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Earthquake Weather Tim Powers (Orbit 1-85723-623-8, May ’98, £6.99, 565pp, pb, cover by Paul Campion) [Last Call] Reprint (Legend 1997) fantasy novel. Sequel to both Last Call and Expiration Date.

The Bromeliad Terry Pratchett (Doubleday UK 0-385-41044-1, Nov ’98, £12.99, 190+153+158pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Bromeliad] Reprint (SFBC 1993) omnibus of the three humorous YA SF “Books of the Nomes”: Truckers (1989); Diggers (1990); and Wings (1990). The books are separately paginated. [First U.K. edition]

Carpe Jugulum Terry Pratchett (Doubleday UK 0-385-40992-3, Nov ’98, £16.99, 285pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Humorous fantasy novel. Book 23 in the “Discworld” series. The witches fight to keep some modern-thinking vampires out of Lancre.

Death Trilogy Terry Pratchett (Gollancz 0-575-06584-2, Oct ’98, £15.99, 754pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Humorous fantasy omnibus of three “Discworld” novels: Mort (1987), Reaper Man (1991), and Soul Music (1994).

Jingo Terry Pratchett (BCA UK CN5106, May ’98, £9.99, 285pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1997) humorous fantasy novel. Book 21 in the “Discworld” series.

Jingo Terry Pratchett (Corgi 0-552-14598-X, Nov ’98 [Sep ’98], £5.99, 414pp, pb, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1997) humorous fantasy novel. Book 21 in the “Discworld” series.

The Last Continent Terry Pratchett (Doubleday UK 0-385-40989-3, May ’98, £15.99, 281pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Humorous fantasy novel. Book 22 in the “Discworld” series.

Lords and Ladies Terry Pratchett (Gollancz 0-575-06578-8, Aug ’98, £16.99, 275pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1992) humorous fantasy novel. Collectors’ edition. Book 14 in the “Discworld” series.

Men at Arms Terry Pratchett (Gollancz 0-575-06577-X, Aug ’98 [Dec ’98], £16.99, 288pp, hc) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1993) humorous fantasy novel. Book 15 in the “Discworld” series.

Small Gods Terry Pratchett (Gollancz 0-575-06579-6, Aug ’98, £16.99, 272pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1992) humorous fantasy novel. Collectors’ edition. Book 13 in the “Discworld” series.

Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett (Gollancz 0-575-06580-X, Aug ’98, £16.99, 252pp, hc, cover by Josh Kirby) [Discworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1991) humorous fantasy novel. Collectors’ edition. Book 12 in the “Discworld” series.

Wyrd Sisters: The Illustrated Screenplay Terry Pratchett (Corgi 0-552-14575-0, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], £9.99, 128pp, tp) [Discworld] Screenplay of the seven-part TV series, illustrated with stills. Based on the 6th “Discworld” novel.

Discworld’s Ankh Morpork City Watch Diary 1999 Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs (Gollancz 0-575-06660-1, Sep ’98 [Oct ’98], £9.99, 128pp, hc) [Discworld] Associational item, illustrated by Paul Kidby. Includes an introduction, advice for new members of the Watch, and an appreciation by the Patrician.

A Tourist Guide to Lancre: A Discworld Mapp Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs (Corgi 0-552-14608-0, May ’98 [Apr ’98], £6.99, 000pp, tp, cover by Paul Kidby) [Discworld] Humorous reference/art work in the “Discworld” series. A fold-out poster-size map by Paul Kidby, plus a 28-page booklet by Briggs and Pratchett. Additionally subtitled Including a Pyctorial Guide to the Lancre Fells and a description of a picturefque and charming walk in thys charming and hospitable country. [Not seen]

The Pratchett Portfolio Terry Pratchett & Paul Kidby (Gollancz 0-575-06348-3, May ’98 [Jun ’98], £7.99, 32pp, tp, cover by Paul Kidby) Reissue (Gollancz 1996) associational art book. Third printing.

