The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2002

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McDONALD, IAN (Neil) (stories) (chron.) (continued)

MACDONALD, JAMES D(ouglas) (1954- ) (stories) (chron.)

MacEOIN, DENIS (1949- ); see pseudonym Daniel Easterman (chron.)

McGARRY, TERRY (1962- ) (stories) (chron.)

McGARVEY, ROBERT (1948- ); see pseudonym Steve White (chron.)

McGOUGH, SCOTT (stories) (chron.)

McGOVERN-BOWEN, C. G. (chron.)

MacGREGOR, T(rish) J(aneshutz) [i.e., Patricia Marie Janeshutz MacGregor] (1947- ) (chron.)

MacHALE, D. J. (chron.)

McHUGH, MAUREEN F. (1959- ) (stories) (chron.)

McINTOSH, NEIL (stories) (chron.)

MACKAY, SCOTT (1957- ) (chron.) (assoc.)

McKENNA, JULIET E. (chron.) (assoc.)

McKENZIE, NANCY (Affleck) (stories) (chron.)

MACKEY, DOUGLAS A(lan) (1947- ) (chron.)

McKIERNAN, DENNIS L(ester) (1932- ) (stories) (chron.)

McKILLIP, PATRICIA A(nne) (1948- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

McKINLEY, (Jennifer Carolyn) ROBIN (1952- ) (stories) (chron.)

McKINNEY, JACK; pseudonym of Brian C. Daley & James Luceno (stories) (chron.)

McLAUGHLIN, MARK (stories) (chron.)

MacLEISH, RODERICK (1926-2006) (chron.)

MacLEOD, KEN(neth Macrae) (1954- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

McMAHON, DONNA (chron.)

McMULLEN, SEAN (Christopher) (1948- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

McNEIL, GIL, ed. (chron.)

McNEILL, GRAHAM (stories) (chron.)

McNISH, CLIFF (chron.)

MADDISON, LAUREN (V.) (1956- ) (chron.)

MAGRS, PAUL (stories) (chron.)

MAGUIRE, GREGORY (1955- ) (stories) (chron.)

MAHY, MARGARET (May) (1936- ) (chron.)

MAIR, GEORGE (chron.)


MALONEY, MACK; pseudonym of Brian Kelleher, (1952- ) (chron.)

MALZBERG, BARRY N(athaniel) (1939- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

MANACHINO, ALBERT J. (1924- ) (stories) (chron.)

MANADAY, T. (chron.)

MANGELS, ANDY (chron.)

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