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The Cobra Trilogy Timothy Zahn (Baen 1-4165-2067-8, Jun 2006, $14.00, 836pp, tp, cover by Kurt Miller) [Cobras] Reprint (Baen 2004) omnibus of three military SF novels in the trilogy: Cobra (1985), Cobra Strike (1986), and Cobra Bargain (1988).

Dragon and Herdsman Timothy Zahn (Tor/Starscape 0-765-31417-7, Jun 2006, $17.95, 299pp, hc, cover by Jon Foster) [Dragonback Adventures] SF novel, the fourth in the Dragonback Adventures series about a teen and his dragonlike alien symbiote.

Dragon and Slave Timothy Zahn (Tor/Starscape 0-765-34041-0, Jun 2006, $5.99, 315pp, tp, cover by Jon Foster) [Dragonback Adventures] Reprint (Starscape 2005) SF novel, the third novel in the Dragonback Adventures series. This includes a Reader’s Guide.

Night Train to Rigel Timothy Zahn (Tor 0-765-34644-3, Oct 2006, $7.99, 326pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Night Train to Rigel] Reprint (Tor 2005) SF thriller.

Star Wars: Outbound Flight Timothy Zahn (Ballantine Del Rey LucasBooks 0-345-45683-1, Feb 2006, $26.95, 453pp, hc, cover by Dave Seeley) [Star Wars] Star Wars novelization. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

Star Wars: Outbound Flight Timothy Zahn (SFBC #1192682, Feb 2006, $14.99, 453pp, hc, cover by Dave Seeley) [Star Wars] Reprint (Del Rey 2005) Star Wars novelization. This is similar to the Del Rey edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Frost-Haired Vixen John Zakour (DAW 0-7564-0397-9, Dec 2006, $7.99, 338pp, pb, cover by Michael Koelsh) [Zachary Nixon Johnson] SF humorous detective novel, fourth in the Zach Johnson series previously co-authored by Lawrence Ganem.

Black Pockets and Other Dark Thoughts George Zebrowski (Golden Gryphon Press 1-930846-40-1, May 2006, $24.95, 275 + xiii, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) Collection of 19 horror stories, one original and two significantly revised, all in the author’s preferred text and different from their first published versions. Zebrowski provides an afterword on writing horror and these stories in particular. Foreword by Howard Waldrop. Order from Golden Gryphon Press, 3002 Perkins Road, Urbana IL 61802; [].

Macrolife George Zebrowski (Prometheus/Pyr 1-59102-340-8, Feb 2006, $25.00, 384pp, hc, cover by John Picacio) Reprint (Harper & Row 1979) SF novel. This is a limited edition; a trade paperback edition (-341-6, $15.00) is also available. []

Under Camelot’s Banner Sarah Zettel (Harlequin/Luna 0-373-80231-5, Apr 2006, $13.95, 553pp, tp) [Paths to Camelot] Historical Arthurian fantasy novel, third in a series.

The Lightstone David Zindell (Tor 0-765-31129-1, Jun 2006, $25.95, 414pp, hc, cover by Gordon Crabb) [Ea Cycle] Fantasy novel, book one of the Ea Cycle. First US edition (Voyager 2001).

The Norton Anthology of Children’s Literature: The Traditions in English ed. Jack Zipes, Lissa Paul, Lynne Vallone, Peter Hunt & Gillian Avery (Norton 0-393-32776-0, 2005, $65.00, 2471 + xxxviii, tp, cover by Carin Berger) Anthology of hundreds of pieces of children’s literature from early primers to contemporary pieces, including poetry, non-fiction, stories, and novel excerpts, with extensive discussion of the authors and literary/historical context. Sections of genre interest include fairytales (most literary), fantasy, SF, and plays (all fantasy). Authors include E. Nesbit, H.G. Wells, and Robert A. Heinlein. Includes bibliography and index; comes slipcased. This is dated 2005 and indicates second printing, but has not been seen previously.

The Bridge Zoran Zivkovic (Polaris 86-83741-29-X, Apr 2006, no price, 148pp, tp, cover by Claude Monet) Collection of three linked novellas. Translated from the Serbian Most (Polaris 2006) by Alice Copple-Tosic.

Miss Tamara, the Reader Zoran Zivkovic (Polaris 86-83741-31-X, Jun 2006, no price, 126pp, tp, cover by Berthe Morisot) Fantasy/surreal novella. Translated from the Serbian Citaleljka (Polaris 2006) by Alice Copple-Tosic.

