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Newly Published, August 1998

This page lists new books published within the dates listed, including selected new books seen and all new books received by Locus Online. A listing here does not preclude a more detailed online Profile. This listing is independent of the comprehensive, annotated Books Received listings in Locus Magazine, which are accumulated as the online Locus Index.

Key: * = first edition, + = first US edition. Date with publisher info is official publication month; date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Anthony, Patricia Eating Memories (Ace 0-441-00556-x, $6.5, 10+367pp, pb, September 1998) Reprint (First Books/Old Earth Books, Aug 1997) collection of 28 stories, 3 previously unpublished, with an introduction by Charles C. Ryan. (Mon 3 Aug 1998)

+ Banks, Iain A Song of Stone (Simon & Schuster 0-684-85353-4, $23.00, 280pp, hc, September 1998) Associational novel, 1st US edition (Abacus UK, August 1997). (Thu 20 Aug 1998)

* Bova, Dr. Ben Immortality: How Science Is Extending Your Lifespan, and Changing the World (Avon 0-380-97518-1, $24.00, 15+283pp, hc, September 1998) Nonfiction. (Wed 12 Aug 1998)

* Cady, Jack The Night We Buried Road Dog (DreamHaven 1-892058-00-6, $27.00, 13+203pp, hc, March 1998, cover by John Berkey) Collection of six stories, including the classic title novella. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Davidson, Avram [& Davis, Grania] The Boss in the Wall: a Treatise on the House Devil (Tachyon 0-9648320-9-7, $12.00, 21+122pp, tpb/ hc, June 1998, cover by Michael Dashow) Completion by Grania Davis of an unfinished novella by Avram Davidson. With introductions by Michael Swanwick and Peter S. Beagle. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Drake, David Queen of Demons (Tor 0-312-86468-x, $25.95, 480pp, hc, August 1998) Fantasy novel, Lord of the Isles, No. 2. (Wed 12 Aug 1998)

* Dwight, Jeffry, ed Between the Darkness and the Fire (Wildside Press 1-880448-56-4, $14.95, 276pp, tpb, August 1998, cover by Cody Walker) Anthology of 23 stories ''from the internet'' -- some original publications on the web, others reprints from print publications, such as Vonda N. McIntyre's ''Elfleda''. Other authors include Lawrence Watt-Evans, Mary Soon Lee, Tippi N. Blevins, Chuck Rothman, Kurt Roth, Melisa Michaels, M. Shayne Bell. (Sun 9 Aug 1998)

* Friedman, C. S. This Alien Shore (DAW 0-886-77798-4, $23.95, 565pp, hc, September 1998) SF novel. (Mon 10 Aug 1998)

* Garcia y Robertson, R. The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures (Golden Gryphon Press 0-9655901-8-6, $23.00, 11+275pp, hc, March 1998, cover by Ron Walotsky) Collection of 8 stories, all from F&SF and Asimov's. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Greenberg, Martin H., ed Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny (Avon Eos 0-380-78737-7, $14.00, 373pp, tpb, September 1998) Anthology of 23 stories: 3 reprints (including Walter Jon Williams's ''Lethe'' and Robert Silverberg's ''Call Me Titan'') and 20 originals by John Varley, Robert Sheckley, Andre Norton, William Sanders, William Browning Spencer, Gregory Benford, Jack Williamson, and others. (Mon 17 Aug 1998)

* Harness, Charles L. [edited by Priscilla Olson] An Ornament to His Profession (NESFA Press 1-886778-09-4, $25.00, 537pp, hc, August 1998, cover by James Stanley Daugherty) Collection of 17 stories, including 1 original, by venerable Astounding/Analog writer. Includes classics ''The Rose'' and ''The New Reality''. Essays by David G. Hartwell and George Zebrowski. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Kress, Nancy Beaker's Dozen (Tor 0-312-86537-6, $24.95, 352pp, hc, August 1998, cover by Thomas Canty) Collection of 13 stories, many on near-future biotech themes. Includes ''Beggars in Spain'', ''Dancing on Air'', ''Fault Lines'', ''Flowers of Aulit Prison''. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Leinster, Murray [edited by Joe Rico] First Contacts: The Essential Murray Leinster (NESFA Press 0-915368-67-6, $25.00, 464pp, hc, July 1998, cover by Hannibal King) Collection of 24 stories, 2 previously unpublished, from classic Astounding writer. Includes Hugo-winning ''Exploration Team'', plus ''A Logic Named Joe'', ''First Contact'', ''Proxima Centauri'', ''Sidewise in Time''. Introduction by Hal Clement. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* McCarthy, Wil Bloom (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-40857-8, $23.95, 310pp, hc, September 1998, cover by Rick Berry) SF novel. (Tue 25 Aug 1998)

* McKiernan, Dennis L. Into the Fire (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45701-3, $23.95, 480pp, hc, September 1998) Fantasy novel, conclusion of the Hel's Crucible duology. (Wed 12 Aug 1998)

* Mixon, Laura J. Proxies (Tor 0-312-85467-6, $24.95, 444pp, hc, September 1998) SF novel. Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden. (Mon 17 Aug 1998)

