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Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide: Ruin Michael A. Stackpole (Random House UK/Arrow 0-09-940994-1, Jun 2000, £5.99, 292pp, pb, cover by John Harris) [Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Dark Tide] Reprint (Del Rey Lucasbooks 2000) SF novelization. [First U.K. edition]

Carnival of the Dead Laurence Staig (Scholastic UK 0-439-99639-2, Sep 2000, £3.99, 202pp, pb, cover by Bob Lea) [Mutant] Young adult horror novel. One of the “Mutant” sub-set of the “Point Horror” books.

Sirius Olaf Stapledon (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07057-9, Aug 2000, £9.99, 200pp, tp) Reprint (Secker & Warburg 1944) SF novel of a super-intelligent dog and his love affair with a girl. An “SF Collectors’ Edition”.

X-Files: Haunted Ellen Steiber (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-648354-2, Dec 2000, £3.99, 128pp, pb, cover by Cliff Nielsen) [X-Files] Reprint (HarperEntertainment 2000) young-adult novelization of an episode of the TV series. Book 15 in the series. [First U.K. edition]

The Phantom Barbara Steiner (Scholastic UK 0-439-01317-8, Oct 2000, £3.99, 198pp, pb) Reissue (Scholastic 1993) young-adult horror novel. A “Point Horror” title.

Grant Allen: Hill-Top Philosopher: A Working Bibliography Phil Stephensen-Payne & Virgil Utter (Galactic Central Publications 1-871133-52-1, Nov ’99, £5.00, viii+106pp, ph) Primary and secondary bibliography of Allen, issued as an A5-sized booklet. Available from 25a Copgrove Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 2SP, and from PO Box 445, Polk City, Iowa 50226-0445, USA. [Grant Allen]

Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson (Arrow 0-09-941067-2, May 2000, £7.99, 918pp, tp) Reprint (Avon 1999) Pynchonesque quasi-SF thriller of cryptographers.

Distraction Bruce Sterling (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-928-7, Sep 2000, £6.99, 489pp, pb, cover by Trevor Scobie) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1998) humorous near-future SF novel. A Washington spin-doctor faces a powerful opponent in Louisiana while American culture crumbles. Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best SF Novel, 1999.

Midnight over Sanctaphrax Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell (Transworld/Doubleday UK 0-385-60089-5, Oct 2000, £10.99, 368pp, hc, cover by Chris Riddell) [Edge Chronicles] Young-adult fantasy novel, Book Three of “The Edge Chronicles”.

Stormchaser Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell (Transworld/Corgi 0-552-54628-3, Oct 2000, £4.99, 394pp, tp, cover by Chris Riddell) [Edge Chronicles] Reprint (Doubleday UK 1999) young-adult fantasy novel. Book Two of “The Edge Chronicles”.

Nightmare Hour R. L. Stine (Collins 0-00-675532-1, Aug 2000, £3.99, 148pp, tp) Reprint (HarperCollins 1999) young-adult original collection of ten horror stories. [First U.K. edition]

Doctor Who: Heart of Tardis Dave Stone (BBC Books 0-563-55596-3, Jun 2000, £5.99, iv+280pp, pb) [Doctor Who: Missing Adventures] Original novel based on the TV series, starring the 2nd and 4th Doctors. Book 31 of the BBC “Missing Adventures” series.

Marianne Dreams Catherine Storr (Faber and Faber 0-571-20212-8, Apr 2000, £4.99, 179pp, pb, cover by Liz Pyle) Reprint (Faber and Faber 1958) young-adult fantasy novel. A “Faber Children’s Classic” edition. The first-stage printing of this has Marianne Drems on the spine.

The Mirror Image Ghost Catherine Storr (Faber and Faber 0-571-20217-9, Apr 2000, £4.99, 143pp, pb, cover by Mark Edwards) Reprint (Faber and Faber 1994) young-adult fantasy novel. A “Faber Children’s Classic” edition.

Mr. X Peter Straub (HarperCollins UK 0-00-225955-9, Mar 2000, £10.99, 483pp, tp) Reprint (Random House 1999) contemporary dark fantasy novel with Lovecraftian touches, about a man with a doppelänger. [First U.K. edition]

Buried Fire Jonathan Stroud (Red Fox 0-09-940247-5, Jan 2000, £3.99, 300pp, pb, cover by Richard Jones & Andrew Warrington) Reprint (The Bodley Head 1999) young-adult dark fantasy novel. The furious thoughts of a sleeping, buried dragon corrupt the peace of the land above. Our land.

Roadside Picnic Arkady & Boris Strugatsky (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07053-6, Aug 2000, £9.99, x+145pp, tp) Reprint (Macmillan 1977 as part of Roadside Picnic/Tales of the Troika) SF novel. translated from the Russian (Avrora 1972) by Antonina W. Bouis. Introduction by Theodore Sturgeon. An “SF Collectors’ Edition”.

The Dreaming Jewels Theodore Sturgeon (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07140-0, Oct 2000, £9.99, 156pp, tp) Reprint (Greenberg 1950) SF novel. An abused child runs away to the carnival - into the world of freaks and marvels and mutations, and the secret of himself. An “SF Collectors’ Edition”.

More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon (Orion/Millennium 1-85798-852-3, Apr 2000, £6.99, 233pp, tp, cover by Fred Gambino) Reprint (Farrar, Straus & Young 1953) classic SF novel, winner of the International Fantasy Award. Volume 28 in the “SF Masterworks” series.

