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The Ghatti’s Tale: Finders-Seekers Gayle Greeno (DAW 0-88677-550-7, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $6.99, 506pp, pb, cover by Braldt Bralds) [Ghatti’s Tale] Reissue (DAW 1993) fantasy novel, first in the series. Eighth printing.

Mind Snare Gayle Greeno (DAW 0-88677-749-6, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $5.99, 349pp, pb, cover by Romas Kukalis) SF novel. A teen actor tracks down his mother’s would-be assassins.

Battletech: The Hunters Thomas S. Gressman (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45624-6, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $5.99, 314pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) Novelization based on the role-playing game. Book three of the “Twilight of the Clans” series. Copyrighted by FASA.

Bending the Landscape: Fantasy ed. Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (White Wolf 1-56504-836-9, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $19.99, 382pp, hc, cover by Kevin Murphy) Original anthology of 22 fantasy stories about gays and lesbians. Authors include Tanya Huff, Robin Wayne Bailey, and Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Todd Grimson (HarperPrism 0-06-105320-1, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $13.00, 344pp, tp, cover by John Ennis) Reprint (HarperPrism 1996) Hollywood horror novel.

Stainless Todd Grimson (HarperPrism 0-06-105775-4, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.99, 306pp, pb) Reprint (HarperPrism 1996) modern vampire novel.

Bridge of Valor Anne Lesley Groell (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45545-2, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $6.50, 427pp, pb, cover by Boris Zlotsky) [Cloak and Dagger] Fantasy novel about trainee guild assassins. Second book of “The Cloak and Dagger”.

Attila’s Treasure Stephan Grundy (Bantam 0-553-57531-7, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $6.99, 519pp, pb, cover by John Jude Palencar) [Rhinegold] Reprint (Michael Joseph 1996) historical novel with fantasy elements, set in the same world as Rhinegold.

Isaac Asimov: The Foundations of Science Fiction, Revised Edition James Gunn (Scarecrow Press 0-8108-3129-5, Nov ’96 [Jan ’97], $36.00, 276pp, hc) Reprint (Oxford 1982) critical look at Asimov’s SF. The earlier edition won a non-fiction Hugo. This expanded edition adds a long chapter on Asimov’s bestselling late novels plus the text of an earlier interview. Order from Scarecrow Press, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham MD 20706; 301-459-3366. [Isaac Asimov]

Honus & Me Dan Gutman (Avon 0-380-97350-2, Apr ’97, $14.00, 140pp, hc) Young-adult baseball fantasy. A boy finds a rare baseball card, and is transported into the past to meet Honus Wagner himself.

Daughter of the Shaman Elyse Guttenberg (HarperPrism 0-06-105474-7, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $5.99, 644pp, pb) [Summer Light] Prehistoric fantasy novel, sequel to Summer Light.

Look For Me By Moonlight Mary Downing Hahn (Avon Flare 0-380-72703-X, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $4.50, 181pp, pb) Reprint (Clarion 1995) young adult vampire romance novel.

The Vampire Hunter’s Casebook ed. Peter Haining (Barnes & Noble 0-7607-0470-8, Sep ’97, $7.98, 363pp, hc) Anthology of 15 vampire stories, one original, one an excerpt from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Authors include Manly Wade Wellman, Anne Rice, and Karl Edward Wagner. An instant remainder edition. First US edition (Warner UK 1996). This edition lacks the stills from vampire films in the UK edition.

The Wizards of Odd ed. Peter Haining (Ace 0-441-00487-3, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $6.50, 347pp, pb, cover by Walter Velez) Anthology of 24 humorous fantasy stories. Authors include Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. Leguin, Ray Bradbury, and Kurt Vonnegut. First US edition (Souvenir Press 1996).

1968 Joe Haldeman (Avon 0-380-70803-5, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $5.99, 342pp, pb) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1994) associational Vietnam novel.

Forever Peace Joe Haldeman (Ace 0-441-00406-7, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $21.95, 326pp, hc, cover by Bruce Jensen) [Forever War] Near-future SF novel of remote-control war. A thematic follow-on from The Forever War, Haldeman’s 1975 Hugo and Nebula winner.

The Forever War Joe Haldeman (AvoNova 0-380-70821-3, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 254pp, pb, cover by Jean Pierre Targete) [Mandella; Forever War] Reissue (St. Martin’s 1974) military SF novel. Winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards. According to the author’s note, this is the “definitive” version.

The Forever War Joe Haldeman (SFBC #17426, Aug ’97, $9.98, 203pp, hc, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Mandella; Forever War] Reprint (St. Martin’s 1974) SF novel. Winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards. This has a 1997 copyright, but lacks the author’s note of the “definitive” version published last month by AvoNova, and has the cover art of the 1991 Avon edition. This lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

None So Blind Joe Haldeman (AvoNova 0-380-70802-7, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.99, 289pp, pb) Reprint (Morrow 1996) collection.

