The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2007

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History Is Dead: A Zombie Anthology ed. Kim Paffenroth (Permuted Press 0978970799, Dec 2007, $14.95, 300pp, tp)

Strange Tales Volume II ed. Rosalie Parker (Tartarus Press 978-1-905784-05-9, 2007, £30.00, vi+327pp, hc)

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror Chris Priestley (Bloomsbury 978-0-7475-8922-8, Oct 2007, £9.99, 239pp, hc, cover by David Roberts) Collection of 11 horror stories as told to a young boy by his mysterious uncle in a dark dark house in a dark dark wood.

Alien Crimes ed. Mike Resnick (SFBC 58-0927, May 2007, $14.87, 487pp, hc) Original anthology of six science fiction crime novellas.

Ruins: Extraterrestrial ed. Eric T. Reynolds (Hadley Rille Books 978-097851486, 2007, $15.95, 352pp, tp)

Ruins: Terra ed. Eric T. Reynolds (Hadley Rille Books 978-0-9785148-5-3, 2007, 242pp, tp)

Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Artists ed. Eric T. Reynolds (Hadley Rille Books 0978514831, 2007, $24.95, 388pp, tp)

The Undead, Volume 2: Skin and Bones ed. D. L. Snell & Travis Adkins (Permuted Press 0978970748, Aug 2007, $14.95, 308pp, tp)

The Undead, Volume 3: Flesh Feast ed. D. L. Snell & Travis Adkins (Permuted Press 0978970756, Sep 2007, $14.95, 260pp, tp)

Sides Peter Straub (Cemetery Dance Publications 978-1-58767-165-4, Jun 2007, $25.00, 310pp, hc) Collection of Straub’s non-fiction, including the reviews of his own books written under the persona of Putney Tyson Ridge.

The Nail and the Oracle Theodore Sturgeon (North Atlantic Books 978-1-55643-661-1, Jul 2007, $35.00, xxxii+256pp, hc) Collection of 12 stories, with a foreword by Harlan Ellison, which covers Sturgeon’s work from 1957 to 1970. Edited and with extensive story notes by Paul Williams. Volume 11 in “The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon”.

Graphic Classics, Volume Eight Second Edition: Mark Twain Mark Twain (Eureka Productions 0-9787919-2-4, 2007, $11.95, 144pp, tp, cover by George Sellas)