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Dead Connection Charlie Price (Roaring Brook Press 1-59643-114-8, May 2006, $16.95, 225pp, hc) Young-adult supernatural mystery. Murray, who talks to ghosts, thinks one of them is a missing cheerleader but no one believes him. A Deborah Brodie book.

Wings to the Kingdom Cherie Priest (Tor 0-765-31309-X, Oct 2006, $14.95, 399pp, tp, cover by John Jude Palencar) [Eden Moore] Historical paranormal mystery/family saga, second in a series. Eden Moore is called to talk to spirits rising on the Civil War battlefield at Chickamauga.

The Prestige Christopher Priest (Tor 0-765-35617-1, Oct 2006, $7.99, 360pp, tp) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1995) literary fantasy novel of rival stage magicians, winner of the World Fantasy Award. A movie tie-in edition. A simultaneous trade paperback reissue (-1734-6, $14.95) is also available.

The Fungal Stain and Other Dreams W. H. Pugmire (Hippocampus Press 0-9771734-3-7, Oct 2006, $15.00, 179pp, tp, cover by Richard H. Knox) Collection of 15 stories, seven reprints (four substantially revised). A print-on-demand edition available online at [] or from Hippocampus Press, PO Box 641, New York NY 10156.

Clockwork Philip Pullman (Scholastic/Apple 0-439-85624-8, Jun 2006, $2.99, 110pp, tp, cover by Leonid Gore) Reissue (Doubleday UK 1996) young-adult fantasy novella about an apprentice clockmaker who sells his soul. Illustrated by Leonid Gore. This adds an After Words section with interviews with the author and illustrator.

The Firework-Maker’s Daughter Philip Pullman (Scholastic/Apple 0-439-22420-9, Jun 2006, $2.99, 97pp, tp, cover by S. Saelig Gallagher) Reissue (Transworld 1995) young-adult fantasy novella. Illustrated by S. Saelig Gallagher. This includes an After Words section.

His Dark Materials, Book I: The Golden Compass Philip Pullman (Random House/Knopf 0-375-83830-9, Oct 2006, $22.95, 399pp, hc, cover by Cliff Nielsen) [His Dark Materials] Reprint (Scholastic UK 1995 as His Dark Materials: Northern Lights) young-adult alternate-world fantasy. This Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition includes 15 unpaginated pages of “Lord Asriel’s Papers” (facsimile notes and sketches).

Stolen Magic M. J. Putney (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-47690-5, Jul 2006, $6.99, 412pp, pb, cover by David Stevenson) Reprint (Del Rey 200506) historical fantasy romance of magic-wielding Guardians in 18th-century England. Author also writes as Mary Jo Putney.

The Marriage Spell Mary Jo Putney (SFBC #1209955, Jun 2006, $14.99, 269pp, hc, cover by Aleta Rafton) Reprint (Ballantine 2006) fantasy Regency romance set in an England where magic is commonly practiced by all but the upper classes. This is similar to the Ballantine edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Marriage Spell Mary Jo Putney (Ballantine Books 0-345-44918-5, Jun 2006, $24.95, 322pp, hc) Fantasy Regency romance set in an England where all but the upper class commonly practice magic, and a lord is forced into marriage with a lady wizard.

Against the Day Thomas Pynchon (Penguin Press 1-59420-120-X, Dec 2006, $35.00, 1085pp, hc) Mainstream novel of a slightly alternate world just after WWI, with characters including Nicholas Tesla and Bela Lugosi.

Gravity’s Rainbow Thomas Pynchon (Penguin Classics 0-14-303994-6, Oct 2006, $18.00, 776pp, tp, cover by Frank Miller) Reissue (Viking 1973) classic literary SF novel.

The Wildfire Season Andrew Pyper (St. Martin’s Minotaur 0-312-35454-1, Dec 2006, $23.95, 325pp, hc) Horror novel, a thriller about wildland firefighting, bears, and the supernatural in the Yukon. First US edition (Harper Perennial Canada 2005). A Thomas Dunne book.

The Finest Challenge Jean Rabe (Tor 0-765-30822-3, Sep 2006, $24.95, 317pp, hc, cover by Romas Kukalis) [Finest] Fantasy novel, third and final in the Finest trilogy.