Seven Touches of Music Zoran Zivkovic (Aio Publishing 1-933083-04-2, Oct 2006, $23.95, 155pp, hc) Fantasy mosaic novel/collection of seven linked stories. Translated from the Serbian Sedam Dodira Muzike by Alice Copple-Tosic. First US edition (Polaris 2001). Aio Publishing, PO Box 30788, Charleston SC 29417; []; [].

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Edwin A. Abbott (Oxford University Press 0-19-280598-3, Aug 2006, £6.99, xlii+124pp, tp, cover by C. Howard Hinton) Reprint (Seeley 1884 as by A Square) fantasy novel. Edited with an introduction and notes by Rosemary Jahn. This is the revised 1884 text with a preface by Abbott.

The First Law: Book One: The Blade Itself Joe Abercrombie (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07786-7, May 2006, £9.99, 422pp, tp, cover by Laura Brett) [First Law] Heroic fantasy novel with a cynical edge of black humor, the first in a series. A first novel. A hardcover edition (-07785-9, £18.99) was announced but not seen.

Warhammer 40,000: The Horus Heresy: Horus Rising Dan Abnett (BL Publishing/Black Library 1-84416-294-X, Apr 2006, £6.99, 412pp, pb, cover by Neil Roberts) [Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy] Novelization based on the roleplaying game universe, the first in a new subseries.

Warhammer: Fell Cargo Dan Abnett (BL Publishing/Black Library 1-84416-301-6, Jan 2006, £6.99, 254pp, pb, cover by Wayne England) [Warhammer] Novelization set in the roleplaying game universe.

Warhammer: Bloodstorm Dan Abnett & Mike Lee (BL Publishing/Black Library 1-84416-192-7, Dec 2005, £6.99, 413pp, pb, cover by Clint Langley) [Warhammer: Malus Darkblade] Novelization set in the world of the fantasy roleplaying game; part of the Malus Darkblade subseries.

Warhammer: Reaper of Souls Dan Abnett & Mike Lee (BL Publishing/Black Library 1-84416-193-5, Jul 2006, £6.99, 415pp, pb, cover by Clint Langley) [Warhammer: Malus Darkblade] Novelization based on the world of the roleplaying game; this featuring Malus Darkblade.

The Witch of Clatteringshaws Joan Aiken (Random House UK/Red Fox 0-099-46406-3, Jan 2006, £4.99, 150pp, tp, cover by Paul Hess) [Alternate England; James III] Reprint (Delacorte; Cape 2005) young-adult fantasy novel. Eleventh and last in the “Alternate England/James III” sequence. Afterword by Joan Aiken, and a further afterword, “Hobyahs and Tatzelwurms,” by her daughter, Lizza Aiken.

The Fall of Lucifer Wendy Alec (Warboys Publishing 0-9552377-0-X, Feb 2006, £11.99, 296pp, tp) [Chronicle of Brothers] Reprint (Creation House 2005) Christian fantasy novel, book one of the Chronicles of Brothers. [First U.K. edition]

The High King Lloyd Alexander (Usborne 0-7460-6838-7, Feb 2006, £5.99, 305pp, tp, cover by John Fordham) [Chronicles of Prydain] Reprint (Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1968) young-adult fantasy novel. Book five in the Chronicles of Prydain.

Fantasy Encyclopedia Judy Allen (Kingfisher 0-7534-1087-7, Oct 2005, £19.99, 144pp, hc, cover by Jane Tassie) Reprint (Kingfisher US 2005) young-adult non-fiction/art book, describing many famous creatures and characters from fantasy, myth, fairy tales, and ghost stories. Foreword by Jonathan Stroud. Illustrated by John Howe, Richard Hook, Patricia Ludlow, and Nicki Palin.

Forest of the Pygmies Isabel Allende (HarperCollins/Fourth Estate UK 0-00-719964-3, Sep 2005, £7.99, 296pp, tp) [Alexander Cold] Reprint (Fourth Estate 2005) literary fantasy novel. Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden from the Spanish El Bosque de los Pygmeos (2004).

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal Aaron Allston (Random House UK/Century/LucasBooks 1-8441-3302-8, Jun 2006, £17.99, 387pp, hc, cover by Jason Felix) [Star Wars: Legacy of the Force] SF novelization. Book one in a subseries. Simultaneous with the US (Del Rey) edition.

Clay David Almond (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-77384-7, Nov 2005, £10.99, 296pp, hc) Young-adult fantasy novel.

