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New & Recommended Books

(From the May 1998 Locus.)

Earth Made of Glass, John Barnes (Tor 4/98, $23.95, hc) SF novel, sequel to A Million Open Doors, an intelligent blend of far-future cultures and dark human drama.

Homebody, Orson Scott Card (HarperCollins 4/98, $24.00, hc) Dark fantasy novel which mingles the (apparently) mainstream/psychological, supernatural, and cinematic, as a developer tackles a run-down haunted house.

Wolves of the Gods, Alan Cole (Del Rey 4/98, $13.00, tp) Fantasy novel, Book Two of ''Tales of the Timuras'', as evil stalks a world inspired by Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat.

Nebula Awards 32, Jack Dann, ed. (Harcourt Brace 4/98, $13.00, tp) This gathering combines sometimes gloomy speculations on the future of SF with some fine fiction that should keep readers from despair.

Clones, Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds. (Ace 4/98, $5.99, pb) This reprint anthology of nine classic stories by Ursula K. Le Guin, Greg Egan, Joe Haldeman, and other notable writers, shows the SF take behind today's scare headlines.

Rogue Star, Michael Flynn (Tor 4/98, $25.95, hc) Near-future SF novel of Earth politics, space construction, asteroids, and personalities. A sequel to Firestar.

Commitment Hour, James Alan Gardner (Avon Eos 4/98, $5.99, pb) Offbeat far-future SF novel (and murder mystery) set on an Earth abandoned by high-tech spacefarers and left to villagers who decide gender identity only when they reach the age of 20.

The Road to Science Fiction, Volume 5: The British Way, James Gunn, ed. (White Wolf/Borealis 4/98, $14.99, tp) This latest in Gunn's world- and time-spanning series of anthologies, presenting the history of SF, turns to the Brits, from Wells to Watson.

The Shadow Eater, Adam Lee (Avon Eos 4/98, $13.00, tp) This rousing mixture of pulp SF/fantasy, literary high style, touches of humor, and strong character development, Book Two of ''The Dominions of Irth'', also becomes a surprising allegory of sin and sacrifice.

Dragon's Winter, Elizabeth A. Lynn (Ace 4/98, $21.95, hc) Eloquent fantasy novel of dragons, kings, warriors, and considerable moral/psychological complexity, this first in a new series is a welcome return by this award-winning author.

Moonfall, Jack McDevitt (HarperPrism 4/98, $24.00, hc) Entertaining SF disaster novel where a giant comet smashes into the moon, putting Earth in peril.

Kirinyaga, Mike Resnick (Del Rey 4/98, $25.00, hc) SF collection/novel of a space colony attempting to recreate the old way of life of the people of Kenya, with very mixed results. Several stories are award winners.

Children of God, Mary Doria Russell (Villard 4/98, $23.95, hc) This sequel to The Sparrow further explores the role of evil and pain in God's vale of tears, as far-future Jesuits travel to alien worlds.

Alternative Alices, Carolyn Sigler, ed. (University Press of Kentucky, 4/98, $34.00, hc) Anthology of ''visions and revisions of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' books,'' from the 1860s to the 1920s.

The Fantasy Hall of Fame, Robert Silverberg, ed. (HarperPrism 3/98, $14.00, tp) This anthology of works chosen by SFWA members is billed as ''The Official Fantasy Hall of Fame'' and seems to live up to its billing, from A (Poul Anderson) to Z (Roger Zelazny)

Ports of Call, Jack Vance (Tor 4/98, $24.95, hc) Picaresque SF adventure novel mingling Wodehousian humor with vivid portrayals of a wide variety of worlds.

A Scientific Romance, Ronald Wright (Picador 4/98, $23.00, hc) Near-future SF novel featuring H.G. Wells's Time Machine in a tale of social satire, apocalyptic dystopia, and adventure.


Pegasus, Marianna Mayer; ill. K.Y. Craft (Morrow 4/98, $16.00, hc) This young-adult version of the story of the winged steed features splendid full-color illustrations by Kinuko Y. Craft.


Lemady: Episodes of a Writer's Life, Keith Roberts (Borgo 3/98, $21.00 tp) Wry memoirs of the British SF and Fantasy publishing industry by a British SF/fantasy writer who began his career as a commercial artist, and went on to produce novels and award-winning shorter fiction. The writing, which skirts the line between fiction and remembrance, is fascinating either way.

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