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Son of the Shadows Juliet Marillier (Tor 0-765-34326-6, Feb 2002, $6.99, 462pp, tp, cover by John Jude Palencar) [Sevenwaters] Reprint (Pan Macmillan Australia 2000) Celtic fantasy novel, sequel to Daughter of the Forest.

Son of the Shadows Juliet Marillier (Tor 0-765-34326-6, Jun 2002, $6.00, 580pp, pb, cover by John Jude Palencar) [Sevenwaters] Reprint (Macmillan Australia 2001) Celtic fantasy novel, sequel to Daughter of the Forest.

Sector G-1140: The Convergence Tony Marin (Xlibris 1-4010-2724-5, 2001, $30.99, 244pp, hc) SF novel. A trade paperback edition (-2723-7, $20.99) is also available. This is a print-on-demand book, available online at []; []; or call 1-888-7-xlibris.

Angel: Haunted Jeff Mariotte (Simon Pulse 0-7434-2748-3, Feb 2002, $5.99, 327pp, pb) [Angel] Novelization based on the TV series, a spin-off of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Angel: Stranger to the Sun Jeff Mariotte (Simon Pulse 0-7434-2752-1, Jun 2002, $5.99, 286pp, pb) [Angel] Novelization based on the TV series, a spin-off of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Fire Logic Laurie J. Marks (Tor 0-312-87887-7, May 2002, $25.95, 335pp, hc, cover by Charles Keegan) [Elemental Logic] Fantasy novel. Remnant forces try to retake their country from brutal conquerors.

The Maquisarde Louise Marley (Ace 0-441-00976-X, Dec 2002, $23.95, 386pp, tp, cover by Chris Cocozza) Near-future SF novel. A musician leaves her privileged life to fight her government’s lies.

The Other Side of Dawn John Marsden (Houghton Mifflin 0-618-07028-1, Sep 2002, $16.00, 339pp, hc, cover by Vivienne Goodman) [Tomorrow] Young-adult Australian near-future adventure, seventh and final in the series beginning with Tomorrow When the War Began. First US edition (Pan Macmillan Australia 1999).

The Straw Men Michael Marshall (Jove 0-515-13427-9, Aug 2002, $6.99, 389pp, pb) [Straw Men] Suspense novel with SF elements. The author also writes as Michael Marshall Smith.

A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57990-8, Jun 2002, $14.95, 762pp, tp, cover by Stephen Youll) [Song of Ice and Fire] Reprint (Voyager 1998) fantasy novel, book two of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-38168-7, Jun 2002, $14.95, 694pp, tp, cover by Stephen Youll) [Song of Ice and Fire] Reprint (HarperCollins/Voyager 1996) Locus Award winning fantasy novel, book one of “Song of Ice and Fire”. A hardcover reissue (-10354-7, $26.95) is also available; the copyright page indicates first printing, but notes the trade paperback edition.

A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-38170-9, Jun 2002, $14.95, 975pp, tp, cover by Stephen Youll) [Song of Ice and Fire] Reprint (Voyager 2000) fantasy novel, book three of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild ed. George R. R. Martin (Pocket/ibooks 0-7434-3489-7, Jan 2002, $14.00, 517pp, tp, cover by Brian Bolland) [Wild Cards] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1987) shared-world anthology of superhero stories. New illustrations by Mike Zeck and afterword by Martin.

Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad ed. George R. R. Martin (Pocket/ibooks 0-7434-5241-0, Sep 2002, $14.00, 521pp, tp, cover by Brian Bolland) [Wild Cards] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1988) shared-world anthology. This has a new afterword by Martin.

Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty ed. George R. R. Martin (Pocket/ibooks 0-7434-4544-9, Jan 2003, $15.00, 575pp, tp) [Wild Cards] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1988) mosaic novel/shared-world anthology. This has a new afterword by Martin.

Wild Cards: Deuces Down ed. George R. R. Martin (Pocket/ibooks 0-7434-4505-8, Jul 2002, $23.00, 324 + x, hc, cover by Steranko) [Wild Cards] Shared-world original anthology/mosaic novel of seven stories. Authors include Michael Cassutt and Melinda M. Snodgrass. Introduction by Walton Simons.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission: Gamma Book Three: Cathedral Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels (Pocket 0-7434-4564-3, Oct 2002, $6.99, 401pp, pb, cover by Cliff Nielsen) [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission: Gamma] Star Trek novelization, third in a series of four. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

The World Before This One Rafe Martin (Scholastic/Levine 0-590-37976-3, Nov 2002, $16.95, 195pp, hc, cover by Calvin Nicholls) Young-adult fantasy novel based on Seneca Indian legends. The boy Crow becomes the first storyteller. Introduction by Peter Jemison. Illustrated by Calvin Nicholls. A first novel.

