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The Gladiator Harry Turtledove (Tor 978-0-7653-1486-4, Jun 2007, $23.95, 288pp, hc, cover by Scott M. Fischer) [Crosstime Traffic] SF novel, fifth in the Crosstime Traffic series. A young trader gets left behind when his gaming store is shut down for using war games to secretly teach capitalist principles in a dimension where the Soviet Union won the cold war.

In High Places Harry Turtledove (Tor 978-0-765-34627-8, Feb 2007, $6.99, 210pp, pb, cover by Kazuhiko Sano) [Crosstime Traffic] Reprint (Tor 2006) SF novel, third in the Crosstime Traffic series.

Opening Atlantis Harry Turtledove (Penguin/Roc 978-0-451-46174-2, Dec 2007, $24.95, 330pp, hc, cover by Steve Stone) [Atlantis] Alternate history SF novel, the first in the Atlantis trilogy.

Settling Accounts: In at the Death Harry Turtledove (Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-49247-0, Aug 2007, $26.95, 609pp, hc) [Settling Accounts] Alternate-history novel, fourth and final in a series sequel to the Great War and American Empire series.

Settling Accounts: The Grapple Harry Turtledove (Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-46407-1, Jul 2007, $15.95, 616pp, tp) [Settling Accounts] Reprint (Del Rey 2006) alternate-history novel, third in a series sequel to the Great War and American Empire series.

The Tale of Krispos Harry Turtledove (Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-46720-1, Nov 2007, $19.95, 1007pp, tp) [Videssos: Krispos] Omnibus of the trilogy, part of the Videssos cycle: Krispos Rising (1991), Krispos of Videssos (1991), and Krispos the Emperor (1994).

Alternate Generals III ed. Harry Turtledove (Baen 978-1-4165-2114-3, Mar 2007, $7.99, 421pp, pb, cover by Jeff Easley) Reprint (Baen 2005) anthology of 13 stories of alternate military history. This is copyrighted by Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg.

Your Cat & Other Space Aliens Mary Turzillo (vanZeno Press 978-0-9789244-0-9, Dec 2007, $19.95, 104pp, tp, cover by Geoffrey Landis) Poetry collection of 70 poems, 37 original. VanZeno Press, [].

The Dark River John Twelve Hawks (Doubleday 978-0-385-51429-3, Jul 2007, $24.95, 368pp, hc) [Fourth Realm] Dystopian fantasy thriller, second in the Fourth Realm trilogy.

Song of Silver Laura J. Underwood (Dark Regions Press 978-1-888993-44-8, Jul 2007, $16.95, 139pp, tp, cover by Matt Taggart) Original collection of eight fantasy stories, two reprints, about the Harper Mage Anwyn Baldomyre. Dark Regions Press, PO Box 1264, Colusa CA 95932.

The Lunari Mask/Sabre Dance Laura J. Underwood & Melanie Fletcher (Yard Dog Press/Double Dog 978-1-89-368791-2, Sep 2007, $14.00, 166+100pp, tp, cover by John Kevin Hopkins & Mitch Foust) Omnibus bound Ace double style, with two original works: pirate fantasy novel The Lunari Mask by Laura J. Underwood and novella Sabre Dance by Melanie Fletcher. Yard Dog Press, 710 W. Redbud Lane, Alma AR 72921-7247; [].

Wings of the Butterfly John Urbancik (Bad Moon Books, Mar 2007, $15.00, 89pp, tp, cover by Laura Jack) Dark fantasy novella of urban shapeshifters. Introduction by Weston Ochse. This is a limited edition of 300 signed by both Urbancik and Ochse. Bad Moon Books, 1854 W. Chateau Ave., Anaheim CA 92804; [].

Plagues, Apocalypses and Bug-Eyed Monsters: How Speculative Fiction Shows Us Our Nightmares Heather Urbanski (McFarland 0-7864-2916-X, Mar 2007, $35.00, 255pp, tp) Non-fiction, a critical exploration of SF as cautionary tale. Includes notes, bibliography, and index. McFarland, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; (800) 253-2187; [].

The Shadow Thieves Anne Ursu (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin 978-1-4169-0588-2, May 2007, $6.99, 424pp, tp, cover by Eric Fortune) [Cronus Chronicles] Reprint (Atheneum 2006) young-adult fantasy novel, book one in the Cronus Chronicles trilogy.

