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L I N D A    N A G A T A :
Choice and Change

(excerpted from Locus Magazine, February 1997)
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Linda Nagata is the author of The Bohr Maker (1995), which won the Locus Award for Best First Novel; Tech-Heaven (1995); and Deception Well (February 1997).

"...I'm real interested in the harder end of science fiction. I like to think about how things would change on different levels; not just getting a spaceship that will go from here to there real quick, but how society would change all the way through, from the way people live together to the way they employ themselves, and the blending of cultures during this entire process. I've always been very interested in evolution-- that was something I tried to spend time on in college. Biochemistry was also interesting to me, and nanotechnology seemed almost an extension of these things. They say women tend to write more the biological-based stories, and nanotech meshes very nicely with that. That's definitely the angle I came in from..."

"...Deception Well does end, and it's a novel in itself, but I thought there was a lot more that couuld be done with the characters, so now I'm working on a sequel. It's the first direct sequel I've written. The working title is Point Zero. I think it will probably be the last, at least for now, in that story world. The time scale for the four novels may be 4,000 years by the time the last is done..."

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