To Stand as Witness Lee Martindale (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-26-0, Apr 2002, $6.00, 27pp, ph, cover by Laura J. Underwood) Chapbook collection of three Arthurian stories, one a reprint. Order from Yard Dog Press, 710 W. Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; e-mail: []; website: []; add $2.00 postage.

The Misspellers Michael J. Martineck (Our Little Secret Press 0-9720978-0-5, Jun 2002, $8.00, 141pp, tp) Young-adult fantasy novel. Carlin and Jack accidentally set off a spell while caring for a neighbor’s house. Order from Our Little Secret Press, PO Box 1234, Grand Island NY 14072-8234.

Kurt Vonnegut: A Critical Companion Thomas E. Marvin (Greenwood Press 0-313-31439-X, Apr 2002, $34.95, 167pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical guide to Vonnegut’s works, focusing on seven novels. Includes bibliography and index. Order from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Westport CT 06881; 800-225-5800; []. [Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.]

Thunderland Brandon Massey (Kensington/Dafina Books 0-7582-0246-6, Dec 2002, $15.00, 293pp, tp) Reprint (Writers Club 1999, not seen) supernatural suspense novel. This is the third revised edition, and adds a number of new scenes, with a note discussing the various editions.

Shadow Dreams Elizabeth Massie (Leisure 0-8439-4999-6, May 2002, $5.99, 337pp, pb) Reprint (Silver Salamander Press 1996, not seen) collection of 17 stories. Adds three stories to original edition.

The Road to Camelot ed. Sophie Masson (Random House Australia 1-74051-801-2, 2002, A$15.95, 279pp, tp, cover by Wayne Harris) Young-adult original anthology of 14 Arthurian stories showing various characters in their youth. Authors include Kate Forsyth, Lucy Sussex, and Garth Nix.

Trauma Graham Masterton (Penguin/Signet 0-451-20555-3, Jan 2002, $6.99, 218pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) Horror novel with questionable supernatural elements. Bonnie Winter, a woman who cleans up after violent deaths, believes the Aztec demon Itzpapalotl is making people kill their loved ones.

Abu and the 7 Marvels Richard Matheson (Gauntlet/Edge Books 1-887368-49-3, Apr 2002, $21.95, 135pp, hc, cover by William Stout) Young-adult fantasy novel. Illustrated by William Stout. A signed, limited edition of 350 ($75.00, $90.00 with slipcase); a lettered edition of 52 with added rough illustrations ($200.00); and a traycased, artist’s presentation edition of 52 with an additional portfolio of color illustrations ($425.00) are also available.

Duel: Terror Stories by Richard Matheson Richard Matheson (Tor 0-312-87826-5, Jan 2003, $15.95, 395pp, tp) Collection of 18 horror stories, all but one from the 1950s. This includes a 1988 appreciation by Ray Bradbury. A hardcover edition (0-765-30695-6, $27.95) is also available.

Hunted Past Reason Richard Matheson (Tor 0-765-30271-3, Jul 2002, $24.95, 335pp, hc) Associational thriller. Two old friends turn into enemies in the wilderness.

The King Arthur Myth in Modern American Fiction and Culture Arthur E. Mathis (McFarland 0-7864-1171-6, Sep 2001, $32.00, 158pp, hc, cover by Paul Berenson) Non-fiction, a critical examination of the Arthurian influence in mainstream American fiction, in particular works of Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Raymond Chandler, John Gardner and Donald Barthelme. This is dated 2001 but not seen until now. Order from McFarland & Company, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; credit card orders 800-253-2187; []; add $4.00 postage.

Exile to the Stars Dale B. Mattheis (Ardent Publishing 0-9705430-0-X, Dec 2002, $27.95, 535pp, hc, cover by Bleu Turrell) [Alarai Chronicles] SF adventure novel, the first in “The Alarai Chronicles”. An anthropologist from 2025 America is transported to a barbaric alien world.

The Song of Arthur: Celtic Tales from the King’s Court John Matthews (Theosophical Publishing House/Quest Books 0-8356-0809-3, Oct 2002, $19.95, 196pp, tp, cover by William Dyce) Collection of 19 stories drawing on Celtic legend and medieval lore about Arthur and the bard Taliesin. Illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn. Available from The Theosophical Publishing House, PO Box 270, Wheaton IL 60189-0270.

The Devil and Deep Space Susan R. Matthews (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45901-6, Nov 2002, $6.99, 362pp, pb, cover by Ray Lundgren) [Judiciary; Andrej Kosciusko] SF novel, set in the world of the “Judiciary”, the fourth featuring Inquisitor Andrej Kosciusko.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Lorenzo Mattotti & Jerry Kramsky (NBM 1-56163-330-5, Jan 2003, $15.95, 64pp, tp, cover by Lorenzo Mattotti) Graphic novel adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, with art by Mattotti, text by Mattotti & Kramsky. Translated from the Italian (Einaudi 2002 as Jekyll & Hyde) by Adeline Darlington, with considerable use of Stevenson’s original text.

