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Holiday in Death J. D. Robb (Berkley 0-425-16371-7, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $6.99, 308pp, pb) [Eve Dallas] Near-future SF mystery novel, seventh in the “Eve Dallas” series. A serial-killer Santa interrupts Eve’s Christmas season. Robb is a pen name for Nora Roberts. Berkley is packaging these as “romantic suspense.”

Souls to Keep David L. Robbins (HarperCollins 0-06-101300-5, 1998 [Jul ’98], $23.00, 303pp, hc) Horror novel. An exotic dancer’s soul invades the body of a woman in an unsatisfactory marriage, and the two battle for body and husband. A first novel.

Lady of the Glen Jennifer Roberson (Kensington 1-57566-289-2, May ’98 [Mar ’98], $6.99, 556pp, pb, cover by Yvonne Gilbert) Reprint (Kensington 1996) associational Scottish historical romance.

Sword-Born Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-776-3, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $24.95, hc, cover by Jim Burns) [Tiger & Del] Fantasy novel, sixth in the “Sword-Dancer Saga”. Del accompanies Tiger on a quest for his true identity.

Sword-Born Jennifer Roberson (SFBC #17461, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $12.50, 416pp, hc, cover by Jim Burns) [Tiger & Del] Reprint (DAW 1998) fantasy novel, sixth in the “Sword-Dancer Saga”. This is similar to the DAW edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Sword-Dancer Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-376-8, Apr ’98, $5.99, 286pp, pb, cover by Kathy Wyatt) [Tiger & Del] Reissue (DAW 1986) sword & sorcery novel, first in the “Swords” series. 14th printing.

Sword-Singer Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-447-0, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $5.99, 382pp, pb, cover by Kathy Wyatt) [Tiger & Del] Reissue (DAW 1988) sword & sorcery novel, second in the “Swords” series. Eighth printing.

Conan the Rogue John Maddox Roberts (Tor 0-812-52141-2, Jan ’99 [Dec ’98], $5.99, 304pp, pb, cover by Ken Kelly) [Conan] Reissue (Tor 1991) fantasy novelization based on Robert E. Howard’s classic character. Second printing.

Lemady: Episodes of a Writer’s Life Keith Roberts (Borgo Press 0-8095-3101-1, 1997 [Feb ’98], $21.00, 168pp, tp, cover by Keith Roberts) Non-fiction autobiography, described as “a wry memoir”; it skirts the line between fiction and remembrance. Order from Borgo Press, PO Box 2845, San Bernardino CA 92406-2845; add $3.00 shipping. Credit card orders: 909-884-5813, fax 909-888-4942.

1999: Apocalypse Maybe D. H. Robinson (Kalos Press 0-9658820-0-4, 1997 [Apr ’98], $12.95, 246pp, tp, cover by Chris Wright) Science fantasy novel. Scientists and psychics working together use Nostradamus’s prophecies to prevent the apocalyptic collision of a black hole with Earth. This is copyrighted 1997, and mentions an “original version” copyrighted 1995, but not seen until now. A first novel. Order from Kalos Press, 3524 N. Southport, Suite 154, Chicago IL 60657.

Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines Frank M. Robinson & Lawrence Davidson (Collectors Press 1-888054-12-3, Feb ’98, $39.95, 204pp, hc, cover by Enoch Bolles) Lavishly illustrated pictorial history of the pulp magazines from the first issue of Argosy to 1950. The text covers pulp fiction in general; lack of specifics on the art and artists, and the absence of an index, make this of limited use as reference, but you do get the lowdown on Spicy Zeppelin Stories and other obscure items — and the best selection and reproduction of pulp covers you’re ever likely to see. A limited edition is also available ($95.00). Order from Collectors Press, PO Box 230986, Portland OR 97281; credit card orders 800-423-1848.

Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson (Bantam 0-553-10063-7, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $24.95, 511pp, hc, cover by P. A. Nisbet) SF novel. Politicians, corporations, adventurers, and ecological terrorists fight over control of Antarctic development. First US edition (HarperCollins/Voyager 1997).

Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson (SFBC #18810, Sep ’98, $12.50, 511pp, hc, cover by P. A. Nisbet) Reprint (Voyager 1997) contemporary SF novel. This is similar to the Bantam edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Icehenge Kim Stanley Robinson (Tor/Orb 0-312-86609-7, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $13.95, 287pp, tp) [Icehenge] Reprint (Ace 1984) SF novel.

User Friendly Spider Robinson (Baen 0-671-87864-6, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $5.99, 282pp, pb) Collection of 17 short pieces, including three essays, one speech, two raps, and 11 stories.

Noirotica 2: Pulp Friction ed. Thomas S. Roche (Masquerade/Rhinoceros 1-56333-584-0, Dec ’97 [Apr ’98], $7.95, 465pp, pb, cover by Eric Stanton) Associational original anthology of 23 stories of erotic crime, two reprints. Authors include Brian Hodge, Lucy Taylor, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Jeff Gelb. Available from Masquerade Direct, 801 2nd Ave, New York NY 10017; credit card orders 800-375-2356; add $1.50 postage.

The Stars Dispose Michaela Roessner (Tor 0-812-55014-5, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $6.99, 408pp, pb, cover by Richard Bober) [Stars Dispose] Reprint (Tor 1997) historical fantasy novel of Caterina de Medici and Renaissance Florence.

Samurai Cat Goes to Hell Mark E. Rogers (Tor 0-312-86642-9, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $13.95, 317pp, tp, cover by Mark E. Rogers) [Samurai Cat] Humorous fantasy spoof, sixth and supposedly final book in the series.

The Problem of the Missing Miss Roberta Rogow (St. Martin’s 0-312-18553-7, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $22.95, 261pp, hc) [Arthur Conan Doyle; Charles Dodgson] Associational mystery. Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) search for a kidnapped girl named Alicia and become advocates against child abuse. A first novel by a well-known fan writer.

Vampire Hunter Michael Romkey (Ballantine/Fawcett Gold Medal 0-449-00200-4, Jan ’99 [Dec ’98], $5.99, 308pp, pb) [I, Vampire] Vampire novel. A vampire has hidden for years inside the Titanic.

Keepers of the Hidden Ways, Book Three: The Crimson Sky Joel Rosenberg (Avon Eos 0-380-78932-9, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], $5.99, 341pp, pb) [Keepers of the Hidden Ways] Contemporary fantasy novel, third in the series blending elements of Irish and Norse mythologies.

Keepers of the Hidden Ways, Book Two: The Silver Stone Joel Rosenberg (Avon Eos 0-380-72208-9, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $5.99, 326pp, pb) [Keepers of the Hidden Ways] Reprint (Avon 1996) fantasy novel.

Fire Angels Jane Routley (Avon Eos 0-380-79425-X, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $13.00, 436pp, tp, cover by Donato Giancola) [Dion] Fantasy novel, sequel to Mage Heart. Dion’s family asks her to help her homeland.

Return of the Wolf Man Jeff Rovin (Berkley Boulevard 0-425-16576-0, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], $6.99, 339pp, pb) Novelization of the movie. Copyrighted by Universal Studios Publishing Rights.

Vespers Jeff Rovin (St. Martin’s 0-312-19351-3, Sep ’98 [Oct ’98], $23.95, 308pp, hc) Horror novel. Mutant bats hunt humans in NYC.

Bazil Broketail Christopher Rowley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45206-2, Feb ’98, $6.99, 476pp, pb, cover by Daniel Horne) [Bazil Broketail] Reissue (Roc 1992) fantasy novel, first in the “Bazil Broketail” series. Seventh printing.

A Dragon at Worlds’ End Christopher Rowley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45546-0, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $6.99, 406pp, pb, cover by Daniel Horne) [Bazil Broketail] Reissue (Roc 1997) fantasy novel, volume five in the “Bazil Broketail” series. This still indicates first printing, but has a new price.

The Dragons of Argonath Christopher Rowley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45547-9, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $6.99, 429pp, pb, cover by Daniel R. Horne) [Bazil Broketail] Fantasy novel. Sixth book in the “Bazil Broketail” series.

