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King Rat China Miéville (Tor 0-312-89073-7, Sep ’99 [Aug ’99], $23.95, 318pp, hc, cover by Cliff Nielsen) Dark fantasy novel of a kingdom of rats in subterranean London. First US edition (Macmillan UK 1998).

Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country Rosalind Miles (Random House/Crown 0-609-60362-0, Feb ’99, $24.00, 424pp, hc, cover by Joel Peter Johnson) [Guenevere] Arthurian novel with a feminist, New Age slant, with matriarchal queen Guenevere stronger than the easily-manipulated Arthur.

Saint Leibowitz & the Wild Horse Woman Walter M. Miller, Jr. (Bantam 0-553-38079-6, Jan 2000 [Dec ’99], $14.95, 434pp, tp, cover by Matt Zumbo) [St. Leibowitz, Order of] Reprint (Orbit 1997) SF novel, sequel to Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz, finished by Terry Bisson after Miller’s death.

Enchanted Night Steven Millhauser (Random/Crown 0-609-60516-X, Oct ’99 [Nov ’99], $17.00, 109pp, hc, cover by Greg Clarke) Quasi-fantasy novella about the transforming power of the moon on a hot summer night.

The Knife Thrower and Other Stories Steven Millhauser (Random House/Vintage 0-679-78163-3, Mar ’99 [Feb ’99], $12.00, 228pp, tp) Reprint (Crown 1998) collection of 12 stories, one original, some fantastic, by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Red Spider White Web Misha (Wordcraft of Oregon 1-877655-29-5, Oct ’99 [Jul ’99], $12.00, 234pp, tp) Dystopian cyber-SF novel. First US edition (Morrigan 1990) Order from Wordcraft of Oregon, PO Box 32354, La Grande OR 97850.

Drawn to the Grave Mary Ann Mitchell (Leisure 0-8439-4638-5, Sep ’99 [Oct ’99], $4.99, 313pp, pb) Reissue (Leisure 1997) horror novel. This is dated 1999, has a new ISBN, and does not indicate a printing number.

Sips of Blood Mary Ann Mitchell (Leisure 0-8439-4555-9, Aug ’99 [Jul ’99], $5.50, 359pp, pb) [Vampire de Sade] Vampire novel about the undead Marquis de Sade.

Proxies Laura J. Mixon (Tor 0-812-52387-3, Oct ’99, $6.99, 468pp, pb) [Proxies] Reprint (Tor 1998) near-future SF thriller of virtually controlled android bodies.

Colors of Chaos L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-312-86767-0, Jan ’99, $27.95, 634pp, hc, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Recluce] Fantasy novel, ninth in the “Saga of Recluce”, sequel to The White Order. The story of White Chaos wizard Cerryl’s education and rise to power.

Colors of Chaos L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-812-57093-6, Jan 2000 [Dec ’99], $7.99, 798pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Recluce] Reprint (Tor 1999) fantasy novel, ninth in the “Saga of Recluce”, a standalone sequel to The White Order.

Darksong Rising L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-312-86822-7, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $27.95, 507pp, hc, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Spellsong Cycle] Fantasy novel, third in The Spellsong Cycle. As regent of the kingdom of Defalk, ex-music teacher Anna Marshall faces intrigue and possible invasion.

The Ecologic Envoy L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-812-54584-2, Feb ’99 [Jan ’99], $5.99, 287pp, pb, cover by Wayne Barlowe) [Ecolitan] Reissue (Tor 1986) SF novel, first in the “Ecolitan” series. Second printing.

The Forever Hero L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-312-86838-3, Jul ’99 [Jun ’99], $17.95, 748pp, tp, cover by Wayne Barlowe) [Forever Hero] Omnibus of three novels in the far-future SF adventure trilogy: Dawn for a Distant Earth (1987), The Silent Warrior (1987), and In Endless Twilight (1988).

The Ghost of the Revelator L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-812-54536-2, Jun ’99 [May ’99], $6.99, 298pp, pb, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) [Johan Eschbach] Reprint (Tor 1998) alternate-world SF novel, sequel to Of Tangible Ghosts.

Gravity Dreams L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-312-86826-X, Jul ’99 [Jun ’99], $24.95, 399pp, hc, cover by Stephen Youll) SF novel. A man raised in a conservative religious culture is exiled to a more-advanced space-faring civilization, and finds God — or at least a god-like being — in space.

