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Cloud’s Rider C. J. Cherryh (Easton Press, Nov ’96, no price, 373pp, hc) [Rider at the Gate] SF frontier novel, sequel to Rider at the Gate. This special leatherbound, gilt-edged edition is part of the “Signed First Editions of Science Fiction” series, available by subscription only. This is “simultaneous” with the Warner Aspect edition listed four months ago.

Fortress in the Eye of Time C. J. Cherryh (HarperPrism 0-06-105689-8, Jun ’96 [May ’96], $6.99, 773pp, pb, cover by Peter Goodfellow) [Fortress] Reprint (HarperPrism 1995) fantasy novel. A wizard’s incomplete spell summons an innocent with unknown powers to fight an ancient evil.

Inheritor C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-689-9, Apr ’96 [Mar ’96], $21.95, 410pp, hc, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Foreigner] SF novel, third in the “Foreigner” series.

Inheritor C. J. Cherryh (SFBC #11765, Jun ’96 [May ’96], $10.98, 410pp, hc, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Foreigner] Reprint (DAW 1996) SF novel, third in the “Foreigner” series. This is similar to the DAW edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Invader C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-687-2, Feb ’96 [Jan ’96], $5.99, 462pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) [Foreigner] Reprint (DAW 1995) SF novel, sequel to “Foreigner”. A human starship’s arrival upsets the delicate truce between humans and atevi.

Lois & Clark C. J. Cherryh (Prima/Proteus 0-7615-0482-6, Sep ’96 [Aug ’96], $20.00, 283pp, hc) Superman novelization based on the TV show. Copyrighted by DC Comics.

Lois & Clark C. J. Cherryh (SFBC #14188, Dec ’96 [Nov ’96], $9.98, 283pp, hc) Reprint (Prima/Proteus 1996) Superman novelization based on the TV show based on the DC comic. This is similar to the Prima edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Rider at the Gate C. J. Cherryh (Warner Aspect 0-446-60345-7, Sep ’96 [Aug ’96], $5.99, 468pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) [Rider at the Gate] Reprint (Warner Aspect 1995) SF novel. A human colony barely survives on a planet unfriendly to technology.

Reign of Shadows Deborah Chester (Ace 0-441-00340-0, Jun ’96 [May ’96], $5.99, 344pp, pb, cover by Mary Jo Phalen) [Ruby Throne] Fantasy novel, first in the “Ruby Throne” trilogy. An emperor’s bargain with an evil god brings darkness to the land.

Shadow War Deborah Chester (Ace 0-441-00400-8, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $6.99, 390pp, pb) [Ruby Throne] SF novel, “Ruby Throne” #2.

Midnight Promises Richard T. Chizmar (Gauntlet Publications 1-887368-03-5, 1996 [Apr ’96], $35.00, 272pp, hc, cover by Alan M. Clark) Collection of 17 horror stories. There is an introduction by Ed Gorman and an afterword by Ray Garton. This edition is signed by all authors involved, and limited to 500 copies. Gauntlet Publications, 309 Powell Rd., Springfield PA 19064. Orders: 610-328-5476. Add $5.00 postage.

The Earth Strikes Back ed. Richard Chizmar (White Wolf 1-56504-919-5, Apr ’96 [Mar ’96], $5.99, 462pp, pb) Reprint (Ziesing 1994) original anthology of ecological horror.

The Return of Merlin Deepak Chopra (Ballantine/Fawcett Columbine 0-449-91074-1, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], $12.95, 422pp, tp) Reprint (Crown/Harmony; Century 1995) modern Arthurian novel.

Voyage of the Basset James Christensen, Renwick St. James & Alan Dean Foster (Artisan 1-885183-58-5, Oct ’96 [Sep ’96], $29.95, 168pp, hc, cover by James Christensen) Art book, with extensive illustrations by Christensen, and text by St. James and Foster. A fantastic parody of Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle, telling the story of Professor Aisling’s voyage to collect magic and mythical creatures. Copyrighted by the Greenwich Workshop.

Voyage of the Basset James Christensen, Renwick St. James & Alan Dean Foster (BOMC/QPBC, Nov ’96 [Oct ’96], $18.95, 168pp, tp, cover by James Christensen) Reprint (Artisan 1996) art book, with extensive illustrations by Christensen, and text by St. James and Foster. Copyrighted by the Greenwick Workshop. This trade paperback edition is otherwise similar to the Artisan hardcover edition, except it lacks a price and has the QPBC mark on the back cover.

Mainline Deborah Christian (Tor 0-312-86029-3, Jun ’96 [May ’96], $23.95, 383pp, hc, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel. An assassin’s new friendship may destroy her ability to travel alternate realities. A first novel.