Clay David Almond (Hodder Children’s Books 0-340-77385-5, Jun 2006, £5.99, 296pp, tp) Reprint (Hodder Children’s Books 2005) young-adult fantasy novel.

The Fledging of Az Gabrielson Jay Amory (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07878-2, Aug 2006, £12.99, 347pp, hc, cover by Laura Brett) [Clouded World] Young-adult fantasy novel, book one of The Clouded World. A trade paperback edition (-07879-0, £10.99) was announced but not seen.

The Saga of Seven Suns: Book Five: Of Fire and Night Kevin J. Anderson (Simon & Schuster UK 0-7432-7542-X, Aug 2006, £12.99, 708pp, tp, cover by Chris Moore) [Saga of Seven Suns] SF novel.

The Saga of Seven Suns: Book Four: Scattered Suns Kevin J. Anderson (Simon & Schuster/Pocket UK 1-4165-0290-4, Jul 2006, £7.99, 728pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 2005) SF novel.

Tau Zero Poul Anderson (Orion/Gollancz 0-575-07732-8, Feb 2006, £6.99, 190pp, tp, cover by Dominic Harman) Reprint (Doubleday 1970) classic SF novel. Volume 64 in the SF Masterworks series.

Broken Wings Virginia Andrews (Simon & Schuster UK 0-7432-5718-9, Dec 2005, £17.99, 454pp, hc, cover by Larry Rostant) [Broken Wings] Reprint (Pocket 2003) associational novel. [First U.K. edition]

Broken Wings Virginia Andrews (Simon & Schuster/Pocket UK 0-7434-8403-7, Mar 2006, £6.99, 454pp, pb, cover by Larry Rostant) [Broken Wings] Reprint (Simon & Schuster 2003) associational gothic novel. First in a series. The author may or may not be Andrew Niederman.

Falling Stars Virginia Andrews (Simon & Schuster/Pocket UK 0-7434-4088-9, Dec 2005, £6.99, 387pp, pb, cover by Larry Rostant) [Shooting Stars] Reprint (Pocket 2001) associational novel. Last in the “Shooting Stars” series.

Midnight Flight Virginia Andrews (Simon & Schuster UK 0-7432-5717-0, Apr 2006, £17.99, 377pp, hc, cover by Chris Nurse) [Broken Wings] Reprint (Simon & Schuster 2003) associational gothic novel, sequel to Broken Wings. The author may or may not be Andrew Niederman. [First U.K. edition]

Midnight Flight Virginia Andrews (Simon & Schuster/Pocket UK 0-7434-8402-9, Aug 2006, £6.99, 377pp, pb, cover by Chris Nurse) [Broken Wings] Reprint (Simon & Schuster 2003) associational novel, sequel to Broken Wings.

Smallville: Omnibus One ed. Anonymous (Little, Brown UK/Orbit 1-84149-499-2, Jul 2006, £7.99, 649pp, tp) [Smallville] Omnibus of the first three adult novelisations from the series: Smallville: Strange Visitor by Roger Stern (2002), Smallville: Dragon by Alan Grant (2002), and Smallville: Hauntings by Nancy Holder (2003).

Smallville: Omnibus Two ed. Anonymous (Little, Brown UK/Orbit 1-84149-500-X, Jul 2006, £7.99, 649pp, tp) [Smallville] Omnibus of three novelisations: Smallville: Whodunnit by Dean Wesley Smith (2003), Smallville: Silence by Nancy Holder (2003), and Smallville: Shadows by Diana G. Gallagher (2003).

Abandoned Alice Adriana Arden (Nexus 0-352-33969-1, May 2005, £6.99, 229pp, pb) [Alice] Erotic fantasy novel, third in a series based loosely on Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. Alice Brown returns again to Underland where humans are sexually enslaved by non-human captors.

Broken Kelley Armstrong (Little, Brown UK/Orbit 1-84149-342-2, May 2006, £6.99, 444pp, pb, cover by Dominic Harman) [Women of the Otherworld] Dark fantasy novel, sixth in the Women of the Otherworld series, featuring werewolf Elena Michaels. Simultaneous with the US (Bantam Spectra) edition.

Children of the Serpent Gate Sarah Ash (Transworld/Corgi 0-553-81472-9, Sep 2006, £7.99, 748pp, pb, cover by John Howe) [Tears of Artamon] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 2005) fantasy novel. Book Three and last of “The Tears of Artamon”.