The Siren Song Anne Ursu (Simon & Schuster/Atheneum 978-1-4169-0589-9, Jul 2007, $16.99, 435pp, hc, cover by Eric Fortune) [Cronus Chronicles] Young-adult fantasy novel, book two in the Cronus Chronicles trilogy. Deranged demigod Philonecron is out for revenge and gets his grandfather Poseidon to help him.

The Grass-Cutting Sword Catherynne M. Valente (Wildside Press/Prime Books 0-8095-5677-4, Jul 2006, $12.95, 129pp, tp, cover by Aria Nadii) Japanese fantasy novel.

In the Cities of Coin and Spice Catherynne M. Valente (Bantam Spectra 978-0-553-38404-8, Nov 2007, $14.00, 517pp, tp, cover by Michael Komarck) [Orphan’s Tales] Fantasy novel, the second in The Orphan’s Tales duet based on fairy tales. Illustrated by Michael Wm. Kaluta.

Imaginistix Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell (Collins Design 978-0-06-113846-1, Oct 2007, $29.95, 192pp, hc, cover by Boris Vallejo) Art book with mostly newer works from calendars, advertising, book covers, and more. Text by Anthony Palumbo and David Palumbo; introduction by Irene Gallo. Simultaneous with the UK (Paper Tiger 10/07).

The Horrific Sufferings of the Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot: His Wonderful Love and His Terrible Hatred Carl-Johan Vallgren (HarperPerennial 978-0-06-084214-7, Mar 2007, $13.95, 282pp, tp) Reprint (Harvill 2005) historical fantasy novel. Translated from the Swedish Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia (Bonniers 2002) by Paul & Veronica Britten-Austin.

Vampyre: The Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van Helsing Cornelius Van Helsing & Gustav de Wolff (HarperCollins 978-0-06-124780-4, Jun 2007, $19.99, unpaginated, hc) Young-adult vampire-hunter’s journal with foldouts, pull tabs, etc. The text is copyrighted by Mary-Jane Knight.

One Jump Ahead Mark L. Van Name (Baen 978-1-4165-2085-6, Jun 2007, $24.00, 293pp, hc, cover by Stephen Hickman) SF adventure novel. Freelance courier Jon Moore and his AI assault vehicle have a less-than-relaxing stay on an undeveloped planet being fought over by megacorporations.

Purgatory’s Gate Raymond Van Over (Jove 978-0-515-14267-9, Mar 2007, $6.99, 327pp, pb) Horror novel. A doctor investigating a patient’s death uncovers a Satanic cult.

Slan A. E. van Vogt (Tor/Orb 978-0-312-85236-8, Jul 2007, $13.95, 255pp, tp, cover by Hubert Rogers) [Slan] Reissue (Arkham House 1946) classic SF novel. This follows the revised text of the 1951 Simon & Schuster edition and uses the original October 1940 Astounding cover. There is a new introduction by Kevin J. Anderson.

Slan Hunter A. E. van Vogt & Kevin J. Anderson (Tor 978-0-7653-1675-2, Jul 2007, $24.95, 270pp, hc, cover by Bruce Jensen) [Slan] SF novel, a sequel to van Vogt’s Slan begun by van Vogt in 1984 and finished by Anderson.

The Jack Vance Treasury Jack Vance (Subterranean Press 978-1-59606-077-7, Jan 2007, $38.00, 631pp, hc, cover by Gnemo) Retrospective collection of 18 stories. Edited by Terry Dowling & Jonathan Strahan. Preface by Vance, with an appreciation by George R.R. Martin. Signed limited ($125.00) and lettered ($300.00) editions are also available. Subterranean Press, PO Box 190106, Burton MI 48519; [].

The Jack Vance Treasury Jack Vance (SFBC #1226398, Jan 2007, $16.99, 631pp, hc, cover by Gnemo) Reprint (Subterranean Press 2007) retrospective collection of 18 stories. This is similar to the Subterranean Press edition, except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Kragen Jack Vance (Subterranean Press 978-1-59606-151-4, Dec 2007, $35.00, 107pp, hc, cover by Tomislav Tikulin) Reprint (Fantastic, July 1964) SF novella, the original basis of Blue World. This is a signed, limited edition of 500; a lettered edition of 26 is also available. Subterranean Press, PO Box 190106, Burton MI 48519; [].

Lurulu Jack Vance (Tor 978-0-312-87279-3, Feb 2007, $13.95, 204pp, tp, cover by John Harris) [Gaean Reach] Reprint (Tor 2004) SF novel, sequel to Ports of Call.

