The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2000

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LEVINSON, [Dr.] PAUL (1947- ) (stories) (chron.)


LEVY, ROGER (chron.)

LEWIS, ANTHONY R(ichard) “TONY”; (1941- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

LEWIS, C(live) S(taples) (1898-1963) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

LEWIS, D. F. (1948- ) (stories) (chron.)

LEWIS, GORDON (stories) (chron.)

LEWIS, TONY; see under Lewis, Anthony R. (stories) (chron.)

LEWITT, SHARIANN (1954- ) (chron.) (assoc.)

LEWTON, J. V.; pseudonym of Stephen Gresham, (1947- ) (chron.)

LIBERTSON, JOSEPH (1946- ); see pseudonym Joseph Glass (chron.)

LINDHOLM, MEGAN; [i.e., Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden] (1952- ); see pseudonym Robin Hobb (stories) (chron.)

LINDSKOLD, JANE M. (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

LINEBARGER, PAUL M(yron) A(nthony) (1913-1966); see pseudonym Cordwainer Smith (stories) (chron.)

LINES, STEVE (stories) (chron.)

LISLE, HOLLY (1960- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

LITTLE, BENTLEY (1960- ) (stories) (chron.)

LITTLE, DENISE, ed. (stories) (chron.)

LIVELY, PENELOPE (Margaret) (1933- ) (stories) (chron.)

LIVERAKOS, L. A. (chron.)

LLAMAS, LIDIA (chron.)

LLYWELYN, MORGAN (1937- ) (stories) (chron.)

LOCKE, JOHN (1632-1704) (chron.)

LOCKLEY, JOHN (chron.)

LOFFICIER, JEAN-MARC (chron.) (assoc.)

LOFFICIER, RANDY (chron.) (assoc.)

LOFTING, HUGH (John) (1886-1947) (chron.)

LOGSTON, ANNE (chron.)

LOGUE, MARY (Louise) (1952- ) (chron.)

LONDON, JACK; [i.e., John Griffith London] (1876-1916) (chron.)

LONG, JAMES (1949- ) (chron.)

LONG, JEFF(rey B.) (1951- ) (chron.)

LoPINTO, CHARLES (1952- ) (chron.)


LOVECRAFT, H(oward) P(hillips) (1890-1937) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

LOVEGROVE, JAMES (1965- ) (stories) (chron.)

LOVISI, GARY (Anthony) (1952- ) (stories) (chron.)

LOWDER, CHRISTOPHER (A. J.) (1945- ); see pseudonym Jack Adrian (stories) (chron.)

LOWDER, JAMES, ed. (1963- ) (stories) (chron.)

LOWENTROUT, CHRISTINE I. SMITH (1951- ); see pseudonym Sherwood Smith (stories) (chron.)

LOWRY, LOIS (1937- ) (chron.)

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