The White Order L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Tor 0-812-54171-5, Apr ’99, $6.99, 468pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Recluce] Reprint (Tor 1998) fantasy novel, eighth in the “Recluce” series.

Sanctuary: A Tale of Life in the Woods Paul Monette (Alyson 1-55583-531-7, Nov ’99 [Dec ’99], $9.95, 94pp, tp, cover by Vivienne Flesher) Reprint (Scribner 1997) fable and parable of a fox and rabbit in love. Illustrated by Vivienne Flesher.

Blood of the Lamb Thomas F. Monteleone (Tor 0-812-52222-2, Nov ’99, $5.99, 421pp, pb, cover by Dave Fishman) Reprint (Tor 1992) horror novel of a priest cloned from the Shroud of Turin. Fourth printing.

The Reckoning Thomas F. Monteleone (Tor/Forge 0-312-86931-2, Nov ’99, $27.95, 415pp, hc, cover by Alan Ayers) Millennial horror novel. The new Pope, secretly created by the Vatican from DNA taken from the Shroud of Turin, is less Savior than Anti-Christ.

Change of Command Elizabeth Moon (Baen 0-671-57840-5, Dec ’99, $21.00, 312pp, hc, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Heris Serrano; Esmay Suiza] Military SF novel, third featuring Esmay Suiza from the “Heris Serrano” series. Esmay and Barin plan marriage over family objections while life-extension controversy leads to a political and military bloodbath.

Once a Hero Elizabeth Moon (Baen 0-671-57842-1, Dec ’99, $1.99, 400pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Heris Serrano; Esmay Suiza] Reissue (Baen 1997) military SF novel featuring a minor character from the “Heris Serrano” series. This special low-priced edition has a new ISBN and notes two previous printings.

Rules of Engagement Elizabeth Moon (SFBC #02806, Feb ’99, $9.98, 393pp, hc, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Heris Serrano; Esmay Suiza] Reprint (Baen 1998) military SF novel, second featuring Esmay Suiza from the “Heris Serrano” series. This is similar to the Baen edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Rules of Engagement Elizabeth Moon (Baen 0-671-57841-3, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $7.99, 497pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Heris Serrano; Esmay Suiza] Reprint (Baen 1998) military SF novel, second featuring Esmay Suiza.

Sporting Chance Elizabeth Moon (Baen 0-671-87619-8, Oct ’98 [Feb ’99], $6.99, 383pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) [Heris Serrano] Reissue (Baen 1994) SF novel featuring “Heris Serrano”. This is dated 1998, but not seen until now. Second printing.

Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand Michael Moorcock (SFBC #20316, Jul ’99 [Jun ’99], $12.50, 342pp, hc, cover by Michael Mignola) [Corum] Reprint (Berkley 1978 as The Chronicles of Corum) omnibus of “Corum” novels four through six: The Bull and the Spear (1973), The Oak and the Ram (1973), and The Sword and the Stallion (1974). This is similar to the 1999 White Wolf edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Earl Aubec Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-986-1, Nov ’99, $24.99, 590pp, hc, cover by Jon J. Muth) Fantasy omnibus/collection of 32 stories and the short novel The Golden Barge. First US edition (Millennium 1993), with minor corrections.

Legends from the End of Time Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-189-5, May ’99, $24.99, 347pp, hc, cover by Tom Canty) [Dancers at the End of Time] Reprint (Harper & Row 1976) fantasy collection. This follows the Millennium 1993 edition, with minor corrections.

Prince with the Silver Hand Michael Moorcock (White Wolf 1-56504-188-7, Feb ’99 [Mar ’99], $24.99, 341pp, hc, cover by Michael Mignola) [Corum] Reprint (Berkley 1978 as The Chronicles of Corum) omnibus of “Corum” novels four through six: The Bull and the Spear (1973), The Oak and the Ram (1973), and The Sword and the Stallion (1974). This follows the Millennium 1993 edition, with minor corrections.

Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse Michael Moorcock, Walter Simonson, Mark Reeve & John Ridgway (DC Comics/Vertigo 1-56389-516-1, Nov ’99, $19.95, 287pp, tp, cover by Walter Simonson) Graphic novel of three interwoven stories, including such characters as Elric and Moorcock himself. Originally published as a series of comics, reorganized with new introductory material by Moorcock. Written by Moorcock, with art by Simonson, Reeve, and Ridgway.

