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The Wicker Cage Kathleen Kinder (Janus 1-85756-230-5, Nov ’95, £7.95, 152pp, tp, cover by Linda Wade) Occult novel. A pregnant woman in an old house is taken over by the spirit of a servant girl.

Different Seasons Stephen King (Warner UK 0-7515-1462-4, Feb ’95, £5.99, 560pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1982) collection. A tie-in to the new film, The Shawshank Redemption. Its cover title is The Shawshank Redemption, and the spine shows Different Seasons featuring The Shawshank Redemption. The actual title only appears on the title page.

Dolores Claiborne Stephen King (NEL 0-450-58886-6, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], £5.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1992) associational novel. A film tie-in edition. Fourth NEL print.

Insomnia Stephen King (NEL 0-450-60848-4, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], £5.99, 760pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) Reprint (Ziesing 1994) horror novel. A widower believes he is hallucinating the coloured auras round people he meets, and is surely insane to be the only one seeing the bald-headed doctors who congregate at every death.

Rose Madder Stephen King (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-65810-X, Jul ’95, £100.00, 466pp, hc) Dark fantasy novel. A Limited collectors’ edition of 250, plain slip-cased, with gold embossed lettering and special endpapers and bookmark, with signed bookplates. Simultanous with the US (Viking) edition. An export edition (-65365-5, £8.99, tp) and an “open market” edition (-64013-8, £16.99, hc) also appeared.

Rose Madder Stephen King (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-64013-8, Sep ’95, £16.99, 466pp, hc, cover by Bob Warner) Reprint (Viking; Hodder & Stoughton 1995) dark fantasy novel.

Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-4449-9, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], £5.99, 728pp, pb) Reprint (Knopf; Headline 1994) associational thriller of a young couple on the run from a group which has subverted the democratic processes of the USA. The Export edition (same details) was available 1 August 1995.

Icebound Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-1195-7, Jan ’95, £16.99, 282pp, hc, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Lippincott 1976 as Prison of Ice by David Axton) revised version of an associated thriller, including an afterword (A Note To The Reader) by Koontz. First World hardcover. Simultaneous with the US (Ballantine) edition.

Icebound Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-4740-4, Aug ’95, £4.99, 376pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Headline 1995) revised version of a thriller originally published as Prison of Ice by David Axton (Lippincott, 1976). It includes an afterword by Koontz.

Intensity Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-1334-8, Nov ’95 [Oct ’95], £14.99, 343pp, hc, cover by J. James) Associational thriller. A young woman is trapped in the lair of a serial killer.

Strange Highways Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-1333-X, Apr ’95, £16.99, 439pp, hc, cover by Lee Gibbons) Collection of 12 fantasy, supernatural and SF stories (four of them revised), plus the never-before-published novel, Strange Highways wherein Joey Shannon is allowed the chance to travel the road he did not take - a road that has not existed for decades.

Winter Moon Dean Koontz (Headline 0-7472-4289-5, Dec ’94 [Jan ’95], £5.99, 472pp, pb, cover by Lee Gibbons) Reprint (Headline 1994) horror novel, inspired by the author’s earlier novel Invasion (Laser 1975 as by Aaron Wolfe).

Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress (Roc UK 0-45-118554-4, Sep ’95, £5.99, 438pp, pb) [Beggars in Spain] Reprint (Morrow AvoNova 1993) SF novel of a group of children engineered to be superior to normal humans. Expanded from the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novella, it was also nominated for both awards in this expanded version. [First U.K. edition]

Dagger Magic Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris (Severn House 0-7278-4756-2, Nov ’95, £16.99, 376pp, hc, cover by Derek Colligan) [Adam Sinclair] Reprint (Ace 1995) dark fantasy detective novel. Book 4 in “The Adept” series. [First U.K. edition]

Sacred Ground Mercedes Lackey (Voyager 0-00-648034-9, Sep ’95, £4.99, 383pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1994) Native American dark fantasy/mystery novel. Jennifer Talldeer has two identities: apprentice shaman, and private investigator. Her lives collide when land is desecrated. [First U.K. edition]

Storm Rising Mercedes Lackey (Millennium 1-85798-277-0, Sep ’95, £9.99, 384pp, tp, cover by John Barber) [Valdemar: Mage Storms] Fantasy novel, second book of the “Mage Storms” trilogy, set in Valdemar, following the “Mage Winds” trilogy, and 14th book overall in the “Heralds of Valdemar” series. Simultaneous with the US (DAW) edn. A hardcover edition (-278-9, £16.99) was announced but not seen.

