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The Dragon’s Eye Joël Champetier (Tor 0-312-86882-0, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $23.95, 297pp, hc) SF novel. A secret agent on the planet New China searches for a turncoat in unfriendly colonial territory. Translated by Jean-Louis Trudel from the 1999 Alire edition, itself revised and expanded from a 1991 version from Editions Québec/Amérique.

The Road to Castle Mount: The Science Fiction of Robert Silverberg Edgar L. Chapman (Greenwood Press 0-313-26145-8, Nov ’99 [Dec ’99], $59.95, 209pp, hc) Non-fiction, a critical guide studying the evolution of Silverberg’s work from the 1950s to the present. Includes notes, an annotated bibliography, and index. Available from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Greenwood CT 06881; orders 800-225-5800. [Robert Silverberg]

The Conqueror’s Child Suzy McKee Charnas (Tor 0-312-85719-5, May ’99, $24.95, 428pp, hc, cover by Dominic D’Andrea) [Holdfast Chronicles] SF novel, sequel to The Furies, book four of the “Holdfast Chronicles”.

The Slave and the Free Suzy McKee Charnas (Tor/Orb 0-312-86912-6, May ’99, $16.95, 436pp, tp, cover by Jon Sullivan) [Holdfast Chronicles] Omnibus of Walk to the End of the World (1974) and Motherlines (1975). First US edition (The Women’s Press 1989 as Walk to the End of the World and Motherlines).

The Fear of God B. A. Chepaitis (Ace 0-441-00622-1, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $5.99, 274pp, pb, cover by Finn Winterson) [Jaguar Addams] SF novel featuring psionic criminal psychologist Jaguar Addams, sequel to The Fear Principle. A cult plans to bring apocalypse to the world.

Fortress of Owls C. J. Cherryh (SFBC #03874, Mar ’99, $11.98, 406pp, hc, cover by Matthew Stawicki) [Fortress] Reprint (HarperPrism 1999) fantasy novel, third in the “Fortress” series. This is similar to the HarperPrism edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Precursor C. J. Cherryh (DAW 0-88677-836-0, Nov ’99, $23.95, 438pp, hc, cover by Stephen Youll) [Foreigner] SF novel, fourth in the “Foreigner” universe.

Lucasfilm’s Alien Chronicles: The Crystal Eye Deborah Chester (Ace 0-441-00635-3, Aug ’99 [Jul ’99], $6.99, 458pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Alien Chronicles] Science fiction novelization set in “a new universe” developed by Lucasfilm, but apparently never done as a movie. Book three in a trilogy. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

The Annotated Thursday G. K. Chesterton (Ignatius Press 0-89870-744-7, 1999 [Sep ’99], $14.95, 289pp, tp, cover by G. K. Chesterton) Annotated version of G.K. Chesterton’s fantasy/mystery The Man Who Was Thursday (Arrowsmith 1907), with explanatory notes by Martin Gardner. Includes an appendix of Chesterton’s own comments on his work, and a bibliography.

Gone for Good Mark Childress (Ballantine 0-345-41453-5, Jul ’99 [Jun ’99], $12.95, 372pp, tp, cover by Josef Sumichrast) Reprint (Knopf 1998) fantasy novel of a mysterious island where the famous go to disappear. This is a Ballantine Reader’s Circle edition with a 14-page readers’ guide bound in.

Subterranean Gallery ed. Richard T. Chizmar & William K. Schafer (Subterranean Press 1-892284-14-6, Sep ’99 [Dec ’99], $50.00, 358pp, hc, cover by Phil Parks) Original anthology of 20 horror and crime stories, four reprints. Authors include Graham Joyce, William Browning Spencer, Jack Ketchum, and Joe R. Lansdale. This is a signed, limited edition of 500; a lettered edition is also available (-15-4, $150.00) Order from Subterranean Press, PO Box 190106, Burton MI 48519;

Depak Chopra’s Lords of Light Depak Chopra & Martin H. Greenberg (St. Martin’s 0-312-96892-2, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $6.99, 343pp, pb) Fantasy novel, first in a series “created by” Chopra and Greenberg about the need for 36 pure souls to save the world from evil forces. Copyrighted by Boldergate Ltd.; no author is named, but Rosemary Edghill is acknowledged as having assisted.