Veronica Nicholas Christopher (Dial Press 0-385-31471-X, Feb ’96 [Jan ’96], $22.95, 322pp, hc) Fantasy novel. A magician disappears after performing a time-travel feat sabotaged by black magic, and his daughter spends years looking for him.

The Elven Ways, Book 1: The Ways of Magic Scott Ciencin (AvoNova 0-380-77980-3, May ’96 [Apr ’96], $5.50, 278pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Elven Ways] Fantasy novel. A would-be artist must find an elven lord to be his patron.

Shadow Dawn Chris Claremont & George Lucas (Bantam Spectra 0-553-09597-8, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $22.95, 415pp, hc, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Shadow War] Fantasy novel, second in the “Shadow War” chronicles, a sequel to Willow. The book is credited as by Claremont, with “story by George Lucas.” Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

Evil Reincarnate Leigh Clark (Tor 0-812-52371-7, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], $5.99, 374pp, pb, cover by Jill Bauman) Reprint (Tor 1994) horror novel. A prison psychiatrist is stalked by an ageless serial killer.

Myth, Magic, and Mystery: One Hundred Years of American Children’s Book Illustration Trinkett & H. Nichols Clark (Roberts Rinehart 1-57098-079-9, Jun ’96 [Dec ’96], $29.95, 242pp, tp, cover by N. C. Wyeth) Non-fiction art book covering illustrations from early picture books to YA adventure and fantasy. Includes works by Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss, and Edward Gorey. A hardcover edition (-080-2, $50.00) was announced but not seen. This is the catalog for a travelling museum exhibit; copyrighted by The Chrysler Museum of Art.

Childhood’s End Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34795-1, Jul ’96 [Jun ’96], $5.99, 18pp, pb, cover by David Stevenson) [Impact] Reissue (Ballantine 1953) classic SF novel. This repackaged edition has the same ISBN as an earlier edition listed in its 55th printing in 1987; the title page (which lists a different artist than the jacket) says seventh printing.

The Sentinel Arthur C. Clarke (Barnes & Noble 0-7607-0178-4, 1996 [Apr ’96], $5.98, 303pp, hc, cover by Lebbeus Woods) Reprint (Berkley 1983) SF collection, illustrated by Lebbeus Woods.

Richter Ten Arthur C. Clarke & Mike McQuay (Bantam Spectra 0-553-09708-3, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], $22.95, 373pp, hc) Near-future SF thriller about earthquake prediction. Written by McQuay from a Clarke 1,000-word outline. First US edition (Gollancz 1996),

The Tale of the Next Great War, 1871-1914 ed. I. F. Clarke (Syracuse University Press 0-8156-0358-4, 1996 [Apr ’96], $17.98, 382pp, tp, cover by Michael Mattingley) Anthology of 16 SF stories written before WWI, subtitled “Fictions of Future Warfare and of Battles Still-to-Come”. Authors include A.A. Milne, Jack London, and Arthur Conan Doyle. There is a critical introduction by Clarke; bibliographical and biographical notes are included. A hardcover edition (-2672-X, $39.95) was announced but not seen. First US edition (Liverpool 1995). Available from Syracuse University Press, 1600 Jamesville Ave, Syracuse NY 13244-5160; credit card orders 800-365-8929.

Drum Warning Jo Clayton (Tor 0-312-86177-X, Jul ’96 [Jun ’96], $23.95, 382pp, hc, cover by Greg Call) [Drums of Chaos] Fantasy novel. Book one of “The Drums of Chaos”. Wizards and scholars jockey for control when two dimensions are about to merge.

Look at the Evidence John Clute (Serconia Press 0-934933-05-7, Feb ’96 [Mar ’96], $30.00, 465pp, hc, cover by Judith Clute) Non-fiction collection of 118 essays and reviews by Clute, largely organized by date (1987-1992), with index. Also available in trade paperback (-06-5, $15.00). Serconia Press, PO Box 150510, Brooklyn NY 11215-0510.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction John Clute & Peter Nicholls (SFBC, Feb ’96 [Apr ’96], $24.98, 1386pp, hc, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Orbit 1993) reference book. This is the text of the 1995 St. Martin’s/Griffin trade paperback with the updated supplement, in hardcover. The jacket lacks a price and has no SFBC number on the back jacket. The copyright page shows this as the third printing.

World Without End Molly Cochran & Warren B. Murphy (Tor 0-312-85597-4, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], $23.95, 352pp, hc, cover by Brad Schmehl) Fantasy novel. Atlantis is in the Bermuda Triangle, populated by the gods of Olympus using science and technology.

