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The Alchemists Geary Gravel (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-00281-4, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 289pp, pb) [Alchemists] Reissue (Ballantine Del Rey 1984) sf novel.

Pathfinders Geary Gravel (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-32339-4, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 230pp, pb) [Alchemists] Sf novel, a sequel to The Alchemists.

Grimbold’s Other World Nicholas Stuart Gray (Ace 0-441-30380-3, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 181pp, pb) Reprint (Faber and Faber 1963) juvenile fantasy novel.

God Game Andrew M. Greeley (Warner 0-446-51264-8, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $16.95, 308pp, hc) Novel with “elements of...the science fiction and fantasy genre.” A priest encounters a strange computer game that allows him to watch and interact with a fantasy world.

God Game Andrew M. Greeley (Century 0-7126-9540-0, Nov ’86, £9.95, 320pp, hc) Reprint (Warner 1986) sf novel.

Shattered Moon Kate Green (Fontana 0-00-617290-3, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £2.95, 350pp, pb) Horror novel.

The Lengthening Shadow Roger J. Green (Oxford University Press 0-19-271509-7, Dec ’86 [Oct ’86], $15.95, 215pp, hc) [Fear of Samuel Walton] Young-adult novel of horror/dark fantasy, sequel to The Fear of Samuel Walton. This is being distributed in the U.S. (with a price sticker) by Salem House Publishers, c/o Mercedes Distribution Center Inc., 160 Imlay St., Brooklyn NY 11231.

The Book of Kantela Roland J. Green & Frieda Murray (Tor 0-812-53900-1, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 340pp, pb) [Throne of Sherran] Reprint (Bluejay 1985) fantasy novel, first in a series.

The Crystals of Mida Sharon Green (DAW 0-88677-149-8, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $3.50, 352pp, pb) [Jalav, Amazon Warrior] Reissue (DAW 1982) sf novel, first in the “Jalav/Amazon Warrior” series.

To Battle the Gods Sharon Green (DAW 0-88677-128-5, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $3.50, 446pp, pb) [Jalav, Amazon Warrior] Sf novel, #5 in the “Jalav/Amazon Warrior” series.

The Warrior Challenged Sharon Green (DAW 0-88677-144-7, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.50, 382pp, pb) [Terrilian] Sf novel, #4 in the “Terrilian” series.

The Warrior Rearmed Sharon Green (DAW 0-88677-147-1, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.50, 253pp, pb) [Terrilian] Reissue (DAW 1984) sf novel, “Terrilian” #3. Third printing.

The Warrior Within Sharon Green (DAW 0-88677-146-3, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.50, 224pp, pb) [Terrilian] Reissue (DAW 1982) sf novel, first in the “Terrilian” series. Fourth printing.

Amazing Stories: Vision of Other Worlds ed. Martin H. Greenberg (TSR 0-88038-302-X, Sep ’86 [Nov ’86], $7.95, 253pp, pb) Anthology of 15 stories. Includes a center insert (unpaginated) of color reproductions of 16 “Amazing” covers from 1930-1985.

101 Science Fiction Stories ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Charles G. & Jenny-Lynn Waugh (Crown/Avenel 0-517-60669-0, Jun ’86, $7.98, 651pp, hc) Anthology of 101 stories, mostly short-shorts. An “instant remainder” book.

Daybreak on a Different Mountain Colin Greenland (Allen & Unwin/Unicorn 0-04-823346-3, Jun ’86 [May ’86], £3.50, 246pp, tp) Reprint (Allen & Unwin 1984) fantasy novel.

Dew Claws Stephen Gresham (Zebra 0-8217-1808-8, Apr ’86, $3.50, 335pp, pb) Horror novel.

Star Commandos P. M. Griffin (Ace 0-441-78041-5, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $2.95, 228pp, pb) [Star Commandos] Sf military adventure novel. Probably a first novel.

Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life William Griffin (Harper & Row 0-06-250352-9, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $24.95, 507pp, hc) Non-fiction, biography narrated in a series of scenes. [C. S. Lewis]

Replay Ken Grimwood (Arbor House 0-87795-781-9, Jan ’87 [Dec ’86], $17.95, 311pp, hc) Fantasy novel of a man who replays his life from age 18 to 43.

