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The Wormholers Jamila Gavin (Mammoth 0-7497-2583-4, Aug ’96, £3.99, 153pp, tp) Young-adult SF novel. A crack in space-time opens the way to another universe. A simultaneous hardcover was announced (Methuen 0-416-19000-6, £9.99), but not seen.

The Legend of Deathwalker David Gemmell (Bantam UK 0-593-03705-7, Feb ’96, £15.99, 334pp, hc, cover by Mike Posen) [Drenai; Druss the Legend] Fantasy novel in the “Druss the Legend” series.

Winter Warriors David Gemmell (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, Nov ’96, £3.00, 17pp, ph, cover by Dave Mooring) [Drenai] Extract from the forthcoming fantasy novel of the same name. This edition is limited to 300 numbered copies.

The Complete Chronicles of the Jerusalem Man David A. Gemmell (Legend 0-09-967661-3, Dec ’95 [Jan ’96], £9.99, xvi+912pp, tp, cover by Mark Harrison) [Sipstrassi; Jon Shannow] Fantasy omnibus of the three Jon Shannow novels - Wolf in Shadow (Century, 1987), The Last Guardian (Legend, 1989), and Bloodstone (Legend, 1994) - each with a new Foreword by Gemmell. A hardcover edition (-966341-4, £15.99) is also available.

Dark Moon David A. Gemmell (Bantam UK 0-593-03709-X, Oct ’96 [Sep ’96], £16.99, 319pp, hc, cover by Jon Sullivan) Fantasy novel. Three heroes must champion humanity against the sadistic Daroth race, mysteriously returned after a thousand years to annihilate the human race. A trade paperback edition (-04065-1, £9.99) was announced but not seen.

The Hawk Eternal David A. Gemmell (Legend 0-09-989300-2, Feb ’96 [Jan ’96], £5.99, 313pp, pb, cover by Dominic Lavery) [Hawk Queen] Reprint (Legend 1995) fantasy novel. Second book of “The Hawk Queen” series.

The Legend of Deathwalker David A. Gemmell (Corgi 0-552-14252-2, Oct ’96 [Sep ’96], £5.99, 413pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) [Drenai; Druss the Legend] Reprint (Bantam UK 1996) fantasy novel in the “Druss the Legend” series.

Ancient Light Mary Gentle (Vista 0-575-60112-4, Dec ’96 [Nov ’96], £6.99, 731pp, pb, cover by Christopher Brown) [Orthe] Reprint (Gollancz 1987) SF novel, second in the “Orthe” series.

Golden Witchbreed Mary Gentle (Vista 0-575-60033-0, Aug ’96, £5.99, 479pp, pb, cover by Christopher Brown) [Orthe] Reprint (Gollancz 1983) SF novel. First in the “Orthe” series of books.

A Lane to the Land of the Dead and other stories of the supernatural Adèle Geras (Puffin 0-14-036942-2, Feb ’96, £4.99, 148pp, pb, cover by Carey Young) Reprint (Hamilton 1994) young-adult fantasy and horror collection of five original stories, and five reprints.

Three Go Back Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Polygon 0-7486-6203-0, Jan ’96 [Aug ’96], £7.99, 198pp, tp) Reprint (Jarrolds 1932 as by James Leslie Mitchell) classic time-travel novel of Atlantis. There is an introduction by Ian Campbell, and an appreciation by John Lindsay.

Johnny Mnemonic William Gibson (HarperCollins UK 0-00-648045-4, Feb ’96, £7.99, 144pp, tp) Reprint (Ace 1995) movie script plus the original short story, and 16 pages of stills. Copyrighted 1996. A hardcover edition (-224618-X, £14.99) was announced but not seen. [First U.K. edition]

The Difference Engine William Gibson & Bruce Sterling (Vista 0-575-60029-2, May ’96, £5.99, 383pp, pb, cover by Ian Miller) Reprint (Gollancz 1990) SF novel.

Species Design H. R. Giger (Titan 1-85286-660-8, Feb ’96, £19.99, 86pp, tp, cover by H. R. Giger) Reprint (Morpheus International 1995) non-fiction reference work. Heavily illustrated look at the imagery of Species, from initial concepts to final screen designs. Internally dated October 1995. [First U.K. edition]

The Yellow Wall-paper and other stories Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Oxford University Press 0-19-282449-X, Oct ’95, £4.99, xlii+332pp, tp, cover by John Singer Sargent) Associational collection of stories by the nineteeth century feminist and utopian writer. Edited and with an introduction by Robert Schulman. Note; Only stories 1,5,7,29,33,38 are directly SF or fantasy.

Cybersex ed. Richard Glyn Jones (Raven 1-85487-447-0, Jul ’96, £6.99, xvi+416pp, tp, cover by Phil Marritt) SF Anthology of 25 stories, three original, about the possible futures of sex. Includes an introduction by Will Self. Simultaneous with the US (Carroll & Craf) edition.

The Double Tongue William Golding (Faber and Faber 0-571-17803-0, Jun ’96, £5.99, 165pp, pb) Reprint (Faber and Faber 1995) literary historical novel with fantasy elements. Memoirs of an oracle at Delphi.

The Blood of the Fold Terry Goodkind (Millennium 1-85798-490-0, Dec ’96, £16.99, 464pp, hc, cover by Kevin Murphy) [Sword of Truth] Reprint (Tor 1996) fantasy novel. Volume 3 of “The Sword of Truth” sequence. [First U.K. edition]

Stone of Tears Terry Goodkind (Orion 1-85798-305-X, Nov ’96, £6.99, 1056pp, pb, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Sword of Truth] Reprint (Tor 1995) fantasy novel. Book Two of “The Sword of Truth” sequence, after Wizard’s First Rule.

