The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2003

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CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology, Vol. II ed. Anonymous (Crossquarter Publishing Group/CrossTIME 1-890109-05-3, 2003, $12.95, 185pp, tp) Original anthology of 12 winning and honorable mention stories from the second CrossTIME Short Science Fiction Contest. Crossquarter Publishing Group, PO Box 8756, Santa Fe NM 87504-8756; [].

His Eternal Kiss ed. Anon. (Zebra/Kensington 0-8217-7435-2, Sep 2003, $5.99, 320pp, pb) Reprint (Kensington 2002) vampire/Regency romance anthology of three stories.

Janet’s Sex Planet / Orgy in Orbit ed. Anon. (BeeLine 0-503-06749-0, n.d., $3.95, 384pp, pb) Omnibus of two reprinted erotic SF novels. The books are separately paginated.

Strange Tales ed. Anon. (Tartarus Press 1-872621-80-5, Dec 2003, £27.50, vi+289pp, hc) Ghost/horror anthology. Limited to 300 copies.

Things That Go Bump in the Night III ed. Anon. (Ellora’s Cave 1843606488, 2003, $7.99, e-book)

Foundation Isaac Asimov (Moscow: Menedzher 5-8346-0215-0, 2003, 51 rubles, 252pp, pb, cover by N-K) [Foundation] Reprint (Gnome 1951) English language sf novel, student edition.

The Face E. F. Benson (Ash-Tree Press 1-55310-052-2, Apr 2003, C$59.00, xxii+181pp, hc, cover by Douglas Walters) Collection of supernatural stories, edited by Jack Adrian, fourth in a series designed to bring back into print all of Benson’s supernatural fiction in the order of writing. This is a limited edition of 600 copies. A world-wide edition available in the US for $45.00 and in the UK for £28.00.

Doctor Who: Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors ed. John Binns (Big Finish 1-84435-008-8, Jun 2003, £14.99, 201pp, hc, cover by Clayton Hickman) Anthology of original stories based on the TV series. Volume three in the series.

Doctor Who: Short Trips: Steel Skies ed. John Binns (Big Finish 1-84435-045-2, Dec 2003, £14.99, 235pp, hc, cover by Red Ink) Anthology of original stories based on the TV series. Volume five in the series.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction (1984-2002) Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento (Locus Press, Jun 2003, $49.95, 5,759pp, CD-ROM) Non-fiction, reference. This edition indexes SF books, magazines, and stories published from 1984 through 2002. Included in the index is Contento’s Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections which covers those books published before 1984.

Tear Drops James R. Cain (D-Press, Oct 2003, £2.00, 27pp, ph, cover by Chris Friend) Fantasy/horror collection.

Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural ed. Bill Congreve (Sandglass 0-958-07390-2, Jun 2003, $29.95, 320pp, tp)

Professor Bernice Summerfield: Life During Wartime ed. Paul Cornell (Big Finish 1-84435-062-2, Oct 2003, £14.99, hc, cover by Adrian Salmon) [Not seen]

Morbid Tales Quentin S. Crisp (Tartarus Press 1-872621-83-X, 2003, £27.50, 226pp, hc, cover by R. B. Russell) Collection of eight immaculately realised strange stories. Limited to 300 copies.

Otherwhens, Otherwheres: Favorite Tales John Dalmas (Silver Dragon Books 1-932300-00-7, Apr 2003, $14.95, 171pp, tp) Collection of eight stories, each with an introduction by Dalmas. A print-on-demand book.

Small Deaths Alison L. R. Davies (Sarob Press 1-902309-28-6, May 2003, £21.00, hc, cover by Lara Bandilla) Horror collection. Limited to 200 copies. [Not seen]

The Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction: 16th Annual Collection ed. Gardner Dozois (Robinson 1-84119-795-5, Dec 2003, £9.99, xlv+719pp, tp, cover by Pete Rozycki) Reprint (St. Martin’s Griffin 2003 as Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection) best-of-the-year anthology of 25 stories, with a summation of the year by Dozois. [First U.K. edition]

Terror Tales (Number One) ed. John B. Ford & Paul Kane (Rainfall Books 0-9540877-6-3, Sep 2003, £12.00, 209pp, tp) Original ghost/horror story anthology, leading on from the defunct Terror Tales magazine.

Brandy for Breakfast Adrian Fry (D-Press, Dec 2003, £2.00, 19pp, ph, cover by Marcia Borell) Poetry collection.

The Substance of a Shade John Glasby (Sarob Press 1-902309-38-3, 2003, £10.95, x+233pp, tp, cover by Paul Lowe) An all-new collection of 16 ghost stories from an author better known for his tales of science fiction and fantasy.

Empereur de L’Ouest Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, Nov 2003, no price, 12pp, ph, cover by David Hicks) Short story published to commemorate Grimwood being Guest of Honur at Novacon 33, Nov-2003. Limited to 300 numbered copies. Volume 25 in the series.

Fantasy Adventures # 3 ed. Philip Harbottle (Cosmos Books 1-59224-111-5, 2003, $15.00, 152pp, tp, cover by Ron Turner) Original anthology of seven stories, with three reprints.

Fantasy Adventures # 4 ed. Philip Harbottle (Cosmos Books 1-59224-119-0, 2003, 156pp, tp, cover by Ron Turner) Original anthology of six stories, with two reprints.

Fantasy Adventures # 5 ed. Philip Harbottle (Cosmos Books 1-59224-113-9, 2003, $15.00, 164pp+, tp, cover by Ron Turner)

Fantasy Adventures # 6 ed. Philip Harbottle (Cosmos Books 1-59224-205-7, 2003, $15.00, 172pp+, tp, cover by Ron Turner)

Fantasy Adventures # 7 ed. Philip Harbottle (Cosmos Books 1-59224-206-5, 2003, $15.00, 164pp+, tp, cover by Ron Turner)

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