The Finest Choice Jean Rabe (Tor 0-765-34728-8, Sep 2006, $6.99, 288pp, pb, cover by Romas Kukalis) [Finest] Reprint (Tor 2005) fantasy novel.

Shadowrun: Aftershock Jean Rabe & John Helfers (Penguin/Roc 0-451-46101-0, Jul 2006, $6.99, 287pp, pb) [Shadowrun] Novelization, fifth in the new series based on the roleplaying game. Copyrighted by WizKids.

Furry Fantastic ed. Jean Rabe & Brian M. Thomsen (DAW 0-7564-0381-2, Oct 2006, $7.99, 312pp, pb) Original anthology of 18 fantasy stories involving animals. Authors include Michael A. Stackpole, Keith RA. DeCandido, and Jody Lynn Nye. This is copyrighted by the editors and Martin H. Greenberg’s Tekno Books.

Guardian of the Freedom Irene Radford (DAW 0-7564-0343-X, May 2006, $7.99, 564pp, pb, cover by Gordon Crabb) [Merlin’s Descendents] Reprint (DAW 2005) Arthurian fantasy novel, fifth in the “Merlin’s Descendents” series.

The Unfated Man Drew Radley (Omega Room Press 1-4276-0150-X, Jul 2006, $7.99, 320pp, tp) [Eternal War] Fantasy novel, the first book of The Eternal War. A runaway slave gets mixed up in prophecy and war. Omega Room Press, 4041 Louisiana St. #1, San Diego CA 92104; [].

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos: The Collected Concept Art ed. Matt Ralphs (BL Publishing/Black Library US 1-84416-419-5, Nov 2006, $19.99, 96pp, tp, cover by Janos Orban) [Warhammer: Mark of Chaos] Art book for the computer game based on the fantasy roleplaying game. Copyrighted by Games Workshop. This first US edition appears to be the Black Library UK (10/06) edition with stickers.

Vacation Stories Santiago Ramon y Cajal (University of Illinois Press 0-252-07355-X, May 2006, $19.95, 245pp, tp, cover by Glen C. Davies) Reprint (University of Illinois Press 2001) collection of five early SF tales, with an introduction and translation by Laura Otis, from Cuentos de vacaciones: Narraciones seudocientificas 1905 as by “Dr. Bacteria”. Available from University of Illinois Press, 1325 South Oak Street, Champaign IL 61820; 800-537-5487; [].

Dadgum Martians Invade the Lucky Nickel Saloon! Ken Rand (Yard Dog Press 978-1-893687-81-3, Aug 2006, $14.00, 193pp, tp, cover by Stacy Drum) Humorous SF novel about a Wyoming saloon where weird things happen. Order from Yard Dog Press, 710 W. Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; []; [].

Human Visions: The Talebones Interviews Ken Rand (Fairwood Press 0-9746573-9-5, Nov 2006, $17.99, 240pp, tp) Non-fiction collection of 31 interviews originally done for Talebones Magazine. Foreword by Patrick Swenson; introduction by Rand. Authors interviewed include Lois McMaster Bujold, Jonathan Lethem, Peter Straub, and Roger Zelazny. A print-on-demand edition. Fairwood Press, 5203 Quincy Ave SE, Auburn WA 98092; [].

Through Wyoming Eyes Ken Rand (Yard Dog Press 1-893687-69-4, Mar 2006, $6.00, 46pp, ph, cover by Stacy Drum) Collection of five stories, two original. Order from Yard Dog Press, 710 W Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; [].

Chandlefort David Randall (Simon & Schuster/McElderry 0-689-87870-2, Jan 2007, $16.95, 286pp, hc, cover by Steve Stone) [Shadow of the Bear] Young-adult fantasy novel, second in the In the Shadow of the Bear series after Clovermead. Clovermead has difficulties adjusting to her new role as daughter of the sovereign.

The Gate Kevin D. Randle (Ace 0-441-01398-8, May 2006, $6.99, 266pp, pb, cover by Edwin Herder) [Exploration Chronicles] SF novel, the fourth book of The Exploration Chronicles.

Harry Potty and the Pet Rock Valerie Estelle Rankel (WingSpan Press 1-59594-088-X, Aug 2006, $9.99, 93pp, tp) Humorous fantasy, an unauthorized parody of Harry Potter. This is a print-on-demand edition, available online at [].