King Arthur Stories: Three Books in One Rosemary Sutcliff (Red Fox 0-09-940164-9, 1999, £4.99, 652pp, tp) [Legends of King Arthur] Omnibus of three YA Arthurian novels in a series: The Light Beyond the Forest, The Sword and the Circle, and The Road to Camlann (all The Bodley Head, 1979-1981). Published in 1999, but not seen until now.

Inside the Worm Robert Swindells (Transworld/Corgi Yearling 0-440-86464-X, Oct 2000, £4.99, 190pp, tp, cover by Larry Rostant) [Fliss] Reissue (Doubleday 1993) young-adult fantasy novel. Second in the “Fliss” series. Illustrated by Jon Riley.

Invisible! Robert Swindells (Transworld/Corgi Yearling 0-440-86363-5, Aug 2000, £3.99, 204pp, pb, cover by Larry Rostant) Reprint (Doubleday UK 1999) young-adult fantasy novel of invisible children tracking down a criminal gang.

Room 13 Robert Swindells (Transworld/Corgi Yearling 0-440-86465-8, Oct 2000, £4.99, 158pp, tp, cover by Larry Rostant) [Fliss] Reissue (Doubleday UK 1989) young-adult fantasy novel. First in the “Fliss” series. Illustrated by Jon Riley.

Sensing Others Frank Tallis (Hamish Hamilton 0-241-14031-5, Apr 2000, £9.99, 295pp, tp) Literary SF novel about a drug that allows people to recall other people’s memories.

The Return of the Sword Roger Taylor (Hodder Headline 0-7472-5900-3, May 2000, £5.99, 473pp, pb, cover by Mark Harrison) [Chronicles of Hawklan] Reprint (Headline 1999) fantasy novel, fifth and final in the “Chronicles of Hawklan”.

Nasty Snips ed. Christopher C. Teague (MT Publishing 0-9536833-0-3, 1999, £5.99, 158pp, tp, cover by Charles S. Fallis) Original anthology of 35 short horror stories and four poems. Available from MT Enterprises, P.O. Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG.

88 Gray’s Inn Road William F. Temple (Sansato Press, Oct 2000, £25.00, 244 + xxiv, hc, cover by Jim Cawthorn) Original collection of three stories, one a previously unpublished revision of novella “Mind Within Mind”. The semi-autobiographical title story experiences sharing a flat with Arthur C. Clarke and Maurice K. Hanson. Preface by Arthur C. Clarke, introduction by Gordon Walters. Illustrated by Jim Cawthorn. A 50-copy limited edition with bookplate signed by Clarke (£75.00) was announced but not seen.

The Awakeners: Northshore & Southshore Sheri S. Tepper (HarperCollins/Voyager 0-00-648271-6, Aug 2000, £6.99, 250pp, pb, cover by James C. Christensen) [Awakeners] Reprint (SFBC 1987 as The Awakeners) SF omnibus of Northshore and Southshore (both Tor, 1987).

Singer from the Sea Sheri S. Tepper (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-06905-8, May 2000, £9.99, 426pp, tp, cover by Adrian Chesterman) Reprint (Avon Eos 1999) ecological-feminist parable. A Proper Young Lady of the planet Haven questions her fate, and uncovers dark secrets. A hardcover edition (-06904-X, £16.99) was announced but not seen. [First U.K. edition]

Ovid Metamorphosed ed. Philip Terry (Chatto & Windus 0-7011-6941-9, Apr 2000, £14.99, 250pp, hc) Original anthology of 17 stories (two reprints) using the theme of shape-shifting. Authors include Margaret Atwood, A.S. Byatt, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Future Eden Colin Thompson (Simon & Schuster UK 0-689-82774-1, Jan 2000, £9.99, 252pp, tp) Humorous SF novel. In 2287, a boy and his chicken set out to save life on Earth from extinction. Originally written through daily postings on the Internet.

The Missing Link Kate Thompson (The Bodley Head 0-370-32409-9, Jan 2000, £10.99, 313pp, hc) [Missing Link] Young-adult SF novel. A young boy’s step-brother shares a deep secret with other odd children.

Wild Blood Kate Thompson (Red Fox 0-09-926628-8, Jan 2000, £3.99, 168pp, pb, cover by Darren Lock) [Switchers] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1999) young-adult fantasy novel. Last in the “Switchers” trilogy after Switchers and Midnight’s Choice.

Farmer Giles of Ham J. R. R. Tolkien (HarperCollins UK 0-261-10378-4, Nov 2000, £5.99, xxii+142pp, tp) Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1999) young-adult fantasy collection of the title novella (Allen & Unwin, 1949), the first (manuscript) version, and the sequel in schematic form. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond. A 50th Anniversary edition of the novella.

The History of Middle-Earth: Part One J. R. R. Tolkien (HarperCollins UK 0-00-710505-3, Oct 2000, £99.99, 1910pp, tp) [Middle-Earth] Omnibus edition of the first five collections, edited by Christopher Tolkien, in “The History of Middle-Earth”: The Book of Lost Tales: Part I (1983), The Book of Lost Tales: Part II (1984), The Lays of Beleriand (1985), The Shaping of Middle-Earth (1986), and The Lost Road and Other Writings (1987). This is a slipcased, gilt-edged edition. Each volume is separately paginated.

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