Saul’s Death & Other Poems Joe Haldeman (Anamnesis Press 0-9631203-4-4, Jun ’97, $10.95, 77pp, tp, cover by Toni Luna Montealegre) Poetry collection of 32 poems, many SF or fantasy, including two Rhysling Award winners. There is a foreword by publisher Keith Allen Daniels. A limited edition of 150. Available from Anamnesis Press, PO Box 51115, Palo Alto CA 94303; 415-255-8366;

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index, 1992-1995: An International Subject and Author Index to History and Criticism ed. Hal W. Hall (Libraries Unlimited 1-56308-527-5, Jul ’97, $75.00, 503pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference. A secondary bibliography covering non-fiction about SF and fantasy, with indexes by subject and author. Supplement to two earlier volumes going up to 1991. Order from Libraries Unlimited, PO Box 6633, Englewood CO 80155-6633; orders 800-237-6124; $90.00 outside the US.

Dark Debts Karen Hall (Ballantine/Ivy 0-8041-1655-5, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.99, 501pp, pb) Reprint (1996) horror novel. A Jesuit tries to deal with a family’s curse.

Wild Women ed. Melissa Mia Hall (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0415-2, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $25.00, 373pp, hc) Anthology of stories and poems about unconventional women, six original to this volume. Most of the writers are at least sometimes SF writers: Margaret Atwood, Lucy Taylor, Joyce Carol Oates, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Jane Yolen, Connie Willis, Carole Nelson Douglas, Lisa Tuttle, Kate Wilhelm, Nancy Holder. Some of the stories are fantasy. Illustrated by Jill Karla Schwarz.

The Truth Machine James Halperin (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-41288-5, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $6.99, 396pp, pb) Reprint (Ivy Press 1996) SF novel.

The Armies of Daylight Barbara Hambly (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-29671-0, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 309pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) [Darwath] Reprint (Del Rey 1983) fantasy novel, Book Three of the “Darwath” trilogy. 16th printing.

A Free Man of Color Barbara Hambly (Bantam 0-553-10258-3, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $22.95, 311pp, hc, cover by Jason Seder) [Benjamin January] Associational historical mystery. Benjamin January, a free Creole in 1833 New Orleans, tries to clear his name of murder.

Mother of Winter Barbara Hambly (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-39723-1, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 369pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) [Darwath] Reprint (Del Rey 1996) fantasy novel, set a few years after the “Darwath” trilogy.

Star Wars: Planet of Twilight Barbara Hambly (Bantam Spectra 0-553-09540-4, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $22.95, 312pp, hc, cover by Drew Struzan) [Star Wars] Novelization based on the movies. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

Star Wars: Planet of Twilight Barbara Hambly (SFBC #15655, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $9.98, 312pp, hc, cover by Drew Struzan) [Star Wars] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1997) novelization. This is similar to the Bantam Spectra edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Time of the Dark Barbara Hambly (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31965-6, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 263pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) [Darwath] Reprint (Del Rey 1982) fantasy novel, Book One of the “Darwath” trilogy. Nineteenth printing.

The Walls of Air Barbara Hambly (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-29670-2, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 297pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) [Darwath] Reprint (Del Rey 1982) fantasy novel, Book Two of the “Darwath” trilogy. Fifteenth printing.

The Killing Dance Laurell K. Hamilton (Ace 0-441-00452-0, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.50, 387pp, pb, cover by Lee MacLeod) [Anita Blake] Dark fantasy detective novel, sixth in the series featuring Anita Blake, vampire hunter. Anita has to chose between her vampire and werewolf boyfriends.

Mindstar Rising Peter F. Hamilton (Tor 0-812-59056-2, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $6.99, 423pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) [Greg Mandel] Reprint (Pan 1993) SF novel, first in the “Greg Mandel” trilogy.

A Quantum Murder Peter F. Hamilton (Tor 0-312-85954-6, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $24.95, 352pp, hc, cover by Barclay Shaw) [Greg Mandel] SF mystery, second in the “Greg Mandel” trilogy. First US edition (Pan 1994).

The Reality Dysfunction, Part One: Emergence Peter F. Hamilton (Warner Aspect 0-446-60515-8, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $5.99, 588pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Night’s Dawn] SF novel. This is the first of two parts originally published in the UK as a single volume (Macmillan UK 1996).

The Reality Dysfunction, Part Two: Expansion Peter F. Hamilton (Warner Aspect 0-446-60516-6, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 572pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Night’s Dawn] SF novel. Space opera originally published in the UK as one volume. First US edition (Macmillan UK 1996).