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Christopher Moore (Avon/Spike 0-380-73037-5, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $23.00, 304pp, hc, cover by Michael McGurl) Humorous dark fantasy novel. A sea monster may have something to do with a town’s increased libidoes.

Practical Demonkeeping Christopher Moore (Avon/Spike 0-380-73037-5, Mar ’99 [Feb ’99], $6.99, 293pp, pb) Reprint (St. Martin’s; Heinemann 1992) humorous dark fantasy novel.

Sinning in Sevens/Pecar a Sete ed. Silvana Moreira & António de Macedo (Simetria Portugal 972-97495-2-3, Oct ’99 [Dec ’99], no price, 161 + 165pp, tp, cover by João Cesário) Original anthology of 11 SF stories on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, printed double format in both English and Portuguese. Authors include Jorge dos Santos, Norman Spinrad, Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro, and David Alan Prescott.

Leopard Lord Alanna Morland (Ace 0-441-00606-X, Mar ’99 [Feb ’99], $5.99, 260pp, pb, cover by Jeff Barson) [Leopard Lord] Fantasy novel. A land’s lord inherits an unwanted shapechanging power that forces him to ravage his own subjects as a leopard. A first novel.

Shackle and Sword Alanna Morland (Ace 0-441-00646-9, Sep ’99 [Aug ’99], $5.99, 262pp, pb, cover by Michael Evans) [Leopard Lord] Fantasy novel, set in the world of Leopard Lord. An innkeeper’s son dreams of becoming a warrior, but is sold into slavery instead.

Joan of Arc Michael Morpurgo (Harcourt Brace 0-15-201736-4, Mar ’99 [May ’99], $23.00, 122pp, hc, cover by Michael Foreman) Young-adult retelling with contemporary fantasy elements, and full-color illustrations by Michael Morpurgo. A contemporary girl in France hears a voice that tells her the story of Joan of Arc.

The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady Gerald Morris (Houghton Mifflin 0-395-91211-3, Mar ’99, $15.00, 232pp, hc, cover by Lou Beach) [Squire’s Tale] Young-adult Arthurian novel, sequel to The Squire’s Tale. Squire Terence and Sir Gawain have more adventures on the way to meet with the Green Knight.

The Eternal Footman James Morrow (Harcourt Brace 0-15-129325-2, Nov ’99 [Oct ’99], $24.00, 359pp, hc) [Towing Jehovah] Satiric fantasy novel, third in the trilogy begun in Towing Jehovah. God’s skull goes into orbit and a deadly plague of “death awareness” sweeps the Western world.

Blue Light Walter Mosley (Warner 0-446-60692-8, Nov ’99 [Oct ’99], $6.99, 371pp, pb, cover by Jesse Sanchez) Reprint (Little, Brown 1998) SF novel. A blue light from space transforms those it strikes.

Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask Jim Munroe (Avon/Spike 0-380-81043-3, Nov ’99, $12.50, 249pp, tp) Literary fantasy novel about a pair of slacker superheroes, one with the power to turn into a fly, the other to make things disappear. A first novel. First US edition (HarperCollins Canada 1998).

There and Back Again: By Max Merriwell Pat Murphy (Tor 0-312-86644-5, Nov ’99 [Oct ’99], $24.95, 301pp, hc, cover by Gary Ruddell) Fantasy/SF novel, supposedly written by Max Merriwell; a space-opera retelling of The Hobbit. An asteroid miner uncovers a clue to the location of an ancient alien wormhole map.

Cat in the Dark Shirley Rousseau Murphy (HarperPrism 0-06-105947-1, Nov ’99 [Oct ’99], $5.99, 304pp, pb, cover by Mark Hess) [Joe Grey] Reprint (HarperPrism 1999) fantasy mystery novel, the fourth featuring talking cat Joe Grey.

Cat Raise the Dead Shirley Rousseau Murphy (HarperPrism 0-06-105602-2, Jan ’99 [Feb ’99], $5.99, 288pp, pb, cover by Joe Burleson) [Joe Grey] Reissue (HarperPrism 1997) fantasy mystery novel featuring talking cat Joe Grey. Fourth printing.