Ghost at the Window Margaret McAllister (Penguin/Dutton 0-525-46852-8, Aug 2002, $15.99, 119pp, hc) Young-adult ghost story. A house in Scotland shifts in and out of different centuries.

Time Past Maxine McArthur (Warner Aspect 0-446-60964-1, May 2002, $6.99, 479pp, pb) [Time Future] SF novel, sequel to Time Future. First US edition (Bantam Australia 2/02).

The Secret of Life Paul McAuley (Tor 0-765-34193-X, May 2002, $7.99, 413pp, pb) Reprint (Voyager 2001) near-future SF novel.

Whole Wide World Paul McAuley (Tor 0-765-30392-2, May 2002, $25.95, 399pp, hc) Near-future SF thriller. A policeman pursues a case of murder broadcast over the Internet. First US edition (Voyager 8/01).

The Book of Freedoms Anne McCaffrey (SFBC #51352, Jun 2002, $14.99, 728pp, hc, cover by Paul Youll) Omnibus of three SF novels in the series: Freedom’s Landing (1995), Freedom’s Choice (1997), and Freedom’s Challenge (1998). This has ISBN 0-7394-2615-X; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Dragonflight Anne McCaffrey (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-45633-5, Sep 2002, $6.99, 304pp, tp, cover by Tony DiTerlizzi) [Pern] Reissue (Ballantine 1968) SF novel in the “Pern” series, with new illustrations by Tony DiTerlizzi. The text has been “altered slightly” for younger readers.

Freedom’s Ransom Anne McCaffrey (Ace/Putnam 0-399-14889-2, Jun 2002, $23.95, 288pp, hc, cover by Scott Grimando) [Catteni] SF novel, fourth in the Freedom’s Landing series. First US edition (Bantam Press UK 5/02).

Freedom’s Ransom Anne McCaffrey (SFBC, Jun 2002, $13.50, 288pp, hc, cover by Scott Grimando) [Catteni] Reprint (Bantam Press UK 2002) SF novel, fourth in the Freedom’s Landing series. This is similar to the Putnam edition, except it lacks a price.

A Gift of Dragons Anne McCaffrey (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-45635-1, Nov 2002, $16.95, 291pp, hc, cover by Tom Kidd) [Pern] Collection of four stories, one original, in the “Dragonriders of Pern” series. This small-format hardcover has an introduction by McCaffrey and b&w illustrations by Tom Kidd.

The Mark of Merlin Anne McCaffrey (Wildside Press 1-58715-493-5, Jun 2002, $15.95, 193pp, tp) Reprint (Dell 1971) associational romance novel. This is an on-demand edition available online at [] or from Wildside Press, PO Box 301, Holicong PA 18928.

Acorna’s Search Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (HarperTorch 0-380-81846-9, Dec 2002, $7.50, 309pp, pb, cover by John Ennis) [Acorna] Reprint (Eos 2001) SF novel based on a comic-book idea by McCaffrey, fifth in the “Acorna the Unicorn Girl” series.

Speaks the Nightbird Robert McCammon (River City Publishing 1-880216-62-0, Sep 2002, $27.95, 726pp, hc, cover by Michael Dolinger) [Speaks the Nightbird] Associational non-supernatural historical horror novel of witch hunts in late 17th century America.

The Family Book 2: Into the Darkness Kevin McCarthy & David Silva (DAW 0-7564-0021-X, Oct 2002, $6.99, 445pp, pb, cover by Bob Warner) [The Family] Horror novel, second in a series about refugees from a mind experimentation program. Packaged by Tekno Books; copyrighted by them, Kevin McCarthy, and Ed Gorman.

The Collapsium Wil McCarthy (Bantam Spectra 0-553-58443-X, Dec 2002, $6.99, 399pp, pb, cover by David Stevenson & Heather Kern) [Monarchs of Sol] Reprint (Del Rey 2000) SF novel of manners set in a solar system ruled by a queen.

Once Upon a Galaxy ed. Wil McCarthy, Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers (DAW 0-7564-0091-0, Sep 2002, $6.99, 318pp, pb) Original anthology of 14 SF stories inspired by fairy tales. Authors include Gregory Benford, Paul Di Filippo, and Wil McCarthy.

The Stones Are Hatching Geraldine McCaughrean (HarperTrophy 0-06-447218-3, Jun 2002, $5.95, 243pp, tp, cover by Douglas Klauba) Reprint (Oxford University Press 1999) young-adult fantasy.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: These Our Actors Ashley McConnell & Dori Koogler (Simon Pulse 0-7434-0037-2, Sep 2002, $6.99, 308pp, pb) [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer] Novelization based on the TV show. Copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film.

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