The Deer Dancers: Book Three: The Long Walk Amanda Cockrell (Avon 0-380-77650-2, Aug ’96 [Jul ’96], $5.99, 309pp, pb) [Deer Dancers] Prehistoric novel with elements of Native American myth. Packaged by Book Creations, Inc., which shares the copyright with the author.

The Blood Countess Andrei Codrescu (Dell 0-440-22191-9, Aug ’96 [Jul ’96], $6.99, 453pp, pb) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1995) horror novel about the historical Elizabeth Bathory and one of her contemporary descendants.

Prime Mover Bill Coffin (Royal Fireworks Press 0-88092-349-0, Mar ’96 [Aug ’96], $9.99, 465pp, tp) Young-adult SF novel. War breaks out between Terran-settled planets, and disgruntled aliens move to take advantage of the chaos. Order from Royal Fireworks Printing Co., First Avenue, Unionville, NY 10988; add $4.00 shipping.

Lewis Carroll Morton N. Cohen (Random House/Vintage 0-679-74562-9, Dec ’96 [Nov ’96], $17.00, 577pp, tp) Reprint (Knopf 1995) non-fiction, biography. [Lewis Carroll]

The Warrior Returns Allan Cole (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-39459-3, Apr ’96, $23.00, 344pp, hc, cover by Gnemo) [Anteros] Fantasy novel, fourth in the “Anteros” series. Legendary sorceress warrior Rali Antero returns after 50 years asleep.

Kingdoms of the Night Allan Cole & Chris Bunch (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-38732-5, Apr ’96 [Mar ’96], $5.99, 436pp, pb, cover by Gnemo) [Anteros] Reprint (Del Rey 1995) fantasy novel, third in the “Anteros” series.

The Journal of Antonio Montoya Rick Collignon (MacMurray & Beck 1-878448-69-2, Jun ’96 [Dec ’96], $17.00, 217pp, hc) Literary fantasy/magical realism novel. A woman artist shares her house with numerous dead relatives who speak, make coffee, and occasionally borrow her truck. MacMurray & Beck, 400 W. Hopkins, Suite 5, Aspen CO 81611-1609.

The Work of Stephen King Michael R. Collings (Borgo Press 0-8095-1520-2, 1996 [Feb ’96], $39.00, 480pp, tp) Non-fiction reference; an annotated bibliography and guide to King’s work through 1994. This appears to be substantially expanded from the Starmont House 1986 Annotated Guide to Stephen King. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $2.50 shipping. Credit card orders: fax 909-888-4942.

The World of Darkness: Vampire: A Dozen Black Roses Nancy A. Collins (White Wolf 1-56504-872-5, Nov ’96 [Oct ’96], $21.99, 237pp, hc) [World of Darkness] Novel loosely based on the role-playing game background. Nancy Collins’ character Sonja Blue invades the World of Darkness. The novel is copyrighted by the author, with all World of Darkness material copyrighted by White Wolf.

Dark Love ed. Nancy A. Collins, Edward E. Kramer & Martin H. Greenberg (SFBC #10405, Feb ’96 [Apr ’96], $12.98, 414pp, hc, cover by Mel Odom) Reprint (Roc 1995) original anthology about the darker side of love. This is similar to the Roc edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Dark Love ed. Nancy A. Collins, Edward E. Kramer & Martin H. Greenberg (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45550-9, Aug ’96 [Jul ’96], $5.99, 398pp, pb, cover by Mel Odom) Reprint (Roc 1995) original anthology about the darker side of love. The cover has a sticker announcing “includes Stephen King’s Bram Stoker Award-winning novelette.”

Dream Weavers ed. Paul Collins (Penguin Australia 0-14-026208-3, 1996 [Sep ’96], A$16.95, 283pp, tp, cover by Elizabeth Kyle) Original anthology of 13 heroic fantasy stories by Australian authors including Tony Shillitoe, Sean McMullen, and Jane Routley. The editor’s introduction discusses the relatively recent advent of heroic fantasy in Australia.

Bonescribes: Year’s Best Australian Horror: 1995 ed. Bill Congreve & Robert Hood (MirrorDanse Books 0-9586583-5-8, 1996 [May ’96], A$12.95, 148pp, tp, cover by Shaun Tan) Best-of-the-Year anthology with 10 horror stories, a list of recommended reading, and a history of Australian horror by Bill Congreve, Sean McMullen & Steve Paulsen. Available from MirrorDanse Books, PO Box 3542, Parramatta NSW 2124, Australia.

