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Worlds of Amano Yoshitaka Amano (Dark Horse Comics/DH Press 1-59582-064-7, Apr 2007, $27.95, 156pp, hc, cover by Yoshitaka Amano) Art book presenting an overview of the Japanese fantasy artist’s work. Edited and with an introduction by Jean Wacquet. Originally published in France; this is the first English language edition, translated by Samantha Robertson.

Touch of Fate Christine Amsden (Twilight Times Books 1-931201-97-8, Nov 2007, $18.95, 276pp, tp, cover by Kurt Ozinga) Paranormal suspense novel. Marianne’s ability to predict the future seems useless until a friend is murdered. Originally published as an e-book in 2006. Twilight Times Books, PO Box 3340, Kingsport TN 37664; 423-323-0183; [].

Jeanette Winterson: A Contemporary Critical Guide ed. Sonya Andermahr (Continuum 978-0-8264-9275-3, Dec 2007, $24.95, 177pp, tp) Non-fiction, an anthology of ten new critical essays on Winterson’s works. [Jeanette Winterson]

Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge ed. Lou Anders (Prometheus/Pyr 978-1-59102-486-6, Feb 2007, $15.00, 407pp, tp, cover by John Picacio) Original anthology of 19 stories and two poems. Authors include Kage Baker, Stephen Baxter, Gene Wolfe, and Paul Di Filippo.

The Patron Saint of Plagues Barth Anderson (Bantam Spectra 978-0-553-58835-4, Dec 2007, $6.99, 484pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 2006) near-future SF thriller.

Pleasure Planet Evangeline Anderson (Kensington/Aphrodisia 978-0-7582-1649-6, Mar 2007, $12.95, 274pp, tp) Original collection of three erotic SF stories.

May Bird Among the Stars Jodi Lynn Anderson (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 978-1-4169-0608-7, May 2007, $5.99, 260pp, tp, cover by Jonathan Wayshak) [Ever After] Reprint (Atheneum 2006) young-adult fantasy novel, the second in the Ever After trilogy.

May Bird Warrior Princess Jodi Lynn Anderson (Simon & Schuster/Atheneum 978-0-689-86925-9, Sep 2007, $16.99, 244pp, hc, cover by Jonathan Wayshak) [Ever After] Young-adult fantasy novel, the third in the May Bird (or Ever After) trilogy.

Abiding Darkness John Aubrey Anderson (Warner 978-0-446-17803-7, Jun 2007, $6.99, 420pp, pb) Horror novel. White and black children unite to fight in a war between good and evil in Mississippi in 1945. Book one in the Black or White Chronicles.

The Last Days of Krypton Kevin J. Anderson (HarperEntertainment 978-0-06-134074-1, Nov 2007, $25.95, 412pp, hc, cover by James Jean) [Superman] Novelization about Superman’s homeworld. Copyrighted by DC Comics.

The Saga of Seven Suns 1: Hidden Empire Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-00344-5, Nov 2007, $7.99, 639pp, pb) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reissue (Warner Aspect 2002) SF novel, first in the Saga of Seven Suns trilogy.

The Saga of Seven Suns 2: A Forest of Stars Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-00345-2, Nov 2007, $7.99, 669pp, pb) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reissue (Warner Aspect 2003) SF novel, second in the Saga of Seven Suns trilogy.

The Saga of Seven Suns 3: Horizon Storms Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-00347-6, Nov 2007, $7.99, 626pp, pb) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reissue (Warner Aspect 2004) SF novel, third in the series.

The Saga of Seven Suns 4: Scattered Suns Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-00348-3, Nov 2007, $7.99, 691pp, pb) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reissue (Warner Aspect 2005) SF novel, fourth in the series.

The Saga of Seven Suns 5: Of Fire and Night Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-02173-9, Nov 2007, $7.99, 659pp, pb) [Saga of Seven Suns] Reprint (Warner Aspect 2006) SF novel, fifth in the series.

The Saga of Seven Suns 6: Metal Swarm Kevin J. Anderson (Orbit US 978-0-316-02174-6, Dec 2007, $25.99, 461pp, hc) [Saga of Seven Suns] SF novel, sixth in the series.

Ill Wind Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason (Tor/Forge 978-0-765-35776-2, Mar 2007, $7.99, 563pp, pb, cover by Tim Jacobus) Reissue (Tor 1995) SF thriller of biotechnology and ecological disaster.

