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The House of the Temple Brian Lumley (Endeavor Press 0-9728656-3-2, Nov 2004, $45.00, 115pp, hc, cover by Alan Clark) Collection of two stories, one Lovecraftian, one humorous. Interior illustrations by Allen Koszowski. This is a signed limited edition of 300; a lettered edition of 52 ($150.00, -2-4) is also available. Endeavor Press, PO Box 4307, Chicago IL 60680; [].

Necroscope: Deadspawn Brian Lumley (Tor 0-812-50835-1, Apr 2005, $7.99, 602pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Necroscope] Reissue (Grafton 1991) vampire horror novel, fifth in the “Necroscope” series. Eighth printing.

The Aquanauts John Lunn (Tundra 0-88776-727-3, Nov 2005, $8.95, 221pp, tp, cover by John Lunn) Young-adult SF novel. Teens living in an undersea laboratory are accidentally hurled billions of years into the future.

The Best of Xero ed. Pat & Dick Lupoff (Tachyon Publications 1-892391-17-1, Aug 2005, $19.95, 255pp, tp, cover by Larry Ivie) Reprint (Tachyon 2004) non-fiction, a selection of essays, correspondence, and art from the fanzine Xero (1960-1962). Tachyon Publications, 1459 18th St. #139, San Francisco CA 94107; [].

Master of Adventure: The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Revised Edition Richard A. Lupoff (University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books 0-8032-8030-0, May 2005, $16.95, 307 + xl, tp, cover by Al Williamson & Reed Crandall) Reprint (Canaveral Press 1965 as Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure, revised Ace 1975) non-fiction, revised and updated with new foreword by Michael Moorcock, introduction by Lupoff, and essay by Phillip R. Burger. Includes bibliography and index. Order from University of Nebraska Press, 1111 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln NE 68588-0630; 800-755-1105; []; [].

Terrors Richard A. Lupoff (Elder Signs Press 0-9759229-6-3, Sep 2005, $16.95, 360pp, tp, cover by Steven Gilberts) Collection of 16 stories, most pastiches, many with Lovecraftian elements.

Mistress of the Pearl Eric Van Lustbader (Tor 0-812-57235-1, Nov 2005, $7.99, 723pp, pb, cover by John Howe) [Pearl Saga] Reprint (Voyager 2003 as The Cage of Nine Banestones) fantasy novel, third in “The Pearl” series.

Dragon’s Treasure Elizabeth A. Lynn (Ace 0-441-01259-0, Oct 2005, $6.99, 325pp, pb, cover by Les Edwards) [Dragon] Reprint (Tor UK 2003) fantasy novel, sequel to Dragon’s Winter.

Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults: A Comprehensive Guide, Fifth Edition Ruth Nadelman Lynn (Greenwood/Libraries Unlimited 1-59158-050-1, May 2005, $65.00, 1128 + lxxxii, hc) Non-fiction, annotated bibliography of English-language YA fantasy novels and collections. This expands on the 1995 Bowker fourth edition with new listings for 2,880 books (deleting 80), including books published through 2004, for almost 4,500 main entries and over 7,600 titles listed; the Research Guide has been dropped. Order from Libraries Unlimited, 88 Post Road West, Westport CT 06881; [].

Snow Tracy Lynn (Simon Pulse 1-416-90518-9, Jun 2005, $5.99, 259pp, pb, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft) Reissue (Simon Pulse 2003) young-adult novel based on “Snow White.” Copyrighted by Elizabeth Braswell. Fourth printing.

The Triangle Steve Lyons (ibooks 1-59687-161-X, Dec 2005, $12.95, 246pp, tp) Novelization of the SciFi Channel TV miniseries. Packaged by Byron Preiss Visual Publications; copyrighted by Electric-Entertainment.

Fire Me Up Katie MacAlister (Penguin/Signet Eclipse 0-451-21494-3, May 2005, $6.99, 352pp, pb) [Aisling Grey] Supernatural romance novel, the second featuring Aisling Grey, Guardian to a dragon lord. This is copyrighted by Marthe Arends; MacAlister also writes YA novels as Katie Maxwell.

Sex, Lies, and Vampires Katie MacAlister (Dorchester/Love Spell 0-505-52555-0, Feb 2005, $6.99, 342pp, pb) [Otherworld] Vampire romance. Moravian Dark Ones want historian Nell Harris to fight a demon lord with powers she denies having. This is copyrighted by Marthe Arends; MacAlister also writes YA novels as Katie Maxwell.

Lens of the World R. A. MacAvoy (ibooks 0-7434-8698-6, Mar 2005, $6.99, 286pp, pb, cover by Richard Corben) [Lens of the World] Reprint (Morrow 1990) fantasy novel, the first book in the Lens of the World trilogy.

