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Neuromancer William Gibson (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-586-06645-4, May 2000, £5.99, 317pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Neuromancer] Reprint (Ace 1984) classic “cyberpunk” novel. First in a trilogy. Winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and Philip K. Dick Awards.

The Book of Shadows Namita Gokhale (Little, Brown UK 0-316-85155-8, Feb 2000, £16.99, 217pp, hc) Reprint (Penguin Books India 1999) literary fantasy novel. A disfigured woman retreats to her childhood Himalayan home and encounters the forlorn ghosts of its previous inhabitants. [First U.K. edition]

Faith of the Fallen Terry Goodkind (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07081-1, Aug 2000, £17.99, 539pp, hc, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Sword of Truth] Fantasy novel. Book 6 of “The Sword of Truth” sequence. Simultaneous with the US (Tor) edition.

Soul of the Fire Terry Goodkind (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-854-X, Apr 2000, £6.99, 643pp, pb, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Sword of Truth] Reprint (Tor 1999) fantasy novel. Book five of “The Sword of Truth”.

Crescent City Rhapsody Kathleen Ann Goonan (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-888-4, Sep 2000, £5.99, 564pp, pb, cover by Gregory Bridges) [Nanotech Cycle] Reprint (Avon Eos 2000) SF novel. The third in the “Nanotech Cycle” series - a prequel to Queen City Jazz and Mississippi Blues. Catastrophic events spur development of nanotechnology. [First U.K. edition]

The White Bone Barbara Gowdy (HarperCollins/Flamingo 0-00-655154-8, May 2000, £6.99, 338pp, tp) Reprint (HarperFlamingo Canada 1998) animal fantasy novel of elephants.

Randall and Hopkirk (deceased): Ghosts from the Past Graeme Grant (Boxtree 0-7522-2346-1, Mar 2000, £5.99, 254pp, pb) Novelization based on the new six-part BBC series based on the cult ’70s TV series (distributed in the US as My Partner the Ghost).

Colony Rob Grant (Viking UK 0-670-88965-2, Nov 2000, £14.99, 290pp, hc, cover by Chris Moore) Humorous SF novel set aboard a generation ship, badly damaged and on a collision course with a large planet, and controlled by adolescents, fanatics, and cyborgs.

The Dark Moon Julia Gray (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-85723-993-8, Sep 2000, £6.99, 536pp, pb, cover by Mick Van Houten) [Guardian Cycle] Fantasy novel, Book One of the “Guardian Cycle”. The prophesied birth of a Guardian is confused by the birth of twins.

Isle of the Dead Julia Gray (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-85723-978-4, Feb 2000 [Dec ’99], £6.99, 410pp, pb, cover by Mick Van Houten) Fantasy novel. Sayer the Seeker must risk his life and social position to uncover the secrets of his plague-exiled sister.

Beyond the Blue Moon Simon R. Green (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07045-5, Sep 2000, £9.99, 395pp, tp, cover by Jon Sullivan) [Hawk & Fisher] Fantasy novel. The last “Hawk and Fisher” book, and also last in a series after Blue Moon Rising and Blood and Honour, whose heroes -- Rupert and Julia -- are now acknowledged as the secret identities of Hawk and Fisher. A hardcover edition (-07150-8, £16.99) was announced but not seen.

Blue Moon Rising Simon R. Green (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-987-2, Sep 2000, £6.99, 448pp, pb) [Hawk & Fisher] Reprint (Penguin/Roc 1991) fantasy novel, first in a series starring Prince Rupert and Princess Julia, now revealed to be Hawk and Fisher.

Hawk & Fisher 2: Fear and Loathing in Haven Simon R. Green (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-939-2, May 2000, £6.99, 646pp, pb, cover by Jon Sullivan) [Hawk & Fisher] Reprint (Roc 1999 as Guards of Haven) fantasy omnibus of the second three novels of the “Hawk and Fisher” series: Vengeance for a Lonely Man (Ace 1991 as Hawk & Fisher: Wolf in the Fold); Guard Against Dishonour (Ace 1991 as Hawk & Fisher: Guard Against Dishonor); and Two Kings in Haven (Ace 1992 as Hawk & Fisher: The Bones of Haven). [First U.K. edition]

Dreamtime: Spiritfeather Colin Greenland (Orion/Dolphin 1-85881-710-2, Aug 2000, £3.99, 119pp, pb) [Dreamtime] YA fantasy novel, fourth in a six-book series by different authors. In a tale based on Indian legends, Roshana confronts the power of the Shadowman.

