The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2001

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Triage ed. Matt Johnson (CD Publications 1-58767-042-9, 2001, $40.00, 310pp, hc, cover by Gail Cross)

A Ghostly Crew: Tales from the Endeavour Roger Johnson (Sarob Press 1-902309-16-2, 2001, £22.00, x+191pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Collection of 15 ghostly and supernatural tales, mostly set in East Anglia and narrated by the regulars and visitors to The Endeavour. Limited to 300 numbered copies. [Not seen]

Bold as Love: the back story Gwyneth Jones (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, Nov 2001, no price, 19pp, ph, cover by Dave Hicks) Original short article, issued in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies, to coincide with Jones’s Guest of Honour appearance at Novacon 31.

Second Sight and Other Stories Chico Kidd (Chico Kidd, 2001, £4.50, 70pp, ph) [Captain Luis da Silva] Original collection of four ghost stories featuring Captain Luís da Silva. Chico Kidd, 113 Clyfford Road, Ruislip Gardens, Middx HA4 6PX, UK; []; [].

Delta Green Dark Theatres - Cthulhu Mythos Stories of Modern Horror ed. Bob Kruger & John Tynes (Armitage House, 2001, $19.95, 299pp, tp) Original horror novelization.

The Floating Café And Other Weird Tales Margery Lawrence (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-025-5, Sep 2001, C$56.00, xiv+189pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Reprint (Jarrolds 1936) collection of ghost stories, with a new introduction by Richard Dalby. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $41.50 and in the UK for £26.00.

Spalatro: Two Italian Tales J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Sarob Press 1-902309-14-6, Mar 2001, £19.00, xxxi+60pp, hc, cover by Douglas Walters) Collection of two nearly forgotten novelettes by the master of the Irish ghost story, edited & with an extensive introduction by Miles Stribling. Limited to 250 numbered copies. [Not seen]

AustrAlien Absurdities: Comic Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror ed. Chuck McKenzie & Tansy Rayner Roberts (Agog Press 0-9580567-1-4, 2001, A$19.95, 230pp, tp) Original anthology of 25 stories, with an introduction by Tom Holt.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-2000) Stephen T. Miller & William G. Contento (Locus Press, Apr 2001, $49.95, 3,017pp, CD-ROM) Non-fiction, reference. An index to magazines published from 1890 through 2000. Includes listings by author, title, cover artist, and issue.

Mystic Voices: Being Experiences of the Revd Philip Rivers Pater, Squire and Priest, 1834-1913 Roger Pater (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-019-0, Feb 2001, C$53.00, xv+187pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Collection of stories about Father Pater, an Anglican monk who hears voices that solve ghostly and contemporary mysteries. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $40.00 and in the UK for £25.00.

The Sistrum and Other Ghost Stories Alice Perrin (Sarob Press 1-902309-15-4, Apr 2001, £21.00, xii+139pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Collection of fifteen of Perrin’s best tales from her various collections which have all been out-of-print for more than seventy years, edited & introduced by Richard Dalby. Volume five in the “Richard Dalby’s Mistresses of the Macabre” series. Limited to 300 numbered copies. [Not seen]

Rosebud Graphic Classics Issue One Edgar Allan Poe (Eureka Productions 0-9712464-1-6, 2001, $7.95, 136pp, tp, cover by Lisa K. Weber) Illustrated collection with 13 graphic adaptations of stories and poems by Poe. Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale.

The Evil Eye David Price (BJM Press, 2001, 101pp, tp) Details taken from David Price’s website.

The Haunted River and Three Other Ghostly Novellas Mrs. J. H. Riddell (Sarob Press 1-902309-19-7, Nov 2001, £32.00, xiii+336pp, hc) Four long supernatural tales from a popular Nineteenth Century mainstream British writer, edited & introduced by Richard Dalby. [Not seen]

The Sci-Fi Factor ed. Julie A. Schumacher & Terry Ofner (Perfection Learning 0-7891-2848-9, Jan 2001, 143pp, tp) Textbook anthology.

Blood Magic Lucy A. Snyder (Eggplant Literary Productions, Oct 2001, $6.00, CD-ROM) Original collection of four stories, one reprint. Also available as an HTML download.

Reinventing the Wall Ian Stewart (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, Nov ’99, no price, 27pp, ph, cover by Harry Turner) [Qish] Sf novelette in the “Qish” series. This edition is limited 300 numbered copies.

Hadrosaur Tales Volume Ten ed. David L. Summers (Hadrosaur Productions 1-885093-17-9, Aug 2001, $5.95, xii+148pp+, tp, cover by Jeff Ward)

Hadrosaur Tales Volume Eleven ed. David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions 1-885093-22-5, Oct 2001, $5.95, 112pp+, tp, cover by G. W. Thomas)

Hadrosaur Tales Volume Twelve ed. David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions 1-885093-22-5, Dec 2001, $5.95, 118pp+, tp, cover by Roxell Edward Karr)

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