The Truthsayer’s Apprentice Deborah Christian (Tor 0-312-86516-3, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $15.95, 396pp, tp, cover by Giancola Donato) [Loregiver] Fantasy novel, first in the “Loregiver” series. An apprentice in the art of divination seeks the stolen robe of office, without which there is no Truthsayer. A hardcover edition (-87269-0, $27.95) is also available.

Midsummer Night’s Dreams: One Story, Many Tales ed. M. Christian (Masquerade/Rhinoceros 1-56333-679-0, Sep ’98 [Dec ’99], $7.95, 449pp, pb) Original anthology of 19 erotic stories inspired by Shakespeare’s play. Authors include S.P. Somtow, Stephen Dedman, P.D. Cacek, and Lucy Taylor. This is dated 1998, but not seen until now.

The Tripods #1: When the Tripods Came John Christopher (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 0-02-042575-9, Jul ’99 [Aug ’99], $4.99, 151pp, tp, cover by Eric Lee) [Tripods] Reprint (Dutton 1988) young-adult SF novel, a prequel to the original “Tripods” trilogy, now renumbered as first in a quartet.

The Tripods #2: The White Mountains John Christopher (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 0-02-042711-5, Jul ’99 [Aug ’99], $4.99, 214pp, tp, cover by Eric Lee) [Tripods] Reprint (Hamish Hamilton 1967) classic young-adult SF novel, first in the original “Tripods” trilogy, now renumbered to include prequel.

The Tripods #3: The City of Gold and Lead John Christopher (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 0-02-042701-8, Jul ’99 [Aug ’99], $4.99, 218pp, tp, cover by Eric Lee) [Tripods] Reprint (Hamish Hamilton 1967) classic young-adult SF novel, second in the original “Tripods” trilogy, now renumbered to include prequel.

The Tripods #4: The Pool of Fire John Christopher (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 0-02-042721-2, Jul ’99 [Dec ’99], $4.99, 218pp, tp) [Tripods] Reprint (Hamish Hamilton 1968) classic young-adult SF novel, third in the original “Tripods” trilogy, now re-numbered to include prequel.

Dinoverse Scott Ciencin (Random House 0-679-88842-X, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $18.00, 290pp, hc, cover by Adrian Chesterman) Young-adult SF novel. An experiment sends kids’ minds back in time to inhabit the bodies of dinosaurs. Illustrated by Michael Fredericks.

The Divinity Student Michael Cisco (Buzzcity Press 0-9652200-1-X, Jun ’99 [May ’99], $12.99, 149pp, tp, cover by Harry O. Morris) Literary, surreal, dark fantasy novel. The Divinity Student searches for forbidden words in the brains of corpses. Illustrated by Harry O. Morris. A first novel. Available from Buzzcity Press, PO Box 38190, Tallahassee FL 32315; add $2.00 postage.

Guardian Angels Joseph A. Citro (University Press of New England 1-58465-002-8, Oct ’99, $13.95, 349pp, tp, cover by Wendell Minor) [Shadow Child] Reprint (Zebra 1988) horror novel, sequel to Shadow Child. Order from University Press of New England, 23 S. Main St., Hanover NH 03755-2048; credit card orders 800-421-1561.

The Third Body Hélène Cixous (Northwestern University Press/Hydra 0-8101-1687-1, May ’99 [Aug ’99], $24.95, 161pp, hc, cover by Judy Coleman) Literary fantasy novel. A woman and her lover seem to fuse to form a separate entity, a “third body.” Translated from the French Le troisième corps (Grasset 1970) by Keith Cohen.

Shadow Star Chris Claremont & George Lucas (Bantam Spectra 0-553-09598-6, Nov ’99 [Oct ’99], $24.95, 467pp, hc, cover by Ciruelo Cabral) [Shadow War] Fantasy novel, third and final in the “Shadow War” trilogy, a sequel to Willow. The book is credited as by Claremont, with “story by George Lucas.” Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

Splitting Brian Charles Clark (Wordcraft of Oregon 1-877655-30-9, Sep ’99 [May ’99], $9.00, 172pp, tp) Surreal quasi-SF/fantasy novel. A first novel. Order from Wordcraft of Oregon, PO Box 3234, La Grande OR 97850.

2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke (Penguin/NAL 0-451-19849-2, Oct ’99 [Sep ’99], $20.01, 236pp, hc) [Space Odyssey] Reissue (NAL 1968) classic SF novel. This is a special edition commemorating 35 years since work on the movie started in 1964, with a new introduction by Clarke.