Eddie Bear, Private Detective Robert Rankin (SFBC #1225179, Dec 2006, $13.99, 580pp, hc, cover by Omar Rayyan) [Eddie Bear] Omnibus of two humorous fantasy novels: The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (2002) and The Toyminator (2005). This has ISBN 978-0-7394-7744-1; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Spellbinder Melanie Rawn (Tor 0-765-31532-7, Oct 2006, $24.95, 396pp, hc) Contemporary fantasy. A bestselling author is a witch who fights dark magic in New York City.

Spellbinder Melanie Rawn (SFBC #1214571, Jan 2007, $12.49, 396pp, hc) Reprint (Tor 2006) contemporary fantasy. This is similar to the Tor edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Dead End Dating Kimberly Raye (Ballantine/Ivy 0-345-49216-1, Sep 2006, $6.99, 334pp, pb) [Dead End Dating] Vampire romance. A female vampire who loves love opens a dating service for vampires in Manhattan.

Dead End Dating Kimberly Raye (SFBC #1219267, Nov 2006, $10.99, 334pp, hc, cover by Marcin Baranski) [Dead End Dating] Reprint (Ivy 2006) vampire romance. This has ISBN 978-0-7394-7215-6; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Mr. Twilight Michael Reaves & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-42338-0, Oct 2006, $7.99, 342pp, pb, cover by Christian McGrath) Dark fantasy novel. A man gets his hands on a book that releases great evil.

After Dark Jeani Rector (PublishAmerica 1-4241-1304-0, Jan 2006, $24.95, 383pp, tp, cover by Federico Dallocchio) Original collection of 13 horror stories, several apparently published previously online. This is a print-on-demand edition, available online at [].

The Baby Merchant Kit Reed (Tor 0-765-31550-5, Jun 2006, $24.95, 334pp, hc, cover by Shelley Eshkar) Very near-future SF thriller. A man who steals babies tracks an artist on the run from the father of her unborn child.

The Transforming Draught: Jekyll and Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson and the Victorian Alcohol Debate Thomas L. Reed, Jr. (McFarland 0-7864-2648-9, Nov 2006, $35.00, 258pp, tp) Non-fiction, a critical examination of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as an allegory of alcoholism. Includes notes, bibliography, and index. McFarland, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; 800-253-2187; []. [Robert Louis Stevenson]

The Book of Spirits James Reese (HarperCollins/Avon 0-06-056107-6, Oct 2006, $7.99, 535pp, pb) [Herculine] Reprint (Morrow 2005) historical fantasy novel, sequel to The Book of Shadows.

The Witchery James Reese (HarperCollins/Morrow 0-06-056108-4, Oct 2006, $25.95, 466pp, hc) [Herculine] Historical dark fantasy novel, third and final in The Book of Shadows trilogy.

Jade Tiger Jenn Reese (Wildside Press/Juno Books 0-8095-5674-X, Oct 2006, $12.95, 239pp, tp, cover by Timothy Lantz) Contemporary fantasy/kung-fu romance novel. Martial artist Shan Westfall and her geeky archaeologist assistant seek five stolen mystical jade animals. A first novel.

Tales of the Chinese Zodiac Jenn Reese (Tropism Press, May 2006, $5.00, 34pp, ph) Chapbook collection of 17 stories/vignettes, five original, inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Most originally appeared online in Strange Horizons. Illustrated by the author. Order from Tropism Press, 1034 McKinley Ave., Oakland CA 94610; [].

Infernal Devices Philip Reeve (HarperCollins/Eos 0-06-082635-5, Jun 2006, $16.99, 358pp, hc, cover by David Frankland) [Hungry City Chronicles] Young-adult SF, third in The Hungry City Chronicles about mobile cities that consuming smaller cities in their path. First US edition (Scholastic UK 3/05).

Larklight Philip Reeve (Bloomsbury USA 1-59990-020-3, Oct 2006, $16.95, 400pp, hc, cover by David Wyatt) [Larklight] Young-adult SF novel, a darkly humorous Victorian space adventure. The huge old house called Larklight travels through space. Simultaneous with the Bloomsbury UK edition.