Letting Go of the Earth ed. Marni Scofidio Griffin (Be Strong Press, 2000, no price, 68pp, ph, cover by Dee Rimbaud) Chapbook anthology of speculative poetry, with 73 poems, some reprints, by eight poets. Illustrated by Dee Rimbaud. Introduction by John F. Haines. Order from Marni Griffin c/o The Cottages, 89 Newport, Barton-upon-Humber, No. Lincolnshire, DN18 5QF UK.

redRobe Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Simon & Schuster/Earthlight 0-671-02260-1, Mar 2000, £6.99, 360pp, pb, cover by The Whole Hog) SF thriller of a cyber-assassin, a Japanese kinder-whore, and the Vatican trying to regain its kidnapped treasure.

Ballymoon Alastair G. Gunn (Enigmatic Press 0-9537476-6-2, Jul 2000, £4.00, 72pp, ph, cover by Cathy Buburuz) Original collection of three ghost stories. Volume five in the “Enigmatic Variations” series.

Running Out of Time Margaret Peterson Haddix (The Bodley Head 0-370-32641-5, Mar 2000, £10.99, 180pp, hc) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1995) young-adult SF novel, in which the inhabitants of a reconstructed village from history start dying. [First U.K. edition]

Knights of Madness ed. Peter Haining (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-85723-958-X, Mar 2000, £5.99, xii+324pp, pb) Reprint (Souvenir Press 1998) anthology of 24 comic fantasy, historical and crime stories.

The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories ed. Peter Haining (Robinson 1-84119-160-4, Oct 2000, £6.99, 576pp, tp) Anthology of 35 stories and one original poem based on the haunted house theme.

Don’t Open Your Eyes Ann Halam (Orion/Dolphin 1-85881-791-9, Aug 2000, £4.99, 179pp, tp) Young-adult dark fantasy novel of horror beneath the grave. Halam is a pseudonym of Gwyneth Jones.

Forever Free Joe Haldeman (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-06853-1, Jan 2000, £16.99, 277pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Forever War] Reprint (Ace 1999) SF novel. The sequel to The Forever War. The human survivors of the War plan to escape from their planet-prison by stealing a starship to travel relativistically into a hopefully-better future. [First U.K. edition]

Forever Free Joe Haldeman (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-931-7, Nov 2000, £5.99, 277pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) [Forever War] Reprint (Ace 1999) SF novel. The sequel to The Forever War.

Mindbridge Joe Haldeman (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07114-1, Jun 2000, £9.99, 185pp, tp) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1976) SF novel of exploration and alien contact. An “SF Collectors’ Edition”.

The Secret Visitors Willis Hall (Red Fox 0-09-911551-4, Mar 2000, £3.99, 175pp, tp) [Lilliput] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1985 as The Return of the Antelope) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume one in the “Lilliput” series.

The Secret Visitors Fight Back Willis Hall (Red Fox 0-09-911591-3, Mar 2000, £3.99, 146pp, tp) [Lilliput] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1987 as The Antelope Company at Large) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume three in the “Lilliput” series.

The Secret Visitors Take Charge Willis Hall (Red Fox 0-09-911571-9, Mar 2000, £3.99, 151pp, tp) [Lilliput] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1986 as The Antelope Company Ashore) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume two in the “Lilliput” series.

The Knight of the Demon Queen Barbara Hambly (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-648373-9, May 2000, £5.99, 263pp, pb, cover by Les Edwards) [Winterlands] Reprint (Del Rey 2000) fantasy novel. Third in the series after Dragonsbane and Dragonshadow. [First U.K. edition]

Bloody Bones Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-050-4, Nov 2000, £5.99, 370pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1996) horror novel. Fifth in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. A job to raise a cemetery-full of zombies turns into a battle against a child-killing monster. [First U.K. edition]

Blue Moon Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-053-9, Dec 2000, £5.99, 418pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1998) horror novel. Eighth in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. Anita’s werewolf ex-boyfriend gets arrested in rural Tennessee. [First U.K. edition]

Burnt Offerings Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-052-0, Dec 2000, £5.99, 392pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1998) horror novel. Seventh in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. An arsonist is hitting vampire-owned businesses. [First U.K. edition]

Circus of the Damned Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-048-2, Oct 2000, £5.99, 329pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1995) horror novel, the third book of the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. Two master vampires fight over Anita. [First U.K. edition]

Guilty Pleasures Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-046-6, Sep 2000, £5.99, 266pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1993) alternate-world horror novel. First in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series.

The Killing Dance Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-051-2, Nov 2000, £5.99, 387pp, pb) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1997) horror novel. Sixth in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. Anita has to chose between her vampire and werewolf boyfriends. [First U.K. edition]

The Laughing Corpse Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-047-4, Sep 2000, £5.99, 293pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Anita Blake] Reprint (NEL 1994) alternate-world vampire horror novel of “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter.” Second book of the series.