Reliquary Lincoln Preston (Bantam UK 0-553-50633-1, Jun ’98 [May ’98], £5.99, 512pp, pb, cover by John Alexander) Reprint (Tor/Forge 1997 as by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child) horror novel. Sequel to Relic. A museum curator is called in on a bizarre murder investigation that leads to underground Manhattan. [First U.K. edition]

51st State Peter Preston (Viking UK 0-670-88107-4, Sep ’98, £15.99, 279pp, hc) Satirical near-future SF novel. A first novel.

The Bone Dog Susan Price (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71031-4, Jun ’98, £3.99, 136pp, pb, cover by Barry Jones) Reprint (Hippo 1989) young-adult fantasy novel.

The Sterkarm Handshake Susan Price (Scholastic UK 0-590-54301-6, Oct ’98, £14.99, 370pp, hc) [Sterkarm] Young-adult SF novel: travellers from the 21st century invade the 16th, masquerading as “elves” with sorcerous powers; and a time-crossed love affair threatens the whole of history.

The Extremes Christopher Priest (Simon & Schuster UK 0-684-81632-6, Aug ’98, £16.99, 393pp, hc, cover by Holly Warburton) SF novel.

The Ultimate Encylopedia of Fantasy: The Definitive Illustrated Guide ed. David Pringle (Carlton 1-85868-373-4, Dec ’98 [Nov ’98], £19.99, 256pp, hc, cover by Gerry Grace) Reference work on the genre, with a Foreword by Terry Pratchett. Includes sections on: the history of fantasy; story-types; film and TV; games and magazines; indexes to its major authors, characters, and entities; and a look at some of its most memorable worlds. Written by Pringle, Brian Stableford, Dave Langford, and Tim Dedopulos (on games).

Dark Ages John Pritchard (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-649637-7, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], £6.99, 756pp, pb) Dark fantasy novel. An ancient sect of ruthless warriors, and their undead opponents, are accidentally unleashed upon modern Britain.

Count Karlstein or The Ride of the Demon Huntsman Philip Pullman (Corgi Yearling 0-440-86266-3, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], £3.99, 112pp, tp, cover by Peter Bailey) Reprint (Doubleday UK 1991) humorous satirical young-adult novel based on 19th century gothic tales. Illustrated by Patrice Aggs.

Northern Lights Philip Pullman (Scholastic UK 0-590-66054-3, Oct ’98, £5.99, 399pp, tp, cover by Black Sheep) [His Dark Materials] Reissue (Scholastic UK 1995 as His Dark Materials: Northern Lights) young-adult fantasy novel. Book I of the trilogy. Published in the US as The Golden Compass.

The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman (Scholastic UK 0-590-11289-9, Oct ’98, £5.99, 341pp, pb, cover by Black Sheep) [His Dark Materials] Reprint (Knopf 1997) young-adult fantasy novel. Book II of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

Dark Beneath the Moon Christine Purkis (Red Fox 0-09-921002-9, Nov ’98, £3.99, 155pp, pb) Reprint (The Bodley Head 1997) young-adult ghost novel based on a true story.

The Mysteries of Udolpho Ann Radcliffe (Oxford University Press 0-19-282523-2, Jun ’98, £7.99, 693pp, tp, cover by Carl Gustav Carus) Reprint (G.G. & J. Robinson 1794 as The Mysteries of Udolpho. A Romance; Interspersed with some Pieces of Poetry) classic gothic novel. Edited by Bonamy Dobrée, with a new introduction & notes by Terry Castle.

Garden of Shadows Theresa Radcliffe (Puffin 0-14-038419-7, Nov ’98, £3.99, 150pp, pb) Young-adult dark fantasy novel. A poison expert’s son has a secret as exotic and deadly as his father’s garden. The author acknowledges “Rappacini’s Daughter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Dean Koontz: A Writer’s Biography Katherine Ramsland (Headline 0-7472-7620-X, Jan ’98, £14.99, 508pp, tp) Reprint (HarperPrism 1997) biographical work. A frank look at a life that Koontz has often suggested, but never revealed in such appalling detail. A hardcover edition (-2186-3, £18.99) was announced but not seen. [First U.K. edition] [Dean R. Koontz]

Apocalypso Robert Rankin (Doubleday UK 0-385-40943-5, Dec ’98, £16.99, 271pp, hc, cover by John Alexander & Robert Rankin) Humorous SF/fantasy novel of an alien spacecraft which crashed millennia ago, its still-living occupant, and a stage magician making his last comeback - from the grave.