3001: The Final Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43820-5, Oct ’99 [Sep ’99], $12.00, 263pp, tp) [Space Odyssey] Reprint (Del Rey; Voyager 1997) SF novel. Fourth and (maybe) final book in the “Odyssey” series. This indicates “Special Millennium Edition” on the cover.

Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds!: Collected Essays 1934-1998 Arthur C. Clarke (St. Martin’s 0-312-19893-0, Aug ’99 [Oct ’99], $35.00, 358pp, hc) Non-fiction collection of 110 non-fiction pieces — articles, essays, introductions reviews, etc. — arranged chronologically, with new introductions by Clarke. Includes 16 unpaginated pages of photos, an index, and list of sources.

Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds: Collected Essays 1944-1998 Arthur C. Clarke (SFBC #05042, Nov ’99 [Dec ’99], $14.98, 558pp, hc) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1999) non-fiction collection of essays. This is similar to the St. Martin’s edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Trigger Arthur C. Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell (Bantam Spectra 0-553-10458-6, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $24.95, 447pp, hc) SF novel. Scientists accidentally discover a way to set off explosives at a distance, affecting crime and warfare. First US edition (Voyager 11/99).

The Nightmare Chronicles Douglas Clegg (Leisure 0-8439-4580-X, Sep ’99, $5.50, 360pp, pb) Collection of 13 horror stories, with a frame story of a strange kidnapping victim who wants to hear his captors’ nightmares. The author’s afterword gives the history of the stories.

Wit’ch Fire Jim Clemens (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-41706-2, Mar ’99 [Feb ’99], $6.99, 428pp, pb, cover by Gerald Brom) [Banned and the Banished] Reprint (Del Rey 1998) fantasy novel, book one of “The Banned and the Banished”.

Wit’ch Storm Jim Clemens (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-41707-0, May ’99, $13.95, 484pp, tp, cover by Gerald Brom) [Banned and the Banished] Fantasy novel, book two of “The Banned and the Banished”.

Wit’ch Storm Jim Clemens (SFBC #00364, Jul ’99, $11.98, 484pp, hc, cover by Gerald Brom) [Banned and the Banished] Reprint (Del Rey 1999) fantasy novel, book two of “The Banned and the Banished”. This is similar to the Del Rey trade paperback edition; it lacks a price, has the SFBC number on the back jacket, and has ISBN 0-7394-0318-4.

The Essential Hal Clement, Volume 1: Trio for Slide Rule & Typewriter Hal Clement (NESFA Press 1-886778-06-X, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $25.00, 518pp, hc, cover by George Richard) Omnibus of three SF novels: Needle (1950), Iceworld (1953), and Close to Critical (1964). Introduction by Poul Anderson. Clement and George Richard (cover artist) are pseudonyms of Harry C. Stubbs. Order from NESFA Press, PO Box 809, Framingham MA 01701; add $2.00 postage.

Half Life Hal Clement (Tor 0-312-86920-7, Sep ’99 [Aug ’99], $23.95, 252pp, hc) SF novel.

Half Life Hal Clement (SFBC #05557, Nov ’99, $11.98, 252pp, hc) Reprint (Tor 1999) SF novel. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Demonesque Steven Lee Climer (DarkTales Publications 0-9672029-1-4, Oct ’99 [Nov ’99], $18.99, 155pp, tp) Dark fantasy mystery. A murder case involves a beautiful psychic who can raise the dead, and an insurance adjuster forced into early retirement by the Sumerian god of pestilence. An on-demand book. Order online at, or from PO Box 675, Grandview MO 64030; add $4.00 shipping.

The Book of End Times: Grappling with the Millennium John Clute (HarperPrism 0-06-105033-4, Nov ’99 [Dec ’99], $29.95, 240pp, hc) Associational, illustrated, non-fiction, a critical look at the contemporary reaction to the millennium. Clute’s text, along with many quotes from other sources, is largely overshadowed by lots of collaged images drawing on sources from medieval art to contemporary pop culture.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy John Clute & John Grant (St. Martin’s Griffin 0-312-19869-8, Mar ’99, $29.95, 1079pp, tp, cover by Peter Goodfellow) Reprint (Orbit 1997) non-fiction, reference, winner of the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards. This has the updated “Addenda and Corrigenda” copyrighted 1998.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy John Clute & John Grant (SFBC #15376, Jun ’99, $24.98, 1079pp, hc, cover by Peter Goodfellow) Reprint (Orbit 1997) Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning reference book. The copyright page appears to be from the St. Martin’s hardcover edition, but this has the update section from the Griffin trade paperback edition; it lacks both price and SFBC number.

