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The White Hands and Other Weird Tales Mark Samuels (Tartarus Press 1-872621-72-4, Jan 2003, £25.00, 193pp, hc) Collection of strange stories from a contemporary writer born in London in 1967. Limited to 350 copies. [Not seen]

Complications and Other Stories Brian Stableford (Cosmos Books 1-58715-412-9, Sep 2003, $15.00, 171pp, tp, cover by J. T. Lindroos) SF collection. A hardcover edition (-411-0) was announced but not seen.

Hadrosaur Tales Volume XVI ed. David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions 1-885093-29-2, Jun 2003, $5.95, 120pp+, tp, cover by Tom Weighill)

Hadrosaur Tales Volume XVII ed. David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions 1-885093-30-6, Nov 2003, $5.95, 10+108pp+, tp, cover by Marcia A. Borell)

Szumskyj, Ben!ed. Robert E. Howard: The Power of the Writing Mind (Mythos Books, $15.00, 76pp, an, cover by Rick Cortes) Collection of rare Howardiana and articles about Howard.

The Cold Blue Collection Peter Tennant (D-Press, Oct 2003, £2.00, 32pp, ph, cover by Carole Humphreys) Fantasy/horror collection.

Urbain Grandier Peter Valentine Timlett (Imagination Forum 0-9542638-4-7, 2003, £9.95, 345pp, tp) Associational historical novel, set in Franch in 1617. [Not seen]

Mirror of the Night E. C. Tubb (Sarob Press 1-902309-39-1, 2003, £25.00, xii+177pp, hc, cover by Richard Gray) Collection of ten of the very best of E.C. Tubb’s supernatural tales. Limited to 200 copies. Also available in a deluxe edition (-40-5, £50.00) limited to 35 numbered copies, and a paperback edition (£9.95).

Masques and Citadels: More Tales of the Connoisseur Mark Valentine (Tartarus Press 1-872621-76-7, Jun 2003, £27.50, 212pp, hc) Collection of 10 fantasy tales in a Victorian style & setting, centred on the sleuth who made his first appearance in In Violet Veils. Limited to 300 copies. [Not seen]

Owls Hoot in the Daytime and Other Omens Manly Wade Wellman (Night Shade Books 1-892389-23-1, Mar 2003, $35.00, 245pp, hc)

Tarnhelm, The Best Supernatural Stories of Hugh Walpole Hugh Walpole (Tartarus Press 1-872621-74-0, Mar 2003, £35.00, xiv+363pp, hc) Ghost/horror collection. Limited to 350 copies. [Not seen]

Strange Tales Mark West (Rainfall Books 0-9540877-9-8, 2003, £7.99, 84pp, tp) Collection of 11 horror stories, one original.

Echoes and Shadows Jon Manchip White (Tartarus Press 1-872621-79-1, Nov 2003, £27.50, 218pp, hc, cover by Paul Delvaux) Original ghost/horror collection. Limited to 300 copies.

Spare Parts Stuart Young (Rainfall Books 0-9546178-0-0, 2003, no price, 98pp, tp, cover by Bob Covington & Dave Bezzina) Original collection of six stories.

Manna from Heaven Roger Zelazny (The Fantastic Book Club 0-8095-3095-3, 2003, no price, 255pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) Collection of 21 short stories, most previously uncollected, including all five “Amber” short stories and the prologue to The Trumps of Doom.

Locus [v50 # 1, No.504, January 2003] ed. Charles N. Brown (Locus Publications, $5.95, 80pp, quarto)

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