Lunatic Café Laurell K. Hamilton (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-84149-049-0, Oct 2000, £5.99, 369pp, pb) [Anita Blake] Reprint (Ace 1996) horror novel. Fourth in the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. [First U.K. edition]

The Confederation Handbook Peter F. Hamilton (Macmillan UK 0-333-78588-6, Oct 2000, £12.99, 231pp, hc, cover by Jim Burns) [Night’s Dawn] Reference guide to the universe of the “Night’s Dawn Trilogy”: its cultures, species, major characters, technologies, cosmology, weaponry, and a timeline of events. A trade paperback edition (-78589-4) was announced but not seen.

The Naked God Peter F. Hamilton (Macmillan UK 0-333-72503-4, Apr 2000, £10.99, 1174pp, tp, cover by Jim Burns) [Night’s Dawn] Reprint (Macmillan UK 1999) SF novel.

The Naked God Peter F. Hamilton (Pan 0-330-35145-1, Oct 2000, £7.99, 1256pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Night’s Dawn] Reprint (Macmillan UK 1999) SF novel. Book Three of the “Night’s Dawn” trilogy.

Watching Trees Grow Peter F. Hamilton (PS Publishing 1-902880-14-5, Aug 2000, £8.00, 96pp, tp, cover by David A. Hardy) SF mystery novella. Introduction by Larry Niven. This is a signed, limited edition of 500; a hardcover edition of 300 (-15-3, £25.00) is also available. Available from PS Publishing, 98 High Ash Drive, Leeds LS17 8RE, UK; website: [].

The Seer and the Sword Victoria Hanley (Scholastic UK 0-439-01282-1, Apr 2000, £14.99, 382pp, hc, cover by Ian Miller) Young-adult fantasy novel. A young princess is offered a conquered prince as her slave.

Shenanigans Noel K. Hannan (Pendragon Press 0-9538598-0-0, 2000, £6.99, 248pp, tp, cover by Frazer Alex Irving) Collection of 13 contemporary SF stories, three previously unpublished, with an introduction by Ian Watson. Available from Pendragon Press, P.O. Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG.

The Wicker Man: A Novel Robin Hardy & Anthony Shaffer (Pan 0-330-39018-X, May 2000, £5.99, 285pp, pb) Reprint (Crown 1978) novelisation of the film, with a new introduction by Allan Brown.

When Dreams Travel Githa Hariharan (Picador 0-330-37299-8, May 2000, £5.99, 276pp, tp, cover by Tiffany Lynch) Reprint (Picador 1999) literary novel, a grim retelling of the Scheherazade story.

The Suburban Salamander Incident Andrew Harman (Little, Brown/Orbit 1-85723-733-1, Feb 2000 [Dec ’99], £5.99, 338pp, pb, cover by Mick Posen) Humorous fantasy novel. An eco-terrorist discovers mythical beasts in her basement.

Mass: The Art of John Harris John Harris & Ron Tiner (Paper Tiger 1-85585-831-2, Sep 2000, £20.00, 112pp, hc) Art book with text by Ron Tiner.

Stars and Stripes In Peril Harry Harrison (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-68919-6, Apr 2000, £16.99, 330pp, hc, cover by Steve Stone) [Stars and Stripes] Alternate-history SF novel, second volume in the “Stars and Stripes” trilogy. Accellerated technology brings WWI tactics to the 1860s conflict between the US and UK, which spreads to England and Ireland.

Stars and Stripes In Peril Harry Harrison (Hodder Headline/NEL 0-340-68920-X, Sep 2000, £6.99, 330pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Stars and Stripes] Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 2000) alternate-history SF novel. Book Two in the “Stars and Stripes Trilogy”. The actual title page is mistakenly Stars and Stripes Forever: Stars and Stripes Trilogy: Book Two.

A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! Harry Harrison (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07134-6, Sep 2000, £9.99, 192pp, tp) Reprint (Faber & Faber 1972) parallel-world SF novel. Published in the US as Tunnel Through the Deeps. An “SF Collectors’ Edition”.

The Centauri Device M. John Harrison (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-997-X, Jul 2000, £7.99, 205pp, tp, cover by Chris Moore) Reprint (Gollancz 1974) SF novel of a galactapocalyptic weapon only operable by the last descendant of the Centauran race. Volume 31 in the “SF Masterworks” series.

Travel Arrangements: Short Stories M. John Harrison (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-06832-9, May 2000, £9.99, 262pp, tp) SF/associational collection of 14 stories.

Viriconium M. John Harrison (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-995-3, Jul 2000, £7.99, 562pp, tp, cover by Albert Godwin & Richard Carr) [Viriconium] Fantasy omnibus of novels The Pastel City (1971), A Storm of Wings (1980), and In Viriconium (1983), with the collection Viriconium Nights (1985). Volume seven in the “Fantasy Masterworks” series.

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