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His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C.M. Kornbluth C. M. Kornbluth (NESFA Press 0-915368-60-9, Feb ’97, $27.00, 670pp, hc, cover by Richard Powers) Collection of 56 stories, a complete collection of Kornbluth’s solo short SF. There is an introduction by Frederik Pohl, and another by editor Timothy P. Szczesuil that outlines some of the difficulties in determining authorship of some stories. Order from NESFA Press, Box 809, Framingham MA 01701-0203; add $2.00 postage.

Nanotime Bart Kosko (Avon 0-380-97466-5, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $24.00, 311pp, hc) Near-future cyberthriller. A man with a new, cheap fuel is pursued by forces determined to stop him — even if it means starting WWIII. A first novel by a noted non-fiction writer.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain William Kotzwinkle (Holt/Owl 0-8050-5438-3, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $13.00, 306pp, tp, cover by Peter de Seve) Reprint (Doubleday 1996) talking-animal fantasy/publishing satire.

Dr. Rat William Kotzwinkle (Marlowe & Company 1-56924-714-5, Sep ’97, $12.95, 244pp, tp) Reprint (Knopf; Henley-on-Thames 1976) fantasy satire about animal experiments.

Free Space ed. Edward E. Kramer & Brad Linaweaver (Tor 0-312-85957-0, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], $24.95, 352pp, hc, cover by John Berkey) Original anthology of 18 stories (two reprints) and two poems with a Libertarian bent, focusing on a future where mankind lives in outer space. Authors include Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, L. Neil Smith, and John Barnes.

Star Trek and Beyond: When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact Lawrence M. Krauss (HarperCollins/Basic Books 0-465-00637-X, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $21.00, 190pp, hc) [Star Trek] Non-fiction look at science in Star Trek and SF, a sequel of sorts to The Physics of Star Trek.

Beggars Ride Nancy Kress (SFBC #14738, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $10.98, 304pp, hc, cover by Tom Canty) [Beggars in Spain] Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel. Third in the world of Beggars in Spain. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Beggars Ride Nancy Kress (Tor 0-812-54474-9, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $5.99, 406pp, pb, cover by Tom Canty) [Beggars in Spain] Reprint (Tor 1996) SF novel. Third in the world of the “Beggars in Spain” series.

Dancing on Air Nancy Kress (Tachyon Publications 0-9648320-5-4, Sep ’97, $10.00, 80pp, tp, cover by Michael Dashow) SF novella of murder, mothers, bio-enhanced ballerinas, and a talking dog. Afterword by James Patrick Kelly. A hardcover, limited edition of 200 was announced but not seen. Order from Tachyon Publications, 1459 18th Street, San Francisco CA 94107.

Maximum Light Nancy Kress (Tor 0-312-86535-X, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $22.95, 255pp, hc, cover by Thomas Canty) Near-future SF novel. Pollution-caused sterility drives would-be parents to illegal genetic engineering.

Oaths and Miracles Nancy Kress (Tor 0-812-54473-0, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], $6.99, 372pp, pb) [Oaths and Miracles] Reprint (Forge 1996) SF thriller about bio-tech, the mafia, and murder.

Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis Michael P. Kube-McDowell (SFBC #15119, Mar ’97, $14.98, 785pp, hc, cover by Drew Struzan) [Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis] Omnibus of the Star Wars novelization trilogy: Before the Storm, Shield of Lies, and Tyrant’s Test (all Bantam Spectra 1996). Copyrighted by Lucasfilm. This special Guild America edition has ISBN 1-56865-292-5; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Two Crowns For America Katherine Kurtz (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57287-3, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.50, 406pp, pb, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1996) historical fantasy about Masonic influence in the American Revolution.

Death of an Adept Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris (Ace 0-441-00484-9, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $6.50, 435pp, pb, cover by Joe Burleson) [Adam Sinclair] Reprint (Ace 1996) dark fantasy detective novel, fifth in “The Adept” series.

The Horns of Elfland ed. Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman & Donald G. Keller (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45599-1, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $5.99, 347pp, pb) Original anthology of 15 stories about magic and music. Authors include Jack Womack, Lucy Sussex, Gene Wolfe, and John Brunner.

Firebird Mercedes Lackey (SFBC #15117, Mar ’97, $8.98, 352pp, hc, cover by Vladimir Nenov) Reprint (Tor 1996) fantasy novel based on the Russian fairy tale. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Firebird Mercedes Lackey (Tor 0-812-55074-9, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $6.99, 345pp, pb, cover by Vladimir Nenov) Reprint (Tor 1996) fantasy novel based on Russian fairy tale.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Mercedes Lackey (Baen 0-671-87853-0, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $22.00, 423pp, hc, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Bardic Voices] Fantasy novel, fourth in the “Bardic Voices” series. A constable chases a supernatural serial killer targeting female free bards.

The Free Bards Mercedes Lackey (Baen 0-671-87778-X, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $15.00, 712pp, tp, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Bardic Voices] Omnibus of the “Bardic Voices” trilogy: The Lark & the Wren (1992), The Robin & the Kestrel (1993), and The Eagle & the Nightingales (1995).