Glimmering Elizabeth Hand (HarperPrism 0-06-100805-2, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $22.00, 415pp, hc) Millennial science fantasy novel.

Millennium: The Frenchman Elizabeth Hand (HarperPrism 0-06-105800-9, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $5.99, 248pp, pb) [Millennium] Novelization of the TV series about a psychic who tracks serial killers. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Winterlong Elizabeth Hand (HarperPrism 0-06-105730-4, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $10.00, 349pp, tp) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1990) fantasy novel, with a new afterword by Hand.

Caesar’s Antlers Brooks Hansen (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 0-374-31024-6, Oct ’97 [Dec ’97], $16.00, 218pp, hc, cover by Tom Pohrt) Young-adult fantasy novel. A Norwegian reindeer lets a bird nest in his antlers as they search for her mate.

The Dark Edge Richard Harland (Pan Macmillan Australia 0-330-36007-8, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], A$14.95, 563pp, pb) [Eddon & Vail] SF thriller, first in the “Eddon and Vail” series. Inspector Eddon Brac teams with sexy psychic Vail ev Vessintor to track down serial killers and psychic storms on a remote planet.

Wolf’s Bane Tara K. Harper (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-40634-6, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $5.99, 344pp, pb, cover by Eric Peterson) [Wolfwalker] Fantasy novel. Fifth to be published in the “Wolfwalker” series, but fourth in the series per Harper, who says Grayheart (out earlier) is sixth.

I Who Have Never Known Men Jacqueline Harpman (Seven Stories Press 1-888363-43-6, Jun ’97, $22.00, 212pp, hc, cover by Holly Moore) Literary post-holocaust SF novel. On barren Earth, women are kept in underground cages. Translated from the French (Stock 1995 as Moi qui n’ai pas connu les hommes) by Ros Schwartz. Winner of the 1996 Prix Medicis.

The Nature of Smoke Anne Harris (Tor 0-312-86351-9, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $13.95, 284pp, tp) Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel of sex, drugs, and high-tech chaos theory.

The City of Exile Deborah Turner Harris (Ace 0-441-00463-6, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $6.50, 365pp, pb, cover by Daniel Horne) [Caledon Saga] Fantasy novel, third in the “Caledon Saga”. Queen Mhairi tries treaty talks with the treacherous Berings.

The Martian Solution Richard R. Harris (University Editions 1-56002-655-3, Feb ’97, $8.00, 92pp, tp, cover by Anna Finkel) SF mystery novella set on Mars. Police detective Emily Dickinson looks for the murderer of an unpopular colleague. Available from University Editions, 59 Oak Lane, Spring Valley, Huntington WV 25704.

The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell Harry Harrison (Tor 0-812-55107-9, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $5.99, 253pp, pb, cover by Walter Velez) [Slippery Jim (James Bolivar) diGriz] Reprint (Tor 1996) humorous SF novel.

King and Emperor Harry Harrison & John Holm (Tor 0-812-53646-0, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.99, 467pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Hammer and the Cross] Reprint (Tor; Legend 1996) historical alternate-world fantasy novel, “The Hammer and the Cross” #3. Only Harrison’s name appears on the cover. Holm (a pseudonym of Tom Shippey) is listed as co-author inside.

Dark Dreams Jane Harrison (Zebra 0-8217-5420-3, Oct ’96 [Jan ’97], $4.99, 349pp, pb) Horror/romance novel of the Grigori, or dark angels.

Signs of Life M. John Harrison (St. Martin’s 0-312-15656-1, Aug ’97, $21.95, 253pp, hc, cover by Dave McKean) Near-future SF novel. First US edition (Gollancz 1997).

Song of the River Sue Harrison (Avon 0-380-97370-7, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $24.00, 484pp, hc, cover by Michael Evans) [Storyteller] Associational prehistoric novel.

Society of the Mind Eric L. Harry (HarperPaperbacks 0-06-109615-6, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $6.99, 657pp, pb) Reprint (HarperCollins 1996) near-future techno-thriller. A supercomputer thinks it’s a person, and goes psychotic. We apparently missed the hardcover first edition.

Mars Underground William K. Hartmann (Tor 0-312-86342-X, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $24.95, 349pp, hc) SF novel of Mars exploration. A scientist disappears and discovers evidence of a past presence of a sentient race. The author has written numerous books on science; a first novel.

Bodies of the Dead and Other Great American Ghost Stories ed. David G. Hartwell (Tor 0-812-54424-2, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $4.99, 218pp, pb, cover by Eric Peterson) Anthology of 13 classic literary ghost stories.

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