hc, cover by Mario Simeone) Associational high-tech medical suspense novel. First US edition (Headline 1995 as by Colin Andrews).

Mysterium Robert Charles Wilson (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56953-8, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $5.99, 309pp, pb, cover by Rob Wood) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1994) SF dystopian thriller.

The Armless Maiden ed. Terri Windling (Tor 0-312-85234-7, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $22.95, 382pp, hc) Anthology of 46 stories, poems, and essays, 31 original, with a theme of “childhood and its darker passages.”

Bordertown ed. Terri Windling & Mark Alan Arnold (Tor 0-812-52262-1, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $4.99, 245pp, pb, cover by Thomas Canty) [Borderland] Reprint (NAL 1986) shared-world fantasy anthology. “Borderland” #2.

Beneath the Tree of Heaven David Wingrove (Dell 0-440-50626-3, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $14.95, 542pp, tp) [Chung Kuo] SF novel, book five of the “Chung Kuo” series. Hans Ebert fights to bring revolution to Mars. First American edition (NEL 1994).

Doubles, Dummies and Dolls ed. Leonard Wolf (Newmarket Press 1-55704-245-4, Nov ’95 [Dec ’95], $16.00, 210pp, tp) Horror anthology of 21 “Terror Tales of Replication” by authors including Edgar Allan Poe, E. Nesbit, Robert Bloch and Joyce Carol Oates. The introduction by Wolf discusses the use of “semblables” in horror literature and film. Available from Newmarket Press, 18 East 48th Street, New York NY 10017; 212-832-3575.

The Essential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Definitive Annotated Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Classic Novel ed. Leonard Wolf (Penguin/Plume 0-452-26969-5, Sep ’95, $14.95, 295pp, tp, cover by Phil Zimelman) Non-fiction look at the classic SF/horror novel. The complete text is included, along with commentary from fans past and present, contemporary reviews, a filmography, photos, and a detailed introduction. There are interior illustrations by Michael Lank. Packaged by Byron Preiss Visual Publications. [Robert Louis Stevenson]

Imaginative Futures ed. Milton T. Wolf & Daryl F. Mallett (SFRA Press 0-913960-35-7, Jul ’95, $31.00, 364pp, tp) Non-fiction, criticism, an anthology of 28 essays and interludes subtitled “Proceedings of the 1993 Science Fiction Research Association Conference”. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $2.50 shipping. Credit card orders: fax 909-888-4942.

Bibliomen Gene Wolfe (Broken Mirrors Press 1-880910-01-2, Oct ’95, $7.50, 94pp, tp, cover by Stephen Alcorn) Collection of 21 short, imaginary biographies, with interior illustrations by Ian Miller. This is an expanded version of the Cheap Street 1985 limited edition. Order from Broken Mirrors Press, PO Box 380473, Cambridge MA 02238.

Caldé of the Long Sun Gene Wolfe (Tor 0-812-53420-4, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], $6.99, 370pp, pb, cover by Richard Bober) [Book of the Long Sun] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1994) SF novel, third volume in “The Book of the Long Sun” series.

Castle of Days Gene Wolfe (Tor/Orb 0-312-89042-7, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], $14.95, 447pp, tp, cover by Richard Bober) Reprint (Tor 1992) collection/omnibus, including the fiction collection Gene Wolfe’s Book of Days (Doubleday 1981), the non-fiction collection The Castle of the Otter (Ziesing 1982), and “Castle of Days”, a new non-fiction collection of articles on writing, writers, and books.

Peace Gene Wolfe (Tor/Orb 0-312-89033-8, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $12.95, 264pp, tp, cover by Tony Roberts) Reprint (Harper & Row 1975) fantasy/ghost novel.

Storeys from the Old Hotel Gene Wolfe (Tor/Orb 0-312-89049-4, Jan ’96 [Dec ’95], $14.95, 331pp, tp) Reprint (Kerosina 1988) collection of 34 short pieces.

Beyond the Gate Dave Wolverton (Tor 0-312-85770-5, Aug ’95 [Jul ’95], $23.95, 349pp, hc, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) [Golden Queen] SF novel, sequel to The Golden Queen. Maggie Flynn flees to other worlds through gates, trying to avoid the test of combat that will depose her as queen of the insectoid alien invaders.

The Golden Queen Dave Wolverton (Tor 0-812-55255-5, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $5.99, 341pp, pb, cover by Matt Stawicki) [Golden Queen] Reprint (Tor 1994) SF adventure novel about a cloned queen pursued by insectoid aliens.

Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia Dave Wolverton (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56937-6, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $5.99, 374pp, pb, cover by Drew Struzan) [Star Wars] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1994) Star Wars novelization.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XI ed. Dave Wolverton (Bridge 0-88404-999-X, Jun ’95, $6.99, 473pp, pb, cover by Frank Kelly-Freas) Original anthology of 14 stories by contest winners, illustrated by “Illustrators of the Future” winners. There is an introduction by the editor, and essays on writing and art by L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph P. Loftus, Alan Dean Foster, Bob Eggleton, and Charles Sheffield.