Storm Breaking Mercedes Lackey (DAW 0-88677-755-0, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $6.99, 463pp, pb, cover by Jody A. Lee) [Valdemar: Mage Storms] Reprint (DAW; Orion 1996)fantasy novel, book three of “The Mage Storms” trilogy.

Storm Warning Mercedes Lackey (DAW 0-88677-661-9, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], $6.99, 428pp, pb, cover by Jody A. Lee) [Valdemar: Mage Storms] Reissue (DAW; Millennium 1994) fantasy novel, book one of “The Mage Storms” trilogy in the “Valdemar” series. Sixth printing.

Owlflight Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (DAW 0-88677-754-2, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $21.95, 293pp, hc, cover by Jody A. Lee) [Valdemar: Darian’s Tale] Fantasy novel in the “Valdemar” series, set after the “Mage Storms” trilogy. A young man rejects his magical talents until he encounters the Hawkbrothers.

The Silver Gryphon Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (DAW 0-88677-685-6, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.99, 400pp, pb, cover by Jody A. Lee) [Valdemar: Mage Wars] Reprint (DAW; Millennium 1996) fantasy novel, book three of “The Mage Wars” trilogy, part of the “Valdemar” series.

The New Arthurian Encyclopedia ed. Norris J. Lacy (SFBC #17424, Aug ’97, $19.98, 615pp, hc) Reprint (Garland 1995) non-fiction, reference. A guide to Arthur, from legend to modern literature, with entries for numerous genre authors. This is an updated and revised edition of The Arthurian Encyclopedia (Garland 1986). This hardcover edition has the text and cover art of the Garland trade paperback, but has a new ISBN (1-56865-432-4); it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

It’s Down the Slippery Cellar Stairs: Essays and Speeches on Fantastic Literature, 2nd Edition R. A. Lafferty (Borgo Press 0-8095-1901-1, 1997 [Feb ’97], $17.00, 103pp, tp) Reissue (Drumm 1984) non-fiction, critical collection of 15 essays and speeches on fantastic literature, expanded in 1995 by adding two essays. Second printing. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $2.50 shipping. Credit card orders: fax 909-888-4942.

Science Fiction After 1900: From the Steam Man to the Stars Brooks Landon (Simon & Schuster/Twayne 0-8057-0962-2, Mar ’97, $24.95, 251pp, hc) Non-fiction study of SF since 1900, with lists of recommended SF and reference works, and an index.

Angry Moon Terrill Lankford (Tor/Forge 0-312-85726-8, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $22.95, 317pp, hc, cover by Cliff Nielson) Supernatural thriller. A hit man finds his target — his ex-mentor — strangely unkillable.

The Mirror of Night Roberta Lannes (Silver Salamander Press, Apr ’97 [May ’97], $12.00, 225pp, tp) Collection of ten stories, mostly horror. The introduction is by Harlan Ellison. Limited (300 copies, $35.00) and deluxe leatherbound (50 copies, $65.00) editions were announced but not seen. Order from Silver Salamander, 4128 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle WA 98103; e-mail:

Bad Chili Joe R. Lansdale (Mojo Press 1-885418-15-9, Jun ’97 [Jul ’97], $47.00, 219pp, hc, cover by John Picacio) [Hap Collins; Leonard Pine] Associational mystery novel. This is a signed, limited edition of 500. Available from Mojo Press, PO Box 140005, Austin TX 78714; add $3.00 postage; e-mail:

Bad Chili Joe R. Lansdale (Warner/Mysterious Press 0-89296-619-X, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $22.00, 292pp, hc, cover by Bob Larkin) [Hap Collins; Leonard Pine] Reprint (Mojo 1997) associational mystery novel.

The Drive-In: A Double-Feature Omnibus Joe R. Lansdale (Carroll & Graf 0-7867-0442-X, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.95, 341pp, pb) [Drive-In] Omnibus of The Drive-In (A B-Movie with Blood and Popcorn, Made in Texas) (Bantam Spectra 1988) and The Drive-In 2 (Not Just One of Them Sequels) (Bantam Spectra 1989).

A Fist Full of Stories (and Articles) Joe R. Lansdale (CD Publications 1-881475-19-0, 1996 [Oct ’97], $25.00, 259pp, hc, cover by Ted Naifeh) Collection of 19 stories and articles. This has a 1996 copyright date, but not seen until now. Order from CD Publications, PO Box 943, Abingdon MD 21009. A limited edition was also announced containing an insert with two additional stories.

Texas Night Riders Joe R. Lansdale (Subterranean Press 0-9649890-1-8, Apr ’97, $35.00, 152pp, hc, cover by Mark A. Nelson) Reprint (Leisure 1983 as by Ray Slater) associational non-fantasy Western. The text has some slight corrections; there is an introduction by Lansdale. This is a signed, limited edition of 500; a lettered edition ($125.00) is also available. Order from Subterranean Press, PO Box 190106, Burton MI 48519; $3.00 postage; credit card orders 410-569-5683.

Absolute Magnitude ed. Warren Lapine & Stephen Pagel (Tor 0-312-86335-7, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $23.95, 317pp, hc, cover by Kevin Murphy) Anthology of 16 stories from the semi-professional SF adventure magazine. Introduction by Warren Lapine. Authors include Terry Bisson, Hal Clement, Geoffrey A. Landis, and Janet Kagan.

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