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The Blooding Patricia Windsor (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-69371-1, Jul ’97, £3.99, 281pp, pb, cover by Michael Steward) Reprint (Scholastic 1996) young-adult werewolf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Chung Kuo: Book Eight: The Marriage of the Living Dark David Wingrove (Hodder & Stoughton 0-450-56419-3, Jul ’97, £16.99, 455pp, hc) [Chung Kuo] SF novel. Final volume of the political epic set in a Chinese-dominated future.

Chung Kuo: Book Eight: The Marriage of the Living Dark David Wingrove (NEL 0-340-68885-8, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], £6.99, 644pp, pb, cover by Mark Harrison) [Chung Kuo] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1997) SF novel. Last volume of the political epic set in a Chinese-dominated future.

Dark Visions ed. Douglas E. Winter (Gollancz/Vista 0-575-60154-X, Feb ’97 [Jul ’97], £5.99, 381pp, pb, cover by Splash) Reprint (Dark Harvest 1988 as Night Visions 5) original horror anthology.

Millennium ed. Douglas E. Winter (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-224634-1, May ’97 [Jul ’97], £16.99, 451pp, hc) Collection of original SF/dark fantasy stories forming a braided novel. Simultaneous with the US (HarperPrism) edition as Revelations.

Millennium ed. Douglas E. Winter (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-649833-7, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], £6.99, 630pp, pb) Reprint (HarperPrism as Revelations; Voyager 1997) anthology of original SF/dark fantasy stories. A trade paperback (export only) edition (0-00-224635-X, £9.99) was published 24 July 97.

Exodus from the Long Sun Gene Wolfe (NEL 0-340-63836-2, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], £5.99, 386pp, pb, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Book of the Long Sun] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1996) SF novel. Fourth and last in the “Long Sun” series.

Let’s Put the Future Behind Us Jack Womack (Flamingo 0-00-225562-6, Jan ’97 [Jul ’97], £8.99, 310pp, tp, cover by John Gall) Reprint (Atlantic Monthly 1996) associational novel set in a post-Soviet Russia. [First U.K. edition]

Faraday’s Orphans N. Lee Wood (Gollancz/Vista 0-575-60130-2, Jul ’97, £5.99, 351pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) Reprint (Gollancz 1996) SF novel.

Volcano Richard Woodley (HarperCollins UK 0-00-651048-5, Oct ’97 [Sep ’97], £5.99, 210pp, pb) Novelization of the near-future SF film of a volcanic eruption in Los Angeles.

You Can’t Sing Without Me Anne Worboys (Piatkus 0-7499-3012-8, Feb ’97 [Apr ’97], £5.99, 296pp, tp, cover by Angelo Rinaldi) Reprint (Piatkus 1996) dark fantasy romance.

A Scientific Romance Ronald Wright (Anchor UK 1-86230-011-9, Sep ’97, £9.99, 352pp, tp, cover by Pedro Lobo) [Time Machine] SF novel. A first novel. The return of H.G. Wells’s time machine allows an archeologist to travel into a decimated future Britain.

Fugitive Prince Janny Wurts (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-224076-9, Nov ’97 [Oct ’97], £16.99, 565pp, hc, cover by Don Maitz) [Wars of Light and Shadow] Fantasy novel, volume four in “The Wars of Light and Shadows”, and first book of “The Alliance of Light”. Simultaneous with the US (HarperPrism) edition. A trade paperback edition (-224077-7, £9.99) was announced but not seen.

Across the Flame Jonathan Wylie (Orbit 1-85723-468-5, Apr ’97 [Mar ’97], £6.99, 376pp, pb, cover by Keith Scaife) Reprint (Orbit 1996) dark fantasy novel. A young female artist is pursued for help by a sorcerer who has been trapped in a painting for centuries. Wylie is a pseudonym of Julia Smith and Mark J.A. Smith.

Magister Jonathan Wylie (Orbit 1-85723-515-0, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], £6.99, 388pp, pb) Contemporary fantasy novel set in a world where magic is considered a performing art. A student investigates a late master’s secrets.

Star Wars: Specter of the Past Timothy Zahn (Bantam UK 0-593-03990-4, Dec ’97 [Nov ’97], £12.99, 344pp, hc, cover by Drew Struzan) [Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1997) original SF novel based on the series. First of “The Hand of Thrawn” duology. [First U.K. edition]

New Territories: The Computer Visions of Jürgen Ziewe Jürgen Ziewe (Paper Tiger 1-85028-407-5, Jun ’97, £14.99, 128pp, tp, cover by Jürgen Ziewe) Art book. Text by Nigel Suckling.

The Doom Stone Paul Zindel (Red Fox 0-09-954271-4, Mar ’96 [Feb ’96], £3.50, 133pp, pb) Reprint (HarperCollins 1995) young-adult dark fantasy novel.