Phantastes George MacDonald (Dover 0-486-44567-4, Apr 2005, $8.95, 206pp, tp, cover by Arthur Hughes) Reprint (Smith Elder 1858) fantasy novel. This follows the Fifield 2005 edition with a preface by Greville MacDonald and illustrations by Arthur Hughes; some of the original text illustrations have been omitted.

Pendragon: The Guide to the Territories of Halla D. J. MacHale (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 1-4169-0014-4, May 2005, $7.99, 48pp, tp, cover by Peter Ferguson) [Bobby Pendragon] Young-adult non-fiction, a guide to the fantasy series illustrated in color by Peter Ferguson.

Pendragon: The Rivers of Zadaa D. J. MacHale (Simon & Schuster 1-4169-0710-6, Jul 2005, $14.95, 405pp, hc, cover by Victor Lee) [Pendragon] Young-adult fantasy, sixth in the series.

The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War Arthur Machen (Wildside Press 1-59224-188-3, Mar 2005, $12.50, 52pp, tp) Reprint (Simkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. 1915) collection of five patriotic fantasy stories from WWI. Wildside Press, PO Box 301, Holicong PA 18928-0301; [].

The Terror and Other Stories Arthur Machen (Chaosium 1-56882-175-1, Apr 2005, $15.95, 322pp, tp, cover by Harry Fassl) Collection of 13 stories and one essay on “The Literature of Occultism”, volume three of The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen. Edited and with an introduction by S.T. Joshi.

Star Trek: Vanguard: Harbinger David Mack (Pocket 1-4165-0774-4, Aug 2005, $7.99, 385pp, pb, cover by Doug Drexler) [Star Trek: Vanguard] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Tides Scott Mackay (Prometheus/Pyr 1-59102-334-3, Nov 2005, $25.00, 356pp, hc, cover by Brian W. Dow) SF novel of adventure and first contact. Two intelligent species, developed far apart on the same planet, finally discover each other when a mariner goes exploring. Pyr/Prometheus Books, 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst NY 14228-2197; [].

Waltz with a Vampire Maggie MacKeever (Kensington/Zebra 0-8217-7826-9, Sep 2005, $4.99, 288pp, pb) Vampire Regency romance. Copyrighted by Gail Burch.

The House of Storms Ian R. MacLeod (Ace 0-441-01280-9, May 2005, $24.95, 457pp, hc) [Light Ages] Fantasy novel, sequel to The Light Ages, set in an industrial England powered by magic. First US edition (Simon & Schuster 2/05).

The Light Ages Ian R. MacLeod (Ace 0-441-01274-4, May 2005, $7.99, 489pp, pb, cover by Steve Stone) [Light Ages] Reprint (Ace 2003) fantasy novel set in an industrial England powered by magic.

The Summer Isles Ian R. MacLeod (Aio Publishing 1-933083-00-X, Jul 2005, $29.50, 246pp, hc) Alternate history SF novel, expanded from the eponymous World Fantasy Award-winning novella. This is a signed, limited edition of 500. Aio Publishing, PO Box 30788, Charleston SC 29417; [];

Learning the World Ken MacLeod (Tor 0-765-31331-6, Nov 2005, $24.95, 303pp, hc, cover by John Harris) Far-future SF novel. Humans, spread through space for millennia, encounter their first intelligent aliens. First US edition (Orbit 8/05).

Newton’s Wake Ken MacLeod (Tor 0-765-34422-X, Mar 2005, $7.99, 339pp, pb, cover by Stephan Martiniere) Reprint (Orbit 2004) far-future SF adventure novel.

Dark Waters Catherine MacPhail (Bloomsbury USA 1-58234-986-X, Jun 2005, $6.95, 176pp, tp, cover by Carleigh Romeis) Reprint (Bloomsbury USA 2003) young-adult ghost story set in Scotland.

Underworld Catherine MacPhail (Bloomsbury USA 1-58234-997-5, Jul 2005, $16.95, 285pp, hc, cover by Raymond K. Gehman) Young-adult horror novel/thriller. Five troubled teens get trapped in a cave complex believed to hold a terrible creature. First US edition (Bloomsbury 7/04).

Man-Made Monsters Mad Marv (Crypto-American Press 0-9771341-0-5, Nov 2005, $9.95, 258pp, tp, cover by Saja Leesuvat) Original collection of five horror stories about man-made monsters plus four seemingly non-fiction pieces on golems, vampires, etc. The cover title lacks the hyphen. Copyrighted by Brian Anderson. Crypto-American Press, 733 N. Parish Pl., Burbank CA 91506; []; add $1.50 postage.

A Couple of April Fools Gregory Maguire (Harper/Trophy 0-06-076082-6, Apr 2005, $5.99, 230pp, tp, cover by Dan Santat) [Hamlet Chronicles] Reprint (Clarion 2004) young-adult fantasy, sixth in the Hamlet Chronicles.

