The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2006

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Shivers IV ed. Richard Chizmar (CD Publications 1-58767-129-8, May 2006, $20.00, 314pp, tp, cover by Gail Cross)

Poe’s Lighthouse ed. Christopher Conlon (Cemetery Dance Books 1-58767-128-X, May 2006, $40.00, 330pp, hc)

Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Centenarian ed. Ian Farrington (Big Finish 1-84435-191-2, Jul 2006, £14.99, 287pp, hc) [Doctor Who] Anthology of original stories based on the TV series. Volume 17 in the series.

Doctor Who: Short Trips: Time Signature ed. Simon Guerrier (Big Finish 1-84435-235-8, Sep 2006, £14.99, 209pp, hc, cover by Stuart Manning) [Doctor Who] Anthology of original stories based on the TV series. Volume 18 in the series.

On Our Way to the Battle: Poetry from the Trenches ed. Samantha Henderson (Carnifex Press, 2006, 25pp, ph, cover by Lars Jagatai Bunch) Original anthology of 26 speculative war poems, three reprints, a companion to the anthology From the Trenches. Limited edition of 150.

The Neverending Hunt: A Bibliography of Robert E. Howard Paul Herman (Hermanthis Press, 2006, no price, xi+628pp, hc) Associational bibliography. Limited to 100 numbered copies, signed by Herman. [Robert E. Howard]

DeathGrip: Exit Laughing ed. Walt Hicks (HellBound Books 9780978915704, 2006, 462pp, tp)

Thou Shalt Not... ed. Lee Allen Howard (Dark Cloud Press 0977187101, Sep 2006, $17.00, 410pp, tp) Original anthology of horror and crime stories on the consequences of breaking the ten commandments.

West Is West & Others Robert E. Howard (Lulu 216422, 2006, $13.03, 236pp, tp) Collection of early writings by Robert E. Howard.

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