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2000 + Events/Films

---- May 2000 Books ----
  • Bisson, Terry • In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories • (Tor, c, hc)
  • Brown, Eric • New York Nights • (Orion/Gollancz, hc)
  • Calder, Richard • Malignos • (Simon & Schuster/Earthlight, pb?)
  • Cherryh, C.J. • Fortress of Dragons • (Avon Eos, hc)
  • Clough, Brenda W. • The Doors of Death and Life • (Tor, hc)
  • Harlan, Thomas • The Gate of Fire • (Tor, hc)
  • Jones, Diana Wynne • The Worlds of Chrestomanci • (HarperCollins UK, c, ya, hc, tp)
  • Keyes, J. Gregory • Empire of Unreason • (Ballantine Del Rey, tp)
  • Mason, Lisa • Pangaea, Book II: Imperium Afire • (Bantam Spectra, pb?)
  • McKillip, Patricia A. • The Tower at Stony Wood • (Ace, hc)
  • McKinley, Robin • Spindle's End • (Penguin Putnam, ya, hc)
  • Niven, Larry • Saturn's Race • (Tor, hc)
  • Reed, Robert • Marrow • (Tor, hc)
  • Stableford, Brian • The Fountains of Youth • (Tor, hc)
  • Swanwick, Michael • Tales of Old Earth • (North Atlantic/Tachyon Publications, c, hc)
  • Womack, Jack • Going, Going, Gone • (HarperCollins/Voyager, pb?)

Forthcoming books are selected titles from the comprehensive listings updated every three months in Locus Magazine. This color indicates 1st editions published in the UK; This color indicates 1st US editions of books previously in the UK or elsewhere; others are 1st editions published in the US. Abbreviations indicate hc=hardcover, tp=trade paperback; c=collection, a=associational [non-genre], h=horror, nf=nonfiction. If not indicated hc or tp, the book is mass-market paperback or we're not sure. Schedules are tentative and subject to change -- particularly in later months.
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