The Frequency of Souls Mary Kay Zuravleff (Vintage UK 0-09-973141-X, Aug ’97, £5.99, 244pp, tp, cover by Tony Campbell) Reprint (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1996) literary SF/fantasy novel. The new physics make establishing contact with the dead slightly easier than establishing relationships with the living. The UK hardback edition (Chatto & Windus 1996) was not seen.

The Ash-Tree Press Annual Macabre 1997 ed. Jack Adrian (Ash-Tree Press 1-899562-37-0, Oct ’97, C$35.00, 68pp, hc, cover by Rob Suggs) Anthology of four weird stories by women writers whose supernatural output is small. This is a limited edition of 500. A world-wide edition available in the US for $25.50 and in the UK for £16.00.

Return to Lovecraft Country ed. Scott David Aniolowski (Lockport, NY: Triad Entertainments 1575025353, 1997, $11.95, 234pp, tp)

Future Visions ed. Anon. (Gollancz/Focus Magazines, 1997, no price, 187pp, pb) Anthology of five stories and three novel exstracts, a free gift with the magazine Focus.

Great Ghost Stories ed. Anon. (London: Reader’s Digest Association Limited 0-276-42330-5, 1997, 528pp, hc) Anthology of 46 ghost stories selected by editors of The Reader’s Digest.

Point Horror Collection 10: A terrifying trio in one! ed. Anon. (Scholastic UK 0-590-19499-2, Sep ’97 [Oct ’97], £6.99, 535pp, pb) Young-adult omnibus of 3 dark fantasy novels - The Watcher (Lael Littke, 1994); The Boy Next Door (Sinclair Smith, 1994); and The Hitchhiker (R L Stine, 1993).

Side Effects ed. Maria Augusta & António de Macedo (Simetria Portugal 972-97495-0-7, Sep ’97, tp, cover by João Cesário) Original anthology of nine stories, including one reprint by Joe Haldeman.

The Outcast Patricia Bernard (HarperCollinsAustralia/Moonstone 0-7322-5768-9, Mar ’97 [1998], A$11.95, 295pp, pb, cover by Bart Muller) Young-adult SF novel, book one of the “Outcast” trilogy. Far-future novel of humanity devided between chip-enhanced city dwellers and the farming communities outside.

Dogs Think That Every Day Is Christmas Ray Bradbury (Gibbs-Smith, 1997, hc) Long poem. Originally a small broadside as “Dogs Think That Every Day Is Christmas: An Additional Holiday 1995 Poem” sent by Bradbury for Christmas.

Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury (G.K. Thorndike, ME: Hall 0-7838-8313-7, 1997, hc) Reprint (Ballantine 1953) classic sf short novel, with a new foreword by the author. A special 40th anniversary edition in large print.

The October Country Ray Bradbury (Springfield, PA: Gauntlet, 1997, hc) Reprint (Ballantine 1955) collection. Includes the original introduction written in 1955 by Bradbury but never used.

Quicker than the Eye Ray Bradbury (Franklin Center, PA: Franklin Library, 1997, hc) Reprint (Avon 1996) collection of 21 stories. Includes a new introduction by Bradbury.

Quicker than the Eye Ray Bradbury (Thorndike, ME: Thorndike Press, 1997, hc) Reprint (Avon 1996) collection of 21 stories. Large print edition.

With Cat for Comforter Ray Bradbury (Gibbs-Smith 0-87905-752-1, 1997, hc, cover by Louise Reinoehl Max) Long poem. Originally appeared as a broadside; “Christmas Greeting 1986.”

Someone in the Room: Strange Tales Old and New A. M. Burrage (Ash-Tree Press 1-899562-38-9, Nov ’97, C$53.00, xiii+304pp, hc, cover by Douglas Walters) Collection of 28 supernatural stories. 14 of the stories comprise Burrage’s rare second collection, Someone in the Room, published under the pseudonym ’Ex-Private-X’ in 1931. Five stories are the sole original tales from the almost equally elusive Between the Minute and the Hour (1967); of the rest, seven are now collected in book form for the first time. Edited and with an Introduction by Jack Adrian. This edition is limited to 500 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $40.00 and in the UK for £25.00.

Out of This World: stories of virtual reality ed. Wendy Cooling (Dolphin 1-85881-602-5, Nov ’97, £1.00, 72pp, pb, cover by George Smith) Young-adult anthology of 5 original SF/fantasy stories.

Scared Stiff: horror stories ed. Wendy Cooling (Dolphin 1-85881-599-1, Nov ’97, £1.00, 74pp, pb, cover by George Smith) Young-adult anthology of 5 original horror stories.

Simply Spooky: ghost stories ed. Wendy Cooling (Dolphin 1-85881-601-7, Nov ’97, £1.00, 70pp, pb, cover by George Smith) Young-adult anthology of 5 original ghost stories.

Stranger Than Ever: mysterious stories ed. Wendy Cooling (Dolphin 1-85881-600-9, Nov ’97, £1.00, 72pp, pb, cover by George Smith) Young-adult anthology of 5 original SF/fantasy stories.

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