Brass Man Neal Asher (Macmillan/Tor UK 0-330-41159-4, Feb 2006, £6.99, 568pp, pb, cover by Steve Rawlings) [Gridlinked] Reprint (Tor UK 2005) SF novel in the Gridlinked sequence.

Polity Agent Neal Asher (Macmillan/Tor UK 1-4050-5498-0, Oct 2006, £17.99, 488pp, hc, cover by Steve Rawlings) [Polity] SF novel in the Polity series, the fourth featuring Agent Cormac.

The Voyage of the Sable Keech Neal Asher (Macmillan/Tor UK 1-4050-0140-2, Feb 2006, £17.99, 506pp, hc) [Spatterjay] SF novel. A sequel to The Skinner in the Spatterjay series. A trade paperback edition (-0141-0, £12.99) was announced but not seen.

The Voyage of the Sable Keech Neal Asher (Macmillan/Tor UK 0-330-41160-8, Oct 2006, £7.99, 584pp, pb, cover by Steve Rawlings) [Spatterjay] Reprint (Tor UK 2006) SF novel. A sequel to The Skinner in the Spatterjay series.

The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction ed. Mike Ashley (Robinson 1-84529-307-X, Jun 2006, £7.99, x+562pp, tp, cover by Joe Roberts) SF anthology of 19 stories based on speculative ideas taken to their extremes. Authors include Theodore Sturgeon, Harlan Ellison®, and Clifford D. Simak; there are three original stories by Stephen Baxter, Robert Reed, and Jerry Oltion.

The Black Masque Lisette Ashton (Nexus 0-352-33977-2, Jul 2005, £6.99, 258pp, pb) Reprint (Black Lace 1999) erotic fantasy novel.

Sycorax J. B. Aspinall (Owen, Peter 0-7206-1278-0, Nov 2006, £12.50, 239pp, tp) Historical literary fantasy of a 15th century monk investigating the life of a supposed witch.

The Clan of the Cave Bear Jean M. Auel (Hodder 0-340-83989-9, Mar 2006, £6.99, 587pp, tp) [Earth’s Children] Reprint (Crown 1980) prehistoric novel. First in the Earth’s Children series.

Celandine Steve Augarde (Transworld/Corgi 0-552-54968-1, Aug 2006, £5.99, 487pp, tp, cover by Steve Augarde) [Various] Reprint (David Fickling Books 2005) young-adult fantasy novel, the second in the Various trilogy.

Mr. Vertigo Paul Auster (Faber 0-571-22908-5, Jan 2006, £7.99, 278pp, tp) Reprint (Faber 1994) literary fantasy novel.

Fain the Sorcerer Steve Aylett (PS Publishing 1-904619-63-0, Jul 2006, £10.00, 94 + viii, tp, cover by Steve Aylett) Fantasy novella about a man given three wishes. Introduction by Alan Moore. This is a signed, limited edition of 500; a hardcover edition of 300 (-64-9, £25.00) signed by both Aylett and Moore is also available. PS Publishing, Grosvenor House, 1 New Road, Hornsea HU18 1PG, UK; [].

The Thousandfold Thought R. Scott Bakker (Little, Brown UK/Orbit 1-84149-411-9, May 2006, £12.99, 503pp, tp, cover by Larry Rostant) [Prince of Nothing] Reprint (Penguin Canada; Overlook Press 2006) fantasy novel, book three of The Prince of Nothing trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

The Warrior-Prophet R. Scott Bakker (Time Warner UK/Orbit 1-84149-410-0, Jan 2006, £7.99, 740pp, pb, cover by Larry Rostant) [Prince of Nothing] Reprint (Penguin Canada 2004) fantasy novel. Book two of The Prince of Nothing after The Darkness That Comes Before.

Capacity Tony Ballantyne (Macmillan/Tor UK 0-330-42700-8, Nov 2006, £6.99, 438pp, pb, cover by Dominic Harman) [Recursion] Reprint (Tor UK 2005) SF novel. Second in a series.

The Atrocity Exhibition J. G. Ballard (HarperPerennial UK 0-00-711686-1, Sep 2006, £7.99, 184+22pp, tp) Reprint (Re/Search 1990) literary SF collection, to be read as a single, fragmented narrative. Originally from Jonathan Cape 1970, this edition includes the William Burroughs preface, the annotations by Ballard, and two of the additional stories from the Re/Search edition, but omits its illustrations and the other two additional stories. This new edition adds a short story, interview, and other pieces.

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