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Rage of a Demon King Raymond E. Feist (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-224149-8, Apr ’97, £16.99, 463pp, hc, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Riftwar: Serpentwar] Fantasy novel. Book three of the Serpentwar Saga. Simultaneous with the US (Avon) edition.

A Night with Mephistopheles: Selected Works Henry Ferris (Tartarus Press 1-872621-26-0, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], £20.00, 254pp, hc) Collection of ghost stories and essays, including one originally ascribed to J. Sheridan Le Fanu. Edited and with an introduction by S.T. Joshi. Available from 5 Birch Terrace, Hangingbirch Lane, Horam, East Sussex TN21 0PA.

If He Lived: A Modern Ghost Story Jan Stephen Fink (Jonathan Cape 0-224-04362-5, Feb ’97 [Jul ’97], £9.99, 310pp, tp) Ghost novel.

Belin’s Hill Catherine Fisher (The Bodley Head 0-370-32271-1, May ’97 [Jul ’97], £9.99, 135pp, hc, cover by Tim Gaudion) Young-adult fantasy novel. Orphans are haunted, and hunted, by nightmares.

The Empty Hand Catherine Fisher (Red Fox 0-09-925182-5, May ’97, £3.50, 169pp, pb) [Snow Walker] Reissue (The Bodley Head 1995) young-adult fantasy novel. Second in the ‘Snow Walker’ trilogy.

The Snow Walker’s Son Catherine Fisher (Red Fox 0-09-925192-2, May ’97, £3.50, 154pp, pb) [Snow Walker] Reissue (The Bodley Head 1993) young-adult fantasy novel. First in the ‘Snow Walker’ trilogy.

The Soul Thieves Catherine Fisher (Red Fox 0-09-953971-3, May ’97, £3.50, 214pp, pb) [Snow Walker] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1996) Young-adult fantasy novel. Last in the ‘Snow Walker’ trilogy after The Snow Walker’s Son and The Empty Hand. The soul of a bride is stolen on her wedding day.

The Third Twin Ken Follett (Pan 0-330-34837-X, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], £5.99, 632pp, pb) Reprint (Crown 1996) genetic/SF thriller. The original hardcover was not seen.

The Machine Stops and other stories E. M. Forster (Andre Deutsch 0-233-99167-0, Jul ’97 [Dec ’97], £19.99, 190pp, hc) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1947) collection of mainstream and related stories.

The Dig Alan Dean Foster (Severn House 0-7278-5266-3, Oct ’97, £16.99, 334pp, hc) Reprint (Warner Aspect 1996) novelization based on the LucasArts CD-Rom game. First UK hardcover.

The Howling Stones Alan Dean Foster (Orbit 1-85723-488-X, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], £16.99, 330pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Humanx Commonwealth] Reprint (Del Rey 1997) SF novel of the “Humanx Commonwealth”, the same universe as the “Pip and Flinx” series. [First U.K. edition]

Life Form Alan Dean Foster (Severn House 0-7278-5104-7, Jan ’97, £16.99, 311pp, hc) Reprint (Ace 1995) SF novel of alien contact. First World Hardcover.

Mid-Flinx Alan Dean Foster (Orbit 1-85723-398-0, Jan ’97 [Dec ’96], £5.99, 346pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Pip & Flinx; Thranx] Reprint (Del Rey 1995) SF novel in the “Flinx & Pip” and “Midworld"series.

The Spoils of War: Book Three of The Damned Alan Dean Foster (Legend 0-09-922552-2, May ’97 [Mar ’97], £5.99, 296pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) [Damned] Reprint (Del Rey 1993) SF novel. Third in a future war series after A Call to Arms and The False Mirror. [First U.K. edition]

Disturbia Christopher Fowler (Warner UK 0-7515-1910-3, Jul ’97, £7.99, 342pp, tp, cover by Jay Eff) Urban dark fantasy novel. Vincent Reynolds must overcome ten challenges in a single night, or succumb to the secret conspiracy behind London’s streets. Issued with dustjacket.

The Magus: A Revised Version John Fowles (Vintage UK 0-09-974391-4, Feb ’97 [May ’97], £8.99, 656pp, tp, cover by Fletcher Sibthorp) Reprint (Little, Brown 1965) literary fantasy novel. Revised edition.

Recluse Derek M. Fox (Tanjen 0-9527183-0-8, 1996 [Mar ’97], £3.50, 86pp, tp, cover by Madeleine V. Finnegan) Horror novella. Published in 1996, but not seen until now.

The Shift George Foy (Bantam UK 0-553-50611-0, May ’97, £5.99, 518pp, pb, cover by Attard) [Shift] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1996) SF thriller. A virtual reality killer escapes into the real world. [First U.K. edition]

Star Trek, the Next Generation: Kahless Michael Jan Friedman (Pocket UK 0-671-00887-0, Mar ’97, £4.99, 307pp, pb) [Star Trek, the Next Generation] Reprint (Pocket 1996) Star Trek novelisation. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Making History Stephen Fry (Arrow 0-09-946481-0, Oct ’97, £5.99, 556pp, pb) Reprint (Hutchinson 1996) SF novel of parallel universes. Time-travellers’ attempts to stop the birth of Hitler become increasingly complex. The original hardcover was not seen.