The Burning Altar Frances Gordon (Headline 0-7472-1612-6, Jul ’96, £16.99, 311pp, hc, cover by Chris Moore) Dark fantasy novel. The intertwined stories of a bloody Tibetan cult and millennia-old secrets of the Vatican. Gordon also writes as Bridget Wood.

The Burning Altar Frances Gordon (Headline 0-7472-5238-6, Dec ’96, £5.99, 442pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Headline 1996) dark fantasy novel. Gordon also writes as Bridget Wood.

The Devil’s Piper Frances Gordon (Headline 0-7472-4924-5, Mar ’96 [Apr ’96], £5.99, 534pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Headline 1995) horror novel.

Selected Ghost Stories ed. Giles Gordon (Bloomsbury Books 0-7475-2914-0, Nov ’96, £10.95, 232pp, hc, cover by Jeff Fisher) Anthology of 13 classic ghost stories.

Gilray’s Ghost John Gordon (Walker 0-7445-4389-4, Apr ’96, £3.99, 292pp, pb, cover by Julek Heller) Reprint (Walker 1995) young-adult ghost/horror novel. A supernatural being tries to save a young girl from a necromancer.

Demonia Kendal Grahame (Nexus 0-352-33038-4, Nov ’95 [Feb ’96], £4.99, 242pp, pb) Dark fantasy erotic novel of vampires.

The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame (HarperCollins UK 0-00-647926-X, Oct ’95 [Feb ’96], £4.99, 272pp, tp, cover by Patrick Benson) [Wind in the Willows] Reprint (Thames Methuen 1908) classic children’s fantasy novel, illustrated throughout by Benson. Now listed as Book 1 in the “Tales of the Willows” series, sequelised by William Horwood.

The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame (Puffin 0-14-038362-X, Oct ’96 [Dec ’96], £3.50, 220pp, pb) [Wind in the Willows] Reissue (Methuen 1908) young-adult animal fantasy novel. The film tie-in edition.

X-Files: Goblins & Whirlwind Charles Grant (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-225546-4, Jul ’96, £12.99, 435pp, hc) [X-Files] Reprint (BOMC/QPBC 1995) Omnibus of two novelisations. [First U.K. edition]

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy & Science Fiction Art Techniques John Grant & Ron Tiner (Titan 1-85286-702-7, Mar ’96, £16.99, 276pp, tp, cover by Simon Bisley) Reference art work. A how-to guide, from initial concepts through to final production in a variety of media. Tips, techniques, and instructions. The second section is a gallery of work by Vallejo, Jones, Flynn, Jael, Achilleos, Taylor, and many others.

Backwards Rob Grant (Penguin 0-14-017150-9, Nov ’96, £5.99, 342pp, pb) [Red Dwarf] Reprint (Viking UK 1996) humorous SF novelization. An original Red Dwarf novel, by the other half of ‘Grant Naylor’.

Red Dwarf: Backwards Rob Grant (Viking UK 0-670-84574-4, May ’96, £16.00, 342pp, hc, cover by Bill Gregory) [Red Dwarf] SF novelisation based on the humorous Red Dwarf TV series. This is the other half of “Grant Naylor” with his 1st solo Red Dwarf novel.

Mavis Belfrage: A Romantic Story with Five Shorter Tales Alasdair Gray (Bloomsbury Books 0-7475-2506-4, May ’96, £13.99, 160pp, hc, cover by Alasdair Gray) Associational collection of six stories, three original.

Deathstalker Rebellion Simon R. Green (Vista 0-575-60011-X, Apr ’96, £5.99, 568pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Deathstalker] SF novel. Sequel to Deathstalker, and set in the same universe as the Mistworld books.

Seasons of Plenty Colin Greenland (HarperCollins UK 0-00-647344-X, Apr ’96, £4.99, 485pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Tabitha Jute] Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1995) SF novel. Volume 2 of the “Tabitha Jute” trilogy.

Transformer Philip Gross (Scholastic UK 0-590-13382-9, Sep ’96 [Oct ’96], £3.50, 193pp, pb) Young-adult horror novel.

Attila’s Treasure Stephan Grundy (Michael Joseph 0-7181-3894-5, Aug ’96 [Jul ’96], £10.99, 549pp, tp, cover by Mike Posen) [Rhinegold] Historical fantasy novel based on the myth-cycles of Northern Europe, set in the same world as Rhinegold.

Allan Quatermain H. Rider Haggard (Oxford University Press 0-19-282297-7, Jul ’95 [Feb ’96], £4.99, 301pp, pb, cover by Léonard De Selva-Tapador) [Allan Quatermain] Reprint (Longmans Green 1887) classic lost-race novel. This includes the corrections and revisions from the serialization in Longman’s Magazine given in the Explanatory Notes. Edited by Dennis Butts.

Look For Me By Moonlight Mary Downing Hahn (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-68656-1, Dec ’96, £3.99, 198pp, pb, cover by Paul Hunt) Reprint (Clarion 1995) young-adult vampire romance novel. [First U.K. edition]

Ghost Movies II: Famous Supernatural Television Programmes ed. Peter Haining (Severn House 0-7278-4966-2, May ’96, £16.99, 242pp, hc, cover by Derek Colligan) Anthology of stories which were the basis or inspiration of many well-known fantasy and horror TV series and films. The cover is Ghost Movies II: More Classics of the Supernatural.

Space Movies II: Famous Science Fiction Television Series ed. Peter Haining (Severn House 0-7278-4897-6, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], £15.99, 245pp, hc, cover by Derek Collinson) Anthology of ten stories which were used in famous TV SF series, or were written by the authors who inspired the series.

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