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Borrowed Tides Paul Levinson (Tor 0-312-84869-2, Mar 2001, $22.95, 238pp, hc, cover by Vincent Di Fate) Near-future SF novel about the launch of the first interstellar spaceship.

Borrowed Tides Paul Levinson (SFBC #36767, May 2001, $11.50, 238pp, hc, cover by Vincent Di Fate) Reprint (Tor 2001) near-future SF novel. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Borrowed Tides Paul Levinson (Tor 0-812-56151-1, Jan 2002, $6.99, 257pp, pb, cover by Vincent Di Fate) Reprint (Tor 2001) near-future SF novel about the launch of the first interstellar spaceship.

The Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis (HarperCollins 0-06-623850-1, Oct 2001, $19.95, 767pp, tp, cover by Cliff Nielsen) [Narnia] Reprint (HarperCollins 1998 as The Complete Chronicles of Narnia) omnibus of all seven “Narnia” books, with b&w illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

The Magician’s Nephew C. S. Lewis (HarperCollins 0-06-623826-9, Oct 2001, $24.95, 221pp, hc, cover by Pauline Baynes) [Narnia] Reprint (Bodley Head 1955) young-adult fantasy novel, book one in the “Narnia” series. This deluxe edition has the color illustrations by Pauline Baynes from the HarperCollins UK 1991 special deluxe edition.

The Wisdom of Narnia C. S. Lewis (HarperCollins 0-06-623851-X, Oct 2001, $10.95, unpaginated, hc, cover by Pauline Baynes) Non-fiction, a small gift-book of quotes taken from the “Chronicles of Narnia” with b&w illustrations by Pauline Baynes. First US edition (Collins 2001).

Rebel Sutra Shariann Lewitt (Tor 0-812-57118-5, Jul 2001, $7.99, 408pp, pb, cover by Tristan Elwell) Reprint (Tor 2000) SF novel.

Eccentric Circles Rebecca Lickiss (Ace 0-441-00828-3, Jul 2001, $5.99, 218pp, pb, cover by Judy York) Fantasy novel. Piper inherits an old cottage with a back door leading into a fantasy world. A first novel.

Through Wolf’s Eyes Jane Lindskold (Tor 0-312-87427-8, Aug 2001, $27.95, 594pp, hc, cover by Julie Bell) [Firekeeper] Fantasy novel. A young woman raised by unusual wolves may be the true heir to a kingdom.

Sleuthing C.S. Lewis: More Light in the Shadowlands Kathryn Lindskoog (Mercer University Press 0-86554-730-0, Jun 2001, $23.00, 416pp, hc, cover by Barclay Burns) Non-fiction, a revision and expansion of Light in the Shadowlands, furthering Lindskoog’s argument that C.S. Lewis’s posthumous books are partly forged. A hardcover edition (-741-6) was announced but not seen. Order from Mercer University Press, 6316 Peake Road, Macon GA 31210-3960; 912-301-2880; []. [C. S. Lewis]

Stranger Things Happen Kelly Link (Small Beer Press 1-931520-00-3, Jul 2001, $16.00, 266pp, tp, cover by Shelley Jackson) Collection of 11 stories, two original. Small Beer Press, 360 Atlantic Ave., PMB #132, Brooklyn NY 1121; [].

Courage of Falcons Holly Lisle (Warner Aspect 0-446-61065-8, Aug 2001, $6.99, 433pp, pb, cover by Fred Gambino) [Secret Texts] Reprint (Warner Aspect 2000) fantasy novel, third book of “The Secret Texts” trilogy.

Forest Janet Taylor Lisle (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-131095-2, Apr 2001, $4.99, 150pp, tp, cover by Hala Wittwer) Reprint (Orchard US 1993) young-adult fantasy novel of a war between humans and squirrels.

The Lost Flower Children Janet Taylor Lisle (Penguin/Puffin 0-698-11880-4, Apr 2001, $4.99, 122pp, tp, cover by Satomi Ichikawa) Reprint (Philomel 1999) young-adult fantasy novel.