The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen M. T. Anderson (Harcourt 978-0-15-205407-6, Jun 2007, $5.95, 251pp, tp, cover by Tim Gabor) Reprint (Harcourt 2006) humorous young-adult SF, second in M.T. Anderson’s Thrilling Tales. Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus.

To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories Poul Anderson (Baen 978-1-4165-2113-6, Mar 2007, $14.00, 501pp, tp, cover by Bob Eggleton) Collection of six novellas and the novel After Doomsday 1962.

Rain V. C. Andrews(R) (Pocket Star 978-0-671-00767-6, May 2007, $7.99, 440pp, pb) [Hudson Family] Reissue (Pocket 2000) associational gothic horror novel, first in a series. This is a movie tie-in edition. The author is probably still Andrew Niederman. Copyrighted by the Vanda General Partnership.

Secrets in the Attic V. C. Andrews(R) (Pocket Star 978-1-4165-3082-4, Sep 2007, $7.99, 374pp, pb, cover by Lisa Falkenstern) [Secrets in the Attic] Associational gothic novel. A hardcover edition (-3088-6, $25.00) was announced but not seen. The author is probably still Andrew Niederman. Copyrighted by the Vanda General Partnership.

Magic Bites Ilona Andrews (Ace 978-0-441-01489-7, Apr 2007, $6.99, 260pp, pb, cover by Chad Michael Ward) [Kate Daniels] Urban fantasy novel set in a world where an unstable magic has returned and technology only works intermittantly. Mercenary Kate Daniels faces both vampires and shapeshifters when she investigates her guardian’s death. Andrews is a pen name for the husband-wife writing team Andrew & Ilona Gordon.

The Fireborn Chronicles: Fireborn Found Mary Andrews (Swimming Kangaroo Books 978-1-934041-50-5, Dec 2007, $14.99, 270pp, tp, cover by Laura Diehl) SF novel. A man from the Hive Planet works undercover for the Universal Government to uncover a ring of psionic criminals. This is a print-on-demand edition available from []; Swimming Kangaroo Books, 1907 Green Apple Lane, Arlington TX 76014.

The Afterblight Chronicles: School’s Out Scott Andrews (Abaddon Books US 978-1-905437-40-5, Oct 2007, $7.99, 288pp, pb) [Afterblight Chronicles] Shared world post-apocalypse SF novel. Copyrighted by Rebellion.

Beg for Mercy Toni Andrews (Harlequin/MIRA 978-0-7783-2365-5, Sep 2007, $6.99, 309pp, pb) [Mercy Hollings] Paranormal romance in a series featuring Mercy Hollings, who has the unwanted power to make people do whatever she tells them.

Blood Secrets Vivi Anna (Harlequin/Silhouette Nocturne 978-0-373-61758-6, Mar 2007, $5.25, 283pp, pb) [Valorian Chronicles] Paranormal romance novel. Caine Valorian’s paranormally talented Otherworld Crime Unit gets a new recruit — an eager human female.

Horrifying Sex: Essays on Sexual Difference in Gothic Literature ed. Ruth Bienstock Anolik (McFarland 978-0-7864-3014-7, Jun 2007, $39.95, 268pp, tp) Non-fiction, a selection of 16 essays about sex in Gothic literature from Edgar Allan Poe and Ann Radcliffe to Clive Barker. Each essay has notes and bibliography; a general index is also provided. Available from McFarland & Company, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; orders 800-253-2187; [].

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Anonymous (Oxford University Press 978-0-19-954344-1, Dec 2007, $10.95, 300+xxxvii, tp) Reprint (Edward Lloyd 1850 as The String of Pearls) associational non-supernatural horror novel. The book’s history is murky; this was serialized in 1846-7 and published in expanded book form in 1850, but there may have been another version before the serial. This movie tie-in edition follows the text of the serial version, with some corrections. Edited and with historical introduction and notes by Robert L. Mack.

666: The Number of the Beast ed. Anonymous (Scholastic/Point 978-0-545-02117-3, Sep 2007, $14.99, 330pp, hc) Young-adult original anthology of 18 horror stories. Authors include Christopher Pike, Joyce Carol Oates, Bentley Little, and P.D. Cacek.

Beyond the Dark ed. Anonymous (Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21876-1, Dec 2007, $14.00, 375pp, tp, cover by Don Sipley) Erotic paranormal romance anthology. Authors are Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside, Emma Holly, and Lora Leigh.