The Book of Mordred Vivian Vande Velde (Houghton Mifflin/Graphia 978-0-618-80916-5, Jul 2007, $8.99, 344pp, tp, cover by Justin Gerard) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 2005) young-adult Arthurian fantasy novel.

A Coming Evil Vivian Vande Velde (Houghton Mifflin 978-0-618-74781-8, Sep 2007, $6.95, 213pp, tp, cover by Richard Tuschman) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1998) young-adult historical fantasy novel of WWII France.

Curses, Inc. and Other Stories Vivian Vande Velde (Harcourt/Magic Carpet 978-0-15-206107-4, Sep 2007, $6.95, 226pp, tp, cover by Cliff Nielsen) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1997) young-adult collection of ten fantasy stories.

Smart Dog Vivian Vande Velde (Harcourt/Magic Carpet 978-0-15-206172-2, Oct 2007, $5.95, 146pp, tp, cover by Brad Weinman) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1998) young-adult SF novel.

Three Good Deeds Vivian Vande Velde (Harcourt/Magic Carpet 978-0-15-205455-7, Oct 2007, $5.95, 147pp, tp, cover by Glin Dibley) Reprint (Harcourt 2005) children’s fantasy novella.

Best American Fantasy ed. Ann & Jeff VanderMeer (Wildside Press/Prime Books 978-0-8095-6280-0, Jun 2007, $14.95, 459pp, tp, cover by Scott Eagle) Anthology of 29 stories from 2006, the first in an annual series dedicated to finding stories of diverse styles and source publications. This has a preface by series editor Matthew Cheney, and an introduction by this volume’s editors. Prime Books, 9710 Traville Gateway Dr. #234, Rockville MD 20850; [].

Shriek: An Afterword Jeff VanderMeer (Tor 978-0-7653-1466-6, Jul 2007, $14.95, 348pp, tp, cover by Jonathan Edwards) [Ambergris] Reprint (Macmillan UK 2006) fantasy novel set in the world of Ambergris.

Red Lightning John Varley (Ace 978-0-441-01488-0, May 2007, $7.99, 355pp, pb, cover by Bob Warner) [Red Thunder] Reprint (Ace 2006) SF novel, sequel to Red Thunder.

Warlord Elizabeth Vaughan (Tor 978-0-765-35266-8, Mar 2007, $6.99, 324pp, pb) [Warlands] Fantasy romance novel, the third in a trilogy about Lara and the Warlord Kier.

Kitty and the Silver Bullet Carrie Vaughn (Grand Central 978-0-446-61875-5, Jan 2008, $6.99, 326pp, pb) [Kitty the werewolf] Urban dark fantasy novel, fourth in the series about werewolf radio talk show host Kitty. Kitty returns to Denver.

Kitty Takes a Holiday Carrie Vaughn (Warner 978-0-446-61874-8, Apr 2007, $6.99, 303pp, pb) [Kitty the werewolf] Urban dark fantasy novel, third in the series about Kitty the werewolf. Kitty’s efforts to write a memoir get derailed by vandals.

Long-Time Listener, First-Time Werewolf Carrie Vaughn (SFBC #1235625, May 2007, $14.99, 645pp, hc, cover by Gordon Crabb) [Kitty the werewolf] Omnibus of three novels about Kitty the werewolf/radio talk-show host: Kitty and the Midnight Hour (2005), Kitty Goes to Washington (2006), and Kitty Takes a Holiday (2007). This has ISBN 978-0-7394-8276-6; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Invasion of the Sea Jules Verne (Wesleyan University Press 978-0-8195-6558-7, Mar 2007, $17.95, 258+xx, tp) Reprint (Wesleyan 2002) SF novel of a French plan to flood the Sahara. Translated by Edward Baxter from the French L’Invasion de la Mer (1905). Introduction and notes by Arthur B. Evans. Order from University Press of New England, 1 Court Street, Suite 250, Lebanon NY 03766-1358; 800-421-1561; []; [].

The Kip Brothers Jules Verne (Wesleyan University Press 978-0-8195-6704-8, May 2007, $29.95, 475+xxix, hc, cover by George Roux) Associational novel, a mix of detective novel and travelogue, in its first English-language edition. Rescued castaways are accused of murder. Translated by Stanford L. Luce from the French Les Freres Kip (Hetzel 1902). Critical introduction and notes by Jean-Michel Margot. Order from Wesleyan University Press c/o University Press of New England, 1 Court Street, Suite 250, Lebanon NH 03766-1358; 800-421-1561; [].

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