The Association Bentley Little (Penguin/Signet 0-451-20412-3, Sep 2001, $6.99, 438pp, pb) Horror novel. Barry and Maureen move into an exclusive community run by the Association, which enforces a terrifying set of restrictions.

A Constellation of Cats ed. Denise Little & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 0-7564-0016-3, Nov 2001, $6.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Mark Hess) Original anthology of 13 fantasy stories involving cats. Authors include Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Karen Haber. Introduction by Little. Greenberg is not mentioned, but this is copyrighted by Little and Greenberg’s corporation, Tekno Books.

Creature Fantastic ed. Denise Little & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 0-7564-0007-4, Sep 2001, $6.99, 318pp, pb, cover by Les Edwards) Original anthology of 15 fantasy stories of magical creatures. Authors include Kristine Kathryn Rusch, P.N. Elrod, Alan Rodgers, and Rosemary Edghill. Introduction by Little. Greenberg is not mentioned, but this is copyrighted by Tekno Books.

Hortishland Margaret Lloyd (Hampton Roads 1-57174-233-6, Dec 2001, $13.95, 232pp, tp, cover by Frank Riccio) Visionary fantasy novel. The pocket worlds of Hortishland exist to help humans save the Earth from destruction. Order from Hampton Roads Publishing, 1125 Stoney Ridge Rd, Charlottesville VA 22902; 800-766-8009; [].

The Isles of the Blest Morgan Llywelyn (Olmstead Press 1-58754-113-0, Apr 2001, $11.95, 202pp, tp) Reprint (Ace 1989) Celtic fantasy novel.

Etruscans Morgan Llywelyn & Michael Scott (Tor 0-812-58012-5, Dec 2001, $6.99, 358pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) Reprint (Tor 2000) historical fantasy of a half-demon born in the early Roman Empire.

Regarding Bonobos... Richard Loehle (Xlibris Corporation 0-7388-1513-6, Nov 2000, $16.00, 289pp, tp, cover by Richard Loehle) Post-holocaust SF novel. A secret organization creates a new species combining genes from humans and intelligent bonobos apes. A first novel by an artist whose work has included SF illustration. This is a print-on-demand book, available online at []; or from Xlibris Corporation, 426 Walnut St., Philadelphia PA 19106; credit card orders 888-7-xlibris; add $4.00 shipping.

Silence and Shadows James Long (Bantam 0-553-58144-9, Jan 2002, $6.50, 407pp, pb, cover by Brigid Collins) Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1998) romantic time-travel fantasy novel.

The Descent Jeff Long (Jove 0-515-13175-X, Nov 2001, $7.99, 572pp, pb) [Descent] Reprint (Crown 1999) lost-race/world-beneath horror novel.

Cold Kiss Roxanne Longstreet (Pinnacle 0-7860-1426-1, Sep 2001, $5.99, 251pp, pb) Reprint (Zebra 1995) vampire novel.

Bound in Blood David Thomas Lord (Kensington 1-57566-764-9, May 2001, $14.00, 346pp, tp) [Bound in Blood] Erotic vampire novel. A gay vampire’s adventures from 19th-century Paris to contemporary NYC.

The Silence in Heaven Peter Lord-Wolff (Tor 0-812-54153-7, Mar 2001, $6.99, 472pp, pb) Reprint (Forge 2000) dark fantasy novel of angels banished to Earth, first in a trilogy.

The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H.P. Lovecraft H. P. Lovecraft (Night Shade Books 1-892389-16-9, Jul 2001, $20.00, 557pp, tp, cover by Kenneth Waters) Collection of all of Lovecraft’s known poetry, over 350 poems and fragments and a play, edited with extensive notes and an introduction by S. T. Joshi. Illustrated by Thomas N. Brown, Jason Eckhardt, Allen Koszowski, Robert H. Knox, and Joey Zone. A hardcover edition (-15-0, $40.00) was announced but not seen.

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