Random Acts of Senseless Violence Jack Womack (Grove 0-8021-3424-6, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], $12.00, 256pp, tp) Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1993) near-future SF novel of urban decay and despair.

The Basement Bari Wood (Morrow 0-688-13351-7, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $17.95, 326pp, hc, cover by Alan Ayers) Horror novel. Myra Ludens fears her basement is haunted by the ghost of a woman hanged for witchcraft.

The Lost Prince Bridget Wood (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-38853-4, May ’95 [Apr ’95], $5.99, 472pp, pb, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Wolfking] Reprint (Headline 1992) Celtic time-travel fantasy novel, sequel to Wolfking.

Talking to Dragons Patricia Wrede (Scholastic/Point 0-590-48475-3, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $3.99, 255pp, pb) [Enchanted Forest] Reprint (Ace/Tempo 1985) young-adult fantasy novel, first written but fourth in the “Enchanted Forest Chronicles”.

The Raven Ring Patricia C. Wrede (Tor 0-812-51432-7, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $5.99, 348pp, pb, cover by Dennis Nolan) [Lyra] Reprint (Tor 1994) fantasy novel set in the world of “Lyra”.

Christina’s Ghost Betty Ren Wright (Scholastic/Apple 0-590-42709-1, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $3.50, 105pp, tp) Reprint (Holiday House 1985) young-adult ghost novel. 15th printing.

The Dollhouse Murders Betty Ren Wright (Scholastic/Apple 0-590-43461-6, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $3.50, 149pp, tp) Reprint (Holiday House 1983) young-adult horror novel about a haunted dollhouse.

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet Betty Ren Wright (Scholastic/Apple 0-590-43444-6, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], $2.75, 137pp, tp) Reissue (Holiday House 1984) young-adult ghost novel. 11th printing.

Going Native Stephen Wright (Delta 0-385-31386-1, Feb ’95, $11.95, 305pp, tp, cover by Royce M. Becker) Reprint (Knopf 1994) fantasy version of Kerouac’s On the Road.

Star Trek Voyager: Violations Susan Wright (Pocket 0-671-52046-6, Sep ’95 [Aug ’95], $5.99, 279pp, pb, cover by Dru Blair) [Star Trek: Voyager] Star Trek novelization, fourth in the series. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

The Ascending T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-50916-1, Jun ’95 [May ’95], $4.99, 222pp, pb, cover by Tim Jacobus) Reprint (Tor 1994) horror novel.

Goodlow’s Ghosts T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-51390-8, Jan ’95, $4.99, 222pp, pb, cover by Tim Jacobus) [Goodlow’s Ghosts] Reprint (Tor 1993) supernatural detective/horror novel.

Little Boy Lost T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-55069-2, Mar ’95 [Feb ’95], $4.99, 247pp, pb, cover by John Zielinski) Reprint (Tor 1992) horror novel.

Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias Qingyun Wu (Syracuse University Press 0-8156-2623-1, Jun ’95 [Dec ’95], $34.95, 225pp, tp) Non-fiction, critical study of the theme of female rule in texts as diverse as The Faerie Queen, Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, and Chinese texts over the last several centuries. There are notes, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index. Order from Syracuse University Press, 1600 Jamesville Avenue, Syracuse NY 13244-5160; credit card orders 800-365-8929.

Keeper of the Keys Janny Wurts (HarperPrism 0-06-105461-5, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], $4.99, 316pp, pb, cover by Janny Wurts) [Cycle of Fire] Reprint (Ace 1988) fantasy novel, book two of “The Cycle of Fire”.

The Ships of Merior Janny Wurts (HarperPrism 0-06-105216-7, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $23.00, 917pp, hc, cover by Janny Wurts) [Wars of Light and Shadow] Fantasy novel, second in “The Wars of Light and Shadow”. This edition follows a British edition of the same title (HarperCollins UK 1994) which contains the first half of the novel only.

Ships of Merior Janny Wurts (HarperPrism 0-06-105465-8, Dec ’95 [Nov ’95], $5.99, 637pp, pb, cover by Janny Wurts) [Wars of Light and Shadow] Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1994 as The Ships of Merior) fantasy novel, volume two of “The Wars of Light and Shadow”. HarperPrism published this plus the next volume, Warhost of Vastmark, as one volume in 1995. This edition has a note on why the US hardcover was broken up into two volumes.

Stormwarden Janny Wurts (HarperPrism 0-06-105462-3, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], $4.99, 396pp, pb, cover by Janny Wurts) [Cycle of Fire] Reprint (Ace 1984) fantasy novel, first volume in the “Cycle of Fire”.

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