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The Chronology Out of Time: Dates in the Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft Peter Cannon (Necronomicon Press, Jan ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.95, 36pp, ph, cover by Jason Eckhardt) Reprint (Necronomicon 1986) chapbook edition of an essay exploring Lovecraft’s use of dates, with a chronology of fictional events. This is the revised second edition; we apparently missed the first. Available from Necronomicon Press, PO Box 1304, West Warwick RI 02893. [H. P. Lovecraft]

Ember from the Sun Mark Canter (Dell 0-440-22430-6, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $6.99, 516pp, pb) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1995) story of a cloned Neanderthal.

Apocryphal Tales Karel Capek (Catbird Press 0-945774-34-6, Jun ’97 [Jul ’97], $13.95, 190pp, tp) Associational collection of Capek’s “Fables”, “Apocryphal Tales”, and “Would-Be Tales” — short takes on history, myth, and literature, not really SF or fantasy. Translated and introduced by Norma Comrada.

Children of the Mind Orson Scott Card (SFBC #14736, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $11.98, 349pp, hc, cover by John Harris) [Ender Wiggin] Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel. Fourth novel in the “Ender” series. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Children of the Mind Orson Scott Card (Tor 0-812-52239-7, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.99, 370pp, pb, cover by John Harris) [Ender Wiggin] Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel. Fourth and (maybe) final novel in the “Ender” series.

Ender’s War Orson Scott Card (SFBC #14799, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $14.98, 634pp, hc, cover by Vincent di Fate) [Ender Wiggin] Reissue (SFBC 1986) omnibus of Ender’s Game (Tor 1985) and Speaker for the Dead (Tor 1986). This is a Guild America edition, ISBN 0-312-93738-5, and has a new book-club number.

The Folk of the Fringe Orson Scott Card (Tor 0-812-50086-5, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $5.99, 306pp, pb, cover by Glen Bellamy) [Carpenter] Reissue (Phantasia 1989) collection of connected post-holocaust stories about Mormon survivors. Fourth printing.

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus Orson Scott Card (Tor 0-812-50864-5, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $6.99, 402pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1996) alternate world/time travel SF novel.

Treasure Box Orson Scott Card (HarperChoice 0-06-109398-X, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $6.99, 372pp, pb, cover by David Nielsen) Reprint (HarperCollins 1996) dark fantasy novel about a supernaturally dysfunctional family.

Xenocide Orson Scott Card (SFBC #14801, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $11.98, 394pp, hc, cover by John Harris) [Ender Wiggin] Reissue (Tor 1991) SF novel, book three in the “Ender” series. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket; this has a new book-club number.

Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures ed. Orson Scott Card & Keith Ferrell (DAW 0-88677-767-4, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $5.99, 314pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) Original anthology of five stories about Japanese in the future. Authors include Richard A. Lupoff, Pat Cadigan, and Janeen Webb & Jack Dann. Introduction by Ferrell. Martin H. Greenberg may be an uncredited third editor, as this is copyrighted by Tekno Books as well as Card and Ferrell.

Star Trek, the Next Generation: Day of Honor #1: Ancient Blood Diane Carey (Pocket 0-671-00238-4, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $5.99, 280pp, pb) [Star Trek, the Next Generation; Day of Honor] Star Trek novelization, book one of four. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, the Next Generation: Ship of the Line Diane Carey (Pocket 0-671-00924-9, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $22.00, 321pp, hc, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Star Trek, the Next Generation] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Diane Carey (Pocket 0-671-01550-8, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $5.99, 223pp, hc) [Star Trek: Starfleet Academy] Novelization of the computer game (partly written by Carey) based on the TV shows. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

A Companion to Poe Studies ed. Eric W. Carlson (Greenwood Press 0-313-26506-2, Nov ’96 [Jan ’97], $99.50, 604pp, hc) Non-fiction, an overview of critical thought shown in 25 essays discussing Poe’s life, works, and influence. There is an index and selected bibliography. Order from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Westport CT 06881; credit card orders: 800-225-5800. [Edgar Allan Poe]

Face/Off Clark Carlton (HarperPrism 0-06-105792-4, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $5.99, 300pp, pb) Novelization of the near-future thriller movie in which a cop and a killer trade faces. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

The Gathering Isobelle Carmody (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-038538-X, Dec ’96 [Jan ’97], $4.99, 279pp, pb, cover by David Loew) Reprint (Penguin Books Australia 1993) young-adult horror novel. An age-old evil holds the town of Cheshunt.

The Secrets of Yashir Lisa Carolle (Commonwealth Publications 1-896329-22-5, 1995 [Oct ’97], $5.99, 162pp, pb) Fantasy novel. A woman seeks for her lost soul mate with the help of a mysterious bird and a moon tiger. Copyrighted 1994, says “published 1995,” but not seen until now.