Dhiammarra Maggie Furey (Legend 0-09-969811-0, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], £5.99, 473pp, pb, cover by Mick Van Houten) [Artefacts of Power] Fantasy novel. Book four of “The Artefacts of Power” tetralogy. A hardcover edition (-923582-X, £16.99) was announced but not seen.

Harp of Winds Maggie Furey (Legend 0-09-918922-4, Jan ’97, £16.99, 405pp, hc, cover by Mick Van Houten) [Artefacts of Power] Reprint (Legend 1994) fantasy novel. Book Two of “The Artefacts of Power”. First World Hardcover.

The Solitaire Mystery Jostein Gaarder (Phoenix 1-85799-865-0, Jun ’97 [Jul ’97], £6.99, 319pp, tp, cover by Sarah Perkins) Reprint (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1996) literary fantasy novel. The original UK hardcover (Phoenix House 1996) was not seen. Translated from the original Norwegian (H. Aschehoug & Co. 1990 as Kabalmysteriet).

The Drums of Autumn Diana Gabaldon (Century 0-7126-7623-6, Jan ’97 [Apr ’97], £16.99, 880pp, hc, cover by Janette Earney) [Outlander] Time travel/romance novel. Book four in the “Outlander” series. Published simultaneous with the US (Delacorte) edition.

The Drums of Autumn Diana Gabaldon (Arrow 0-09-966431-3, Jul ’97 [Jun ’97], £5.99, 1185pp, pb, cover by Janette Earney) [Outlander] Reprint (Century 1997) time travel/romance novel. Book 4 in the “Outlander” series.

The Sandman: Book of Dreams ed. Neil Gaiman & Edward E. Kramer (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-648278-3, Mar ’97, £5.99, 293pp, pb, cover by Dave McKean) Reprint (HarperPrism 1996) original anthology of 17 stories and one poem.

Missing the Midnight: Hauntings & Grotesques Jane Gardam (Sinclair-Stevenson 1-856196-73-9, Nov ’97, £10.00, 213pp, hc, cover by Hieronymus Bosch) Collection of 12 literary ghost and fantasy stories, three of which seem to be originals. A mini-hardback edition.

Doctor Who: The Roundheads Mark Gatiss (BBC Books 0-563-40576-7, Nov ’97, £4.99, 282pp, pb) [Doctor Who: New Adventures] Novelization based on the TV series. Book 6 of the BBC “New Adventures” series.

Dark Moon David A. Gemmell (Corgi 0-552-14253-0, Apr ’97, £5.99, 413pp, pb, cover by Jon Sullivan) Reprint (Bantam UK 1996) fantasy novel.

Echoes of the Great Song David A. Gemmell (Bantam UK 0-593-03715-4, Oct ’97 [Aug ’97], £16.99, 350pp, hc, cover by John Howe) Fantasy novel.

Winter Warriors David A. Gemmell (Bantam UK 0-593-03712-X, Apr ’97, £16.99, 316pp, hc, cover by John Howe) [Drenai] Fantasy novel in the “Drenai” series.

Winter Warriors David A. Gemmell (Corgi 0-552-14254-9, Oct ’97 [Aug ’97], £5.99, 412pp, pb, cover by John Howe) [Drenai] Reprint (Bantam UK 1997) fantasy novel.

Mars Attacks! Jonathan Gens (Signet UK 0-45-119640-6, Feb ’97 [Jan ’97], £5.99, 285pp, pb) Reprint (Signet 1996) novelization of the SF movie. [First U.K. edition]

The Calcutta Chromosome Amitav Ghosh (Picador 0-330-35331-4, Aug ’97, £6.99, 308pp, tp) Reprint (Ravi Dayal 1995) literary SF novel. Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best SF Novel of 1996.

Idoru William Gibson (Viking UK 0-670-85778-5, Oct ’96 [Jan ’97], £16.00, 292pp, hc) [Virtual Light] Reprint (Putnam 1996) SF novel. [First U.K. edition]

Idoru William Gibson (Viking UK 0-670-85779-3, Mar ’97, £9.99, 292pp, tp, cover by Gary Marsh) [Virtual Light] Reprint (Putnam 1996) SF novel.

Giger’s Film Design H. R. Giger (Titan 1-85286-656-X, Nov ’96 [Jan ’97], £19.99, 136pp, tp) Associational reference work, heavily illustrated (naturally). A hardcover edition (-719-1, £29.99) was announced but not seen.

Solomon Grundy Dan Gooch (Abacus 0-349-10910-9, Oct ’97 [Nov ’97], £9.99, 323pp, tp) Literary fantasy novel based on the classic poem.