Ende: A Diary of the Third World War Anton-Andrew Guha (Corgi 0-552-12653-5, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £2.95, 174pp, pb) Post-holocaust literary sf novel; first English-language edition.

Crisis! James E. Gunn (Tor 0-812-53944-3, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 219pp, pb) [Bill Johnson] Sf novel composed of a series of episodes which appeared separately.

Doom Wind Max Gunther (Contemporary Books 0-8092-5043-8, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $17.95, 346pp, hc) Sf disaster novel of devastating winds threatening New York City after a huge comet passes by the Earth.

Chroma: The Art of Alex Schomburg Jon Gustafson (Warp/Father Tree 0-936861-01-0, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $35.00 limited edition, 108pp, hc) Art book with over 80 full-color pieces plus black & white. Introductions by Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, and Kelly Freas. The artwork is about equally split between Schomburg’s comic and sf material, and the quality is excellent. The text, which covers both biographical and critical info, is informative. Recommended. (CNB)

Chroma: The Art of Alex Schomburg Jon Gustafson (Warp/Father Tree 0-936861-00-2, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $12.95, 108pp, pb) Paperback edition of the above.

Greyhawk Adventures Book 2: Artifact of Evil Gary Gygax (TSR 0-88038-279-1, Feb ’86, $3.95, 352pp, pb) [Greyhawk] Fantasy novel, second in the series.

H.G. Wells: A Comprehensive Bibliography H.G. Wells Society (H.G. Wells Society 0-903592-08-8, Jul ’86 [Nov ’86], £3.00, 58pp, pb) Non-fiction, bibliography. Order from the H.G. Wells Society, H.G. Wells Centre, Dept. of Language & Literature, Polytechnic of N. London, Prince of Wales Road, London, NW5 3LB, UK. [H. G. Wells]

The Secret Life of Dilly McBean Dorothy Haas (Macmillan/Bradbury 0-02-738200-1, Sep ’86 [Oct ’86], $12.95, 202pp, hc) Juvenile sf novel of a literally magnetic orphan boy vs. a computer magnate.

Allan Quatermain H. Rider Haggard (Target 0-426-20237-6, May ’86, £1.95, 268pp, pb) [Allan Quatermain] Reprint (Longmans 1887) adventure/fantasy novel; this edition has a movie tie-in mention on the cover.

Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold H. Rider Haggard (Arrow 0-09-945550-1, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £1.95, 176pp, pb) [Allan Quatermain] Film tie-in abridgement (by Sarah Litvinoff) of Haggard’s Allan Quatermain (Longmans 1887).

Ayesha H. Rider Haggard (Target 0-426-20231-7, Mar ’86, £2.25, 261pp, pb) [She] Reprint (Ward, Lock 1905) fantasy novel, sequel to She.

King Solomon’s Mines H. Rider Haggard (Hamlyn 0-600-31164-3, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £2.50, 224pp, pb) [Allan Quatermain] Reprint (Cassell 1885) young-adult fantasy adventure novel, illustrated edition.

The City Richard Haigh (Grafton 0-586-06762-0, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £1.95, 191pp, pb) [Farm] Horror novel, second in a trilogy. The horror-pigs from The Farm are back!

Watch for the Ghost Sheila Haigh (Magnet 0-416-95420-0, Jul ’86, £1.50, 128pp, pb) Juvenile ghost story.

Crystal Paradise Johanna Hailey (Zebra 0-8217-1894-0, Sep ’86 [Dec ’86], $3.95, 477pp, pb) Fantasy/romance novel of a sorceress, a knight, and a quest for a crystal rose.

The Doctor Who File Peter Haining (W.H. Allen 0-491-03813-5, Sep ’86, £14.95, 256pp, hc) [Doctor Who] Associational interest — yet another glossy book about Dr. Who.

The Doctor Who File Peter Haining (W.H. Allen 0-491-03993-X, Sep ’86, £75.00, 256pp, hc) [Doctor Who] Luxury, leather-bound limited edition of the above.

Stories of the Walking Dead ed. Peter Haining (Severn House 0-7278-1307-2, Aug ’86, £8.95, 224pp, hc) Reprint (Target 1985 as Zombie) anthology of stories about zombies.

Tales of Dungeons and Dragons ed. Peter Haining (Century 0-7126-9542-7, Nov ’86, £11.95, 416pp, hc) Fantasy anthology.

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