Storm Warning Mercedes Lackey (Millennium 1-85798-297-5, Sep ’95, £4.99, 403pp, pb, cover by Mick Posen) [Valdemar: Mage Storms] Reprint (Millennium; DAW 1994) fantasy novel. First book of the “Mage Storms” trilogy, set in Valdemar, following the “Mage Winds” trilogy, and 13th book overall in the “Heralds of Valdemar” series.

The Black Gryphon Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (Millennium 1-85798-237-1, Feb ’95 [Jan ’95], £4.99, 330pp, pb, cover by John Barber) [Valdemar: Mage Wars] Reprint (DAW 1994) fantasy novel. Volume 1 in a new “Valdemar” series.

White Gryphon Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (Millennium 1-85798-237-1, May ’95, £8.99, 305pp, tp, cover by John Barber) [Valdemar: Mage Wars] Reprint (DAW 1995) fantasy novel. Book Two of “The Mage Wars”, a series set in Valdemar a millenium before the “Heralds of Valdemar” sequence. A hardcover edition (-430-7, £15.99) is also available. [First U.K. edition]

The White Gryphon Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (Millennium 1-85798-431-5, Nov ’95, £9.99, 305pp, tp, cover by John Barber) [Valdemar: Mage Wars] Reprint (DAW 1995) fantasy novel.

Doctor Who: Original Sin Andy Lane (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20444-1, Jun ’95, £4.99, 321pp, pb, cover by Tony Masero) [Doctor Who] Novelisation based on the TV series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

Mucho Mojo Joe R. Lansdale (Gollancz 0-575-05926-5, Jun ’95 [May ’95], £15.99, 308pp, hc) [Hap Collins; Leonard Pine] Reprint (Mysterious Press 1994) dark suspense novel with occult elements. [First U.K. edition]

Children of the Dust Louise Lawrence (Red Fox 0-09-931411-8, Jan ’95, £3.50, 168pp, pb) Reprint (Harper & Row 1985) young-adult SF novel about the emergence of a new type of human, adapting to the aftermath of a nuclear war.

The Disinherited Louise Lawrence (The Bodley Head 0-370-31898-6, May ’94, £7.99, 220pp, tp, cover by George Smith) Young-adult SF novel. In a near-future Britain whose economy has totally collapsed, an unlikely romance develops between an upper class girl and a disinherited youth. Published in 1994, but not listed until now. The US title is The Patchwork People.

Journey Through Llandor Louise Lawrence (Collins 0-00-185610-3, Jul ’95, £8.99, 272pp, hc) [Llandor] Young-adult fantasy novel. Three children are transported to a fantasy world, befriended by an elf girl and others, and menaced by the evil Grimthane. First of a trilogy, to be followed by The Road to Irriyan and The Parting of the Ways.

Daemonic Stephen Laws (Hodder & Stoughton 0-450-60692-9, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], £15.99, 488pp, hc, cover by Jon Blake) Horror novel. A group of people are invited to visit a rich recluse, and be paid for doing so. But the real cost will be exacted by the diabolic deal the recluse has made..

Macabre Stephen Laws (NEL 0-450-60691-0, Oct ’95 [Sep ’95], £5.99, 439pp, pb, cover by Jon Blake) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1994) horror novel. The homeless people of an inner city become the instruments of an evil force.

Idlewild, or Everything is Subject To Change Mark Lawson (Picador 0-330-34111-1, Jun ’95, £9.99, 308pp, hc, cover by The Senate) Alternate-world novel where Kennedy and Monroe have both survived into the 1990s.

The Beast House Richard Laymon (Headline 0-7472-4781-1, Oct ’94 [May ’95], £4.99, 369pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Beast House Chronicles] Reprint (NEL 1986) horror novel. Sequel to The Cellar. Published in 1994, but not seen until now.

Madam Crowl’s Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery Sheridan Le Fanu (Wordsworth 1-85326-218-8, Sep ’94 [Mar ’95], £1.00, 174pp, pb, cover by John Atkinson Grimshaw) Reprint (G. Bell 1923) collection of 12 stories; edited and with an Introduction by M. R. James. A thrift paperback edition, issued in 1994, but not seen until now.