A Sword for a Dragon Christopher Rowley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45235-6, Feb ’98, $6.99, 480pp, pb, cover by Daniel Horne) [Bazil Broketail] Reissue (Roc 1993) fantasy novel, volume two in the “Bazil Broketail” series. Fifth printing.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone J. K. Rowling (Scholastic/Levine 0-590-35340-3, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $16.95, 309pp, hc, cover by Mary Grandpré) [Harry Potter] Young-adult fantasy novel. Orphan Harry discovers he’s the son of a witch and a wizard when he is sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. First US edition (Bloomsbury 1997 as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

Under the Cat’s Eye Gillian Rubinstein (Simon & Schuster 0-689-81800-9, Sep ’98 [Oct ’98], $16.00, 204pp, hc, cover by Victor Lee) Young-adult fantasy/mystery novel. A boy’s new boarding school is a gateway between worlds, with a soul-stealing headmaster. First US edition (Hodder Headline Australia 1997).

Freeware Rudy Rucker (Avon Eos 0-380-78159-X, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $5.99, 262pp, pb, cover by Raquel Jaramillo) [Software] Reprint (Avon 1997) SF novel, sequel to Software and Wetware.

Fool on the Hill Matt Ruff (Grove 0-8021-3535-8, Feb ’98, $12.00, 396pp, tp, cover by Clifford Alejandro) Reprint (Atlantic Monthly 1988) humorous fantasy novel.

Sewer, Gas, & Electric Matt Ruff (Warner Aspect 0-446-60642-1, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $6.99, 560pp, pb, cover by Elaine A. Cardella) Reprint (Atlantic Monthly 1997) near-future post-literary SF novel.

Hitler’s Angel Kris Rusch (St. Martin’s 0-312-15498-4, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $20.95, 213pp, hc) Associational mystery/secret history about the death of Hitler’s niece in 1931 Germany, and how close it could have come to preventing WWII.

The Fey: The Resistance Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57713-1, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $6.50, 517pp, pb, cover by Yvonne Gilbert) [Fey] Fantasy novel, fourth book in the series.

The Fey: Victory Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57714-X, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], $6.50, 499pp, pb, cover by Yvonne Gilbert) [Fey] Fantasy novel, fifth and final book in the series.

Afterimage/Aftershock Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Kevin J. Anderson (Meisha Merlin 0-9658345-7-3, Jul ’98 [Sep ’98], $18.00, 446pp, tp, cover by Kevin Murphy) [Afterimage] Omnibus of dark fantasy novels Afterimage (Roc 1992) and its previously unpublished sequel, Aftershock. These are the “Authors’ Preferred Editions”, with the revised Afterimage copyrighted 1998. Order from Meisha Merlin Publishing, PO Box 7, Decatur GA 30031.

Ecstasy Club Douglas Rushkoff (Penguin/Riverhead 1-57322-702-1, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], $13.00, 315pp, tp) Reprint (HarperEdge 1997) SF novel/cyberthriller of a rave club and conspiracies.

Burning Bright Jay S. Russell (St. Martin’s 0-312-18545-6, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $23.95, 280pp, hc) [Marty Burns] Supernatural mystery/horror novel, sequel to Celestial Dogs. First US edition (Robinson 1997).

Children of God Mary Doria Russell (Villard 0-679-45635-X, Mar ’98, $23.95, 438pp, hc, cover by Giotto di Bodone) [Sparrow] SF novel, sequel to The Sparrow. Father Sandoz is forced to return to Rakhat.

Beneath the Vaulted Hills Sean Russell (DAW 0-88677-794-1, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], $6.99, 480pp, pb, cover by Robert Giusti) [River Into Darkness] Reprint (DAW 1997) fantasy novel, first in the “River Into Darkness” series, prequel to World Without End.

The Compass of the Soul Sean Russell (DAW 0-88677-792-5, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], $24.95, 388pp, hc) [River Into Darkness] Fantasy novel, sequel to Beneath the Vaulted Hills, book two in the “River into Darkness”, a prequel series to “Moontide and Magic Rise”. Efforts fail to fully defeat the mage Eldritch’s efforts to eliminate magic from the world.

Gatherer of Clouds Sean Russell (DAW 0-88677-536-1, Aug ’98, $6.99, 604pp, pb, cover by Peter Goodfellow) [Initiate Brother] Reissue (DAW 1992) Asian fantasy novel, second and concluding book of “The Initiate Brother”. Sixth printing.

