The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2001

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Things That Go Bump in the Night ed. Anon. (Ellora’s Cave 1843600234, 2001, 155pp, e-book)

Jason Striker Martial Arts Series: Volume III Piers Anthony & Roberto Fuentes (Xlibris 1-4010-3353-9, 2001, $24.99, 443pp, tp) Collection including the last published “Jason Striker” novel, Amazon Slaughter (Berkley Medallion, 1976), the short story “Ki” (Vertex June 1974) and various unfinished and/or unpublished related pieces.

The Shadow on the Blind And Other Ghost Stories Mrs. Alfred Baldwin (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-023-9, Jun 2001, C$53.00, xx+143pp, hc, cover by Allen Koszowski) Collection of ghost stories, adding one story to the 1895 volume of the same title. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $40.00 and in the UK for £25.00.

Desirable Residences and Other Stories E. F. Benson (Oxford University Press 0-19-212304-1, 1991, £15.95, 278pp, hc, cover by Sir John Lavery) Collection of 27 stories, mainly humorous items but including three uncollected ghost stories.

Mrs. Amworth E. F. Benson (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-018-2, Jul 2001, C$56.00, xxiii+198pp, hc, cover by Douglas Walters) Collection of supernatural stories, edited by Jack Adrian, third in a series designed to bring back into print all of Benson’s supernatural fiction in the order of writing. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $41.50 and in the UK for £26.00.

A Chapbook for Burnt-Out Priests, Rabbis and Ministers Ray Bradbury (Cemetery Dance Publications 1-58767-010-0, 2001, $25.00, 192pp, hc, cover by Phil Parks) Collection of poetry, essays, and vignettes that have not been previously collected, most reprint but some new for the book. Limited to 1500 copies. Also available in a limited edition of 26 lettered leatherbound, traycased copies signed by the author, with a signed matted full color art print for $275. Also available in a limited edition of 350 signed and numbered slipcased copies bound in leather with additional color artwork for $75.

Earth Is But a Star: Excursions through Science Fiction to the Far Future ed. Damien Broderick (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 2001)

Couching at the Door: Strange and Macabre Tales D. K. Broster (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-028-X, Dec 2001, C$58.00, xxxi+217pp, hc, cover by Jason van Hollander) Collection of Broster’s supernatural stories including her one rare collection of supernatural fiction and her other genre tales, plus one newly discovered tale, “Taste of Pomegranates” never before published, edited by Jack Adrian. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $43.00 and in the UK for £27.50.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction (1984-2000) Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento (Locus Press, Apr 2001, $49.95, 5,059pp, CD-ROM) Non-fiction, reference. This edition indexes SF books, magazines, and stories published from 1984 through 2000. Included in the index is Contento’s Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections which covers those books published before 1984.

The Golden Gong and Other Night-Pieces Thomas Burke (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-006-9, Mar 2001, C$56.00, xxxix+194pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Collection of horror and ghost stories, many of which are set in the Limehouse District of the 1890s, edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $41.50 and in the UK for £26.00.

Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder Edgar Rice Burroughs (Guidry & Adkins, 2001, no price, 283pp, hc, cover by Danny Frolich) Collection of eighteen pieces by ERB, mainly unpublished.

Any Time Now Chris Butler (Cosmos Books 1587153289, Mar 2001, $15.00, 164pp, tp) Time-travel novel.

Meddling with Ghosts ed. Ramsey Campbell (The British Library 0-7123-125-4, Apr 2001, £14.95, x + 288pp, hc) Anthology of 16 ghost stories, selected and introduced by Ramsey Campbell.

Trick or Treat: A Collection of Halloween Novellas ed. Richard Chizmar (Cemetery Dance Publications 1-58767-048-8, 2001, $40.00, 385pp, hc)

British Future Fiction: Volume 1: The Beginnings ed. I. F. Clarke (Pickering & Chatto 1-85196-617-X, Jan 2001, £550.00, hc) SF omnibus of 2 novels - The Reign of George VI (Anonymous, 1763) and The Coming Race (Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1871) - plus supplementary material. Each novel has an introduction by Clarke. Volume 1 of an 8-volume set, which is not to be sold separately, and which all share a common ISBN. Available from Pickering & Chatto, 21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH; []. [Not seen]

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