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Shadow Child Joseph A. Citro (University Press of New England 0-87451-884-9, Oct ’98, $14.95, 284pp, tp, cover by Wendell Minor) [Shadow Child] Reprint (Zebra 1987) horror novel of evil in the Vermont woods. Order from University Press of New England, 23 S. Main St., Hanover NH 03755-2048; credit card orders 800-421-1561.

Shadow Dawn Chris Claremont & George Lucas (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57289-X, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $5.99, 511pp, pb, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Shadow War] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1997) fantasy novel, second in the “Shadow War” chronicles, a sequel to Willow. The book is credited as by Claremont, with “story by George Lucas.” Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

The Alchemy of Love ed. Alan M. Clark & Elizabeth Engstrom (Triple Tree Publishing 0-9666272-2-9, Dec ’98, $49.95, 403pp, hc, cover by Alan M. Clark) Art book/collection of eight stories by Engstrom and pieces of art by Clark, four stories based on Clark’s art, four artworks based Engstrom’s stories. One story was previously published in slightly different form. Introduction by Jack Ketchum. This is a signed, limited edition of 500. Order from TripleTree Publishing, PO Box 5684, Eugene OR 97405; 541-484-1682;; add $5.00 postage.

Imagination Fully Dilated ed. Alan M. Clark & Elizabeth Engstrom (CD Publications 1-881475-35-2, May ’98 [Dec ’98], $75.00, 526pp, hc, cover by Alan M. Clark) Art book/original anthology of 28 stories based on the horror art of Alan M. Clark. Authors include Poppy Z. Brite, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Crowther, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Introduction by Tim Powers. Includes 29 pieces of tipped-in art. This is a signed, limited edition of 750; a deluxe leatherbound, slipcased edition with additional art ($195) is also available.

Earth Herald Jan Clark (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45638-6, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $5.99, 348pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) [Prodigy] SF novel, sequel to Prodigy. Rieka Degahv mediates between the rebuilding Earth and the alien Commonwealth.

3001: The Final Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42349-6, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $6.99, 274pp, pb, cover by David Stevenson) [Space Odyssey] Reprint (Del Rey; Voyager 1997) SF novel. Fourth and (maybe) final book in the “Odyssey” series. An international mass market edition apparently appeared in November 1997.

Earthlight Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43070-0, Oct ’98, $10.00, 194pp, tp, cover by Heather Kern) Reprint (Ballantine 1955) classic SF novel.

Expedition to Earth Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43073-5, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $10.00, 178pp, tp) Reprint (Ballantine 1953) collection. There is a new preface by Clarke.

Reach for Tomorrow Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43071-9, Oct ’98, $10.00, 188pp, tp, cover by Heather Kern) Reprint (Ballantine 1956) collection.

Tales from the White Hart Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43072-7, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $10.00, 173pp, tp, cover by Min Choi) [Harry Purvis (White Hart)] Reprint (Ballantine 1957) collection.

Beyond the Fall of Night Arthur C. Clarke & Gregory Benford (Ace 0-441-05612-1, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $5.99, 339pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Against the Fall of Night] Reissue (Ace/Putnam 1990) SF “novel” patched together from Clarke’s short novel and Benford’s sequel. Fifth printing.

Cradle Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee (Warner Aspect 0-446-35601-8, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $5.99, 408pp, pb, cover by Jim Warren) Reissue (Gollancz; Warner 1988) SF novel. 10th printing.

The Work of William F. Nolan: An Annotated Bibliography & Literary Guide: Second Edition Boden Clarke & James Hopkins (Borgo Press 0-8095-1518-0, 1997 [Feb ’98], $25.00, 256pp, tp) Non-fiction, reference. This is an extensively revised, updated second edition of a 1988 edition not previously listed, and includes a new preface by Nolan, and two previously unpublished pieces, a story and an autobiographical essay. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $3.00 shipping. Credit card orders: 909-884-5813, fax 909-888-4942. [William F. Nolan]

Drum Calls Jo Clayton (Tor 0-812-55123-0, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $6.99, 341pp, pb, cover by Greg Call) [Drums of Chaos] Reprint (Tor 1997) fantasy novel, second in the “Drums of Chaos” series.

Overshoot Mona Clee (Ace 0-441-00509-8, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $5.99, 388pp, pb, cover by Diane Fenster) Near-future SF novel of global warming and genetic engineering.