Conan the Great Leonard Carpenter (Tor 0-812-50714-2, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 277pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) [Conan] Reissue (Tor 1990) fantasy novelization copyrighted by Conan Properties. Second printing.

Conan the Hero Leonard Carpenter (Tor 0-812-51907-8, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.99, 278pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) [Conan] Reissue (Tor 1989) fantasy novelization copyrighted by Conan Properties. Third printing.

Conan the Warlord Leonard Carpenter (Tor 0-812-54268-1, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], $5.99, 273pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) [Conan] Reissue (Tor 1988) fantasy novelization copyrighted by Conan Properties. Third printing.

Burning Your Boats: The Complete Stories Angela Carter (Penguin US 0-14-025528-1, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $14.95, 462pp, tp, cover by Roxanna Bikadoroff) Reprint (Chatto & Windus 1995) omnibus/collection of 42 short stories, many with fantastic elements.

Shadow Dance Angela Carter (Penguin 0-14-025524-9, Dec ’96 [Mar ’97], $10.95, 182pp, tp, cover by Roxanna Bikadoroff) Reprint (Heinemann 1966 as Honeybuzzard) associational literary gothic novel.

The Xothic Legend Cycle: The Complete Mythos Fiction of Lin Carter Lin Carter (Chaosium 1-56882-078-X, Feb ’97 [Mar ’97], $10.95, 271pp, tp, cover by H. E. Fassl) Collection of 15 of Lovecraftian Mythos stories, 12 by Lin Carter, two in collaboration with (editor) Robert M. Price and H.P. Lovecraft, and one solo story by Price. There is an introduction by Price.

The Fortunate Fall Raphael Carter (Tor 0-312-86327-6, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $13.95, 288pp, tp, cover by Bruce Jensen) Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel about virtual reality journalism.

The Infinite Sea Jeffrey A. Carver (Tor 0-812-53517-0, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $6.99, 376pp, pb, cover by Alan Gutierrez) [Chaos Chronicles] Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel, third in “The Chaos Chronicles”.

There’s No Place Like Home A. G. Cascone (Troll/Watermill 0-8167-4222-7, May ’97 [Dec ’97], $3.95, 239pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) Young-adult horror novel.

Fairy Tales: Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men Peter Cashorali (HarperSanFrancisco 0-06-251309-5, Mar ’97, $11.00, 181pp, tp, cover by Brian Williams) Reprint (HarperSanFrancisco 1995) original collection of 17 retold fairy tales. There is a foreword by Robert H. Hopcke. We apparently missed the first hardcover edition.

Gay Fairy & Folk Tales: More Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men Peter Cashorali (Faber and Faber 0-571-19926-7, 1997 [Nov ’97], $19.95, 159pp, hc, cover by Brian Williams) Original collection of 13 retold tales.

Writing Horror ed. Mort Castle (Writer’s Digest 0-89879-798-5, Sep ’97 [Oct ’97], $17.99, 224pp, hc, cover by Gerald Brom) Non-fiction, reference. A guide to writing horror, subtitled on the front cover “A Handbook by the Horror Writers of America”, with 40 articles from authors including David Morrell, Robert Weinberg, Alan Rodgers, Joe R. Lansdale, and Joyce Carol Oates. Available from Writer’s Digest, 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnatti OH 45207; credit card orders 800-289-0963.

The Door Below Hugh B. Cave (Fedogan & Bremer 1-878252-30-5, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], $27.00, 332pp, hc, cover by Alan M. Clark) Collection of 25 horror stories, a retrospective sampling of stories from the 1930s to ’90s arranged in chronological order, with a preface and biographical commentary by Cave. Illustrated by Alan M. Clark. A limited edition (-31-3, $95.00) is also available. Order from Fedogan & Bremer, 3721 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55406.

Babylon 5: Book 7: The Shadow Within Jeanne Cavelos (Dell 0-440-22348-2, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], $5.50, 259pp, pb) [Babylon 5] Novelization based on the SF TV show. Copyrighted by Warner Bros. Television.

Godzilla 2000 Marc Cerasini (Random House 0-679-88751-2, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], $5.99, 324pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) Novelization featuring the Japanese movie star, part of a mixed YA and adult series of novelizations by Cerasini. Copyrighted by Toho Co.

The Wonderland Gambit, Book Three: The Hot-Wired Dodo Jack L. Chalker (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-38692-2, Feb ’97, $12.00, 355pp, tp, cover by Paul Youll) [Wonderland Gambit] SF novel, book 3 of “The Wonderland Gambit”.