The Brentford Chainstore Massacre Robert Rankin (Corgi 0-552-14357-X, Jun ’98 [May ’98], £5.99, 366pp, pb, cover by Ian Murray) [Brentford] Reprint (Doubleday UK 1997) humorous fantasy novel. Fifth in “The Brentford Trilogy”.

The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag Robert Rankin (Doubleday UK 0-385-40920-6, Jun ’98 [May ’98], £16.99, 254pp, hc) Humorous cyber-gothic novel. The world’s most ruthless person tries to grab control of the most powerful computer company, Necrosoft, and its Necronet.

The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag Robert Rankin (Corgi 0-552-14580-7, Dec ’98 [Oct ’98], £5.99, 336pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday UK 1998) humorous cyber-gothic novel.

The Dog King Christoph Ransmayr (Vintage UK 0-09-976691-4, Mar ’98 [Apr ’98], £6.99, 355pp, tp, cover by Sophie Marsham) Reprint (Chatto & Windus 1997) literary alternate history novel. Translated from the German Morbus Kitahara (S. Fischer 1995) by John E. Woods. Winner of the 1996 Aristeion Prize.

Trajectories Julian Rathbone (Gollancz 0-575-06501-X, Oct ’98, £16.99, 288pp, hc) Satirical SF novel; the fractured future of 2035, and the possible origins of humanity.

Exiles 2: Mageborn Traitor Melanie Rawn (Pan 0-330-34420-X, Mar ’98 [Feb ’98], £6.99, 759pp, pb, cover by Michael Whelan) [Exiles] Reprint (DAW 1997) fantasy novel.

Malpertuis Jean Ray (Atlas Press 0-947757-98-8, Aug ’98, £8.99, 172pp, tp) Literary dark fantasy novel translated from the (1943) French original. Introduction by Iain White. A gothic dynasty novel with a classical mythic menace.

Love. In Cyberia Chloë Rayban (Red Fox 0-09-969281-3, Apr ’98, £3.50, 185pp, pb, cover by Sarah-Jayne Handley) [Wild Child] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1996) young-adult SF/fantasy novel. Third in the series.

H.A.U.N.T.S.: A is for Apparition Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71488-3, Oct ’98, £3.99, 122pp, pb, cover by Paul Davies) [H.A.U.N.T.S.] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book two in a new series.

H.A.U.N.T.S.: H is for Haunting Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71487-5, Oct ’98, £3.99, 136pp, pb, cover by Paul Davies) [H.A.U.N.T.S.] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book one in a new six-part series of four youngsters’ battle with a city’s spirits.

H.A.U.N.T.S.: N is for Nightmare Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71525-1, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], £3.99, 137pp, pb, cover by Paul Davies) [H.A.U.N.T.S.] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book 4 in the series.

H.A.U.N.T.S.: T is for Terror Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71526-X, Dec ’98, £3.99, 118pp, pb, cover by Paul Davies) [H.A.U.N.T.S.] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book five in the series.

H.A.U.N.T.S.: U is for Unbeliever Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-71524-3, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], £3.99, 120pp, pb, cover by Paul Davies) [H.A.U.N.T.S.] Young-adult fantasy novel. Book 3 in the series.

Soul Taker Celia Rees (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-68652-9, Dec ’97 [Jan ’98], £3.99, 184pp, pb, cover by Ben Warner) Young-adult fantasy novel.

Beyond Ragnarok Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion 0-75280-619-X, Feb ’98, £6.99, 744pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai Chronicles] Reissue (DAW 1995) fantasy novel. Book one in the “Renshai Chronicles”, and fourth overall in the “Renshai” series.

Child of Thunder Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion 1-85798-234-7, Feb ’98, £6.99, 497pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai] Reissue (DAW 1993) fantasy novel in the “Renshai” series.

