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Emir’s Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers Jane Roberts (Hampton Roads 1-57174-142-9, Apr 2000, $12.95, 117pp, tp, cover by Rebecca Whitney) Reprint (Hampton Roads 1979) young-adult allegorical novel of a prince’s education through a fantastic journey. Hampton Roads Publishing, 134 Burgess Lane, Charlottesville VA 22902; 800-766-8009; [].

Spellfall Katherine Roberts (Scholastic/The Chicken House 0-439-29653-6, Sep 2001, $15.95, 250pp, hc, cover by Judy York) Young-adult fantasy. Natalie enters the mysterious world from which her mother came, and discovers she has magic powers. First US edition (Chicken House UK 2000).

Pavane Keith Roberts (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-44091-9, Mar 2001, $12.00, 277pp, tp) [Pavane] Reprint (Rupert Hart-Davis 1968) alternate-world SF collection/mosaic novel. This follows the expanded Doubleday 1968 edition. Part of the “Impact” line of classic reprints.

A Little Magic Nora Roberts (Berkley 0-425-18318-1, Jan 2002, $13.95, 293pp, tp) Collection of three fantasy-romance novellas set in Ireland.

Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines Frank M. Robinson & Lawrence Davidson (Collectors Press 1-888054-12-3, Sep 2001, $39.95, 204pp, hc, cover by Enoch Bolles) Reissue (Collectors Press 1998) illustrated pictorial history of the pulp magazines. This is the second printing; it has a 2001 copyright; the dust-jacket has new art and a sticker announcing this as having been named “Pop Culture Book of the Year” by the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Order from Collectors Press, PO Box 230986, Portland OR 97281; []; 800-423-1848.

By Any Other Name Spider Robinson (Baen 0-671-31974-4, Feb 2001, $6.99, 429pp, pb, cover by Richard Martin) Collection of 16 stories, plus a set of selections from his newspaper opinion pieces, ’The Crazy Years’, and a cartoon. This includes two Hugo winners, the title story and ’Melancholy Elephants’.

Callahan’s Key Spider Robinson (Bantam Spectra 0-553-58060-4, May 2001, $5.99, 335pp, pb, cover by Don Maitz) [Callahan’s Place] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 2000) humorous science fantasy novel in the “Callahan’s Bar” series.

Callahan’s Lady Spider Robinson (Baen 0-671-31831-4, Sep 2001, $6.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Callahan’s Place] Reprint (Ace 1989) SF novel.

The Free Lunch Spider Robinson (Tor 0-312-86524-4, Aug 2001, $22.95, 254pp, hc, cover by Stephan Martiniere) Near-future SF novel. Runaways discover the fabulous theme park Dreamworld is inhabited by troll-like creatures.

Telempath Spider Robinson (Baen 0-671-31825-X, Jul 2001, $6.99, 274pp, pb, cover by Patrick Turner) Reprint (Berkley 1976) SF novel.

Time Travelers Strictly Cash Spider Robinson (Tor 0-812-57228-9, Aug 2001, $5.99, 247pp, pb, cover by James Warhola) Reprint (Ace 1981) SF collection in the “Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon” series. An updated list of websites for “Callahan’s in Cyberspace” is included.

Starmind Spider & Jeanne Robinson (Baen 0-671-31989-2, May 2001, $6.99, 372pp, pb, cover by Patrick Turner) [Stardance] Reprint (Ace 1995) SF novel, third in the “Stardance” trilogy.

The Wild Boy Warren Rochelle (Golden Gryphon Press 1-930846-04-5, Sep 2001, $22.95, 260pp, hc, cover by J. K. Potter) SF novel. Bear-like aliens come to Earth to domesticate humans to be their emotional symbionts. A first novel. Golden Gryphon Press, 3002 Perkins Road, Urbana IL 61802; [].

God Shock Stefan Rochfort (TLA Publications 0-473-06940-7, 2000, $11.00, 290pp, tp) Near-future SF novel of virtual reality, hackers, AIs, and viruses. This is copyrighted 1999 and dated 2000 on the title page, but was not seen until now. Credit card orders online at [], or from TLA Publications, 6 Bournemouth Tce, Murrays Bay, Auckland 1310, New Zealand.

Rowan and the Travelers Emily Rodda (HarperCollins/Greenwillow 0-06-029775-1, Oct 2001, $14.95, 170pp, hc, cover by Mark Elliott) [Rowan of Rin] Young-adult fantasy novel, sequel to Rowan of Rin. First US edition (Scholastic Australia/Omnibus 1994).

Rowan of Rin Emily Rodda (HarperCollins/Greenwillow 0-06-029707-7, Apr 2001, $14.95, 151pp, hc, cover by Mark Elliott) [Rowan of Rin] Young-adult fantasy novel, first in a series. A boy helps face the dragon that prevents his village from getting water. First US edition (Scholastic Australia/Omnibus 1993).

Bone Music Alan Rodgers (Wildside Press 1-58715-251-7, Oct 2000, $16.95, 248pp, tp, cover by Amy Sterling Casil) Reprint (Longmeadow Press 1995) horror novel of blues-singing Hoodoo Doctors. This is dated 2000, but was not seen until now. A print-on-demand book available at [], or from PO Box 45, Gillette NJ 07933-0045.

Fire Alan Rodgers (Wildside Press 1-58715-254-1, Oct 2000, $24.95, 406pp, tp, cover by Amy Sterling Casil) Reprint (Bantam 1990) horror novel. This is dated 2000, but was not seen until now. A print-on-demand book available at [], or from PO Box 45, Gillette NJ 07933-0045.

Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams ed. Bruce Holland Rogers (IFD Publishing 0-9671912-0-3, Oct ’99, $20.00, 220pp, tp, cover by Alan M. Clark) Original anthology of 23 horror stories, 12 reprints. Illustrated by Alan M. Clark. Authors include Michael Arnzen, Melanie Tem, and Jane Yolen. This is dated 1999, but not seen until now. Order from IFD Publishing, PO Box 40776, Eugene OR 97404; fax credit card orders to 541-461-3686; add $5.00 postage.

Bones of the World: Tales from Time’s End ed. Bruce Holland Rogers (SFF Net 0-9669698-4-7, Sep 2001, $14.95, 462pp, tp, cover by Melisa Michaels) [Darkfire] Original anthology of 23 stories of a far future and the end of the world. Volume IV of the “Darkfire” anthology series. Authors include Jerry Oltion, Lois Tilton, and Mary Soon Lee. Introduction by Rogers. Order from SFF Net, 3300 Big Horn Trail, Plano TX 75075; 972-867-2794; [].

Still She Haunts Me Katie Roiphe (Dial Press 0-385-33527-X, Sep 2001, $23.95, 228pp, hc) [Alice] Associational novel of the relationship between Charles Dawson (Lewis Carroll) and Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland.

The Empress’s New Lingerie: And Other Erotic Fairy Tales Hillary Rollins (Crown/Harmony 0-609-60705-7, Jul 2001, $16.00, 156pp, hc, cover by John Maggard) Collection of 12 fairy tales retold for adults in explicit erotic style, losing some of the fantasy in the process.

Deep Fathom James Rollins (HarperTorch 0-380-81880-9, Jul 2001, $7.50, 450pp, pb) Near-future SF adventure. A lost civilization is revealed when a solar storm coincides with a solar eclipse. A “special paperback printing” was announced for 1/01, but was not seen. Copyrighted by Jim Czajkowski; Rollins also writes as James Clemens.

X-Men/Doctor Doom: The Chaos Engine, Book 1 Steven A. Roman (Pocket/ibooks 0-7434-3483-8, Sep 2001, $6.99, 369pp, pb, cover by Bob Larkin) [X-Men: Chaos Engine] Reprint (BP Books 2000) novelization based on the comic-book characters. Illustrated by Mark Buckingham. Copyrighted by Marvel Characters.

The London Vampire Panic Michael Romkey (Ballantine 0-449-00573-9, Apr 2001, $6.99, 295pp, pb) [I, Vampire] Vampire novel of Victorian Europe, sixth in the series.

Out There Gerald Rose (Rutledge Books 1-58244-119-7, Mar 2001, $16.95, 330pp, tp) SF novel, in the form of the autobiography of Captain John Ryker, “First through the Space/Time Barrier.” Available from Rutledge Books, 107 Mill Plain Road, Danbury CT 06811; 800-278-8533; [].

The Bubba Chronicles Selina Rosen (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-13-9, Aug 2000, $8.50, 126pp, tp, cover by James Hollaman) [Bubba] Original collection of 11 fantastic stories of “bubbas” (AKA good ol’ boys), including collaborations with Brand Whitlock, Beverly Hale, and Bill Allen. This is dated 2000, but not seen until now. Order from Yard Dog Comics, 710 W Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; e-mail: []; website: []; add $2.00 postage.

Chains of Freedom Selina Rosen (Meisha Merlin 1-892065-42-8, May 2001, $16.00, 391pp, tp, cover by Charles Keegan) [Chains] SF novel, first in the “Chains” trilogy. An escaped political prisoner gets help in his fight against the Reliance. Introduction by C.J. Cherryh. Order online at [], or from Meisha Merlin, PO Box 7, Decatur GA 30031.

Fire & Ice Selina Rosen (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-21-X, Aug 2001, $14.00, 255pp, tp, cover by Brand Whitlock) Near-future SF mystery novel set in a world where laws giving homosexuals equal treatment cause serious conflicts. Order from Yard Dog Comics, 710 W Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; e-mail: []; website: [].

Bubbas of the Apocalypse ed. Selina Rosen (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-16-3, May 2001, $15.00, 186pp, tp, cover by Keith Berdak) [Bubba] Original anthology of 16 stories and three poems set in a post-holocaust near future world where only Bubbas survived a plague that turned Yoppies into zombies. Authors include Mark Shepherd, James S. Dorr, and Gary Jonas. Order from Yard Dog Comics, 710 W. Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; e-mail: []; website: []; add $2.00 postage.

Stories that Won’t Make Your Parents Hurl ed. Selina Rosen (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-12-0, Nov 2000, $14.00, 186pp, tp, cover by Matthew Scott) Original young-adult anthology of 15 stories and three poems with morals in updated imitation of the brothers Grimm. Order from Yard Dog Comics, 710 W Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; e-mail: []; website: []; add $2.00 postage.

Theft of the Sun and Other New Norse Myths Douglas “Dag” Rossman (Skandisk 1-57534-015-1, Oct 2001, $9.95, 141pp, tp) Collection of 10 fantasy stories set in the worlds of Norse mythology, most originally published in the Sons of Norway magazine “Mythic Circle”. Foreword by Jodie Forrest. Order from Skandisk, 6667 West Old Shakopee Road, Suite 109, Bloomington MN 55438; 800-468-2424; [].

The Best of Austrian Science Fiction ed. Franz Rottensteiner (Ariadne Press 1-57241-078-7, 2001, $32.00, 318 + xx, tp, cover by George McGinnis) Anthology of 13 stories, a sampler of Austrian SF from the second half of the 20th century, with “A Short History of Austrian Science Fiction” and notes on the authors by Rottensteiner. Translated by Todd C. Hanlin. Ariadne Press, 270 Goins Court, Riverside CA 92507; 909-684-9202; []; [].

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