Searoad: Chronicles of Klatsand Ursula K. Le Guin (Flamingo 0-00-654572-6, Jun ’95, £5.99, 194pp, tp) Reprint (HarperCollins 1991) associational collection of ten mainstream stories set in a village on the coast of Oregon.

A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else Ursula K. Le Guin (Puffin 0-14-037313-6, Sep ’95 [Dec ’95], £3.50, 77pp, pb, cover by Ben Warner) Reissue (Atheneum 1976 as Very Far Away from Anywhere Else) fantasy novel.

Sideshow Anne LeClaire (Piatkus 0-7499-0285-X, Feb ’95, £15.99, 308pp, hc, cover by Joe Baker) SF novel. Soleil Brown, a librarian, volunteers for a museum exhibit whose machine can read the mind of subjects and translate them into images for public view. Her dreams somehow connect with the life of a girl of 60 years ago, and begin to break through the barriers of time and space.

Black Unicorn Tanith Lee (Severn House 0-7278-4867-4, Oct ’95, £15.99, 188pp, hc, cover by Derek Colligan) [Black Unicorn] Reprint (Atheneum 1991) fantasy novel. Volume 1 in a series.

Dark Dance Tanith Lee (Warner UK 0-7515-0086-0, Mar ’94 [Apr ’95], £4.99, 409pp, pb) [Blood Opera] Reissue (Macdonald 1992) dark fantasy about a decaying family of not-quite-vampires. First in the “Blood Opera” sequence. Published in 1994 but not seen until now.

Darkness, I Tanith Lee (Warner UK 0-7515-1219-2, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], £5.99, 408pp, pb) [Blood Opera] Reprint (Little, Brown UK 1994) dark fantasy novel about a group of not-quite vampires. Third in the “Blood Opera” sequence, after Dark Dance and Personal Darkness.

Gold Unicorn Tanith Lee (Orbit 1-85723-301-8, Jun ’95, £4.99, 179pp, pb, cover by Dave Pether) [Black Unicorn] Reprint (Atheneum 1994) young-adult fantasy novel, sequel to Black Unicorn. [First U.K. edition]

A Heroine of the World Tanith Lee (Headline 0-7472-4748-X, Jun ’95, £5.99, 503pp, pb, cover by Mark Salwowski) Reprint (DAW 1989) fantasy novel.

Reigning Cats and Dogs Tanith Lee (Headline 0-7472-1431-X, Aug ’95 [Jul ’95], £16.99, 214pp, hc, cover by Mark Salwowski) Fantasy novel set in a surreal world of slavery, secret societies, and demons.

Vivia Tanith Lee (Little, Brown UK 0-316-91260-3, Apr ’95 [Mar ’95], £16.99, 395pp, hc, cover by Charles-August Mengin) Fantasy/horror novel: Vivia, daughter of the brutal Lord Vaddix, escapes a plague by taking sanctuary in a secret cave where she is granted vampiric immortality by an entity.

Peace on Earth Stanislaw Lem (Andre Deutsch 0-233-98935-8, May ’95, £14.99, 234pp, hc) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1994) satirical SF novel featuring Ijon Tichy, the man who went to the moon to save Earth, and came back with a split brain. Translated from the Polish by Elinor Ford with Michael Kandel. Originally published as Pokoj Na Ziemi (Krakow 1987). [First U.K. edition]

A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle (Puffin 0-14-037231-8, Oct ’95, £4.99, 217pp, tp, cover by Keith Scaife) [Meg Murry] Reissue (Farrar Straus 1962) classic young-adult SF novel. Adds an Afterword by Elaine Moss, and interior illustrations by Keith Scaife. A Puffin Modern Classic edition.