The Children of Wrath Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-445-5, Jun ’98, £11.99, 516pp, tp, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai Chronicles] Fantasy novel. Third and final in “The Renshai Chronicles”; sixth overall in the “Renshai” series. Simultaneous with the US (DAW) edition. Subtitled “Volume Two” though this is third in the series. A simultaneous hardcover edition was cancelled.

The Last of the Renshai Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-152-9, Feb ’98, £6.99, 534pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai] Reissue (DAW 1992) fantasy novel in the “Renshai” series.

Prince of Demons Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion/Millennium 0-75281-636-5, Feb ’98, £6.99, 622pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai Chronicles] Reprint (DAW 1996) fantasy novel. Volume two in the “Renshai Chronicles”, and fifth overall in the “Renshai” series.

The Western Wizard Mickey Zucker Reichert (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-148-0, Feb ’98, £6.99, 502pp, pb, cover by Steve Crisp) [Renshai] Reprint (DAW 1992) fantasy novel, second in the “Renshai” series.

Magic City Jewell Parker Rhodes (Headline 0-7472-4846-X, Nov ’97 [Jan ’98], £6.99, 306pp, tp, cover by Amanda Ward) Reprint (HarperCollins 1997) historical novel with fantasy elements. [First U.K. edition]

Pandora Anne Rice (Chatto & Windus 0-7011-6712-2, Apr ’98, £12.99, 353pp, hc) [Vampire Chronicles: New Tales of the Vampires] Reprint (Knopf 1998) dark fantasy novel; book six overall in “The Vampire Chronicles”. The autobiography of Pandora from Queen of the Damned as told to David Talbot of Memnoch the Devil. [First U.K. edition]

The Vampire Armand Anne Rice (Chatto & Windus 0-7011-6717-3, Oct ’98, £16.99, 388pp, hc, cover by Holly Warburton) [Vampire Chronicles] Dark fantasy novel; book seven overall in “The Vampire Chronicles”. Simultaneous with the US (Knopf) edition. The story of Armand, leader of the Theatre Des Vampires in Interview with the Vampire.

Violin Anne Rice (Arrow 0-09-925515-4, Oct ’98 [Sep ’98], £5.99, 367pp, pb) Reprint (Chatto & Windus 1997) ghost novel.

Doctor Who: Dreams of Empire Justin Richards (BBC Books 0-563-40598-8, Aug ’98 [Jul ’98], £4.99, 282pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Novelisation based on the TV series.

Doctor Who: Option Lock Justin Richards (BBC Books 0-563-40583-X, Feb ’98, £4.99, 281pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Novelization based on the TV series.

The New Adventures: The Medusa Effect Justin Richards (New Adventures 0-426-20524-3, Apr ’98 [Mar ’98], £5.99, 258pp, pb, cover by Mark Salwowski) [Bernice Summerfield] Novelization based on characters from the Doctor Who novelizations, without the Doctor. Book 12 in the Bernice Summerfield series.

The Chalice Phil Rickman (Pan 0-330-34267-3, Jun ’98, £5.99, 646pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan UK 1997) dark fantasy novel.

The Wine of Angels Phil Rickman (Macmillan UK 0-333-64485-9, Jun ’98, £16.99, 534pp, hc) [Merrily Watkins] Ghost/supernatural novel. A new female vicar encounters a resident ghost and resurging evil. First in the “Merrily Watkins” series.

Rapture in Death J. D. Robb (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-67486-5, Oct ’97 [Jan ’98], £16.99, 294pp, hc) [Eve Dallas] Reprint (Berkley 1996) SF novel. Book 4 in the “Eve Dallas” series. Robb is a pseudonym of Nora Roberts. [First U.K. edition]

Rapture in Death J. D. Robb (NEL 0-340-67487-3, Apr ’98, £5.99, 294pp, pb) [Eve Dallas] Reprint (Berkley 1996) SF/mystery novel. Fourth in the “Eve Dallas” series. This is a pseudonym of Nora Roberts.