Mortal Engines Philip Reeve (HarperCollins/Eos 0-06-008209-7, Jan 2006, $6.99, 373pp, pb, cover by David Frankland) [Hungry City Chronicles] Reissue (Scholastic Press UK 2001) young-adult SF, first in “The Hungry City Chronicles”.

Dark Matter Greg Reeves (Great Authors Online 0-977-38694-5, Aug 2006, $12.95, 260pp, tp, cover by Steve Chavez) Near-future SF thriller. An evangelical fanatic becomes President of the United States and starts eradicating all opposition. A first novel. This is a print-on-demand edition, available at []

Star Trek: Federation Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Pocket 0-671-89423-4, Sep 2006, $4.99, 467pp, pb, cover by James Wang) [Star Trek] Reissue (Pocket 1994) Star Trek novelization. This is a 40th anniversary edition. Copyrighted by CBS Studios.

Trilobite Dreams Robert Reginald (Ariadne Press 1-57241-133-3, Feb 2006, $14.95, 128pp, tp) Non-fiction collection of 23 autobiographical essays. Order from Ariadne Press, 270 Goins Court, Riverside CA 92507.

EverQuest: Truth and Steel Thomas M. Reid (CDS Books 1-59315-223-X, Oct 2005, $6.99, 371pp, pb) Novelization based on the world of the online roleplaying game. Copyrighted by Sony Computer Entertainment America. This is dated 2005 but not seen until now.

Seven Deadly Wonders Matthew Reilly (Pocket 1-4165-0506-7, Jan 2007, $7.99, 547pp, pb) [Seven Deadly Wonders] Reprint (Simon & Schuster 2006 as 7 Deadly Wonders) fantasy thriller about a chase after the Great Pyramid’s capstone that will protect the Earth from a deadly solar event.

Tripping to Somewhere Kristopher Reisz (Simon Pulse 1-4169-4000-6, Oct 2006, $6.99, 368pp, tp, cover by Sammy Yuen, Jr.) Young-adult fantasy novel. Two teens follow a mystical carnival through history.

Disappearing Nightly Laura Resnick (Harlequin/Luna 0-373-80259-5, Nov 2006, $6.99, 408pp, pb) Reprint (Luna 2005) humorous fantasy romance.

A Gathering of Widowmakers Mike Resnick (Meisha Merlin 1-59222-085-1, Jan 2006, $23.95, 263pp, hc, cover by Jim Burns) [Widowmaker] SF novel of a bounty hunter and his clones in the lawless frontier worlds. Book four in the “Widowmaker” trilogy.

A Gathering of Widowmakers Mike Resnick (Meisha Merlin 1-59222-086-X, Jul 2006, $16.95, 263pp, tp, cover by Jim Burns) [Widowmaker] Reprint (Meisha Merlin 2005) SF novel of a bounty hunter in the lawless frontier worlds. Book four in the Widowmaker trilogy.

New Dreams for Old Mike Resnick (Prometheus/Pyr 1-59102-441-2, Jun 2006, $15.00, 417pp, tp, cover by Stephan Martiniere) Collection of 20 stories, with notes on each by the author. Introduction by Nancy Kress.

Oracle Mike Resnick (BenBella Books 1-932100-76-8, Apr 2006, $14.95, 244pp, tp, cover by Jim Burns) Reprint (Ace 1992) SF novel. BenBella Books, 6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 508, Dallas TX 75206; [].

Starship: Pirate Mike Resnick (Prometheus/Pyr 1-59102-490-0, Dec 2006, $25.00, 332pp, hc, cover by John Picacio) [Starship] Military SF novel, the second in a series set 3,000 years in the future. Captain Cole and his crew flee a court-martial and head for the lawless Inner Frontier with their ship.

Space Cadets ed. Mike Resnick (SCIFI 0-9633099-1-9, Aug 2006, $25.00, 305 + xiii, hc, cover by James Gurney) Original anthology of 23 stories inspired by Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, published by L.A.con IV. Authors include Connie Willis, Nancy Kress, and Larry Niven. Introduction by Mike Resnick; foreword by Frankie Thomas. A limited edition signed by the contributors (-2-7, $75.00) is also available. SCIFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys CA 91409-8442.

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