The Halloween Man Douglas Clegg (Leisure 0-8439-4440-4, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $5.50, 360pp, pb) Horror novel. A coastal New England town holds the secret behind Stony Crawford and the boy with strange powers he kidnaps.

Wit’ch Fire Jim Clemens (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-41705-4, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $13.95, 439pp, tp, cover by Gerald Brom) [Banned and the Banished] Fantasy novel, book one of “The Banned and the Banished”. A girl turns out to be the forbidden Wit’ch, a woman who can use magic and will change the world. A first novel.

Wit’ch Fire Jim Clemens (SFBC #19911, Nov ’98, $11.98, 439pp, hc, cover by Gerald Brom) [Banned and the Banished] Reprint (Del Rey 1998) fantasy novel, book one of “The Banned and the Banished”. This is the first hardcover edition, and has ISBN 1-56865-902-4; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

How Like a God Brenda W. Clough (Tor 0-812-57136-3, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $5.99, 288pp, pb, cover by Rick Berry) Reprint (Tor 1997) contemporary fantasy novel.

The Broken Sword Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy (Tor 0-812-54513-3, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $6.99, 468pp, pb, cover by Greg Call) [Forever King] Reprint (Tor 1997) Arthurian contemporary fantasy novel, sequel to The Forever King.

Shadow Castle Marian Cockrell (Buccaneer Books 0-89968-315-0, Aug ’97 [Jan ’98], $21.95, 143pp, hc) Reprint (McGraw-Hill 1945) young-adult fantasy novel. Illustrated by Olive Bailey. Order from Buccaneer Books, PO Box 168, Cutchogue NY 11935; 516-734-5724; fax 516-734-7920.

Children of Amarid David B. Coe (Tor 0-812-55254-7, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $6.99, 591pp, pb, cover by Romas Kukalis) [LonTobyn Chronicle] Reprint (Tor 1997) fantasy novel, first in “The LonTobyn Chronicle”.

The Outlanders David B. Coe (Tor 0-312-86447-7, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $26.95, 409pp, hc, cover by Romas Kukalis) [LonTobyn Chronicle] Fantasy novel, second in “The LonTobyn Chronicle”.

Wizard of the Winds Allan Cole (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-40177-8, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $6.99, 422pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) [Timuras] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1997 as When the Gods Slept) fantasy novel. Book One of the “Timura” trilogy, inspired by “The Rubaiyat” of Omar Khayyam.

Wolves of the Gods Allan Cole (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-40179-4, Mar ’98, $13.00, 387pp, tp, cover by Stephen Hickman) [Timuras] Fantasy novel. Book two of the “Tales of the Timuras” trilogy. First US edition (Hodder & Stoughton 2/98).

Scaring Us to Death: The Impact of Stephen King on Popular Culture: Second Edition Michael R. Collings (Borgo Press 0-930261-38-0, 1997 [Feb ’98], $21.00, 167pp, tp) Critical non-fiction discussion of King’s works, with chronology, selected bibliography, and index. This is a significantly expanded, updated version of the 1987 Starmont House edition, The Stephen King Phenomenon. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $3.00 shipping. Credit card orders: 909-884-5813, fax 909-888-4942.

Angels on Fire Nancy A. Collins (White Wolf 1-56504-909-8, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $11.99, 234pp, tp, cover by Thom Ang) Dark fantasy novel. A despairing woman finds an unconscious angel on the roof of her New York City apartment building.

The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy ed. Paul Collins (Melbourne University Press 0-522-84802-8, Jun ’98, A$29.95, tp) Non-fiction, reference guide to Australian SF. Foreword by Peter Nicholls. A hardcover edition (-84771-4, A$39.95) was announced but not seen. Order from Melbourne University Press, PO Box 278, Carlton South, Victoria, Australia; e-mail:

Helen’s Passage Diana M. Concannon (Cavatica Publishing 0-9662199-0-2, May ’98, $22.95, 363pp, hc, cover by Keith Kimura) Historical fantasy novel of Helen of Troy. A first novel. Order from Cavatica Publishing, 1262 Beryl St, Suite 30, Redondo Beach CA 90277; 310-371-1036.