Five Alien Elves Gregory Maguire (HarperTrophy 0-06-440764-0, Oct 2005, $5.99, 180pp, tp, cover by Dan Santat) [Hamlet Chronicles] Reprint (Clarion 1998) young-adult SF, third in the series begun in Seven Spiders Spinning. The copyright page indicates this is revised, but the copyright remains 1998.

One Final Firecracker Gregory Maguire (Houghton Mifflin/Clarion 0-618-27480-4, May 2005, $17.00, 225pp, hc, cover by Elaine Clayton) [Hamlet Chronicles] Young-adult fantasy, seventh and final in the Hamlet Chronicles. All the odd creatures return just in time for Miss Earth’s wedding.

Seven Spiders Spinning Gregory Maguire (HarperTrophy 0-06-440595-8, Aug 2005, $5.99, 134pp, tp, cover by Dan Santat) [Hamlet Chronicles] Reissue (Clarion 1998) young-adult SF, first in the Hamlet Chronicles.

Son of a Witch Gregory Maguire (HarperCollins/ReganBooks 0-06-054893-2, Oct 2005, $26.95, 337pp, hc, cover by Douglas Smith) [Oz: Wicked Years] Fantasy novel, a next-generation sequel to Wicked.

Son of a Witch Gregory Maguire (SFBC #1196514, Nov 2005, $13.50, 337pp, hc, cover by Douglas Smith) [Oz: Wicked Years] Reprint (ReganBooks 2005) fantasy novel. This is similar to the ReganBooks edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Three Rotten Eggs Gregory Maguire (HarperTrophy 0-06-054657-3, Feb 2005, $5.99, 226pp, tp, cover by Dan Santat) [Hamlet Chronicles] Reprint (Clarion 2002) young-adult fantasy, fourth in the “Hamlet Chronicles” series begun in Seven Spiders Spinning.

Maiden Voyager R. Edward Main (Gale Group/Five Star 1-59414-420-6, Nov 2005, $25.95, 282pp, hc, cover by Thorsten Grambow) SF novel. A girl seeks her missing father, one of the void pilots with the rare mental powers that make interstellar travel possible. Packaged and edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman. Five Star, 295 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville ME 04901; 800-223-1244; [].

Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior Patricia Malone (Random House/Delacorte 0-385-73225-2, Nov 2005, $15.95, 199pp, hc, cover by Tristan Elwell) [Lady Ilena] Young-adult Arthurian novel, the second featuring Lady Ilena.

The Last Legion Valerio Massimo Manfredi (Simon & Schuster/Washington Square Press 0-7434-9198-X, Mar 2005, $14.00, 436pp, tp, cover by Dennis Lyall) Historical Arthurian novel. Roman soldiers make the last emperor’s son Emperor King Arthur. Translated by Christine Feddersen Manfredi from the Italian L’Ultima Legione (Mondadori 2002). First US edition (Macmillan UK 2003).

Star Trek: Titan: The Red King Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin (Pocket 0-7434-9628-0, Oct 2005, $7.99, 362pp, pb, cover by Cliff Nielsen) [Star Trek: Titan] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

Beyond Black Hilary Mantel (Holt 0-8050-7356-6, May 2005, $26.00, 365pp, hc) Fantasy novel of a psychic and her assistant in contemporary England. A John Macrae book.

The Eyes of God John Marco (DAW 0-7564-0096-1, Sep 2005, $7.99, 779pp, pb, cover by Keith Parkinson) Reissue (DAW 2002) fantasy novel; seventh printing.

The Sword of Angels John Marco (DAW 0-7564-0259-X, Sep 2005, $25.95, 914pp, hc, cover by Todd Lockwood) [Eyes of God] Fantasy novel, the final book in the trilogy begun in The Eyes of God.

Field Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World Mechann Marco (Simon Spotlight Entertainment 0-689-87877-X, Jun 2005, $12.95, 203pp, tp, cover by Sammy Yuen, Jr.) Associational humorous guide to such SF movie staples as false utopias, neo-medieval worlds, high-tech dystopias, and attacks by aliens, mutants, or birds.

The Dark Mirror Juliet Marillier (Tor 0-765-30995-5, Aug 2005, $27.95, 512pp, hc, cover by Vince Natale) [Bridei Chronicles] Fantasy novel, first in the “Bridei Chronicles”. Bridei, a druid’s foster son, defends a child abandoned by the Fair Folk. First US edition (Pan Macmillan Australia 2004).

Foxmask Juliet Marillier (Tor 0-765-30675-1, Apr 2005, $14.95, 464pp, tp, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft) [Saga of the Light Isles] Reprint (Pan Macmillan Australia 2003) Viking fantasy novel, second of two in The Saga of the Light Isles.