The Initiate Brother Sean Russell (DAW 0-88677-466-7, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], $6.99, 480pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) [Initiate Brother] Reissue (DAW 1991) Asian fantasy novel, book one of the series by the same title. Sixth printing.

The River into Darkness Sean Russell (SFBC #00314, Dec ’98, $14.98, 786pp, hc, cover by Tom Kidd) [River Into Darkness] Omnibus of two fantasy novels: Beneath the Vaulted Hills (1997) and The Compass of the Soul (1998). This special SFBC edition has ISBN 1-56865-901-6, and comes shrinkwrapped with a poster of the cover art; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Mask of the Night Mary Ryan (St. Martin’s 0-312-16925-6, Dec ’97 [Feb ’98], $22.95, 312pp, hc, cover by Kristen M. Nobles) Ghost story/gothic romance of haunted ruins, a mask, and a man who exists only in dreams. A Thomas Dunne Book. First US edition (Headline 1994).

The Islander Cynthia Rylant (DK Ink 0-7894-2490-8, Mar ’98 [May ’98], $15.95, 97pp, hc, cover by Cynthia Rylant) Young-adult fantasy novella about a lonely boy whose life is changed by an encounter with a mermaid.

253 Geoff Ryman (St. Martin’s/Griffin 0-312-18295-3, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $14.95, 364pp, tp) Associational novel first “published” in interactive form on the Internet. First US edition (HarperCollins/Flamingo 1998).

Berserker Fury Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-55376-4, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], $5.99, 383pp, pb, cover by Martin Andrews) [Berserker] Reprint (Tor 1997) SF novel in the “Berserker” series.

Berserkers: The Beginning Fred Saberhagen (Baen 0-671-87884-0, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $5.99, 377pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) [Berserker] Omnibus of two SF collections, Berserker (1967) and The Ultimate Enemy (1979).

The Face of Apollo Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-312-86408-6, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $13.95, 382pp, tp, cover by Julie Bell) [Books of the Gods] Fantasy novel in the new “Books of the Gods” series. The gods are back. A hardcover edition (-86623-2, $25.95) is also available.

A Question of Time Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-52577-9, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $5.99, 263pp, pb, cover by Jim Thiesen) Reissue (Tor 1992) horror/fantasy novel of a detective tracking vampires. Second printing.

A Sharpness on the Neck Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-55005-6, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], $5.99, 349pp, pb, cover by Joe Curcio) [Dracula] Reprint (Tor 1996) vampire novel in the “Dracula” series.

Shiva in Steel Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-312-86326-8, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $23.95, 318pp, hc, cover by Luis Royo) [Berserker] Military SF novel, eighth in the “Berserkers” series.

Shiva in Steel Fred Saberhagen (SFBC #01359, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], $11.98, 318pp, hc, cover by Luis Royo) [Berserker] Reprint (Tor 1998) military SF novel, eighth in the “Berserkers” series. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Demon Awakens R. A. Salvatore (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42162-0, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $6.99, 606pp, pb, cover by Alan Pollack) [Demon Wars] Reprint (Del Rey 1997) fantasy novel.

The Demon Spirit R. A. Salvatore (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-39151-9, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $25.95, 465pp, hc, cover by Alan Pollack) [Demon Wars] Fantasy novel. Sequel to The Demon Awakens.

Echoes of the Fourth Magic R. A. Salvatore (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42191-4, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], $6.99, 333pp, pb, cover by Eric Peterson) [Chronicles of Ynis Aielle] Reprint (Roc 1990) fantasy novel of a submarine pulled into a fantasy world. This edition has some revisions.

Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy R. A. Salvatore (TSR 0-7869-1176-X, Jul ’98, $24.99, 805pp, hc, cover by Jeff Easley) [Forgotten Realms: Dark Elf Trilogy] Omnibus of three novelizations based on the fantasy role-playing game: Homeland (1990), Exile (1990), and Sojourn (1991). There is a new foreword by Ed Greenwood. Copyrighted by TSR.

Forgotten Realms: The Silent Blade R. A. Salvatore (TSR 0-7869-1180-8, Oct ’98, $23.99, 347pp, hc, cover by Todd Lockwood) [Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness] Novelization based on the fantasy role-playing game. Copyrighted by TSR.

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