Iconoclastic Departures: Mary Shelley After Frankenstein: Essays in Honor of the Bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s Birth ed. Syndy M. Conger, Frederick S. Frank & Gregory O’Dea (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 0-8386-3684-5, Nov ’97 [May ’98], $49.50, 362pp, hc) Critical non-fiction, a collection of 14 essays, plus a bibliography of Shelley’s “other” fiction, and index. This is dated 1997, but not seen until now. [Mary W. Shelley]

The Queen of Darkness Miguel Conner (Warner Aspect 0-446-60506-9, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $5.99, 276pp, pb, cover by Michel Bohbot) Post-holocaust SF novel. Vampires rule Earth after nuclear wars darken the skies.

Ravenloft: Shadowborn William W. Connors & Carrie A. Bebris (TSR 0-7869-0766-5, Mar ’98, $5.99, 314pp, tp, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Ravenloft] Novelization based on the dark fantasy role-playing game. Copyrighted by TSR.

Stonewords Pam Conrad (HarperTrophy 0-06-440354-8, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $4.95, 130pp, pb, cover by Stephen Johnson) [Stonewords] Reprint (Harper & Row 1990) young-adult time travel/ghost story. Winner of the Edgar for Best Children’s Mystery.

Copper Moon Roxanne Conrad (Penguin/Onyx 0-451-19164-1, Jul ’97 [Jul ’98], $5.99, pb) Horror novel. A musician may be the reincarnation of a victim of a serial killer who has just been released from jail.

Stalking Tender Prey Storm Constantine (Meisha Merlin 0-9658345-4-9, Jun ’98 [Jul ’98], $16.00, 484pp, tp, cover by Rick Berry) [Grigori Trilogy] Dark fantasy novel, first in the “Grigori” trilogy. There is a new introduction by Constantine. First US edition (Creed 1995). Order from Meisha Merlin Publishing, PO Box 7, Decatur GA 30031.

Three Heralds of the Storm Storm Constantine (Meisha Merlin 0-9658345-1-4, Jun ’97 [Jan ’98], $5.00, 60pp, ph) Chapbook collection of three stories, one original. This has a 1997 copyright, but was not seen until now. Order from Meisha Merlin Publishing, PO Box 7, Decatur GA 30031; add $0.50 postage.

Warrior of Shadows D. J. Conway (Llewellyn 1-56718-178-3, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $9.95, 333pp, tp, cover by Kris Waldherr) [Dream Warrior] Fantasy novel, third in the trilogy begun in Dream Warrior. A girl-thief with psychic talents helps stop invasion by evil forces. Available from Llewellyn, PO Box 64383, St. Paul MN 55164-0383; credit card orders 800-843-6666.

Forgotten Realms: Uneasy Alliances David Cook & Peter Archer (TSR 0-7869-0870-X, May ’98, $2.99, 88pp, tp, cover by Heather LeMay) [Forgotten Realms] Novellazation based on the “Forgotten Realms” role-playing game. “Double Diamond Triangle Saga” book seven. Copyrighted by TSR.

She is the Darkness Glen Cook (Tor 0-812-55533-3, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $6.99, 470pp, pb, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) [Black Company: Glittering Stone] Reprint (Tor 1997) fantasy novel, seventh in the “Black Company” series, book two of the “Glittering Stone” subseries.

Invasion Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-15540-4, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $6.99, 338pp, pb) Reissue (Berkley 1997) near-future thriller of an alien plague. This is a TV tie-in. Fifth printing.

Mortal Fear Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-11388-4, Jul ’98 [Oct ’98], $7.99, 364pp, pb) Reissue (Putnam 1988) SF medical thriller about a virus that accelerates aging. 31st printing.

Mutation Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-11965-3, Oct ’98, $7.50, 338pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) Reissue (Putnam 1989) medical thriller about genetic engineering. 23rd printing.

Outbreak Robin Cook (Berkley 0-425-10687-X, Jun ’98, $7.50, 340pp, pb) Reprint (Putnam 1987) SF medical thriller. 34th printing.

Margaret Atwood: A Biography Nathalie Cooke (ECW Press 1-55022-308-9, Oct ’98, C$24.95, 378pp, hc, cover by Charles Pachter) Associational non-fiction, biography. Includes notes and index. Order from ECW Press, 2120 Queen St. E., Suite 200, Toronto ON Canada M4E 1E2. [Margaret Atwood]

Secret Realms Tom Cool (Tor 0-312-86417-5, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $22.95, 304pp, hc) SF novel. Warriors raised in virtual reality discover the real world — and a real war.