Foxmask Juliet Marillier (Tor 0-765-34591-9, Nov 2005, $7.99, 563pp, pb, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft) [Saga of the Light Isles] Reprint (Pan Macmillan Australia 2003) Viking fantasy novel, second of two in “The Saga of the Light Isles.”

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: The Attitude of Silence Jeff Mariotte (Tor 0-765-30487-2, May 2005, $24.95, 267pp, hc) [Andromeda] Novelization, the fifth based on the TV series. Copyrighted by Tribune Entertainment Company and Fireworks Entertainment.

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: The Attitude of Silence Jeff Mariotte (Tor 0-765-34411-4, Oct 2005, $6.99, 267pp, pb) [Andromeda] Reprint (Tor 2005) novelization, the fifth based on the TV series. Copyrighted by Tribune Entertainment Company and Fireworks Entertainment.

Witch Season: Spring Jeff Mariotte (Simon Pulse 0-689-86726-3, Apr 2005, $5.99, 257pp, pb) [Witch Season] Young-adult dark fantasy novel, the fourth volume in a quartet.

Witch Season: Winter Jeff Mariotte (Simon Pulse 0-689-86725-5, Jan 2005, $5.99, 276pp, pb, cover by Michael Frost) [Witch Season] Young-adult dark fantasy novel, fourth in a series of four.

Dying Planet: Mars in Science and the Imagination Robert Markley (Duke University Press 0-8223-3638-3, Oct 2005, $24.95, 444pp, tp) Critical non-fiction exploring the science, fiction, and enduring media appeal of the red planet. Includes notes, bibliography, and index. Duke University Press, Box 90660, Durham NC 27708-0660; [].

Zoo Graham Marks (Bloomsbury USA 1-58234-991-6, Aug 2005, $8.95, 266pp, tp) Young-adult SF thriller. First US edition (Bloomsbury 1/05).

Earth Logic Laurie J. Marks (Tor 0-765-34838-1, Jun 2005, $7.99, 436pp, pb, cover by Julie Bell) [Elemental Logic] Reprint (Tor 2004) fantasy novel, second in the “Elemental Logic” series after Fire Logic.

The Child Goddess Louise Marley (Ace 0-441-01212-4, Jun 2005, $6.99, 343pp, pb, cover by John Jude Palencar) Reprint (Ace 2004) SF novel.

Singer in the Snow Louise Marley (Penguin/Viking 0-670-05965-X, Oct 2005, $16.99, 304pp, hc) [Singers] Young-adult science fantasy novel set in the same world as Marley’s adult novel Sing the Light. A new Cantrix and her assistant discover troubled children at their first posting.

Nano John Robert Marlow (Tor 0-765-34071-2, Jun 2005, $6.99, 381pp, pb) Reprint (Forge 2004) SF thriller of nanotech run amok.

Out of Time John Marsden (Tor Teen 0-765-31412-6, Oct 2005, $16.95, 127pp, hc, cover by Craig Phillips) Young-adult SF novel about a boy with a time machine. First US edition (Pan Macmillan Australia 1990).

Other Nations T. & P. Marsh (1stBooks Library 1-4107-3685-7, Jun 2003, $15.50, 434pp, tp) Lovecraftian horror novel. This is a revised edition dated 2003, but not seen until now, and previous editions are unknown. A print-on-demand edition, available online at [].

Blood of Angels Michael Marshall (Jove 0-515-14008-2, Sep 2005, $7.99, 401pp, pb) [Straw Men] Suspense novel with SF elements, third in series begun in The Straw Men. The author also writes as Michael Marshall Smith. First US edition (HarperCollins UK 6/05).

Sleeping with Schubert Bonnie Marson (Ballantine 0-8129-6839-5, Nov 2005, $13.95, 390pp, tp) Reprint (Random House 2004) humorous ghost story.

A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57990-8, Aug 2005, $7.99, 1010pp, pb) [Song of Ice and Fire] Reissue (Voyager 1998) fantasy novel, book two of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Eighth printing.

A Feast for Crows George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-80150-3, Nov 2005, $28.00, 755pp, hc, cover by Stephen Youll) [Song of Ice and Fire] Fantasy novel, book four of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. First US edition (Voyager 10/05).

A Feast for Crows George R. R. Martin (SFBC #1142269, Dec 2005, $14.99, 753pp, hc, cover by Stephen Youll) [Song of Ice and Fire] Reprint (Voyager 2005) fantasy novel, book four of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This is similar to the Bantam Spectra edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Fevre Dream George R. R. Martin (SFBC #1175931, Nov 2004, $11.99, 334pp, hc, cover by Barron Storey) Reprint (Poseidon 1982) vampire novel. This was scheduled for 2004 but not seen until now. It has ISBN 0-7394-4946-X; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

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