* Morse, David The Iron Bridge (Harcourt Brace 0-15-100259-2, $25.00, 436pp, hc, July 1998) Literary/SF novel. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Nagata, Linda Vast (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57630-5, $5.99, 403pp, pb, August 1998, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel. (Fri 7 Aug 1998)

* Ragan, Kathleen, ed Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World (W. W. Norton 0-393-04598-6, $29.95, 450pp, hc, May 1998) Nonfiction study/anthology including 100 folktales. (Mon 17 Aug 1998)

Ruff, Matt Sewer, Gas & Electric (Warner Aspect 0-446-60642-1, $6.99, 560pp, pb, September 1998, cover by Elaine A. Cardella) Reprint (Atlantic Monthly Press, Jan 1997) of near-future post-literary SF novel. Ruff has enough of a following to get his novels on Modern Library's Readers' Choice 100 Best novels list. (Sat 8 Aug 1998)

* Schimel, Lawrence, ed Things Invisible to See: Gay and Lesbian Tales of Magic Realism (Circlet/Ultra Violet Library 1-885865-22-8, $12.95, 219pp, tpb, September 1998, cover by Mel Odom) Reprint anthology of 11 stories by Martha Soukup, Nancy Springer, Rand B. Lee, Michelle Sagara West, Brian M. Thomsen, etc. (Fri 7 Aug 1998)

* Sheffield, Charles Aftermath (Bantam Spectra 0-553-37893-7, $13.95, 452pp, tpb, August 1998, cover by Paul Youll) SF novel. (Sat 8 Aug 1998)

* Shirley, John Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-86-4, $16.95, 252pp, tpb, April 1998) Collection of 17 dark fantasy stories, including 2 originals. Lacks previous publication credits. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

+ Silverberg, Robert The Alien Years (HarperPrism 0-06-105035-0, $24.00, 428pp, hc, August 1998, cover by Michael Herring) SF novel about alien invaders, incorporating recent stories ''Beauty in the Night'', ''The Colonel in Autumn'', etc. 1st US edition (HarperCollins Voyager UK, Feb 1998). (Mon 10 Aug 1998)

* Silverberg, Robert, ed Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy (Tor 0-312-86787-5, $27.95, 715pp, hc, October 1998) Massive original anthology of fantasy ''short novels'' set in the popular worlds of their authors: Stephen King (Dark Tower), Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time), Terry Goodkind (Sword of Truth), Anne McCaffrey (Pern), Raymond E. Feist (Riftwar), Terry Pratchett (Discworld), Orson Scott Card (Alvin Maker), Robert Silverberg (Majipoor), Ursula K. Le Guin (Earthsea), Tad Williams (Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn), and George R. R. Martin (Song of Ice and Fire). (Fri 21 Aug 1998)

* Skal, David J. Screams of Reason: mad science and modern culture (W. W. Norton 0-393-04582-x, $29.95, 368pp, hc, September 1998) Nonfiction study of the social history of mad scientists. (Mon 17 Aug 1998)

* Stableford, Brian Inherit the Earth (Tor 0-312-86493-0, $23.95, 320pp, hc, September 1998, cover by Donato) SF novel -- Stableford's first hard SF novel to see US publication. Expanded from a 1995 Analog novella. Edited by David G. Hartwell. (Mon 17 Aug 1998)

* Turner, Jim, ed Eternal Lovecraft: the persistence of HPL in popular culture (Golden Gryphon 0-9655901-7-8, $25.95, 20+411pp, hc, August 1998, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg) Reprint anthology of 18 stories, including Utley & Waldrop's ''Black as the Pit, from Pole to Pole'', Ian R. MacLeod's ''The Golden Keeper'', Gene Wolfe's ''The Other Dead Man'', Robert Charles Wilson's ''The Perseids'', Harlan Ellison's ''Sensible City''. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Turtledove, Harry, ed Alternate Generals (Baen 0-617-87886-7, $5.99, 314pp, pb, August 1998) Original anthology of 16 stories by William Sanders, Esther Friesner, David Weber, Elizabeth Moon, Brad Linaweaver, etc. (Thu 20 Aug 1998)

* VanderMeer, Jeff [& Secrest, Rose], eds Leviathan 2: The Legacy of Boccaccio (Ministry of Whimsy Press 1-8904-6403-1, $10.99, 183pp, tpb, 1998) Second issue or volume of original anthology series, this one focusing on novellas, with stories by Richard Calder, Stepan Chapman, L. Timmel Duchamp, and Rhys Hughes. Introduction by David Pringle. (Wed 5 Aug 1998)

* Windling, Terri [& Sherman, Delia], eds The Essential Bordertown (Tor 0-312-86593-7, $24.95, 383pp, hc, August 1998, cover by Jim Carroll) Original anthology, ''A Traveller's Guide to the Edge of Faerie'', of 13 stories by Patricia A. McKillip, Ellen Kushner, Charles de Lint, Felicity Savage, others. (Mon 3 Aug 1998)

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