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Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird Vivian Vande Velde (Dell Yearling 0-440-41300-1, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $3.99, 128pp, tp, cover by Brad Weinman) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1995) young-adult collection of 13 tongue-in-cheek revisions of fairy tales. Illustrations by Brad Weinman.

PRESS ENTER [] John Varley (SFBC #13973, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $7.98, 148pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) SF novella, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards. The introduction is by David G. Hartwell. First solo publication. This is part of the SFBC Collection and has ISBN 1-56865-279-8. There is a special price of $2.98 with any purchase.

Professor Challenger In: Secrets of the Dreamlands Ralph E. Vaughan (Gryphon Books 0-936071-66-4, May ’97 [Mar ’97], $9.95, 63pp, ph, cover by Earl Geier) Lost world/Lovecraftian novella featuring Doyle’s famous character. Available from Gryphon Publications, PO Box 209, Brooklyn NY 11228; add $1.00 postage.

Paris in the Twentieth Century Jules Verne (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42039-X, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $11.95, 222pp, tp, cover by Marc Burkhardt) Reprint (Random House 1996) SF novel, a dystopian view of the future as seen in 1863. This is the trunk novel published in 1994 by Hachette Livre as "Paris au XXª Siècle", translated by Richard Howard, with an introduction by Eugen Weber.

Dreamfall Joan D. Vinge (Warner Aspect 0-446-60401-1, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $6.50, 450pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) [Psion] Reprint (Warner Aspect 1996) SF novel in the “Catspaw” series.

Opalite Moon Denise Vitola (Ace 0-441-00465-2, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $5.99, 294pp, pb, cover by Neal McPheeters) [Ty Merrick] Near-future SF mystery, sequel to Quantum Moon, featuring lycanthropic detective Ty Merrick. Cult members are being murdered.

Chills in the Night Jackie Vivelo (DK Ink 0-7894-2463-0, Sep ’97 [Dec ’97], $14.95, 123pp, hc, cover by Jennifer Eachus) Young-adult collection of eight ghost stories, three original, four previously collected in A Trick of the Light (Putnam 1987). First US edition (Dorling Kindersley 1997).

The Gates of Twilight Paula Volsky (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57269-5, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], $6.50, 389pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1996) quasi-historical fantasy novel, set in an analog of the British Raj.

The White Tribunal Paula Volsky (Bantam Spectra 0-553-37846-5, Sep ’97 [Aug ’97], $13.95, 390pp, tp, cover by John Jude Palencar) Fantasy novel. A young man pawns his soul to avenge his father’s death.

Hocus Pocus Kurt Vonnegut (Berkley 0-425-16129-3, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $13.00, 322pp, tp) Reprint (Putnam 1990 as Hokus Pokus, Or What’s the Hurry, Son?) satirical literary SF novel.

Timequake Kurt Vonnegut (Putnam 0-399-13737-8, Sep ’97 [Oct ’97], $23.95, 219pp, hc, cover by Paul Bacon) Satirical, semi-autobiographical, literary millennial SF novel. Kilgore Trout predicts a global timequake for 2001 that forces everyone to relive the ’90s.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Coyote Moon John Vornholt (Pocket Archway 0-671-01714-4, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $3.99, 164pp, pb) [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer] Young-adult novelization based on the TV show based on the movie. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Primal Rage: The Avatars John Vornholt (Boulevard 1-57297-230-0, Mar ’97 [Jun ’97], $5.99, 245pp, pb) Novelization based on the video game. Copyrighted by Atari Games.

Star Trek: Mind Meld John Vornholt (Pocket 0-671-00258-9, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $5.99, 274pp, pb, cover by Dru Blair) [Star Trek] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Exorcisms and Ecstasies Karl Edward Wagner (Fedogan & Bremer 1-878252-28-3, Oct ’97, $32.00, 459pp, hc, cover by J. K. Potter) Collection of 32 horror and fantasy stories, two not previously published, and two poems, plus eight appreciations of Wagner by authors including Peter Straub, Brian Lumley, and Ramsay Campbell. Includes 16 unpaginated pages of photos, a “working bibliography” by Scott F. Wyatt and Stephen Jones, and an afterword by C. Bruce Hunter. Edited and with an introduction by Stephen Jones. A limited edition (-32-1) is also available. Order from Fedogan & Bremer, 3721 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55406.

The Merro Tree Katie Waitman (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-41436-5, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], $5.99, 437pp, pb, cover by Cliff Nielsen) SF novel. A performer famed on many worlds risks his life to defy the ban of his greatest act. A first novel.

Going Home Again Howard Waldrop (Eidolon 0-9586864-0-8, Feb ’97, A$19.95, 223pp, tp, cover by Rick Berry) Collection of nine stories, one original. There is an introduction by Waldrop, a foreword by Lucius Shepard, and a bibliography of Waldrop’s work. Order from Eidolon Publications, PO Box 225, North Perth, Western Australia 6006;

Feminist Fairy Tales Barbara G. Walker (HarperSanFrancisco 0-06-251320-6, Feb ’97 [Aug ’97], $12.00, 244pp, tp) Reprint (HarperSanFrancisco 1996) collection of 28 feminist revisions of fairy tales and myths.

Erling’s Word Lars Walker (Baen 0-671-87850-6, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $5.99, 308pp, pb, cover by Larry Elmore) Historical fantasy novel. An Irishman captured by Vikings pretends to be a priest.

Whiteout Sage Walker (Tor 0-312-86302-0, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], $13.95, 352pp, tp, cover by Bruce Jensen) Reprint (Tor 1996) near-future SF novel.