Cat to the Dogs Shirley Rousseau Murphy (HarperCollins 0-06-105097-0, Jan 2000 [Dec ’99], $23.00, 243pp, hc, cover by Mark Hess) [Joe Grey] Fantasy mystery novel, the fifth featuring talking cat Joe Grey.

Wind Child Shirley Rousseau Murphy & The Dillons (HarperCollins 0-06-024903-X, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $15.95, unpaginated, hc, cover by Leo & Diane Dillon) Children’s picture book, with fairy-tale story by Murphy, of a girl born to a human mother and the East Wind. Illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon, plus photos of sculptures by Lee Dillon.

The Destroyer #115: Misfortune Teller Warren B. Murphy & Richard Sapir (Worldwide Library Gold Eagle 0-373-63230-4, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $5.99, 348pp, pb) [Destroyer] Fantasy adventure thriller in the endless Remo Williams series, most without fantasy elements. A cult leader from Korea planning to take over the world gets prophetic guidance from the demonic Pythia of Delphi.

Science Fiction Magazine Story Index, 1926-1995 Terry A. Murray (McFarland 0-7864-0691-7, Jul ’99 [Mar ’99], $65.00, 627pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference. A bibliographic listing of the contents of 134 SF and fantasy magazines, primarily American, with an appendix listing prolific authors (with some titles), and indexes by author and title. McFarland, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; credit card orders 800-253-2187; add $4.00 postage.

Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith Gina B. Nahai (Harcourt Brace 0-15-100388-2, Aug ’99, $24.00, 376pp, hc) Literary fantasy novel, following the lives of several Middle-Eastern women, one who magically sprouts wings and flies.

Snakelust Kenji Nakagami (Kodansha International 4-7700-2354-5, Jan ’99, $23.00, 147pp, hc) Collection of seven stories, several with ghosts, demons and visions. Translated by Andrew Rankin.

Crazy Jack Donna Jo Napoli (Delacorte 0-385-32627-0, Oct ’99, $15.95, 134pp, hc, cover by Mary Grandpré) Young-adult fantasy, a retelling of “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

Spinners Donna Jo Napoli & Richard Tchen (Penguin/Dutton 0-525-46065-9, Aug ’99 [Jul ’99], $15.99, 197pp, hc, cover by Donna Diamond) Young-adult fantasy, a dark retelling of “Rumpelstiltskin”.

The River Midnight Lilian Nattel (Scribner 0-684-85303-5, Jan ’99, $25.00, 414pp, hc) Historical novel with fantasy elements. The forceful midwife in a turn-of-the-century Polish Jewish community sees angels and argues with Death. A first novel.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: The Willow Files, Vol. 1 Yvonne Navarro (Pocket Pulse 0-671-03918-0, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $4.99, 194pp, pb) [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Willow Files] Young-adult collection/novelization of three episodes of the TV show based on the movie. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Neighborhood Watch Andrew Neiderman (Pocket Star 0-671-02709-3, Jan 2000 [Dec ’99], $6.99, 326pp, pb, cover by James Wang) Associational non-supernatural horror novel of a too perfect controlled community.

Surrogate Child Andrew Neiderman (Pocket 0-671-04161-4, Dec ’99, $6.99, 358pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1988) horror novel.

Five Children and It E. Nesbit (Morrow/Books of Wonder 0-688-13545-5, Sep ’99 [Aug ’99], $22.00, 242pp, hc, cover by Paul O. Zelinsky) [Psammead] Reprint (Unwin 1902) classic juvenile fantasy novel. This has new color illustrations by Zelinsky and and afterword by Peter Glassman.

The Magic Circle Katherine Neville (Ballantine 0-345-42313-5, Feb ’99 [Jan ’99], $7.99, 552pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 1998) thriller of a race to gather and interpret ancient prophetic manuscripts. We apparently missed the first hardcover edition.

AntipodeanSF Anthology 1: 1998-1999 ed. Ion Newcombe (Jade Creations 0-646-38044-3, Sep ’99 [Nov ’99], A$6.95, 78pp, ph) Anthology of 55 short-short stories from the online magazine AntipodeanSF. Available from PO Box 489, Macksville NSW Australia 2447; website:

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