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New Books, 30 October

Karin Tidbeck’s collection Jagannath, other collections by Elizabeth Bear and Robert Shearman, Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Fifty Year Sword, and other novels by Brom, Card, Chan, Cobley, Griffin, Hawk, Henry, Hurley, Jeter & Jones, Kent, Long, Painter, Shepherd, and Williams, and an anthology from Ekaterina Sedia

Weekly Bestsellers, 29 October

Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Fifty Year Sword, and Gregory Benford & Larry Niven’s Bowl of Heaven debut

Periodicals, late October

What’s new with Albedo One, Dreams and Nightmares, and Eclipse Online

Classic Reprints, October

H. Rider Haggard’s When the World Shook, Philip K. Dick’s Time Out of Joint and five other titles, George R.R. Martin’s first two novels, Robert Silverberg’s 7th volume of Collected Stories, and Tolkien anthology After the King

New Books, 23 October

Released today: Stephen Jones’ The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: 23. Other titles from recent weeks: Lois Lowry’s Son, anthologies from John Joseph Adams and Stephen Jones, a collection by Mike Resnick, and novels by Eads, Rucker, Sagara, Sanderson, Stephens, Travers, and Trent

Weekly Bestsellers, 22 October

Kim Harrison’s Into the Woods, and Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata, debut on print lists.

New in Paperback, October

New in paperback this past month, Margaret Atwood’s In Other Worlds, Jack McDevitt’s Firebird, John C. Wright’s Count to a Trillion, and other titles by Brennan, Crichton & Preston, Datlow, Drake & Lambshead, Lackey, McIntosh, Modesitt, Moore, Morgan, Mullen, Niven & Barnes, and White

Notable New UK Books, September – October

Hannu Rajaniemi’s The Fractal Prince, Terry Pratchett’s A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction, Peter F. Hamilton’s Great North Road, Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata, and other titles by Bradbury, Erikson, Hunt, McLeod, Polansky, and Pullman

New Books, 16 October

Released today: Gregory Benford & Larry Niven’s Bowl of Heaven, Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, and other titles by Banks, Bennett, Block, Brown, Chan, Drake, Furukawa, and Litore

Weekly Bestsellers, 15 October

Karen Traviss’ Halo: The Thursday War and titles by Jasper Fforde, Mercedes Lackey, and David Weber & Jane Lindskold debut.

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