The Broom of the System David Foster Wallace (Avon 0-380-73030-8, Jul ’97 [Aug ’97], $6.99, 530pp, pb) Reprint (Viking 1987) literary SF novel.

Don’t Dream Donald Wandrei (Fedogan & Bremer 1-878252-27-5, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $29.00, 395pp, hc, cover by Jon Arfstrom) Collection of 26 stories, mostly horror and fantasy, with 14 miscellaneous items: prose poems, essays, and marginalia. Two stories and ten of the miscellany are original to this volume; three stories were previously uncollected. Introduction by Helen Mary Hughesdon; afterword by D.H. Olson. Illustrated by Rodger Gerberding. Available from Fedogan & Bremer, 4325 Hiawatha Ave #2115, Minneapolis MN 55406; 612-721-8848, fax -9491; add $2.00 shipping.

The Elfin Brood Orville J. Wanzer (Commonwealth Publications 1-55197-312-X, 1997 [Aug ’97], $5.99, 315pp, pb) Fantasy novel, book one in the “Elfin Trilogy”. Copyrighted 1996; the copyright page indicates this is a 1997 edition.

The Terraformers Stone Waters (Commonwealth Publications 1-55197-122-4, 1997 [Feb ’97], $4.99, 209pp, pb) SF/mystery novel. A man searches for his wife’s murderer, while corporations and governments compete for control of the bacteria she genetically engineered. Copyrighted 1995; the copyright page indicates this is a 1996 edition; not seen until now. Commonwealth Publications, 9764-45th Ave, Edmonton AB Canada T6E 5C5; orders 800-491-7737;; add $2.50 postage.

Carry Me Back Laura Watt (St. Martin’s 0-312-15075-X, Feb ’97 [Apr ’97], $21.95, 247pp, hc, cover by Honi Werner) Fantasy novel. An enchanted banjo carries a country-music lover back in time to meet Hank Williams. Compared to Jack Finney’s Time & Again.

Touched by the Gods Lawrence Watt-Evans (Tor 0-312-86060-9, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $24.95, 380pp, hc, cover by Tristan Elwell) Fantasy novel. A man marked at birth as the champion of the empire is reluctant to fulfill his fate.

Sci-Fi Private Eye ed. Charles G. Waugh & Martin H. Greenberg (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45592-4, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $5.99, 346pp, pb) Anthology of nine SF detective stories. Authors include Isaac Asimov, Donald Westlake, and Larry Niven.

Mennyms Alive Sylvia Waugh (Morrow Greenwillow 0-688-15201-5, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], $16.00, 224pp, hc, cover by Patrick Benson) [Mennyms] Young-adult fantasy novel, fifth and supposedly final book in the series about a family of rag dolls passing for human. First American edition (Julia McRae 1996).

Mennyms Under Siege Sylvia Waugh (Avon Camelot 0-380-72584-3, Mar ’97 [Feb ’97], $4.50, 212pp, tp, cover by Patrick Benson) [Mennyms] Reprint (Julia MacRae 1995) young-adult fantasy novel, third in the series.

Stealing My Rules Don Webb (Cyber-Psychos AOD 1-886988-05-6, Oct ’97, $5.00, 71pp, tp, cover by Christian Patchell) Collection of 12 stories and vignettes, five previously unpublished. Introduction by Paul Di Filippo. Illustrations by Christian Patchell. Order from Cyber-Psychos AOD, PO Box 581, Denver CO 80201; make checks payable to Jasmine Sailing; add $1.50 postage.

Gothic Ghosts ed. Wendy Webb & Charles Grant (Tor 0-312-86130-3, Oct ’97, $23.95, 256pp, hc, cover by Steven Johnson) Original anthology of 19 ghost stories. Authors include Esther M. Friesner, Brian Stableford, Nancy Holder, and Rick Hautala.

Honor Harrington: Honor Among Enemies David Weber (Baen 0-671-87783-6, Jun ’97 [May ’97], $6.99, 538pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) [Honor Harrington] Reprint (Baen 1996) military SF novel, sixth in the series.

Honor Harrington: In Enemy Hands David Weber (Baen 0-671-87793-3, Aug ’97 [Jul ’97], $22.00, 530pp, hc, cover by David Mattingly) [Honor Harrington] Military SF novel, seventh in the series about a female space-navy captain. Honor is captured by the People’s Republic of Haven.

Honor Harrington: In Enemy Hands David Weber (SFBC #18425, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], $10.98, 419pp, hc, cover by David Mattingly) [Honor Harrington] Reprint (Baen 1997) SF novel, seventh in the series about a female space-navy captain. This is similar to the Baen edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

More than Honor David Weber, David Drake & S. M. Stirling (Baen 0-671-87857-3, Jan ’98 [Dec ’97], $5.99, 371pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) Anthology of three novellas set in the “Honor Harrington” universe, but not featuring Honor herself. Weber provides a story of humans’ first meeting with tree cats, and an 80-page article on “The Universe of Honor Harrington”.

In Death Ground David Weber & Steve White (Baen 0-671-87779-8, May ’97 [Apr ’97], $6.99, 629pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) Military SF novel. Humans and their cat-like allies wage desperate war against invading Bugs.

The Black Flame Stanley G. Weinbaum (Tachyon Publications 0-9648320-8-9, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], $14.00, 202pp, tp, cover by Michael Dashow) [Black Margot] Reprint (Fantasy Press 1948) short SF novel about immortals. This is the “complete text” of part two only (the original book publication included the novella “Dawn of Flame”), from a rediscovered manuscript. Tachyon Publications, 1459 18th St. #139, San Francisco CA 94107; add $2.00 shipping per book.

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