Isaac Asimov’s History of I-Botics ed. James Chambers (HarperPrism 0-06-105539-5, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $22.00, 135pp, hc) Original anthology of three stories, plus informational segments, based (supposedly) on a new take on robots by Asimov; described on the cover as an illustrated “novel.” Authors named are Steven Grant, John Gregory Betancourt, and Karen Haber. Packaged and copyrighted by Big Entertainment.

The Troika Stepan Chapman (The Ministry of Whimsy Press 1-890464-02-3, Oct ’97, $14.99, 251pp, tp, cover by Alan M. Clark) Surrealistic SF novel of three characters wandering a planet of endless deserts. A first novel.Order from Ministry of Whimsy, PO Box 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315; add $1.24 postage.

Honor to the Hills Eileen Charbonneau (Tor 0-812-55187-7, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $3.99, 238pp, pb, cover by Neil Waldman) [Woods Family Saga] Reprint (Tor 1996) young-adult supernatural historical, third book in the “Woods Family Saga” that began with The Ghosts of Stony Clove.

The Kingdom of Kevin Malone Suzy McKee Charnas (Harcourt Brace/Magic Carpet 0-15-201191-9, Aug ’97, $6.00, 255pp, pb, cover by Tristan Elwell) Reprint (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1993) young-adult fantasy.

Wizard of Bones Robert N. Charrette (HarperPrism 0-06-105603-0, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], $5.50, 376pp, pb, cover by Jean François Podevin) [Chronicles of Aelwyn] Fantasy novel, third in the “Chronicles of Aelwyn”.

The Fear Principle B. A. Chepaitis (Ace 0-441-00497-0, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $5.99, 243pp, pb, cover by Finn Winterson) [Jaguar Addams] SF novel. A telepath who uses her talent to rehabilitate serial killers meets the ultimate assassin. A first novel.

Cloud’s Rider C. J. Cherryh (Warner Aspect 0-446-60424-0, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $5.99, 435pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) [Rider at the Gate] Reprint (Warner Aspect 1996) SF frontier novel, sequel to Rider at the Gate.

Cuckoo’s Egg C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-371-7, Jun ’97 [Dec ’97], $5.99, 319pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) Reissue (Phantasia 1985) SF novel. Sixth printing.

Downbelow Station C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-431-4, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.99, 477pp, pb, cover by David B. Mattingly) [Alliance-Union] Reissue (DAW 1981) Hugo-winning SF novel. 11th printing.

The Dreaming Tree C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-782-8, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $6.99, 464pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) Reprint (SFBC 1983 as Arafel’s Saga omnibus of The Dreamstone (1983) and The Tree of Swords and Jewels (1983). There are minor revisions in the text of the ending.

Finity’s End C. J. Cherryh (Warner Aspect 0-446-52072-1, Aug ’97, $22.00, 471pp, hc, cover by Steve Youll) [Alliance-Union] SF novel in the “Union/Alliance” series. An orphaned Merchanter raised on the planet Downbelow is reclaimed by his spacefaring family.

Finity’s End C. J. Cherryh (SFBC #17583, Sep ’97, $11.98, 446pp, hc, cover by Steve Youll) [Alliance-Union] Reprint (Warner Aspect 1997) SF novel. This is similar to the Warner Aspect edition, except it lacks a price, and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Forty Thousand in Gehenna C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-429-2, Jun ’97 [Aug ’97], $6.99, 445pp, pb, cover by James Gurney) Reissue (Phantasia 1983) SF novel. Sixth printing.

Inheritor C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-728-3, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $6.99, 460pp, pb, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Foreigner] Reprint (DAW 1996) SF novel, third in the “Foreigner” series.

Lois & Clark C. J. Cherryh (Prima 0-7615-1169-5, Sep ’97, $12.00, 283pp, tp) Reprint (Prima/Proteus 1996) Superman novelization based on the TV show based on the DC comic. Copyrighted by DC Comics.

Merchanter’s Luck C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-139-0, Jun ’97 [Aug ’97], $5.99, 298pp, pb, cover by Barclay Shaw) [Alliance-Union] Reissue (DAW 1982) SF novel. Eighth printing.

Serpent’s Reach C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-088-2, Jun ’97 [Sep ’97], $5.99, 287pp, pb, cover by Michael Embden) Reissue (DAW 1980) SF novel. Ninth printing.

Realm of Light Deborah Chester (Ace 0-441-00480-6, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $6.99, 395pp, pb, cover by Mary Jo Phalen) [Ruby Throne] Fantasy novel, third in the “Ruby Throne” trilogy.

Blood Brothers Richard T. Chizmar (Subterranean Press, Feb ’97, $8.00, 16pp, ph, cover by Rodger Gerberding) Chapbook publication of a short horror story. This is a signed, limited edition of 250. Order from Subterranean Press, PO Box 190106, Burton MI 48519; postage free; email:

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