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The Witching Time Jean Stubbs (St. Martin’s 0-312-19367-X, Oct ’98, $24.95, 383pp, hc) Contemporary novel with fantasy elements. A widow befriended by local witches helps stage a truly magical performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. First US edition (Gollancz 1998).

Microcosmic God: The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Vol. 2 Theodore Sturgeon (North Atlantic Books 1-55643-301-8, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], $18.95, 372pp, tp, cover by Jacek Yerka) Reprint (North Atlantic 1996) collection of 17 stories, the second of ten volumes, with works from 1940 to 1943. This indicates second printing, but the hardcover may have been considered the first.

More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon (Random House/Vintage 0-375-70371-3, Jan ’99 [Dec ’98], $11.00, 186pp, tp, cover by Kevin Irby) Reprint (Ballantine/Farrar, Straus & Young 1953) classic SF novel.

The Perfect Host: The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Vol. 5 Theodore Sturgeon (North Atlantic Books 1-55643-284-4, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], $27.50, 386pp, hc, cover by Hal Robins) Collection of 17 stories, two previously unpublished, and seven not previously collected. Foreword by Larry McCaffery. This is the fifth of ten volumes, and covers Sturgeon’s work from 1947 to 1949. Edited and with extensive story notes by Paul Williams. Order from North Atlantic Books, PO Box 12327, Berkeley CA 94712.

The Ultimate Egoist: The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Vol. 1 Theodore Sturgeon (North Atlantic Books 1-55643-299-2, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], $18.95, 387pp, tp, cover by Jacek Yerka) Reprint (North Atlantic 1995) collection of 46 stories and one poem, the first of ten volumes; covers Sturgeon’s work through 1940. This indicates second printing, but the hardcover may have been considered the first.

The Book of the Unicorn Nigel Suckling, Linda & Roger Garland (Overlook Press 0-87951-840-5, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], $24.95, 128pp, tp, cover by Linda & Roger Garland) Reprint (Paper Tiger 1996) art book, illustrated by the Garlands with text by Nigel Suckling.

Legend of the North Paul Sullivan (Royal Fireworks Press 0-88092-308-3, 1995 [Apr ’98], $7.00, 156pp, tp, cover by John Gampert) Young-adult talking-animal fantasy about a white wolf, based loosely on Inuit legend. This is dated 1995 but not seen until now. Copyrighted by Royal Fireworks. Order from Royal Fireworks Publishing, First Avenue, Unionville, NY 10988; (914) 726-4444; add $4.00 shipping.

Dreaming in Smoke Tricia Sullivan (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57703-4, May ’98 [Apr ’98], $5.99, 401pp, pb, cover by Pamela Lee) SF novel. A human virtual reality interface is caught in the crash of the AI that keeps a colony planet alive. Simultaneous with the UK edition (Millennium 4/98).

Extreme Zone: Dead End M. C. Sumner (Pocket Archway 0-671-01414-5, Feb ’98 [Jun ’98], $3.99, 201pp, pb) [Extreme Zone] Young-adult horror novel, eighth in the series. Copyrighted by the author and Daniel Weiss Associates.

News from the Edge: Insanity, Illinois Mark Sumner (Ace 0-441-00511-X, Feb ’98 [Jan ’98], $5.99, 198pp, pb, cover by Jeff Walker) [Savvy McKinnon] SF novel, second in the series featuring tabloid reporter Savvy McKinnon. Strange things are happening in a small apple-farming town.

Jack Faust Michael Swanwick (Avon 0-380-79070-X, Sep ’98 [Aug ’98], $12.50, 337pp, tp, cover by Greg Spalenka) Reprint (Avon 1997) fantasy novel, an updated version of Goethe’s “Faust” written with SF/alternate world iconography. A Hugo nominee.

The Flesh, the Blood, and the Fire S. A. Swiniarski (DAW 0-88677-879-4, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $5.99, 362pp, pb, cover by Don Brautigam) [Cleveland Undead] Dark fantasy detective novel of a serial killer and vampires loose in Depression-era Cleveland. Swiniarski also writes SF as S. Andrew Swann.

A Stanislaw Lem Reader ed. Peter Swirski (Northwestern University 0-8101-1495-X, Oct ’97 [Feb ’98], $14.95, 129pp, tp, cover by Bernardino Luini) Non-fiction gathering of articles about, and interviews with, Lem. Includes a primary and a secondary (English-only) bibliography. A hardcover edition (-1494-1, $49.95) was announced but not seen. This has a 1997 copyright, but was not seen until now. Order from Northwestern University Press, 625 Colfax St., Evanston IL 60208-4120. [Stanislaw Lem]

Black Feathers: Erotic Dreams Cecilia Tan (HarperPerennial 0-06-098501-1, Jun ’98 [May ’98], $13.00, 295pp, tp) Collection of 23 erotic stories, two original, many with elements of fantasy or SF.

Wired Hard 2 ed. Cecilia Tan (Circlet Press 1-885865-11-2, Oct ’97 [Feb ’98], $14.95, 191pp, tp, cover by John U. Abrahamson) Original anthology of 12 erotic SF stories, second in the series written by, for, and about gay and bisexual men. Order from Circlet Press, 1770 Mass. Ave. #278, Cambridge MA 02140.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 2 Richie Tankersley (Pocket Archway 0-671-02627-5, Jan ’99 [Dec ’98], $4.99, 226pp, pb) [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer] Young-adult collection/novelization of three episodes of the TV show based on the movie. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

King and Goddess Judith Tarr (Tor 0-812-55084-6, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $6.99, 407pp, pb, cover by David Kramer) Reprint (Forge 1996) associational historical novel.

White Mare’s Daughter Judith Tarr (Tor/Forge 0-312-86112-5, Jun ’98, $23.95, 494pp, hc, cover by Peter Paul Rubens) [Epona] Historical novel with fantasy elements, about goddess-worshipping nomads and the priestess who rides the goddess incarnate as a horse. First book in the “Epona” trilogy.

One Thousand and One-Second Stories Inagaki Taruho (Sun & Moon Press 1-55713-361-1, May ’98 [Jul ’98], $12.95, 161pp, tp, cover by Katie Messborn) Collection of 99 modernist stories, many with fantasy elements. Translated from the Japanese by Tricia Vita, who also provides the introduction.

Star Trek Voyager: Pathways Jeri Taylor (Pocket 0-671-00346-1, Jul ’98 [Jun ’98], $23.00, 438pp, hc, cover by John Stephens) [Star Trek: Voyager] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

The Vampire Legacy: Bitter Blood Karen E. Taylor (Zebra 0-8217-6021-1, Sep ’98, $4.99, 351pp, pb) [Vampire Legacy] Reissue (Zebra 1994) vampire detective novel, second in the “Vampire Legacy” series. Second printing.

The Vampire Legacy: Blood Secrets Karen E. Taylor (Zebra 0-8217-6022-X, Sep ’98, $4.99, 302pp, pb) [Vampire Legacy] Reissue (Zebra 1994) vampire detective novel, first in the “Vampire Legacy” series. Second printing.

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