Doctor Who: Dancing the Code Paul Leonard (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20441-7, Apr ’95, £4.99, 279pp, pb, cover by Paul Campbell) [Doctor Who] Novelisation based on the TV series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

Doctor Who: Toy Soldiers Paul Leonard (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20452-2, Sep ’95, £4.99, 244pp, pb, cover by Peter Elson) [Doctor Who] Novelisation based on the TV series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

The Yearbook Pete Lerangis (Scholastic UK 0-590-55903-6, Apr ’95, £2.99, 229pp, pb) Reprint (Scholastic 1994) young-adult horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Amnesia Moon Jonathan Lethem (NEL 0-340-63224-0, Oct ’95, £5.99, 249pp, pb, cover by Chris Brown) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1995) SF novel (maybe). An after-the-bomb Earth where the bombs never fell. A quest for questions rather than answers. [First U.K. edition]

Gun, with Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem (NEL 0-340-63225-9, Feb ’95, £4.99, 262pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1994) black comedy SF/PI novel set in a future/alternate Oakland. [First U.K. edition]

Doctor Who: The Ghosts of N-Space Barry Letts (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20434-4, Feb ’95, £4.99, 264pp, pb, cover by Alister Pearson) [Doctor Who] Novelisation based on the Doctor Who TV series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

Table for Four Alan Levinson (The Book Guild 0-86332-953-5, Jan ’95, £12.95, 215pp, hc, cover by Carol Corell) Collection of 15 stories, 6 being of genre interest.

A Trick of the Dark Kenneth Lillington (Faber and Faber 0-571-17491-4, Aug ’95 [Sep ’95], £4.99, 136pp, tp, cover by Elizabeth Harbour) Reprint (Faber 1994) young-adult fantasy novel.

The Dedalus Book of Portuguese Fantasy ed. Eugénio Lisboa & Helder Macedo (Dedalus 1-873982-66-6, Mar ’95, £8.99, 291pp, tp, cover by Jorge Garizo do Carmo) Anthology of literary fantasy tales, translated by Margaret Jull Costa. Fifth Volume in the European Fantasy Series.

Dark Dominion Bentley Little (Headline 0-7472-0817-4, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], £16.99, 345pp, hc, cover by Simon Dewey) Horror novel. In the wine-growing district of California, men are being murdered — literally torn apart. A student recently moved to the area has strange dreams and premonitions.

Evil Deeds Bentley Little (Headline 0-7472-4254-2, Jan ’95, £5.99, 436pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Reprint (Signet 1992 as Death Instinct by Philip Emmons) associational thriller.

Night School Bentley Little (Headline 0-7472-4195-3, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], £5.99, 504pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Reprint (Headline 1994) horror novel; a small group fights an evil that has raised the violence in a Californian school to unnatural, then supernatural, levels. The Export edition (same details) was available 1 June 95. The US title is University (1995).

The Whispering Knights Penelope Lively (Mammoth 0-7497-0787-9, Jun ’95, £3.50, 160pp, pb, cover by Anthony Kerins) Reprint (Heinemann 1971) young-adult fantasy novel. Children rouse the spirit of Morgan le Fay.

Finn Mac Cool Morgan Llywelyn (Mandarin 0-7493-1745-0, Jan ’95, £4.99, 442pp, pb, cover by Gino D’Achille) Reprint (Forge 1994) fantasy novel retelling of the life of the legendary Irish hero. [First U.K. edition]

The Scarlet Plague and Other Stories Jack London (Alan Sutton 0-7509-0879-3, Mar ’95, £4.99, 115pp, tp, cover by Joseph Paul Pettit) Collection of six stories (two mainstream) led by the title novel.

What’s Up God? Simon Louvish (Gollancz 0-575-05994-X, Jul ’95 [Jun ’95], £15.99, 216pp, hc, cover by John Bradley) Humorous fantasy novel. On Christmas Day, 1998, the Archangel Gabriel announces Resurrection Day for April 30, 1999, to be followed one week later by the Day of Judgement. As dead relatives, lovers, and enemies return to disrupt the world, the comedian Jerry Davis learns he will not be going to Heaven.

Shadow Moon George Lucas & Chris Claremont (Bantam UK 0-593-03926-2, Oct ’95, £12.99, 454pp, hc, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Shadow War] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1995) fantasy sequel to Willow. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm. [First U.K. edition]

Necroscope: The Lost Years: Volume I Brian Lumley (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-64961-5, Oct ’95, £16.99, 483pp, hc, cover by George Underwood) [Necroscope: Lost Years] Horror novel. The search (imagined and real) that Harry Keogh made for his family between Volume 2, Wamphyri! and Necroscope III: The Source.

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