The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2002

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The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter Harold Begbie (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-032-8, Apr 2002, C$43.00, xxiv+66pp, hc, cover by Deborah McMillion-Nering) Collection of six supernatural detective shorts from 1904 by a writer best known as a social activist and satirist. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. In “The Ash-Tree Press Occult Detectives Library”. A world-wide edition available in the US for $30.00 and in the UK for £20.00.

The Harlem Horror Charles Birkin (Midnight House 0-9707349-8-0, 2002, $40.00, hc, cover by Allen Koszowski) Fifteen stories of the macabre, plus an introduction by editor John Pelan. Limited to 450 numbered copies.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction (1984-2001) Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento (Locus Press, May 2002, $49.95, 5,409pp, CD-ROM) Non-fiction, reference. This edition indexes SF books, magazines, and stories published from 1984 through 2001. Included in the index is Contento’s Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections which covers those books published before 1984.

Not Exactly Ghosts Andrew Caldecott (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-036-0, May 2002, C$59.00, xxii+269pp, hc, cover by Paul Lowe) Collection of horror and ghost stories, containing the contents of both of Caldecott’s previous collections, published in Britain in 1947-48, half set in his fictional exotic nation of Kongea. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $45.00 and in the UK for £28.00.

switch.blade: School’s Out ed. Amy Sterling Casil (Fictionwise, Jul 2002, $4.99, eBook) Original anthology.

Shivers ed. Richard Chizmar (CD Publications, 2002, $20.00, tp)

Ideomancer Unbound ed. Chris Clarke & Mikal Trimm (Fictionwise, 2002, $8.99) Original anthology of 26 stories published as an eBook in a variety of formats.

Passing Strange ed. Bill Congreve (MirrorDanse Books 0-9586583-5-8, Mar 2002, A$19.95, 174pp, tp) A new anthology of Australian Speculative Fiction.

Cold Hand On My Shoulder: Tales of Terror & Suspense Basil Copper (Sarob Press 1-902309-20-0, Mar 2002, £25.00, xiii+119pp, hc, cover by Randy Broeker) Collection of nine stories, four previously uncollected, and at least one restored. Limited to 300 copies. The Deluxe edition is a 52 copy, lettered edition, signed by the author, issued in a slip-case. A Deluxe edition edition (-21-9, £50.00) was announced but not seen.

Professor Bernice Summerfield: A Life of Surprises ed. Paul Cornell (Big Finish 1-903654-44-0, Oct 2002, £14.99, 164pp, hc, cover by Adrian Salmon) Shared-world SF anthology; starring the space heroine created by Paul Cornell. [Not seen]

Rosebud Graphic Classics Issue Two Arthur Conan Doyle (Eureka Productions 0-9712464-2-4, 2002, $9.95, 144pp, tp, cover by Richard Sala) Illustrated collection with eight graphic adaptations of stories by Doyle. Introduction by Vincent Fago.

The Invisible Eye Erckmann-Chatrian (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-029-8, Jan 2002, C$59.00, xii+277pp, hc, cover by Richard Lamb) Collection of supernatural fiction, selected and edited by Hugh Lamb. Some of the translations are original to this edition. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $45.00 and in the UK for £28.00.

Elvisland John Farris (Babbage Press 1-930235-21-6, 2002, $19.95, 336pp, tp) Original short story collection from one of the masters of horror fiction. The last four stories were written especially for this volume.

Strangewood Tales ed. Jack Fisher (Eraserhead Press, 2002, $10.95, 169pp, tp)

The Evil Entwines John B. Ford (Hardcastle Publications 0-7795-0037-7, 2002, £9.00, 150pp, tp, cover by Steve Lines) Collection of 12 stories by John B. Ford in collaboration with various other authors, all but two original.

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