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This page lists new SFFH magazine issues seen by Locus Online.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Issues seen late April 2007
posted 29 April 2007

Albedo One

• Issue 32, 2007, E5.95/£4.95, 63pp, cover art by Alexander Kruglov
• Irish magazine of SF, fantasy, and horror, published since 1993
• Website:

• This issue of the Irish SF magazine has fiction by John Hogan, Ruth Nestvold, Nicola Caines, Stephen Owen, Will Sand, Brian Stableford, and Uncle River.
• Features include an interview with Christopher Priest, an editorial, reader letters, and reviews.
• The magazine's site has new URL
• The magazine sponsors the Aeon Award, a contest for new writers, with the next quarterly deadline of June 2007.

(Mon 23 Apr 2007)


Black Gate

• Issue 10, Vol. 2 No. 4, Spring 2007, $9.95/C$14.50, 224pp, cover art by Denis Rodier
• Quarterly "adventures in fantasy literature"; published since 2001; published and edited by John O'Neill
• Website:

• Fiction in this issue is by Harry James Connolly, James Enge, Martha Wells, Iain Rowan, Mark Sumner, Greg Story, David Dubord, Edward Carmien, Judith Berman, and Howard Andrew Jones.
• The feature article by Rich Horton is about "The Big Little SF Magazines of the 1970s" -- Worlds of Fantasy, Odyssey, Vertex, and others.
• Departments and columns include an editorial by John O'Neill, letters, game and book reviews, and a comic, "Knights of the Dinner Table", by Jolly Blackburn, Steve Johansson, and John O'Neill.
• The magazine's webiste has the table of contents, with links to excerpts of all the stories and Rich Horton's article. The site also has occasional additional content, including recent fantasy short fiction reviews by David Soyka.

(Sat 14 Apr 2007)


The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Issue 224, Vol. 19 No. 8, April 2007, $4.00, 24pp
• Monthly review and criticism magazine, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.
• Website:

• This special "Mean Streets and Fannish Obsessions" issue features long pieces by Michael Swanwick, compiling and defining obscure words from Greer Gilman's Moonwise, and John J. Pierce, who recounts the thirteen months he spent editing Galaxy magazine in the 1970s.
• Inside are reviews by Ursula Pflug, James L. Cambias, Niall Harrison, Henry Wessells, Brian Stableford, and Amy J. Ransom of books by Susanna Clarke, Elizabeth Bear, Paul Di Filippo, Jan Morris, Gene van Troyer & Grania Davis, and L. Timmel Duchamp.
• The editorial is about problems with post office delivery and subscriber renewals.

(Sat 28 Apr 2007)



• Issue 30.2, March/April 2007, $3.50, 24pp, cover art by Bruce Boston
• Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA); edited by Marge Simon
• Website:

• Poetry in this issue is by Kendall Evans, Bruce Boston, James S. Dorr, Robert Borski, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and others.
• Feature article by Benjamin Szumskyj is "Sharpening the Silver Dagger", about the poetry of Karl Edward Wagner. Other features are an editorial by Marge Simon, a President's Message by Deborah P. Kolodji, small press reviews, and an installment of "Romanian Astronautic Poetry" by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe.
• The website's current issue page has the table of contents with links to two of the poems.

(Tue 17 Apr 2007)


Sybil's Garage

• Issue 4, March 2007, $5, 67pp
• Small press magazine of fiction, poetry, and artwork; edited by Matthew Kressel
• Website:

• Fourth issue of a new magazine of fiction, poetry, and art, edited by Matthew Kressel and published from Hoboken NJ, with fiction by Ekaterina Sedia, Leah Bobet, Rowena Southard, Livia Lewellyn, John Bowker, Cat Rambo, Richard Bowes, Barbara Krasnoff, and Steve Rasnic Tem.
• Poetry is by J.C. Runolfson, David C. Kopaska-Merkel & Wendy Rathbone, Rachel Swirsky, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Kristine Ong Muslim, Jaime Lee Moyer, Bruce Boston, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III.
• Also: interviews with Stephen H. Segal and Jeffrey Ford, and notes on contributors.

(Thu 26 Apr 2007)


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