Vengeance in Death J. D. Robb (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-67490-3, Oct ’98 [Nov ’98], £17.99, 357pp, hc, cover by Paul Postle) [Eve Dallas] Reprint (Berkley 1997) near-future SF mystery novel, sixth in the “Eve Dallas” series. Robb is a pen name for Nora Roberts. [First U.K. edition]

Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-225393-3, Feb ’98, £9.99, 414pp, tp, cover by Peter Elson) Reprint (Voyager 1997) SF eco-thriller set in the very near future.

Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-649703-9, Sep ’98, £7.99, 562pp, tp) Reprint (Voyager 1997) SF eco-thriller set in the 21st century. A paperback (export only) edition (-651264-X, £6.99) was announced but not seen.

(Re)Commended Science Fiction Roger Robinson (Beccon Publications 1-870824-40-7, Apr ’98, £3.50, 44pp, ph) Non-fiction reference work. A Collector’s Checklist of over 1200 titles based on nominations for the major SF & fantasy awards between 1949 and 1997. Available from 75 Rosslyn Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0RG.

The Castle of the Winds Michael Scott Rohan (Orbit 1-85723-570-3, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], £6.99, viii+454pp, pb, cover by Ian Miller) [Winter of the World] Fantasy novel. Book four in the “Winter of the World” series. A young mastersmith’s quest to retrieve his finest suit of armour leads to the reshaping of the world.

The Hammer of the Sun Michael Scott Rohan (Orbit 1-85723-318-2, Nov ’98, £6.99, 509pp, pb, cover by Ian Miller) [Winter of the World] Reissue (Macdonald 1988) fantasy novel. Book three in “The Winter of the World” series.

The Winter of the World, Volume Two: The Forge in the Forest Michael Scott Rohan (Orbit 1-85723-109-0, Nov ’98 [Dec ’98], £6.99, 406pp, pb, cover by Ian Miller) Reissue (Macdonald 1987 as The Forge in the Forest) fantasy novel.

Somewhere Else Leon Rosselson (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-72264-9, Dec ’98, £3.99, 121pp, pb, cover by Kim Harley) Collection of two original young-adult ghost/time displacement stories.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J. K. Rowling (Bloomsbury 0-7475-3849-2, Jul ’98 [Oct ’98], £10.99, 251pp, hc, cover by Cliff Wright) [Harry Potter] Young-adult fantasy novel; a sequel to the award-winning Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Matter of the Heart Nicholas Royle (Abacus 0-349-11002-6, Nov ’98 [Dec ’98], £6.99, 305pp, tp) Reprint (Abacus 1997) associational novel.

Foxspell Gillian Rubinstein (Orion/Dolphin 1-85881-487-1, Mar ’98 [Apr ’98], £4.50, 218pp, pb, cover by Ian Butterworth) Reprint (Hyland House 1994) young-adult fantasy novel of a shapechanger. [First U.K. edition]

Under the Cat’s Eye Gillian Rubinstein (Orion/Dolphin 1-85881-614-9, Sep ’98, £4.50, 172pp, pb, cover by Ian Butterworth) Reprint (Hodder Children’s Books Australia 1997) young adult fantasy novel of parallel worlds. [First U.K. edition]

Doctor Who: Placebo Effect Gary Russell (BBC Books 0-563-40587-2, Jul ’98, £4.99, 279pp, pb) [Doctor Who: New Adventures] Novelisation based on the TV series. Book 13 of the BBC “New Adventures” series.

253 Geoff Ryman (HarperCollins/Flamingo 0-00-655078-9, Feb ’98, £6.99, 366pp, tp) Literary quasi-fantasy novel based on the interactive novel first published on the Internet on January 20th 1997. The secrets of 253 Tube passengers, each given 253 words of biography and explanation.

Luthien’s Gamble R. A. Salvatore (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-648344-5, Nov ’98 [Oct ’98], £5.99, 291pp, pb, cover by Harvey Parker) [Crimson Shadow] Reprint (Warner Aspect 1996) fantasy novel. Book two of “The Crimson Shadow” trilogy. The young noble-turned-warrior-thief fights to free his country from Wizard-King Greensparrow. [First U.K. edition]

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