The Horse Catchers: Book One: When the Horses Came Amanda Cockrell (Avon 0-380-79549-3, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $5.99, 295pp, pb) [Horse Catchers] Prehistoric novel with elements of Native American myth and magical realism, first in a trilogy. Packaged by Book Creations, Inc., which shares the copyright with the author.

Messiah Andrei Codrescu (Simon & Schuster 0-684-80314-3, Feb ’99 [Jan ’99], $23.00, 366pp, hc) Satiric millennial fantasy novel of cyberspace, fundamentalist religion, Armageddon, New Orleans, Jerusalem, and two young women who together may embody the Messiah.

The Outlanders David B. Coe (Tor 0-812-57113-4, Jul ’99 [Jun ’99], $6.99, 626pp, pb, cover by Romas Kukalis) [LonTobyn Chronicle] Reprint (Tor 1998) fantasy novel, second in “The LonTobyn Chronicle”.

The Gods Awaken Allan Cole (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-40181-6, Sep ’99 [Aug ’99], $6.99, 404pp, pb, cover by Kamil Vojnar) [Timuras] Fantasy novel, book three in the “Tales of the Timuras” trilogy. Wizard Prince Palimak must stop the doomspell and confront the Demon Moon. First US edition (Hodder & Stoughton 7/99).

Wolves of the Gods Allan Cole (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42319-4, Feb ’99 [Jan ’99], $6.99, 404pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) [Timuras] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1998) fantasy novel, book two of the “Tales of the Timuras” trilogy.

Magic: The Gathering: Bloodlines Loren Coleman (TSR/Wizards of the Coast 0-7869-1380-0, Aug ’99, $5.99, 343pp, tp, cover by Kev Walker) [Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle] Novelization based on the fantasy card game, book four of the “Artifacts Cycle”. Copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast.

Battletech: The Killing Fields Loren L. Coleman (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45753-6, Aug ’99 [Jul ’99], $5.99, 269pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) [Battletech: Capellan Solution] Novelization. Book two of “The Capellan Solution”, 45th in the overall series based on the role-playing game. Copyrighted by FASA.

BattleTech: Threads of Ambition Loren L. Coleman (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45744-7, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $5.99, 268pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) [Battletech: Capellan Solution] Novelization based on the role-playing game, book one of “The Capellan Solution” series. Copyrighted by FASA.

VOR: Into the Maelstrom Loren L. Coleman (Warner Aspect 0-446-60488-7, Dec ’99 [Nov ’99], $6.50, 320pp, pb, cover by Donato Giancola) SF novelization based on the VOR: The Maelstrom role-playing game. Copyrighted by FASA.

The Mummy Max Allan Collins (Berkley Boulevard 0-425-16948-0, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $5.99, 258pp, pb) Movie novelization. Copyrighted by Universal Studios Publishing Rights.

Epiphanies of Blood: Tales of Desperation and Thirst Bill Congreve (MirrorDanse Books 0-9586583-1-5, 1998 [Jun ’99], A$16.95, 184pp, tp, cover by Kyla Ward) Collection of six horror stories, three original, plus a bibliography. Illustrated by Marianne Plumridge. This is a limited edition of 501; it is dated 1998, but not seen until now. Available from MirrorDanse Books, PO Box 3542, Parramatta NSW 2124, Australia.

Brass Robert J. Conley (Leisure 0-8439-4505-2, Apr ’99 [Mar ’99], $5.50, 310pp, pb, cover by Matt Stawicki) Horror novel. A prehistoric shapechanger from Cherokee mythology is turned loose on the modern world.

Every Dead Thing John Connolly (Simon & Schuster 0-684-85714-6, May ’99 [Apr ’99], $25.00, 395pp, hc, cover by Juan de Valverde de Hamusco) [Charlie “Bird” Parker] Mystery/suspense novel with elements of dark fantasy. NYC detective Charlie Parker tracks a serial killer to the Louisiana bayous with help from visions of the dead, and an old psychic.

Oracle Lips Storm Constantine (Stark House Press 0-9667848-0-4, Mar ’99 [Jun ’99], $45.00, 398pp, hc, cover by Campbell Shepard) Collection of 23 stories, five original, and one original poem. Introduction by Michael Moorcock. Order from Firebird Distributing, 2030 First Street, Unit Five, Eureka CA 95501; 800-353-3575;

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