Archangel Michael Conner (Tor 0-812-54321-1, Apr ’96 [Mar ’96], $6.99, 408pp, pb, cover by Brad Schmehl) Reprint (Tor 1995) SF novel about a blood plague in an alternate 1920s America.

Under A Killing Moon Aaron Conners (Prima/Proteus 0-7615-0420-6, May ’96 [Apr ’96], $5.99, 328pp, pb) [Tex Murphy] SF novelization featuring the detective “Tex Murphy” from the “interactive movie” computer games by Access Software. Copyrighted by Prima Publishing.

Zoe Rising Pam Conrad (HarperCollins/Geringer 0-06-027217-1, Jun ’96 [Aug ’96], $13.95, 131pp, hc, cover by Sarah Conrad) [Stonewords] Young-adult time travel/ghost story, sequel to Stonewords.

The Dream Warrior D. J. Conway (Llewellyn 1-56718-169-4, Feb ’96, $14.95, 335pp, tp, cover by Kris Walherr) [Dream Warrior] Fantasy novel. A child-thief with psychic talents escapes her master to search for her heritage. Book one of a trilogy. Available from Llewellyn, PO Box 64383, St. Paul MN 55164-0383; 800-843-6666.

Bleak Seasons Glen Cook (Tor 0-312-86105-2, Apr ’96 [Mar ’96], $22.95, 316pp, hc, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) [Black Company: Glittering Stone] Fantasy novel in the “Black Company” series, book one of the “Glittering Stone” subseries.

Bleak Seasons Glen Cook (Tor 0-812-55532-5, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $5.99, 316pp, pb, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) [Black Company: Glittering Stone] Reprint (Tor 1996) fantasy novel in the “Black Company” series, book one of the “Glittering Stone” subseries.

Shadow Games Glen Cook (Tor 0-812-53382-8, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $5.99, 311pp, pb, cover by Keith Berdak) [Black Company] Reissue (Tor 1989) military fantasy novel, book four of “The Chronicles of the Black Company”. Fourth printing.

The Silver Spike Glen Cook (Tor 0-812-50220-5, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $5.99, 313pp, pb, cover by Keith Berdak) [Black Company] Reissue (Tor 1989) military fantasy novel, set in the same world as “The Chronicles of the Black Company”. Third printing.

The Wizardry Quested Rick Cook (Baen 0-671-87708-9, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], $5.99, 313pp, pb, cover by Newell Convers & John Pierrard) [Wiz Zumwalt] Humorous fantasy novel, fifth in the series featuring Wiz Zumwalt, computer programmer turned wizard.

Mortal Fear Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-11388-4, Aug ’96, $6.99, 364pp, pb) Reissue (Putnam 1988) SF medical thriller about a virus that accelerates aging. 25th printing.

Mutation Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-11965-3, Sep ’96 [Aug ’96], $6.99, 338pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) Reprint (Putnam 1989) medical thriller about genetic engineering. 16th printing.

Outbreak Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-10687-X, Aug ’96, $6.99, 340pp, pb) Reprint (Putnam 1987) SF medical thriller. 30th printing.

Infectress Tom Cool (Baen 0-671-87763-1, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], $5.99, 370pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) SF novel about a high-tech bio-terrorist and an AI interface.

Out of Time Caroline B. Cooney (Delacorte 0-385-32226-7, Feb ’96 [Jan ’96], $10.95, 210pp, tp) [Time Travelers] Young-adult time-travel romance, sequel to Both Sides of Time. A boy in 1895 is locked away because he insists his girlfriend came from the future.

Shangri-La Eleanor Cooney & Daniel Altieri (Morrow 0-688-12872-6, May ’96 [Apr ’96], $25.00, 324pp, hc, cover by Leland Klanderman) [Lost Horizon] Sequel to James Hilton’s classic Lost Horizon. The People’s Liberation Army of China threatens to plunder Shangri-La in 1966.

Star Ascendant Louise Cooper (Tor 0-812-55175-3, Oct ’96 [Sep ’96], $6.99, 349pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Star Shadow] Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1994) fantasy novel, prequel to the “Time Master” trilogy.

Classic Ghost Stories ed. Molly Cooper (Lowell House Juvenile 1-56565-279-7, 1995 [Sep ’96], $5.95, 128pp, tp, cover by Barbara Kiwak) Young-adult anthology of six ghost stories. Authors include Bram Stoker, O. Henry, Charles Dickens, and Oscar Wilde. Illustrated by Barbara Kiwak. This has a 1995 copyright, but was not seen until now. Copyrighted by RGA Publishing Group. Available from Lowell House Juvenile, 2029 Century Park East, Suite 3290, Los Angeles CA 90067.

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