Prisoner of Time Caroline B. Cooney (Delacorte 0-385-32244-5, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $15.95, 200pp, hc, cover by Kamil Vojnar) [Time Travelers] Young-adult time-travel romance, third in the series beginning with Both Sides of Time. A desperate Victorian girl flees to the future.

The Boggart and the Monster Susan Cooper (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 0-689-82286-3, Aug ’98, $4.50, 185pp, tp, cover by Joe Burleson) [Boggart] Reprint (McElderry 1997) young-adult fantasy novel, sequel to The Boggart.

Briar Rose Robert Coover (Grove 0-8021-3541-2, Jan ’98 [Feb ’98], $11.00, 86pp, tp) Reprint (Grove/Atlantic 1997) literary fantasy novella retelling of “Sleeping Beauty”.

The Public Burning Robert Coover (Grove/Atlantic 0-8021-3527-7, Oct ’97 [May ’98], $14.00, 534pp, tp, cover by Michael Tedesco) Reprint (Viking 1977) wildly satirical alternate history. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are executed by burning in Times Square, while Richard Nixon dreams of becoming the superhero Uncle Sam — currently the alter-ego of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This has a new introduction by William H. Gass.

Enemy of God Bernard Cornwell (St. Martin’s/Griffin 0-312-18714-9, Jun ’98 [Apr ’98], $14.95, 397pp, tp, cover by Bill Gregory & W. Hatherell) [Warlord Chronicles] Reprint (Michael Joseph 1996) Arthurian novel, sequel to The Winter King.

Excalibur Bernard Cornwell (St. Martin’s 0-312-18575-8, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $24.95, 436pp, hc, cover by David Bowers) [Warlord Chronicles] Arthurian novel, final in the trilogy that began with The Winter King. First US edition (Michael Joseph 1997).

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Night of the Living Rerun Arthur Byron Cover (Pocket Archway 0-671-01715-2, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $4.50, 178pp, pb) [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer] Young-adult novelization based on the TV show based on the movie. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

A Glory of Unicorns ed. Bruce Coville (Scholastic 0-590-95943-3, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $16.95, 198pp, hc, cover by Alix Berenzy) Young-adult original anthology of 12 unicorn stories, one a reprint. Authors include Sean Stewart, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Nancy Varian Berberick.

Star Trek, the Next Generation: The Q Continuum: Q-Space Greg Cox (Pocket 0-671-01915-5, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], $6.50, 271pp, pb, cover by Dru Blair) [Star Trek, the Next Generation: Q Continuum] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, the Next Generation: The Q Continuum: Q-Strike Greg Cox (Pocket 0-671-01922-8, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $6.50, 272pp, pb) [Star Trek, the Next Generation: Q Continuum] Star Trek novelization, third in the trilogy. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, the Next Generation: The Q Continuum: Q-Zone Greg Cox (Pocket 0-671-01921-X, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], $6.50, 270pp, pb, cover by Dru Blair) [Star Trek, the Next Generation: Q Continuum] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek: The Q Continuum Greg Cox (SFBC #01735, Jan ’99 [Dec ’98], $14.98, 535pp, hc, cover by Dru Blair) [Star Trek, the Next Generation: Q Continuum] Omnibus of three novelizations based on Star Trek, the Next Generation: Q-Space, Q-Zone, and Q-Strike (all Pocket 1998). This special SFBC edition has ISBN 1-56865-954-7; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Einstein’s Bridge John Cramer (Avon Eos 0-380-78831-4, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $3.99, 310pp, pb) Reprint (Avon 1997) near-future, very hard SF novel. This lacks the afterword and glossary of the hardcover edition.

Eaters of the Dead Michael Crichton (Ballantine 0-345-35461-3, Dec ’98, $7.99, 278pp, pb) Reissue (Knopf 1976) retelling of “Beowulf”. This is a movie tie-in edition. 41st printing.

Sphere Michael Crichton (Ballantine 0-345-35314-5, Dec ’97 [Jan ’98], $6.99, 371pp, pb) Reissue (Knopf 1987) SF novel. A movie tie-in edition. This says 10th printing, although the most recent “Soon to be a major motion picture” edition seen was a 108th printing.

The Republic of Dreams G. Garfield Crimmins (Norton 0-393-04633-8, Sep ’98 [Oct ’98], $21.95, 95pp, hc, cover by G. Garfield Crimmins) Fantasy novella/travelogue with enclosed maps, postcards, passport, etc. The author discovers his alter ego living in Rêves, a land hated by the League of Common Sense.

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