Dead of Night ed. Anonymous (Jove 978-0-515-14367-6, Nov 2007, $7.99, 394pp, pb) Original anthology of four paranormal romance stories. Authors are J.D. Robb (with an Eve Dallas vampire story), Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Mary Kay McComas.

Demon’s Delight ed. Anonymous (Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21381-0, Mar 2007, $14.00, 313pp, tp, cover by Cliff Nielsen) Original anthology of four paranormal romance novellas. Authors are MaryJanice Davidson, Emma Holly, Vickie Taylor, Catherine Spangler.

Dragon Lovers ed. Anonymous (Penguin/Signet Eclipse 978-0-451-22039-4, Mar 2007, $14.00, 375pp, tp, cover by Larry Rostant) Original anthology of four fantasy romance stories involving dragons, by Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh, and Barbara Samuel.

Elemental Magic ed. Anonymous (Berkley 978-0-425-21786-3, Nov 2007, $15.00, 378pp, tp) Original anthology of four fantasy romance stories. Authors are Sharon Shinn, Jean Johnson, Carol Berg, and Rebecca York.

An Enchanted Season ed. Anonymous (Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21785-6, Oct 2007, $14.00, 341pp, tp) Original anthology of four paranormal romance stories celebrating the winter holidays. Authors are Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, and Jean Johnson. 563

Fendi, Ferragamo, & Fangs ed. Anonymous (Berkley Jam 978-0-425-21539-5, Jul 2007, $9.99, 278pp, tp) Young-adult original anthology of three linked chick-lit vampire stories about teens who enter a modeling contest and end up vampires. Authors are Julie Kenner, Johanna Edwards, and Serena Robar.

Hell on Heels ed. Anonymous (Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21527-2, Jun 2007, $14.00, 314pp, tp, cover by Danny O’Leary) Anthology of three paranormal romance stories about three daughters of Satan. Authors are Julie Kenner, Kathleen O’Reilly, and Dee Davis.

Holiday with a Vampire ed. Anonymous (Harlequin/Silhouette Nocturne 978-0-373-61776-0, 2007, $5.25, 288pp, pb) Original anthology of two Christmas vampire romance novellas by Maureen Child and Caridad Piñeiro.

Holidays Are Hell ed. Anonymous (Harper 978-0-06-123909-0, Nov 2007, $7.99, 374pp, pb) Original anthology of four supernatural romance stories by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Marjorie Liu, and Vicki Petersson.

Moon Fever ed. Anonymous (Pocket 978-1-4165-1490-9, Oct 2007, $6.99, 374pp, pb) Paranormal romance anthology with four stories by Susan Sizemore, Maggie Shayne, Lori Handeland, and Caridad Piniero.

No Rest for the Witches ed. Anonymous (St. Martin’s 978-0-312-94921-1, Oct 2007, $7.99, 330pp, pb) Original anthology of four paranormal romance novellas by MaryJanice Davidson, Cheyenne McCray, Christin Warren, and Lori Handeland.

On the Prowl ed. Anonymous (Berkley 978-0-425-21859-0, Aug 2007, $7.99, 341pp, pb, cover by Tony Mauro) Original anthology of four paranormal romance/urban fantasy stories. Authors are Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, Sunny, and Eileen Wilks.

Over the Moon ed. Anonymous (Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21343-8, Jan 2007, $7.99, 330pp, pb) Original anthology of four paranormal romance stories. Authors are Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Virginia Kantra, and Sunny.

Prom Nights from Hell ed. Anonymous (HarperCollins 978-0-06-125309-6, May 2007, $9.99, 304pp, tp) Young-adult original anthology of five stories of prom nights gone paranormally bad. Authors are Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer, and Lauren Myracle.

Scary Stories ed. Anonymous (Chronicle Books 978-0-8118-5414-6, Oct 2006, $16.95, 182pp, hc, cover by Barry Moser) Young-adult horror anthology of 19 stories and a poem, illustrated by Moser. Introduction by Peter Glassman.

Shards of Crimson ed. Anonymous (Dorchester/Love Spell 978-0-505-52710-3, Jan 2007, $7.99, 370pp, pb) [Crimson City] Shared-world original anthology of four stories set in the Crimson City series about a Los Angeles run by vampires. Authors are Liz Maverick, Patti O’Shea, Carolyn Jewel, and Jade Lee.

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