Blood of the Fold Terry Goodkind (Orion 0-75280-666-1, Dec ’97, £6.99, 698pp, pb, cover by Kevin Murphy) [Sword of Truth] Reprint (Tor 1996) fantasy novel, Book Three of “The Sword of Truth”.

Temple of the Winds Terry Goodkind (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-506-0, Dec ’97, £17.99, 528pp, hc, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Sword of Truth] Reprint (Tor 1997) fantasy novel, Book Four of “The Sword of Truth”. [First U.K. edition]

Thorn: An Immortal Tale Frances Gordon (Headline 0-7472-1800-5, May ’97, £17.99, 312pp, hc, cover by Holly Warburton) Dark fantasy version of Sleeping Beauty. Gordon also writes as Bridget Wood.

Thorn: An Immortal Tale Frances Gordon (Headline 0-7472-5485-0, Oct ’97, £5.99, 442pp, pb, cover by Holly Warburton) Reprint (Headline 1997) dark fantasy version of Sleeping Beauty. Gordon also writes as Bridget Wood.

Scottish Ghost Stories ed. Giles Gordon (Lomond Books 1-85958-483-7, 1996 [Apr ’97], £5.99, 194pp, tp) Reprint (Hamish Hamilton 1976 as Prevailing Spirits) anthology of Scottish ghost stories. This is an instant remainder edition. Published in 1996, but not seen until now.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques John Grant & Ron Tiner (Titan 1-85286-891-0, Oct ’97, £12.99, 176pp, tp, cover by Simon Bisley) Reprint (Titan 1996) non-fiction “how-to” art book.

The Tin Drum Günter Grass (Secker &Warburg 0-436-20428-2, Sep ’96 [Jan ’97], £6.99, 568pp, hc) Reprint (Pantheon 1962) literary fantasy novel, translated from the German original (1959). One of a number of titles produced for and sold only in Waterstone’s bookshops. Issued without a dustjacket.

The Tin Drum Günter Grass (Minerva 0-7493-9475-7, Feb ’97, £8.99, 568pp, hc) Reprint (Pantheon 1962) literary fantasy novel, translated from the German (1959).

Mavis Belfrage: A Romantic Novel with Five Shorter Tales Alasdair Gray (Bloomsbury 0-7475-3089-0, Apr ’97, £5.99, 160pp, tp, cover by Alasdair Gray) Reprint (Bloomsbury 1996) associational collection of six stories, three original.

From Blood: Two Brothers Keith Gray (Mammoth 0-7497-2768-3, Apr ’97, £4.99, 231pp, tp, cover by Fletcher Sibthorp) Young-adult fantasy novel.

Furnace Muriel Gray (HarperCollins UK 0-00-225313-5, Oct ’97, £16.99, 338pp, hc, cover by Coneyl Jay) Dark fantasy novel. The small Virginia town of Furnace holds a decades-old evil.

Deathstalker Simon R. Green (Gollancz/Vista 0-575-60160-4, Mar ’97 [Jul ’97], £5.99, 571pp, pb, cover by Harvey Parker) [Deathstalker] Reprint (Penguin/Roc; Gollancz 1995) SF novel. Volume one in the series.

Deathstalker War Simon R. Green (Gollancz/Vista 0-575-60061-6, Mar ’97, £5.99, 570pp, pb, cover by Peter Mennim) [Deathstalker] SF novel. Volume three in the “Deathstalker” series, set in the same universe as the “Mistworld” sequence.

The Plenty Principle Colin Greenland (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-649906-6, Mar ’97, £5.99, 427pp, pb) Collection of 19 stories, including five originals, each with a brief introduction. Two are in the “Tabitha Jute” series.

neoAddix Jon Courtenay Grimwood (NEL 0-340-67472-5, Jan ’97, £5.99, 359pp, pb, cover by Paul Young) [neoAddix] SF novel. First in a series.

Plex Philip Gross (Scholastic UK 0-590-13415-9, May ’97, £3.50, 126pp, pb, cover by David Wyatt) Reprint (Scholastic UK 1994) young-adult SF novel.

Mercer’s Whore J. K. Haderack (Ripping Publishing 1-899884-19-X, Sep ’97 [Nov ’97], £5.99, 375pp, pb) Fantasy novel.

Wait Till Helen Comes Mary Downing Hahn (Mammoth 0-7497-0487-X, Nov ’97 [Dec ’97], £3.99, 190pp, pb) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1986) young-adult ghost novel.

Scaremongers ed. Andrew Haigh (Tanjen 1-901530-07-8, Sep ’97 [Dec ’97], £6.99, 280pp, tp) Original horror anthology of 25 stories. Authors include Ray Bradbury, Peter Crowther, Poppy Z. Brite, and Joan Aiken.

The Flying Sorcerers ed. Peter Haining (Souvenir Press 0-285-63388-0, Aug ’97, £16.99, 267pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) Humorous fantasy anthology.

Timescapes ed. Peter Haining (Souvenir Press 0-285-63387-2, Aug ’97, £16.99, 288pp, hc) SF anthology of 24 stories.

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